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8 June 2020 Uncertainty And The Perils Of Prediction

12 Aug 2017 Why Are Some Scientific Theories Good & Some Bad? Or, Quack Cures for What Doesn’t Ail Us YouTube.

29 Jun 2016 — You—Yes, You—Are Doing Probability & Statistics Wrong @YouTube @MP3

08 Jun 2016 — Trust Me. I’m A Scientist @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

01 Jun 2016 — Multiverses, Infinities, Probability & The Deadly Sin of Reification @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

11 May 2016 — Lucky You! All About Luck @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

04 May 2016 — Are We Smart Enough To Know What Intelligence Is? @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

27 Apr 2016 — Let’s Polka! Or How Polka Can Save The World @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

20 Apr 2016 — The End Of All History @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

13 Apr 2016 — Equality! @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

06 Apr 2016 — It’s The End Of The World. Again. @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3

30 Mar 2016 — Time To Boycott The Boycotters. @YouTube @Show Notes @MP3


The Crisis Of Evidence, Or, Why Probability & Statistics Cannot Discover Cause @YouTube

The Need To Believe In “The Solution” To Global Warming @YouTube

How Santa Gets Presents To Children @YouTube

The Mysticism of Randomness: The Philosophy of Probability & Statistical Series @YouTube

Probability Is Logic: Philosophy of Probability & Statistics Series @YouTube