North Korea’s Brilliant Climate Change Strategy

Originally seen on Real Science, and culled from the US Department of Energy (thank you, Government!), comes this informative picture:

North Korea leads the world in reductions.
North Korea leads the world in reductions.

Environmental activists are surely taking notes on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They’re paying special attention to that master climatologist and man of the People Kim Jong-il, who assumed power, to unanimous assent—if only our Congress were as efficient!—from his pappy Kim Il-sung in 1994.

Yes, it is no coincidence that the rates of carbon usage began to plummet as Jong-jong (as he was affectionately known) ascended to the throne.

Activists credit Jong-jong’s astonishing success to that Supreme Leader’s invention of the simple “carbon lock box.” This was an ordinary box, about 1.5 meters long, and about 0.5 half meters wide and high, constructed of renewable and sustainable resources (pine planks).

This alone was brilliant, but it his next move that turned his idea into genius. Jong-jong dispatched an army of environmental agents to solicit resident of the People’s paradise to volunteer to “do their part” in the great battle against global warming. These altruistic folks—and there were many, many—literally stored away their carbon in lock boxes, forever depriving it to the atmosphere. Amazing!

That graph illustrates the kind of change we can believe it. It shows you what Government can do when gridlock is removed, when leaders are no longer restrained by pettifogging, obstructionist opposition. No filibustering in North Korean. No, sir! If only we could have the same kind of enlightened rule here.

Perhaps Kim Jong-un, the son of Jong-jong and new Supreme Leader of the People, would consent to loan us one of his issue, say his second or third born? Of course, we may have to wait a while for this gift. Jong-un had his last girlfriend machine gunned to several thousand pieces. But she had it coming.


  1. Sheri

    Actually, it’s easy to achieve what North Korea did–shut down the grid here. Sure, there may be protests, but it will take people’s minds off losing their doctor and their health care. Wait, it solves that problem too. No electricity will mean you automatically lose your health insurance and doctor. That Kim Jong-un is a genius!

  2. Briggs


    Your link didn’t go. Could you please try again? Or email me.

  3. Luke Warmist

    Read it. Thank you.

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