Rats. Post Didn’t Show

I realized, only now, that the post for today did not show. I obviously pushed the wrong button. I’ve been away from the computer all day and didn’t see it.

Too late to put it up now. See this space tomorrow for an exciting new article entitled “Protocols of the Elders of Big Oil.”


  1. DAV

    The year is off to a good start I see.

  2. Gary

    You’re usually good at pushing buttons…

  3. Eric Anderson

    Happy New Year, Briggs, and sorry you lost your post!

    OT, I know a while back you discussed a study that claimed to demonstrate that people tend toward conservatism due to exposure to the American flag. With the caveat that you’ve perhaps already seen this and perhaps it isn’t even talking about the same study, but I was intrigued to run across a subsequent attempt to reproduce the results that concluded the original study’s results were irreproducible.

    The paragraph in question (which has the link) is:

    “Of the 13 effects under scrutiny in the latest investigation, one was only weakly supported, and two were not replicated at all. Both irreproducible effects involved social priming. In one of these, people had increased their endorsement of a current social system after being exposed to money. In the other, Americans had espoused more-conservative values after seeing a US flag.”

    Article link:


  4. Ray

    The computer ate my paper. That happened to a friend of mine in the 1980s before autosave. He came in early one morning to finish a paper and had been working on it for about an hour when somebody pluged in the big coffee maker causing a power sag. I heard a shreik and cursing from his office as his updated document disappeared into oblivion. Alas, he had neglected to save the document periodically and back then the computer didn’t do that automatically.

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