The Need To Believe In “The Solution” To Global Warming

Travel day, plus I wanted to have this on its own anyway. Speech given at the Tenth International Conference on Climate Change, June 12, 2015 in Washington, DC. The video and audio are somewhat sketchy because of my lack of editing prowess.

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  1. Gary

    Although Tim Ball seemed to be having a hard time staying awake, it was a good presentation. The logic stuff in the middle got a little muddled perhaps, but your point about the culture being the problem is true. It always has been so the best we can do is be wise about how we challenge it and protect ourselves from its attacks.

  2. Good speech.

    I saw where the Army is training to fight climate change. Has anyone seen the target used to identify the enemy for the Army? I’m very curious what climate change looks like and where he’s hiding.

  3. Scotian

    The science writers of the eighties had a great deal of influence and you are debating their disciples. I wonder if Asimov would have changed his mind?

    Long walk off a short dock, pshaw.

  4. John B()


    I wonder if Asimov would have changed his mind?

    I doubt very much that Asimov would have changed his mind about greenhouse gases (North America spewing CO2 and Brazil deforestation),

    But Asimov speaks from the vantage of rejecting God and perhaps from Scientism.

    We know where Briggs speaks from … belief in God and … well … the Catholic Church

  5. Joe Born

    Nice speech.

    One suggestion, though: tone down the dismissal of “civilians.” It rings false to “civilians” like me, who have vetted the output of scientists, engineers, and other experts for decades.

    I’ll admit that it’s hard for us to be sure that a scientist is right. But a reasonably analytical “civilian” will quite often be able to detect the error when the scientist in wrong.

    Sure, scientists and other experts will know a lot of facts we “civilians” simply have to take on faith. But my experience is that many scientists are not not so good at logically applying those facts to reach a conclusion.

    That’s where the “civilian” is often forced to step in.

  6. Nate

    Agree with @Joe. Some “civilians” have fine-tuned bull**** detectors, especially those who work in fields where there is a metric ton of bull**** shoveled every day (such as corporate IT).

  7. Katie

    The UN today has unfurled a huge banner on their headquarters with the word “climate” superimposed over what looks to be an unusually strong wave. It is hard to argue with such rhetoric.

  8. Gary

    Asimov was a chemist and well-acquainted with the properties of atmospheric molecules. I once attended a lecture he gave in the 1970s. Would he have changed his mind regarding the degree of importance of CO2 to warming really is a question of whether he valued his scientific understanding or leftist sentiments more. Is it ironic that he’s best known for his science fiction where facts are used to support a story? Yet he also filled a role as a science educator with several of his books explaining scientific concepts in simple terms and with historical context. I’d like to think honesty would have won out, although he probably still would have advocated for better and more broadly distributed energy sources.

  9. Katie: I don’t think one can ever argue with the rhetoric. That’s why it’s used so extensively. What we want is people to ignore the rhetoric, which is the only way to disarm it.

  10. Yawrate

    The AGW doomsayers have been at it for so long that whole careers are invested in the theory and absolutely nothing will change those minds. Science advances one death at a time.

  11. France

    Thanks for the talk. Wish you gave a few footnotes on the papers and research that you reference too.

  12. The ancients heeded the mumbo jumbo of self-appointed leaders and sacrificed virgins to volcanoes in the vain belief it would appease the angry gods.

    Now we have the warmists… *er* change-ists… or whatever they’re calling themselves today.

    Human nature is immutable, even across the millennia…

  13. Pompous Git

    Very enjoyable Matt/William/Briggs [delete whichever is inapplicable].

  14. Briggs

    Thanks, Git! Nice to have you back.

  15. Fine & entertaining presentation.

    To this end, a number of recognizable individuals, including Tim & Lord Monckton are present. In addition to this, I have been very impressed with Murry Salby’s lectures, which appear to be quite robust and contain much meat. Have been curious why he is not referenced more.

    Oh–and I like your reference to Uncle Gavin.


  16. Of course, “They” use the exact same argument on “us”. We need to believe that Climate Change isn’t happening.

    1 km of ice over my house in the recent past. Yes climate change happened and is happening and will happen no matter what we do.

    My neighbors driveway is 1/2 way overgrown after 6 months of non use. Using the driveway kept it from being overgrown (We affected the environment). Nature recovers her own pretty darn quickly though…

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