Calvin & Hobbes’s Atheist Days?

First comes the irresistible dawning of an ego-driven theory.


Followed by the rejection and castigation of tradition and consequent feelings of superiority.


Which creates the inevitable narcissism and the mistaking of self-indulgence for the Good.


And finally, in some, a repair and maturation of the soul.



  1. Rich

    When you’re sixteen your parents know nothing. When you get to twenty it’s amazing how much they learned in four years.

  2. Nullius in Verba

    It’s colder because the Earth’s orbit is taking us farther from the sun?

  3. Steve Crook

    Wasn’t that part of the point of the cartoon? The child has moved from one lack of understanding to another, this time one perpetuated by those who should know better. Two wrongs do make a right.

  4. max

    No Nullus, the lad’s father had it all wrong, it gets colder when the Earth is closer to the sun. My own theory is that the sun actually sucks up the heat from the Earth, and the Earth’s heat comes from the core, when we get closer to the sun then the sun sucks up more heat from the Earth and we have winter. This also explains why it is so cold on top of mountains, instead of being closer to the source of heat (the sun) they are actually further away (the center of the Earth).

    My theory does have a weakness in that while the Northern & Southern hemispheres experience winter at the two closest points to the sun in the Earth’s orbit it seems that when one hemisphere is experiencing winter the other hemisphere is experiencing summer. I suspect that the oceans are storing up the heat to cause this problem with observations.

  5. Gary

    Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Bloom County left huge gaps when they retired. Their quality is proven by how well they hold up in retrospect. Doonesbury, OTOH, continues to disappoint, fallen far from it’s early insights to incessantly repeated cheap partisanship.

  6. Larry Sheldon

    “Doonesbury” has from day one has been pointless random partisan cheap shots. I read it in the early days because everybody in San Francisco regarded him as the Bringer of Light and I needed to know where the crap was coming from.

    “The Far Side” and “Bloom County” (and derivatives) never took hold with me.

    “Calvin and Hobbes”, “Pogo”, and several others my elderly memory will not yield up names for, I miss greatly.

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