This Week In Doom: A Riotously Good Time

These are the men who will be tasked to quell future riots.
These are the men who will be tasked to quell future riots.

Because this week has been especially doom-laden, we’re pushing up our bulletin a full day. Indeed, conditions were so rank these past seven days that they almost qualify to be ensconced as a Curmudgeon’s Holiday. Yet these are rarely awarded because all realists know that things can always get worse.

To the doom!

Free shoes and liquor

Seems a black man was arrested, a non-rare event, and was injured mortally during his incarceration. The public had no other details (except this). But it didn’t matter. Baltimore was set alight and (as of this writing) flames still flicker here and there.

They flicker because the rioters discovered that cut fire hoses were useless in dousing flames. And this scientific discovery was made possible by a supine (mostly black) police force. And that police force, whose members anyway did not need the grief of being called racist, were standoffish because their boss, the mayor, issued a directive allowing rioters “space to destroy.” She might have also told cops to linger behind enemy lines.

Perhaps she was experimenting with a new form of welfare?

This festival had the spectacle of a mom slapping and berating her foolish son for participating in the riot. The world cheered this woman. At first. And then we had this: “Why is America celebrating the beating of a black child?

And then came the admonitions not to call a thug a thug, that the rioters had their reasons, that they might have even had a right or even a duty, that who are we to judge? No sooner had these excuses fell upon fertile media soil than other “protests” broke out in New York City. Others are scheduled elsewhere.

Non-thugs will today, for instance, roam the streets of Oakland and malinger at City Hall in San Francisco. Wherever progressives gather is not found peace. Is it strange that the same people willing to steal and destroy are the same who argue for public disarmament?

Our first affirmatively elected president meanwhile could not discover any rioter that could have been his son. And then this: “New Black Panthers should be looked upon as Founding Fathers who declare war and are ‘willing to die or kill to save our babies and to save a black nation that is dying before our eyes.'”

Save us, Caesar!

The pattern is set. A black man commits a crime, is arrested or hurt, and protests leading to riots begin. The contagion spreads to other cities. So far, these incidents have burned themselves out after a week or two. But they are growing more frequent and longer lived.

All history suggests there must come a breaking point which leads to calls for a man to hold “temporary” office charged with seditionis sedandae et rei gerendae causa, i.e. to restore calm.

Far-fetched? All curmudgeons recall the “lock downs” in Boston and elsewhere when just one man with a gun, or even rumors of the same, were enough for officials to demand citizens “shelter in place.” What if “suddenly” several large cities caught fire simultaneously?

Rejoice if you live in the countryside.

Criminal Islamaphobia

England is still embarrassed for its past crimes (being great, producing white men like Shakespeare, Newton, Nelson, etc.) and will soon have an election in which one of the candidates, Ed Miliband, promises that, if elected, he will make “Islamaphobia” a crime. Rather, an aggravated crime, a state of mortal secular sin. It is already a venal sin.

Now Islam is inimical to Western, in particular British, values. Which effectively means Miliband will make it illegal to uphold those values. No imam could do better.

Suicide is always an ugly thing to watch, no?

Anyway, this is worth noting because what happens in Europe—they’re so enlightened—soon happens in these once United States.

Hell has excess CO2

The Pontifical Academy of Science, lonely at being left out of the global warming juggernaut, had a public kumbaya with the UN, the purpose of which was to tell the world not that it was in danger of losing its soul, but that it might fail to meet “sustainability goals”. So eager was the PAS to have a voice that it decided science was too difficult a criterion and so lapsed instantly into…well, let’s call them “fibs.”

We will soon wake up to headlines like this: “Believing Global Warming of Doom Now Official Position of Catholic Church.” Which will be seen as a good reason to cede more power to supranational organizations.

Memorial to the Death of Science: “Journalists’ names on university ‘memorial’ to ‘those who denied’ climate change

I for one welcome our new same-sex attracted overlords

The country edges closer to ceding to government a power it never before had, and never should have. Poor Alexander Hamilton warned us many years ago that the Bill of Rights would eventually create a monster. And did anybody listen to him? No, sir, they did not.

I suggest removing his mug from the sawbuck so that the poor man doesn’t have to witness his prophecy come true. We could replace it with a native American’s, say, Elizabeth Warren’s. How many birds would that stone kill? Never mind.

All that, and much more!

These were only the largest suppliers of grease for the slippery slope. Space does not permit documenting all cheerfully bad news.

Like this mom who was shamed for including cookies in her daughter’s lunch. Government-certified experts know better than parents. Right, Scotland? And did you know social justice warriors have taken over science fiction? See this. Once-Catholic St. Norbert College gave an award to Gloria Steinem. Feminist award? Even Miss Piggy will get one.

Do we recall when an ROTC troop of men was made to wear high heels in recognition of diversity?

Progressives have discovered another way to piddle on culture from a great height: “The New York City Council debates whether to decriminalize public urination and turnstile-jumping.” Under what could go wrong?, this: ACLU launches cellphone app to preserve videos of police

Bruce Jenner? ‘Nuff said.

Ominous update Lenin’s Body Improves with Age. Prefatory to raising from the dead?

Update Green Party “open” to Three-Way “Marriages”. Nobody saw that coming.


  1. John B()

    The Hugo Awards embroiled in all this Political Correctness?

    I am one Sad Puppy


    Dang, Matt! You spoiled my day. Forty. Solar revolutions ago, I came from a place where urination in public was common. So we’re big painted admonitionos on walls, prohibiting urination. Ironically, under these signs one would find the most frequent urination.. Sort of like “don’t even think of parking here”
    Ah well at least the devolution , even though imperative, is slow enough to not personally ruin the few years left.

  3. An Engineer

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this” what?

  4. Grow a spine may be a wasted admonition. We have an entire Congress full of invertebrates who can, with a straight face, say they oppose Obamacare and then write a check for it. I have told my senators they are NOT my senators, they are embarrassments and cowards. The simple fact that people are doing nothing is a bad sign. Have they given up? Seems that way. I suppose it had to happen—humans are really historically used to being told what to do and oppressed. Maybe we’re not ready to reach and keep that freedom level the founding fathers had. Was it a fleeting experiment that was doomed to failure but worth trying anyway?

  5. Gail Finke

    Wow. It WAS quite a week for doom… and it’s not over yet!

  6. DAV


    Oh sure statistically speaking but we all know how statistics can distort things especially when wielded by people who value their pees. There are those among us who do not value their pees so are unable to pee on current events thus the hand-wringing and cries of “The End is Nigh!” when everyone knows the End won’t happen until after Hillary’s win in 2016.

  7. John B()

    An Engineer…

    E Plebnista…

    Just like Captain Kirk trying to teach the Yangs what it means to be an American

  8. I’ve been rereading C.S. Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength” (prepping for blog post on the Theology of Science Fiction) and a statement struck me hard regarding modern times:
    “The shadow of one dark wing is over all Tellus [Earth]….The Hideous Strength [Satan] holds all this Earth in its fist to squeeze as it wishes…”
    p. 293
    But (spoiler), all does end well.

  9. John B()


    The space trilogy was really amazing – Hideous was incredible – shoot us a link when you finish

  10. “Our first affirmatively elected president…”

    Wow. 😐 What a thing to say.


  11. Francsois

    The article on the ROTC dudes in heels is depressing, or hilarious, depending on how you look at it.

    “The characteristic feature of a loser is to bemoan in general terms, mankind’s flaws, biases, contradictions and irrationality – without exploiting them for fun and profit”
    -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  12. “shoot us a link when you finish”
    Thanks for your interest John B(). The first, on SF treatment of Christ, is up: “The Theology of Science Fiction: Some SF Gospels”
    The second, “The Theology of Science Fiction: Who is in HIs Image?”
    (about alien, robotic, computer intelligent life and Original Sin) will be up next week some time, I hope.
    The third, will be about SF views of Armageddon and will be up ????

  13. At this time, it’s a death-defying act to choose to move to or remain in any coastal city (in which I include the cities along the Great Lakes). If you’re old or have children, it’s especially daring.

    That having been said, I can’t persuade my wife to relocate out of NY Metro. I don’t think she likes the idea of packing up her shoe collection. Ah, well.

  14. JH

    Don’t think you’d like to know all the good things that have happened in my neck of the woods. Some people thrive for the doom of humanity. I was told that putting gloom-and-doom spells on your perceived opponents is therapeutic.

  15. John

    Now before I read another word I’ll just say:

    Those weasel’s commander must punish them with article 15 non-judicial punishments at the least. It is a blatant violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to attend or participate in any form of protest, political movement, or the making of any political statement as a representative of the US military or while wearing your military uniform.

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