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My turn to get patted down and scrutinized. I head back to the States today, after a long absence. I do not look forward to the flight.

Here, to take up the time until I am reunited with my internet signal, are a few links.

TSA agent drugged up Reader and contributer Ari Schwartz sent this story. “A TSA agent was arrested on January 3rd in Terminal One at LAX, a source told NBCLA. He had just gotten off duty and was behaving erratically, saying, ‘I am god, I’m in charge.'” Makes you feel safer, does it not? Shenanigans like this might be why this guy at the Washington Post says we should eliminate the TSA.

Put the fear of PIG in terrorists My number-one son pointed me to this site. It advertises a special kind of gun lubricant.

SILVER BULLET GUN OIL, is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Counter-Islamic terrorist force multiplier…HOW does SILVER BULLET GUN OIL work? SILVER BULLET GUN OIL CONTAINS 13% USDA LIQUEFIED PIG FAT. The PIG FAT is mixed with our blended, hi-grade WEAPONS OIL designed for use in ALL FIREARMS.

The PIG FAT is transferred to anything the BULLETS STRIKE. The coating of OIL CONTAINING PIG FAT effectively DENIES entry to Allah’s Paradise to any Islamo-Fascist terrorist KIA with a bullet coming from a firearm using SILVER BULLET GUN OIL in the barrel. SILVER BULLET GUN OIL uses the belief system of Allah’s Islamo-Fascist terrorists to put fear of death into them, a fear they haven’t had until NOW.

Hard to argue with logic like that.

Mike Adams is a columnist at Town Hall. He writes mostly on matters academic, but from a rightward perspective. A conservative (tenured, of course) professor willing to speak his mind is a novelty these days, and he should be read for that reason alone. Here’s a quote from a piece on student who was defending his thesis.

During the course of describing one particular bridge the student stated that not all of its characteristics were artistic. Some of its characteristics were “essential” to the basic functioning of the bridge. The professor directing his thesis objected to the use of the term “essential.” In fact, she said the term “frightened” her.

He sent tenured terrorist Bill Ayers an NRA membership as a Christmas present.

Annals of Uselessness They are remaking—I wish I were making this up—True Grit! If you can find it, read Mike Royko’s review of the movie. I was going to say, “the original movie”—God help us all! The review is here (you’ll have to scroll intelligently for it).

I never went to a John Wayne movie to find a philosophy to live by to absorb a profound message. I went for the simple pleasure of spending a couple of hours watching the bad guys lose.


  1. DAV

    To an ex-Hippie, Silver Bullet Fun, er, Gun Oil just gives a new meaning to the word “pig”.

  2. DAV

    Not sure but doesn’t dying during a Jihad convey instant absolution of all past sins?

  3. 49erDweet

    True Grit II? Have they no shame? Oh yeah, it’s Hollywood.

  4. Doug M

    Didn’t True Grit have a really bad sequel?

  5. Ari

    The best Westerns are the ones without any real message. I love the Leone films. I’m a fan of Westerns for the cinematography more than anything– you have to love those wide sweeping vistas.

  6. Muslim Convert

    Kinda of funny but definitely of the stupid kind 🙂 Its a variant on the myth that Gen “Black Jack” Pershing wrapped Muslim bodies in pig skin etc to deny them entry into paradise.

    Islamo-Fascist terrorists is of the same order of labelling as Global Warming Denier. Basically it speaks of the ignorance and confirmation bias of the labeller.

    Dav: Jihad essentially means “to strive” and in the fighting sense implies striving (for the sake of Allah) up to and including ones own death. It absolutely does not involve exceeding certain bounds (eg if one party offers a truce the mujahideen must stop). In the case of death, sins are only considered to have been wiped based upon the intention of the ‘striving’. The one who wants to be seen as brave etc sees no benefit.

    Personally I like the Lone Wolf movies. Japanese westerns!

    Cheers, Patrick

  7. Glen Megargee

    Roster Cogburn was the sequel and I found it enjoyable, like most of John Wayne’s movies. As to Jihad being a striving that may be the interpertation of some Imans but not all; especially those that encourage individuals to commit these atrocities that are so common among young Muslim men. Islam is granted the position by the MSM of being peaceful despite the fact that the many of these atrocities have been cheered iby the general population in many Islamic nations and that these Imans have such strong support among the populace that the government does not dare take direct action against them without starting a civil war.

    This is my first post on your site and I find your position in regards to climate change to be well thought out and based on science and not on a belief system. Continue challenging those supporting climate change and you will be attacked and villified but you will never see their raw data nor the models upon which they base their claims as they are supported by governments who want to control our lives through fear and climate change is one of the many tools they are using on the gullable public.

    Thank you.

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