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Landed in Taipei last night, after a bumpy fourteen-hour flight. I think the angry Air I teased last week was taking its revenge. From now, I’ll have nothing but nice things to say about our friend, the Air.

I’ll be here for a couple of weeks.

Jet lag is blurring the functioning of my little gray cells, so the next in the Homogenization of Temperature Data series will likely appear tomorrow (Taiwan time).

Another piece will be showing up on Pajama’s Media, maybe tomorrow or the next day. Surf on over to check. I’ll post a link here when it pops up.

Taipei: Have already been offered a wad of binlan from a guy who worked at a hardware store. A habit from my father, I like to go into lumber yards etc. and touch the merchandise. I turned down the binlan. This is a betel nut, wrapped in some mysterious gummy substance that turns your teeth blood red when chewed. Rots then out, too. Supposed to give you a buzz of energy. Will write about that later.


  1. Steve Hempell

    Matt – since this seems to be a slow comment section I thought I’d get back to you here rather than the other post’s comments..

    I’ve been away on vacation so I didn’t see your reply to this comment I made:

    “The warming from approx 1918 to to 1945 is statistically indistinguishable from that from 1979 to the present.”

    Your reply was:

    “Steve, Well…I don’t love at all the term “statistically indistinguishable”, as it has no meaning without respect to a model. And that, of course, is the very point at issue.”
    From Climate of Extremes, Patrick J. Michaels and Robert C. Balling Jr. Hardback. Page 12

    “The IPCC history shows two distinct periods of warming, one from roughly 1910 through 1945, and then another that begins rather abruptly in about 1975. Their warming rates are statistically indistinguishable.” Does this mean that Patrick and Robert should take a few statistic courses? Pat and Rob think this was due to the sun in the early century and mostly CO2 in the latter. Leif Svalgaard would disagree. he once emailed me back to this question “What caused the rise in temperatures from 1910 to 1945 ?

    “If only people would stop the useless bickering about AGW and ‘it’s
    the Sun, stupid”, perhaps there would be some time left to answer that
    question, sigh…”

    I once did an Excel analysis by taking the average of the temperatures of each period of warming and cooling since 1850 using Hadcrutv2 (before the data had been further homogenized) and constructing temperature anomalies using those averages just for each period. Is this a model?

    The slope for the warming between 1909 and 1941 was 1.62 Deg C/Cent and the slope for 1977 and 2007 was 1.68 Deg C/ Cent.

    Just for interest the warming from 1850 to 1882 was .5 and the two coolings 1883-1908, 1942-1977 were 0.51 and 0.08 respectively.

    Enjoy your time in Taiwan – you love the food don’t you? Hope the AIR doesn’t continue it’s campaign of harrassment!!

  2. Tom

    Be aware that Taiwan is an endemic area for hepatitis B and C infection.

  3. Briggs


    And the best damn food anywhere. Plus, I’ve been immunized.

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