Guinness, Heineken, & Sam Adams Now Political Statements, Not Beer

No longer a beer, but a crusade
I was on the edge of abandoning Guinness anyway. Bars in Manhattan have been selling 13 ounce “pints” of it—and charging for 16 ounces—for the past few months. (If the bar charges $7 for a pint and the same for a false-pint, that’s a 43% increase in dollars per ounce.) This irked.

But after I saw that the cowardly company supported and promulgated literal nonsense, I decided to discourage them by withdrawing my support. They obviously have been over-sampling their product.

The news is Guinness has withdrawn its support from New York City’s St Patrick’s Day parade because of pressure from the Tolerance Brigade (the professional bigots whose motto is “Do what we say or else“). This would have been okay. It’s Guinness’s money and they’re free to do with it what they please. If they want to ignore their once best customers that’s their business.

No. What pushed me away and them over the Cliffs of Sanity was their Official statement: “Guinness has a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate for equality for all. We were hopeful that the policy of exclusion would be reversed for this year’s parade.”

Problem one. “Gays” and “lesbians” are not barred from marching in New York’s (nor Boston’s) parades. Not even as groups. They are only barred from carrying signs which trumpet their sexual desires. Sam Adams (Boston Beer Co.) made this same error, probably willfully like most others.

Don’t we have enough people broadcasting their lusts, whether “gay” or “straight”? Must a parade organized by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the oldest Catholic organization in these United States, a religious parade devoted to the memory of a saint, be turned into yet one more “celebration” of all thing genital? Can’t we have just one public day where our thoughts are turned from our “sexuality” to something higher?

God bless the AOH for fighting back, for not backing down, for not cowering to the despicable pressure to conform.

Diversity means uniformity.

Every year in New York there is a “gay” “pride” parade. Should the organizers of this festivity (which features mostly nude to nude lascivious men) be forced to allow entrants from religious groups which carry signs saying, for example, “Homosexual lust is sinful”? If you refuse to answer this question, well, your ideology has clouded your mind.

Problem two. The phrase “equality for all” is literal nonsense. Yes, it’s a code word for “we endorse gay sex”. But taken at its face value, the words are idiotic and harmful. But they are popular words. Heineken parroted them (“We believe in equality for all”) as they withdrew their sponsorship from the parade.

Equality for all? That include child rapists? Should bands of pedophiles be allowed entrance to the parade holding signs, “Young love produces the best physical pleasure”? Would you support the KKK’s petition to join the festivities so that they could display their banner, “Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, John Kennedy, Barack Obama”?

If not, then you are against equality for all.

Only the deluded, chemically imbalanced, clinically insane, possessed, and trepaned-by-college-degree preach “equality for all.”

I like Guinness; Sam Adams, too. I will miss them. (Heineken is no loss.) But I can’t participate in lunacy. Is this a boycott? Can one man be a boycott? Losing me will harm their bottom lines not at all. My withdrawal will mean nothing to them, but much to me.

Most of all I lament a culture which turns every action into a political act. It is spiritually wearisome. There must be a better way.


Your intrepid reporter ventured to the parade, where it was a balmy 25oF and breezy. I took pictures with my phone, but since it doesn’t have a memory card, and my cheap computer doesn’t have bluetooth, I cannot take the pictures off the phone. Useless. (I can send a message to whomever might like a bagpipe pic.)

But there were pipe bands, soldiers, and cops aplenty. I couldn’t tell who or what any marcher wanted to have sex with. Is that disappointing?

Update Gay Activists Target St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Update More details.

Update As predicted above, ideology clouds minds. Detractors either pretend the questions I ask don’t exist or that they are not “legitimate”. The only and sole argument progressives have—admittedly a powerful one—is I want it.

Update Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, says he has filed an application to march in the New York City Gay Pride Parade this year. We’re all in favor, right?


  1. They can only push the pendulum so far before gravity takes over and they are flung out of the way from the force. When the victim group du jour changes, these people are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

  2. Ed

    Can one man be a boycott?
    One man is a crowd…

  3. Scotian

    Surely a Guinness pint should be 20 ounces. We live in Orwell’s world in more ways than one. A decrease is an increase, et cetera, et cetera.

  4. Doug M

    passing off anything less than a pint as a pint is a crime!

    I hear that in Idaho there is a lawsuit underway because the local hockey arena sells a “regular beer” for $4 and a “big beer” for $7, but the cups while differently shaped are, in fact, the same volume.

  5. j piazza

    Hey Guinness. Shame on you. I can certainly live without your ale .

  6. j piazza

    Hey Guinness , shame on you. I can live without your ale

  7. Rich

    Do they do this every time anybody has a parade for any reason whatever?

  8. MattS

    @Doug M

    “I hear that in Idaho there is a lawsuit underway because the local hockey arena sells a “regular beer” for $4 and a “big beer” for $7, but the cups while differently shaped are, in fact, the same volume.”

    I have read about that as well. Here are some additional facts.

    The “regular beer” was advertized to be 16 fluid ounces.

    The “big beer” was advertized to be 24 fluid ounces.

    On investigation, both cups hold 24 fluid ounces.

    I don’t think the lawsuit has any merit.

  9. Scotian

    MattS, Yes that is very funny. It seems to be four fans who are suing “on behalf” of the rest. The other fans may very well be annoyed at what will almost certainly be the result: the loss of the deal one gets by purchasing the “smaller” beer. Only lawyers will gain by this. The market corrects itself when people stop buying the more expensive product.

  10. Quel surprise, yet another gay topic. Briggs, you are so bitter, you don’t deserve stout.

  11. Nate West

    “Don’t we have enough people broadcasting their lusts, whether “gay” or “straight”?”

    This. “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are examples of how heterosexual culture has given up any moral superiority.

    I blame Freud.

  12. max

    M. Piazza:
    while Guiness did make an ale for a while (under the name Brite) the product most associated with the company is a stout, not an ale.

  13. Sylvain Allard

    The beauty of freedom of speech. You have the right to complain and Guiness has the to see where is commercial interest rest. But wouldn’t be nice if you could prevent “the Tolerance Brigade” from expressing themselves.

  14. Briggs


    I notice our usual left-of-center friends have no yet answered the question I posed in the text yet. There is still time, of course.

    And you know the question I mean.

  15. Nate West

    Does your phone have a working USB cable? Usually you can just connect it up to the USB port on your computer, and the pics will be in a “DCIM…” folder.

  16. Briggs


    I have the USB, but when I try to connect to the phone, the phone says “Insert memory card to access [this function].” And I’m too cheap to buy a memory card.

    I only barely have kept the cell phone to please certain people. Otherwise, out it would go.

  17. Anthony Pires

    This ain’t agaist gays, but in protection of our belives. The gays are getting the world pissed at them, because theirs arrogance. The parade are abpout the Catholic Churche, which represent our religion bilieves. Why gays want to be part of it? Just bedause they became the big bullies. Come on as a Christian, like every body does, no title or special lable.

  18. Anthony Pires

    I keep buying The Best ” Kilians’ s Red”.

  19. Briggs, since you are asking explicitly, yes I am deliberately ignoring your obvious guilt by association and slippery slope fallacies.

  20. Anthony Pires

    Briggs, what phone that you have? Some of them does not aloud you to upload pictures from the phone’s memory. But you can go around it, emailing tem to you, than signed on the pc and saved them fom your e-mail.

  21. MattS

    @Nate West

    “I blame Freud.”

    You should blame San Andreas. Why? Because it’s his fault.

  22. Scotian

    “Btw an imperial pint is 19.2 fl oz us.” Yes, but 20 imperial ounces.

  23. Hans,

    Could you identify the “slippery slope fallacy” in the post? I see a consistent application of the same premise – that “equality for all” actually means “equality for all”. The only way you could catch the scent of guilt-by-assocation would be by discriminating against the groups listed; else from whom is the guilt flowing? And if you discriminate, I’d like to see how such discrimination is compatible with “equality for all”.

  24. Sylvain Allard


    You two example are quite weird and in no way can be compare to gay activism.
    The first one is acrime where an adult violate a child who cannot give consent and the second propose a death treat against POTUS.

    I don’ think that murder threat and incitement to commit criminal act are included in the first amendment. While gay activism might go against your personal religious belief they are not against the law, neither should they be since all there activities happens between consenting adult.

    You forgot to mention that they were the only one banned from having any banner.

  25. Richard A

    “You forgot to mention that they were the only one banned from having any banner.”

    Interesting point. Does Planned Parenthood have a banner? Were they banned, or did they choose not to apply to have a display in the parade? What about the NAACP?

    It’s not an anti-sodomite parade. It’s a pro-Irish-American parade. If the sodomites want to promote their perversions publicly, let them organize their own parade. Oh that’s right, they do.

    Really, if the NRA organizes a pro-Second Amendment parade and has no pro-day banner, is it really an anti-gay parade? Ever since the end of the Civil War we’ve been having anti-gay parades on the last Monday of May. Silly us, all those generations who thought we were lauding the valor of those who fought in America’s wars, were really putting down homosexuals because they never featured prominently an openly homosexual entry.

  26. Richard A

    That’s “pro-gay”, not “pro-day”. Sorry for the typo.

  27. David

    This one really hurt. Sacrilege.
    I fast from any beverage with alcohol during Lent, but make an exception for a Guinness on St Patricks day. I suspect I’m not alone. It’s official now, the world is quite mad.

    There are other Stouts. Goodbye Guiness.

  28. Howard

    As much as I disapprove of this, I think it is only in line with what the other major brewers are doing. It is, after all, a complete myth that big business is “conservative”; they just don’t want to pay taxes (or minimum wage, or have to deal with OSHA or environmental regulations,…).

    I’m not quite sure if I agree that “in Heaven there is no beer,” but I’m pretty sure there is no beer there from major breweries.

  29. Anthony Pires

    Not even try to make them “glaads) undestand our way of seen their pervesion. They are now saying that sex gender are decided after birth. All in denial or think we’re too dumb to figured it out and been so, it will fly. Catholics are and should stand firm agsinst this life stille, if they try to proved our wrong. As I did say on others commentes” We’re not haters, they are still Gods childrens, but come in as a such, not with lables and danners on defiant atitude. We all are sinners, but the heterosexuals does’ t go around with banners advertising our sins, saying that the Church have to acept it or wells.

  30. Anthony Pires

    No place for some Mayors either! I hope my favor one will be there “George Killian’s Irish Red”.

  31. T

    I am out 2 of my favorite beers. Sam Adams ( who hated Catholics anyway, the original dude that is) and Guinness.

  32. H. Curmudgeon


    I believe Murphy’s is owned by Heineken…..

  33. Martin

    Can someone clarify the marching rules. Do the Hibernians allow any banners? How so the groups identify themselves, or don’t they? Do the Knights march in uniform?

    Lastly, I keep hearing this identified as a religious parade. Is there a clear religious identifier at the head of it?

  34. Tim

    Well said! Truly you are not alone, I too have given up their products and will have to clarify the ownership of Murphys. It may not affect them, I really don’t care. All I know is that I won’t be supporting them and their blind willingness to “fit in”.

  35. Anthony Pires

    I’ll check it out about Murphys. I tried do some researches, but no other names came out, besides of the three names. It’s another Co. Name which is very close to Samuel Adam’s, ” Samuel Smith’s or Sam Smith’s”. Life goes on and it’s road it’s full of pot holes, why add more to it… But as I see the GLAAD’s group don’t see it that way, so, we starting driving tanks and drinking Men’s beer!

  36. Anthony Pires

    H. Curmudgeon, here it is. Thanks to Algore we have the internet! And now we know that Joe Biden fought hard so Poland could be part of NATO. But here are the facts: “Poland joined NATO in 1999. Biden served as chairman from 2001 to 2003.”MM, MM, MM! Now you know why Obama picked him, together, both can fabricated a huge Lie. Sorry! This it’s not about gays or beer, but not too off of the subject; they drink Look Aid which are now made by Heineken’s, Guinness & S A.
    Murphy’s Brewery was a brewery founded in Cork, Ireland in 1856. It was known as Lady’s Well Brewery until it was purchased by Heineken International in 1983, when the name changed to Murphy Brewery Ireland Ltd. Wikipedia

  37. Bert

    Just to clarify, Guinness is owned by Diageo and has been for some time. Diageo own a massive range of drinks and I would imagine that each of their subsidiaries has the same policies regarding support for LGTB community.

  38. Anthony Pires

    I will dig Diago too, nuckles heads need to be exposed. We Christians have been harassed, abused by elephant dungs, urinated on and you name it. It’s about time for all of us that represent Jesus Teachings raise up and show to them our power. Together we can stand tall and strong.

  39. Anthony Pires

    Sorry ,Diageo not Diago.

  40. John B

    Try Rasputin , a very good Russian Imperial Stout.

  41. Anthony Pires

    I will. I have learn more about beer. I myself as I said before, drink only lager beer, and killians red, honey brown lager and Michalob lager original. All lager beer are stout? Thanks! You’re on Facebook by any chance?

  42. Anthony Pires

    I found a basic info here, funny thing, did not know about porter and stout, but I think I will like of the Raspu y in and I will try the porter, any recomendation on the latter? Thanks!

  43. SoxPats

    From New England and Sam Adams said screw Boston… screw them. Never again.

    – SoxPats

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