How Do You Care For The Environment? #BecauseICare


If you can’t see it, it reads: “When I drive, I only use 100% organic fuel. #BecauseICare”

How about you? What do you do for the environment?

Update You’re not doing enough. Man to live on melting iceberg for one year to urge climate change action (Video)

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  1. Bruce Foutch

    I use only recycled electrons for all me electrical needs.

  2. max

    I wish I could use 100% organic fuel, but I live in the US and the government mandates that all kinds of crap go into my dinosaur juice.

    I make sure to keep deer from overpopulating and starving to death, replacing wolves is keeping their population in balance, BecauseICare.*

    *Why I don’t support importing wolves from Canada and recreating the earlier deer population control method, BecauseI’mNotAnIdiot.

  3. Mike Ozanne

    I turned on the air con then opened the doors and windows to reverse global warming..

  4. Sheri

    Since I believe that oil is abiogenic, I can’t say that I burn fossil fuels. I do decrease the population of Bambis and Thumpers to the maximum extent allowed by law (agree with Max’s statement on wolves). Scarey though it may be, I actually do follow many ideas often held by those who “care”—I compost, I have areas for wildlife, I use ducks for insect control……Aggghhh! Am I one of “them”?

  5. Richard Mallett

    I convert oxygen into carbon dioxide to help plants to grow and make our world greener.

  6. Paul W

    I don’t recycle paper because it’s a renewable resource and the more trees are in demand the more trees get planted ergo more trees will exist. In fact, because we care so much about misuse of resources we’ve stopped all garbage recycling activities in my residence and as a result are now able to consider ourselves morally superior to those who damage to Mother Nature by recycling.


    Regarding the abiogenic oil theory, did you read about the new discovery off the coast of Australia?

    Curious quote from the article:
    “The result from the Phoenix South-1 well in the Canning Basin could reopen a frontier for oil exploration that some international energy companies abandoned decades ago after wells turned up dry.”

  7. jake-the-rake

    I drive an electric bicycle that regenerates going downhill… as I’m getting on in years, when I croak I will leave a fully charged battery.

  8. Sheri

    Paul W: Hadn’t seen this one. There was also one off Kenya this summer, I think. It is interesting how dry wells seem to come back to life, isn’t it?

  9. Sheri, in the vein of those who say “AGW is a belief, not science,” do you have evidence to support you theory (or belief) regarding abiogenic origin of oil?

    Dr. Briggs, sorry for the potential threadjacking.

  10. Sheri

    Rob Ryan: To avoid thread-jacking, I’ll put one link

    The theory seems to be far more accepted in Russia than here. Part of the reason I find this more believable is simply the “dinosaur then tiny bacteria” origin of oil has numerous unanswered questions. The abiogenic theory answers those questions.

  11. John M

    I make sure to use plenty of plastic bags that end up in landfills so that the carbon gets sequestered and returned to Gaia.

  12. Rich

    I have designated the bottom third of my garden as a Conservation Area. I do no digging there nor planting nor interference of any kind. (The rest of the garden just needs mowing …)

  13. Jim Fedako

    My carbon footprint is 100% natural!

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