Something To Cheer The Irish (And The Rest Of Us)


Given the state of the world, and because this is a long weekend with scarcely anyone around, this picture. It is Bubba Anderson, a (then) girl who went to the same high school as Yours Truly, though a couple of years behind me.

She was a track star and the Otsego County Fair Queen in 1987. This is her official picture. The look upon her face could cheer even an Irish ‘No’ voter.


  1. Coast Ranger

    Funny. I recently applied for a job there at the Catholic diocese. I’d never heard of the area before but it looks like a beautiful part of the world.

  2. Rich

    She looks good. You not so much.

  3. Briggs


    I always thought bow ties made the man.

  4. Steve E

    Sheri, on the contrary, bow ties are both au courant and de rigueur!

  5. Rich

    Not everyone can carry off a bow tie. Not saying you can’t. But a cummerbund is a confession that it’s all over.

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