NYC Protesters: ‘What Do We Want? Dead Cops!’ What They’ll Get Is Something Else

“Comedy” (or perhaps “farce”) is a good word to describe the human predicament given events like Sony (the hacked company which revealed emails with lame jokes) studio head and noted progressive Amy Pascal having to “run to Al Sharpton next week to beg for forgiveness“.

Run to Al Sharpton next week to beg for forgiveness! AL SHARPTON!

Now if you don’t find that hilarious, then your imagination is stunted, your sense of history and proportion is sadly narrow, and your educational upbringing largely constituted of propaganda. You’re probably also a danger to yourself; at the least your mental well being is suspect, and you might, if you are exceptionally far gone, even be a danger to society.

Incidentally, it’s one thing to pretend to be “shocked”, “sickened”, “horrified”, suicidal or worse by these emails. So much is expected because of the certifiably insane, really quite lunatic, way race relations are in this country. But if you really are “shocked” etc., then baby, you are a — — — — —. I can’t say the word in an open forum. But you know damn well what it is. We’re raising a nation of mollycoddled half-witted hyper-sensitive snivelling weepy perpetual children. Sticks and stones may break their bones, but microaggressive names will plunge them into sickening (to witnesses) despair. Idiots.

Remember when we discussed herd immunity and the waning of Christianity? How plenty of folks, particularly young ones, safely ensconced in the remnants of Christian structures but ignorant of that fact, think everything will be fine, nay superior, once we throw off the final “religious shackles” and judge morality based on enlightened voting? And how, because few have any memory what Western civilization was like without the civilizing influence of Christianity (never being taught any history that wasn’t ideological), everybody is in for a rude surprise in, say, thirty to fifty years?

Same sort of thing applies to the idiot children (some of them fully grown) who marched through my backyard Saturday night chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops?” Dead cops, mark you. They also, further cementing the poop-filled diaper metaphor (or should I say reality?), chanted that they wanted it “now”. (Another contingent of mentally challenged did similar things in Berkeley. It’s unclear whether they received class credit for it.)

Some of them meant that “now.” Some officers were assaulted. The tweet above (linked here if you can’t see it) shows one bag of confiscated hammers, which some homicidal maniac (I speak literally) brought to use on the skulls of police (see this).

See if you can put yourself in the shoes of the cop who has just fingered the collar of the bloodlusting fool with the deadly weapons. The miscreant is probably foaming at the mouth and resisting arrest, probably shouting some standard activist slogan like “Kill! Kill! Kill!”. You get the idea.

If I were that cop and I thought nobody was looking, I’d be severely tempted to show that young man the kind of damage hammers can inflict. I’d call it a science demonstration. Tempted. I don’t think I’d do it unless the contemptible halfwit actually struck me and I felt I was defending myself.

Multiply this temptation across the hundreds to thousands of cops at these many “demonstrations” (demonstrating what? sublime unteachable ignorance?). Are you not as surprised as I that nobody has yet received what was coming to him? If the demonstrations continue, it’s bound to happen, and when it does the media will trumpet it as “brutality.” This will prove beyond any doubt any civilized person might yet cherish that journalists are among the least of us. But skip that.

Suppose these mental mole hills are granted their wish and we have a few dead cops and nobody does anything about it (like our self-styled communist mayor). Further suppose that cops, having had “sensitivity” grilled into them, pull back from black neighborhoods and stop the arrests. What will happen?

For whatever reasons, blacks commit far more crime than any other group (see the FBI stats here and here). This is just the raw statistics talking—and they’re talking an order of magnitude for violent crime, more for lesser crimes. Stop arresting criminals and the crime rate climbs. Where it peaks nobody knows.

The “demonstrators” don’t know now how good they have it. Herd immunity. The police have done these past few decades a marvelous albeit imperfect job (name one profession which is perfect). Remove police, lower their moral, let crime increase, and what happens? Nothing good.

One day these silly children are going to go too far and some authority is going to, as C Northcote Parkinson colorfully put it, “have the moral courage” to fire into the crowd. It’s at that point the “demonstrators” will get the exact opposite of their “demands.”

Update The fellow behind the hammers is—are you ready?—a CUNY professor and “poet”. What rhymes with (his words) “F*** the police”?

Update Although the points made here have nothing to do with it, let’s acknowledge racism does exist in America, and it sure is ugly. For instance this and this from a NYC official who said “Racist NYPD *******”.


  1. Ye Olde Statisician

    I understand that in the month prior to the Ferguson events, four cops were killed in the line of duty in various locales. Three of them were killed by black men, one by a white man.

    So, they are getting dead cops and they are getting them now. It’s just that no one takes particular notice.

  2. Having Al Sharpton angry at one should be a badge of honor.

    No, no, no, no. Not thirty to fifty years. I made that mistake 10-15 years ago thinking all this mess would occur when I was no longer here to see it. I’d give it less than 10 if things keep going the way they are, maybe 20 if temporary sanity returns. Possibly as few as 5 years. Problem is, there’s no one left to teach these 50 year old children how to live when their parents die (the ones still propping them up) and their kids are incapable of helping the parents because said parents raised incompetent children too. There’s no adults left.

    I’m thinking you’re correct that cops will simply abandon black neighborhoods. The neighborhoods will become like Native American reservations–their own cops, their own laws. It’s won’t be pretty, but I think it will come. It’s the natural progression for racism–back to segregation to decry how unfair and violent it all is, ignoring that it is self-imposed and entirely the fault of the the black community.

    Again, why do parents pay to send their children to these idiotic campuses??????

    I will note that all of this looks like a repeat of the 60’s, which I hated the first time around. Idiocy run rampant. We did manage to get an adult or two to pull us out of this, but two generations past, the idiocy returns. If we don’t find an adult, we are deep you-know-what.

    Just to be extremely cheering, these are the universities training doctors, lawyers, etc. Same for places training pilots, bus drivers, mechanics, etc. If you think there’s incompetence now in these areas, wait a couple of years and see how many people are damaged by doctors or pilots who “feel good about themselves” and are mostly concerned about race relations and fairness, not flying the plane or treating your illness. If that doesn’t wake you up, there’s no hope.

  3. Gary

    I have friends who are policemen — good and careful people.

    About 35 years ago the unarmed younger brother of my childhood best friend was killed at night by a policemen who suspected him of pointing a gun at them.

    Highly charged social confrontations are dangerous. The last thing we need is more fuel on the fire, so Briggs and others, any thoughts on this: ?

  4. Ye Olde Statisician

    this looks like a repeat of the 60’s

    No, there was genuine, no-foolin, 24 carat racism in those days. Protests against racism ran the actual risk of being killed, lynched, blown up in a church, buried in a swamp, shotgunned in the face, etc.

    What this looks like is 60s wannabes trying to convince themselves they are being bold and taking risks in defying the Man.

  5. I am still sticking with this being a repeat of the 60’s (I read the TOF piece, yes.) While there was genuine racism, there was also hatred of authority, people who wanted to just “make love, not war” and thought capitalism was the bane of society. I don’t actually think the reality of racism matters—it’s the perception. The current protesters no doubt actually think this is about race—the cop was white, the perp black. That’s all that matters. You see the same thing with the Rolling Stone article on rape. Okay, she lied, but it’s STILL important and no one should care about the lie. What we have is an affluent society in which spoiled children grow up and think they should never actually have to work or do anything they don’t want to. And you have activists from the 60’s who desperately need to keep their “causes” going or they’d have to get a real job. Perception is everything. It’s “us against them” just like it was in the 60’s. It’s just a slightly different slant to this. And no one has died—yet. I don’t think this will be over as long as the media tries deperately to keep it alive.

  6. Ye Olde Statisician

    In the words of Marx: History repeats itself. The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

  7. MattS

    “The police have done these past few decades a marvelous albeit imperfect job ”

    Debatable at best.

    According to FBI statistics for 2013, only 27 officers died in the line of duty as a result of felonious acts, a 50 year low. Law enforcement has never been anywhere near being one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US.

    Despite this, the best estimates, and estimates are all we have because PDs are not required to report this information, is that police kill 1000 or more people per year.

    “See if you can put yourself in the shoes of the cop who has just fingered the collar of the bloodlusting fool with the deadly weapons.”

    Utter nonsense. Brown was unarmed, Garner was unarmed and there have been half a dozen or more cases in the news just in the last couple of months of police shooting (not always fatally) unarmed people.

    “For whatever reasons, blacks commit far more crime than any other group”

    True, but meaningless as only a small percentage (as in < 10%) of blacks commit crimes.

  8. MattS: Wow, that “unofficial statistic” for police killings just keeps getting higher and higher and higher. Give it another month and it will 3000 or more. Statistics are so much fun, aren’t they? Especially the unofficial, no-one-knows-so-we-can- just make numbers up type.

  9. Dear Dr. Briggs:

    Yes, this is a re-run of the 60s and No it’s not. There are similarities and there are differences.

    I (bitterly) remember walking across the UCB campus and having people throw stones and garbage at us because the people I was with wore uniforms -and the most important similarity between now and then is the degree to which the occupiers are mis-informed, mis-led, and abused by their own leadership.

    In 1969 (and 70) most of the protestors thought they were anti-war, but in reality they were mostly just against American successes in that war – the beneficiaries weren’t draftees who escaped being wounded or killed, but communists who got control of most of south east asia. Basically, what the protestors did was trade a handful of American (and ANZAC, and British etc) lives saved for millions of dead – and tens of millions virtually enslaved – in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

    Today’s occupiers think they are protesting GOP capitalism and police racism, but the beneficiaries are the billionaires backing Obama et al, utterly racist blacks like Sharpton and Holder, and black thugs who now face less risk of police response while committing crimes – most of them against other blacks.

    However, on a more positive note: I’ve been pretending I can help by drafting a book – when you get a moment please check out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  10. Ray

    “History repeats itself. The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.”
    Sometimes history only paraphrases.
    Everybody knows that blacks commit an inordinate amount of crime. They commit half the murders, mostly killing other blacks. Here’s an oldy but goody.

  11. MattS: I’m not sure crowd-source statistics, even based on news accounts, can be considered accurate. I’ve seen what other citizen science has produced, so forgive me if I’m skeptical. And I sincerely do expect the reported number to double in a month if the riots keep up. People are going to dig up anything they can to support the cause.

    I am not saying police aren’t very poorly trained, infested with experiments in social policies much like the military, and often rightly charged with being overly aggressive. They certainly are. However, there is a general lack of respect for police, people who think you can wave a toy gun around without consequence when it looks just like the real thing, people who don’t understand that resisting arrest can result in a bad outcome, etc. I would like nothing more than well-trained, all qualified (not quota fillers) police, and citizens who understand one should not spit and swear at someone who is armed, and trying to arrest you for whatever reason. I don’t see either happening soon.

  12. Sylvain

    Can you provide any proof that Al Sharpton ever suggested anything else than non-violent protest.

    On the other hand I often hear him condemn violence in protest as counterproductive.

  13. Briggs


    My dear, you are mixing things up. Can you provide any justification for the foolish chant?

  14. Sylvain


    The problem is that history rarely repeats itself.

    Although, all empire have fallen rarely did they fall by the same cause.

  15. Sylvain

    That there is no reason for such a chant, doesn’t mean that the cause is Al Sharpton.

    Where was the reason for this’s:

    Yet two cops were killed by people who attended Bundy’s standoff.

    Sarah Palin place a target over the district of the woman shot in Arizona, was she responsible for the mass shooting that took place.

  16. Briggs


    Boy, are you difficult to keep on subject. Nowhere did the article say that Al Sharpton was responsible for anything. I did say, or rather intimated, that he was a race-baiting clown.

    Let’s get back to these protestors. Should some of them be arrested for inciting a riot? After all, two cops were beat up.

  17. Larry Geiger

    From MattS above:
    “Brown was unarmed,” This is a lie. Brown was in the process of pulling a loading, fully functional firearm. Just because the holster was strapped to the waist of another man is irrelevant.

  18. DAV

    Brown was unarmed

    Actually, he had two of them and had previously demonstrated a willingness to use them to harm.

    The FBI tracks “justifiable” police homicides, which it reports to be about 400 per year, but that tally is an undercount.

    They don’t keep track of the “unjustifiable” ones?
    The claim of unndercounting is also unjustifiable. How does one measure that?

    That said. The cops do seem to be getting more trigger happy. They always were to some extent but now seem to far more open to it. The growing US against THEM mentality as evidenced by the increasing militarization of the police and their reluctance to be recorded while on the job doesn’t help.. Television programs like Criminal Minds where doors are busted down with guns drawn all because of what amounts to a hunch do little to reduce the impression of trigger happiness.

    It’s not clear at all how to fix this. Who do you call? The cops? Taunting them certainly isn’t bright. The NYC police showed a great deal of restraint (far more than that shown with war protestors in the 60s) this past few days. That’s a good sign.

  19. DAV: The breaking down doors on Criminal Minds actually does occur in reality often. At least on the television version, the cops don’t just kick the door and start shooting. While gun handling on TV is much better (even the bad guys keep their fingers off the trigger at times), there is an increase of cops doing things out of site, out of mind such as beating, etc., to get the information they want. Maybe it’s necessary, maybe it’s not. There seems to be a marked increase in “unconventional” techniques.

  20. Protest is largely a pseudo-religious sacrament of a pseudo-religious people. That a few people know was protest is really about (i.e., violence toward an end, i.e., power) is entirely lost on comfortable pseudo-religious epithetists.

  21. DAV


    Part of that increase is the number being caught when they thought they were out of sight and mind. Some (not all, mind you) are little more than hired thugs. Cell phone videos are a big help in this regard but in some places they are illegal. Gotta wonder why.

  22. Ye Olde Statisician

    Sylvain: I think you miss Marx’s point. The wannabes of the current crop of protestors are trying to repeat what their fathers and older brothers did in the 60s, but producing only farce.

  23. Sylvain


    If the police can prove a link between the 2 officers beaten and the protestor chanting, they should. But the beating can has we’ll be unrelated to the chanting.

    Just like the two cops in Nevada killed by the man who had protested at Bundy’s ranch was not related to the threats made during the standoff. How come no one still has not been arrested when they clearly menaced the life of the police officer by targeting them.

  24. Sylvain


    “I understand that in the month prior to the Ferguson events, four cops were killed in the line of duty in various locales. Three of them were killed by black men, one by a white man”.

    How many of the dead cops was considered justifiable shooting?

    There was a door breakdown by cops that led to the killing of one of them. The judge concluded that the shooter was justified since the breakdown was considered excessive force. It was 5am and everyone was asleep in the house. The guy was subsequently condemned for drug trafficking.

    Only 3 of over 150 shooting by cops were brought to trial. 2 relaxed 1 conviction to community labor.

  25. Paul W

    The police have an impossible job. There’s just too many laws. The war on drugs, war on terror, etc. has made the system itself the problem. Let’s get a bunch of laws off the books. It’s hard to believe the disease would be any worse than the cure.

    More on the subject….

  26. Sylvain


    The problem is not the number of laws but that people can possess and carry gun to easily.

    In Canada and other developped countries very few people can carry weapons, so when people see a gun they should be afraid. Of course, we also have many guns (we own at least 4 hunting rifles in my house). A lot of people hunt, but we don’t carry guns as if they were our child and we don’t call them my baby.

  27. DAV

    Outisde of this being off topic, can you provide a reason why either was not? BTW: the first video doesn’t actually show the shooting but you can see him reaching into his waistband. Even if it was an unmodified toy, the identifying ring would have been concealed. What was this video supposed to prove.

    The second doesn’t show much either except that he was holding a gun. Without sound, we don’t know if anything was said. Did you notice the people who ran out of the store when they saw him? You can hardly (well, YOU would) say he wasn’t holding it an a threatening manner. FWIW: this is what that gun (a Crossman MK-177 according to the video) looked like. It is by definition an assault rifle as the only defining characteristic of an assault rifle its appearance. Considering your prior idiotic stance on rifle cosmetics, you must be sitting in a pile of excrement after viewing what a Crossman MK-177 looks like. Should have warned you ahead of time. If it’s not too late: WARNING! Viewer excretion is advised.

    Are these the best you can come up with? Really? This is so typical of you. If they are the best then we must be dealing with a really small problem.

  28. DAV

    In Canada and other developped countries very few people can carry weapons, so when people see a gun they should be afraid.

    Yet in the two videos you posted you apparently think the police overreacted when faced with someone either pulling out a gun or holding one as if ready to use it. You don’t see this as a contradiction? Do you even have a point?

  29. Nate

    Long winded comment below. TL;DR – too many laws, most people have no understanding that law = force, magical thinking that laws can be enforced without force.

    Paul W is completely on the money here. One must always remember that law is, at the end of the line, force – pointing a government gun at someone to make them do X. If you resist the smallest of laws, eventually you are is thrown in a dungeon or has your property appropriated (and if you try to defend your property, then you are thrown in a dungeon or summarily executed).

    Garner, for example, was selling individual cigarettes on the government-created “black market” – he hadn’t rendered unto Caesar the necessary taxes, and Caesar’s enforcers used their main tool – force – to stop him.

    These protesters are mostly useful idiots, in slave to a semi-religious belief that all we need are perfect people enforcing the law in a magical way that doesn’t require raw force. If you want to make sure people don’t sell 64 oz big gulps, or untaxed cigarettes, then you need many enforcers, all of whom will not be perfect human beings, thus leading to “excessive” use of force. Or perhaps they don’t want the police to enforce the law, they just want to feel good that the law is there, and people will automatically follow it, as if by magic. If someone assaults one of your enforcers, the natural response will, of course, be force.

  30. Briggs

    We’re all a little confused, Sylvain. Are you for or against dead cops now?

  31. Briggs


    About those sniveling pampered brats we are now raising, this:

    “Individual students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well,” writes Suk. “One teacher I know was recently asked by a student not to use the word ‘violate’ in class—as in ‘Does this conduct violate the law?’—because the word was triggering. Some students have even suggested that rape law should not be taught because of its potential to cause distress.”

  32. DAV

    These are law students? I feel sorry for their future clients. Self-representation might be the best option over them. Yeah, fool for a client and all that but at least the fool wouldn’t be represented by an incompetent who can’t even consider the details of what may constitute a crime. This is Harvard, mind you. Imagine how much worse a lawyer would be that comes out of a lesser school.

  33. DAV: Good point about cell phone videos. I could guess why they are illegal in some places!

    Paul W: Very easy to remove law enforcement–just have Obama call and tell police not to enforce laws. Seems to work for him.
    Part of the problem is the very real nature of humans to avoid the tougher things in life. Why go after a member of the drug cartel, whom you know is armed to teeth and cares nothing about laws (or he wouldn’t be armed), when you can go after a guy selling “loosies”? The misdemeanors and non-violent felonies pose less risk, except in domestic violence cases.

    All: Note the recent hostage taking and shooting in Sydney. No utopias out there.

    Briggs: I have a suggestion on what to do with these students who are terrified of language, but I can’t really include it in this discussion for the same reason you left out some terminology. I really do often hate being part of the female gender. (NO, I am not going to join the male gender through surgery or renaming my gender. That’s just wrong.)

    DAV and Briggs: Actually, if we can’t talk about crimes, then we would have to change to many fewer laws because their’s no one to try the cases. Of course, it’s the brutal felonies that stop being prosecuted, but at least we are not upsetting the little darlings in the law profession and that’s what’s important.

  34. Paul W

    “The problem is not the number of laws but that people can possess and carry gun to easily.”

    Gun laws are even more restrictive in Mexico. How’s that working for them? I think gun laws are a superficial solution that makes a certain faction that was never going to buy a gun anyhow feel good about themselves. Why is further prohibition always the answer? Why don’t we ever look at the solution being more freedom? For instance, removing some laws or ending the “war on” mentality.

  35. DAV

    Why don’t we ever look at the solution being more freedom?

    There is some hope. I see Texas is poised to abolish its ban on open carry that’s been around since the post Civil War. It had even totally banned handguns until 1995. Currently, handguns must be concealed when carried in Texas. Likely to prevent Canadian tourists from panicking as Sylvain assures us they will.

  36. Canadians should avoid Wyoming, where open carry is legal, and concealed carry is legal without a permit so long as you’re a resident. Don’t want to frighten anyone, you know.

  37. Sylvain


    Where did you get confuse?

    There should be no killing whether of cops, black whit Indian jew Muslim Christian gay or straight.

    But when there is a killing someone should be held responsible. Are there any cop killer set free under the fact that the killing was justified. I don’t think so.

    There are numerous cases lately where unarmed blacks were killed. Tamar Rice and Crawford were not armed and were not threatening anyone they were shot with no time to even drop the BB gun they had in their hand.

    Eric Garner was strangle to death when there was no reason to even arrest him in the first place. There was no threat, no urgency to make a move on the part of the police.

    Brown was shot at 30 feet while he was unarmed and injured. He was no threat to Wilson. For cops, shooting should be the last measure. Their badge should not be a license to kill.

  38. Sylvain Allard


    The two video are from open carry states, why were they shot when they were not doing anything illegal? Should your husband be shot while walking on a street or at the store with a weapon or is it only good ?

  39. Sylvain Allard


    ”et in the two videos you posted you apparently think the police overreacted when faced with someone either pulling out a gun or holding one as if ready to use it. You don’t see this as a contradiction? Do you even have a point?”

    Can you provide where in the videos were the individual ever threathening to anyone. And remember that they had no weapon.

    ”Outisde of this being off topic, can you provide a reason why either was not? BTW: the first video doesn’t actually show the shooting but you can see him reaching into his waistband. Even if it was an unmodified toy, the identifying ring would have been concealed. What was this video supposed to prove. ”

    Dav you are either very stupid or dishonest, I would go for the second. If the person killed was white you would be the first to call for the killing of the cops like the idiot that killed the two cops in Nevada.

  40. Ray

    “Eric Garner was strangle to death ”
    He died of a heart attack, not strangulation.

  41. Sylvain

    From the bbc

    “According to a coroner’s report, Eric Garner died due to “compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint” as he was wrestled to the ground by Daniel Pantaleo and fellow New York City police officers.”

  42. DAV

    According to a coroner’s report, Eric Garner died due to “compression of neck (chokehold),

    Hard to see how the choke hold was a factor as it didn’t appear to be applied after he was on the ground. Crushed under all that weight looks more probable. The disturbing thing about Gardner was the reason for his arrest — a very petty crime.

  43. DAV

    remember that they had no weapon.

    Did you know that robbing a bank with a toy gun is still armed robbery? Just because it’s a toy doesn’t mean it can’t be mistaken for a weapon — particularly if it’s a toy made to be indistinguishable from one at a distance. Reacting as if it is a weapon is more than understandable. You being a Canadian who quakes at the sight of a gun must surely realize this.

    Dav you are either very stupid or dishonest
    Someone certainly is. Not so sure it’s me.

  44. DAV

    The two video are from open carry states, why were they shot when they were not doing anything illegal?

    Open carry doesn’t mean you can hold or walk around with the gun in your hand. That indicates intent to use — something completely different. You are such a ditz.

  45. DAV


    Canadians should avoid Wyoming, where open carry is legal, and concealed carry is legal is legal without a permit

    Which is the way it should be everywhere. I’m willing to bet the residents of Wyoming are far more polite in face-to-face encounters than the people in Quebec are.

    A permit should never be required to exercise a Constitutional right. That one is required in many places is disturbing.

  46. DAV: And don’t often kill each other. Murders average 25 per year and not all involve guns.

    It was fascinating a few years back, I went to a garage sale and the person having the sale was out roaming about the customers in his driveway with a revolver strapped on. No one thought it was scary. No one ran. It was just the way things are. This weekend, there were at least six people in my neighborhood out enjoying the warm weather by target practicing. I would sit and try to identify the caliber of the guns being used. Yes, we Wyomingites are quite comfortable with guns.

    The biggest problems in Wyoming are alcohol, drugs and a boom/bust economy.

  47. Sylvain


    You are a very disturb man. I would not be surprise that you are part of the sovereign citizen movement, which is considered by the FBIhas the most important threat to US security.

  48. DAV


    I think Wyoming’s going on my list of places to move to and scratch off Montana. Sounds great.


    LOL. You really had me thinking you seriously believed you were making informed points! Wow! Shoulda known better 🙂 Gotta love ya for that one. Never would have pegged you as a prankster. Makes my Wacky Wednesday. Thanks!

  49. Ray

    According to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, an ambulance was immediately called to the scene and Garner was transported to Richmond University Medical Center. He had a heart attack in the vehicle and was pronounced dead approximately one hour later at the hospital.

  50. Sylvain

    The two ambulance technician have been suspended following there intervention.

    Since when a police commission detains a medical degree? While a pathologist/coroner has one.

  51. Sylvain

    You are able to make the difference between cardiac arrest chased due to a lack of O2 and a cardiac crisis due to a blood clot or infarction.

    Their is no difference between strangulation and what Gardner suffered.

  52. My mother had the very handy ability to look at photographic evidence and pronounce the photo meant nothing and she was RIGHT. I see she was not unique in this ability.

  53. rank sophist

    I see that this blog has fallen even further into hysteria-mongering and childish namecalling. Fear destroys the greatest minds.

  54. Briggs

    Your comment is true to your name, Sophist.

    If you want to do better, don’t just hit and run. Argue.

  55. Then don’t read the comments.

    (One could construe the terms “hysteria-mongering, childish and fear” as name-calling on the part of the one complaining).

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