People’s Climate March: D-Day


Today’s the day!

According to the Mashable’s Andrew Freedman, “the ‘People’s Climate March’ will likely mark the moment when global warming transitions from being a science and policy issue into a full-fledged social movement. Perhaps it will become as large as the gay rights and civil rights movements.”

The worry is that Freedman will be right. Whatever (small-s) science there was will soon be long forgotten, if it hasn’t been already, and all that will matter, like Freedman said about gay and civil rights, will be your level of devotion.

Which had better be all or nothing, or out the door you go, exiled, forced to spend your days writing blog posts for the remnant, hoping for the occasional donation (button on the upper right). You might think you can get by keeping your mouth shut, but it won’t do. If you want to enter into the secular cathedral, full-throated approval is necessary.

Of course, you will not be required to believe what you’re saying. Belief is for the masses and useful idiots. But if you don’t believe, the price you pay for entry is your soul.

Freedman says:

…six busloads of Minnesota climate activists are on their way to New York, along with a “climate train” that set out from California and picked up activists during its trek across the country. At least 3,000 college students are slated to turn out from New York area universities alone. Around the world, more than 2,000 events are scheduled for Sunday as well. In total, about 100 million people globally will be represented, according to the organizing committee overseeing preparations.

Again, the fear is not that Freedman and a handful of devout activists, but that the secular saints which rule our days, believe that wholly fictional “100 million” figure. Strike that. The concern is that politicians will believe others will believe that number, which would give the politicians (they would feel) justification to call for “action”—which will translate into more control for themselves.

And less freedom for you.

See if you can find the (small-s) science in the following:

The People’s Climate March is backed by an unprecedented coalition of 45 major labor groups, including heavy hitters such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — a group that Henn said “doesn’t mess around” — along with prominent grassroots environmental organizations like as well as religious organizations.

Now SEIU’s contribution to global climate modeling has been even less than Al Gore’s. So why are SEIU and other labor groups concerned? If it really is true that Chicken Little’s worst fears will be realized and that the sky, laden with excess carbon dioxide, really does fall, union members will be just as bad off as even Apple Corporation employees.

Never mind. The answer is as plain as Joe Biden’s thinning hair plugs. For most, global warming was never about the science. It’s a good bet something north of 80% of these marchers won’t know the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit or even why clouds float. But they’ll believe with all their hearts that the climate is out of control—and that what other people have should be theirs and that, dammit, something ought to be done about it.


I’m at the march today and will be writing about it afterwards. Some of the material, and maybe even all of it, will appear on this blog. But some might appear in other places. I’ll keep you updated.


Note: The series on Summa Contra Gentiles will continue next week.


  1. DAV

    Just from the top:

    Is a March in September a bit like Christmas in July?

    The sky may be falling but it won’t be until tomorrow when things begin to Fall. Unless you’re Australian or something, of course. Those Eternal Optimists will likely see it as a Spring back.

    I think the organizers are in it for the money. Just as Al is.

  2. DAV

    Just out of curiosity has the T. Aquinas show been canceled? Or has it been “paused” to enable reporting of more pressing events such as those outlined in the “Sky Fall” program?

  3. Sheri

    Who didn’t turn out the freaking lights???? What’s with the illuminated billboards?Why is all that electricity being wasted? Tell someone to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS and help save the planet. It’s important, dammit.

  4. Ray

    Is Al Gore going to attend? I always call Al the Elmer Gantry of the environmental religion. Every movement, like environmentalism, requires both ideologues and demagogues. The first to give the movement a veneer of intellectual respectability and the second to fill the pews with true believers and keep the collection plates full.

  5. max

    Gosh I hope Al doesn’t show up, after the rather cool summer a September snowstorm is far from what New York needs.

  6. terrence

    WUWT has a screen capture of a craigslist ad for “volunteers” who will be paid $50 to hand out pamphlets at this farce…

  7. I think I’ve tracked down the actual source of the famous G.K. Chesterton aphorism, “When one stops believing in God, one then believes in anything.”
    Here are the two quotes from Fr. Brown mysteries:
    “It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.” [“The Oracle of the Dog” (1923)]

    “You hard-shelled materialists were all balanced on the very edge of belief — of belief in almost anything”. [“The Miracle of Moon Crescent” (1924)]

    Courtesy the American Chesterton Society,

  8. Sheri

    On ABC news tonight this got maybe 60 seconds. The gunman running loose in Pennsylvania got at least twice that much. Not as much interest as the marchers hoped, I would think.

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