Stream: Pope Francis’s Dr. Strangelove Craves One World Government


Today’s post is at The Stream: Pope Francis’ Dr. Strangelove Craves One World Government Run by “Experts”: Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the scientist behind Laudato Si, is an activist for a global state run by “enlightened” elites.

Who’s up for a one-world government run by radical ecologists? Herr Professor Doktor Hans Joachim, a.k.a. John, Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Commander of the British Empire, prophet of doom, avowed atheist, and the most prominent advisor to Pope Francis and the Vatican on global warming, is hot for it. And he has a “master plan” to bring it about.

No, no. It’s not what you think. He really means it. Like all good progressives, Schellnhuber does not like freedom for the lower castes (like us). And he’s doing his best to remove it. It’s for our, and for the planet’s, own good.

Go there, if you can stomach it, to read the rest.


  1. Pope Francis seems to be trying to co-opt the green/ Gaia worship movement by choosing their leaders as his advisors. You mention Schellnhuber; Pope Francis (or his agency) invited Naomi Klein, a radical warmist and anti-capitalist to Rome for a meeting. (Google Naomi Klein and you’ll verify that label.)
    I don’t think the Pope’s co-opting strategy is going to work, but more the converse.

  2. Gary

    Briggs, surely you’ve encountered some of the loopier interpretations of the Revelation of St. John about the apostasy of the Catholic Church. As each day goes by they’re sounding less loopier, aren’t they?

  3. Off topic, but I heard you on Savage last week. Congrats! The exchange between you two made a great segment.

  4. Okay, I’ve been researching World Government and end times. I have learned Helen Keller was an occultist and that some sign language is Satanic, the UN means end times are near, etc. etc. My brain is tired….

    When I was in college, there was a lot of talk about World Government and end times. My exhausting research seems to indicate this is the case now mostly in some religious groups and conspiracy sites. An interesting change–no mark of the beast, anti-Christ warnings, etc. There is an abundance of “truth sites”, including my favorite, Love the truth, which is basically conspiracy theory, etc, and many unsubstantiated statements. Language has no meaning anymore. Maybe we are too worried about this Pope’s encyclical. It may have no actual meaning at all…….

  5. Ken

    The Global Warming encyclical (or it just mentioned that topic) is but one of a long history of curious views coming out of the Vatican. About a 1000 years ago the Vatican banned the fork–interfered with God’s plan for fingers (e.g. see ). Now its consulting with, or puppet of, an atheist angling for one-world government by “experts”…whatever an “expert” is:

    Experts, for example, in Italy didn’t warn well enough of a pending earthquake & a handful were convicted of manslaughter [or Italy’s comparable law] for that…though they were acquitted (see ).

    So the natural question for Professor Doktor Hans Joachim, a.k.a. John, Schellnhuber to address is how one, or “they” (and who are “they”) “impeaches” & so forth “experts” in this Utopian one-world government when their performance falls too far short. History shows this happens, so the organizational structure of this Grand Vision ought to have some of the unpleasant but unfortunately necessary details worked out in advance.

    Such would be more fun conversations, and debates, than trying to persuade him of the lunacy of the idea…as history also shows that people of his ilk don’t really change…

  6. Wow. You really misrepresented the heck out of that. You seem to have a difficult time with ethics in your arguments, Briggs.


  7. Briggs


    You have a terrible habit of making accusations and running. If you’re so sure of yourself, you ought to be able to substantiate your claims. Else you are just part of the problem.

  8. Fr. John Rickert

    Reluctant as I am to make “plugs” for most things, I finally need to make a plug for the book “The Barbarian Bible.” The elitism of the elites, and their antipathy (if not outright detestation) of the rest of us, including people like myself, really does need to be made unmistakably clear, which this book does. People fool themselves because they want to be in a circle that never truly wants them and can only look upon them with contempt. They become sycophants to people who only despise them.

  9. DAV

    Yep, the world is going to Hell in a hand basket tied to a runaway train.

    I have almost stopped reading Reason because it’s so depressing however they did have this which is somewhat in line with earlier posts of the subject of marriage. Or maybe it’s all about the addled brains of dental floss tycoons.

  10. JMJ: When you were a child, did you run into rooms, yell “You’re an idiot” and then run like crazy away? It’s basically all you seem to do here, so I’m guessing it’s a lifelong habit. Sadly, when you did bother to actually engage in discussion, you weren’t half bad. Then you go back to this childish hit and run.

    Fr. John Rickert: Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

  11. Ken

    JMJ’s assertion has merit.

    In reviewing the links to this essay one finds supporting references, via links, that link to other’s of Brigg’s essays. Quoting oneself is hardly compelling. That aside, the first link to a non-Brigg’s-authored references is at (that is a link), that early on includes this assertion within one of the Briggs-authored articles:

    “Schellnhuber is a quantum physicist who apparently believes the earth is a self-aware, self-regulating, cognizant organism. He sees mankind as an infection which causes Mother Earth to develop planetary syndromes like global warming, which, Schellnhuber says, might soon kill billions. ”

    That includes a link to this article:

    In reading that article one finds that Schellnhuber is one of three authors that use the term “syndrome” to refer to the effects of multiple causal factors that lead to some significant environmental deficit. A number of farming examples are given, many well-known & oft-documented (e.g. how over-farming, irrigation, and use of fertilizers create an unsustainable, relative to natural resources, situation that fails as a dust-bowl).

    The concept of multiple causal factors working in combination to achieve a much more radical negative outcome is presented with jargon borrowed from the medical arena — but that’s used as a point of comparison [the authors refer to this as a metaphor*] for the general principle that a complex system will respond in sometimes significant ways to a combination of causal factors, none of which are by themselves particularly ominous. That comparison is not an argument that the Earth/Earth ecosystem is itself self-aware/cogent, not even close. Or, as JMJ notes, Briggs’ assertion of the latter “misrepresented the heck out of” the referenced [non-Briggs-authored] paper.

    A very cursory review of that paper with impressions formed by headlines & eye-catching terms (e.g. “syndrome”) might be one means one would reach such a conclusion so at odds with the actual content. Or, as JMJ put it, “Read it. It’s absurd.” …because it is absurd when one actually reads the reference.*

    That’s only after [finding the first non-Briggs-authored] supporting reference. Maybe there’s more, maybe not. It only takes one such counter-example to make the point.

    * A recurring observed (by at least some of us) pattern is the author’s difficulty [inability?] to comprehend the symbolic comparisons of metaphor that most grasp intuitively & more or less instantly (i.e. literal interpretation; e.g. C. Hitchens succinct [and profound rather than funny] remark re Stalin as a promising Tblisi ordinand – reference ). Fundamentally misrepresenting this paper, , very likely was an honest mistake. The author needs to acknowledge the perceptual deficit and proceed accordingly (much like those having color-blindness accept that their perceptual deficits are resident in themselves…rather than insisting others keep seeing things that aren’t there).

  12. Briggs


    Lazy, I see. I had this earlier, and even linked to it, but your difficulty [inability?] to pursue the evidence caused you to miss it.

    The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis.

    I’ll have a long article about this, but either Gaia is obvious and trivial, and therefore unnecessary and distracting and the cause of silly metaphors (like “syndromes”), or it is true, and then insane and the cause of scientific foolishness.

    JMJ is just as lazy. Hit and run. You should know better.

    And I notice no cogent comments about Herr Schellnhuber’s dangerous call for a one-world government, which is the very point of this article (did you miss it?).

    Plus, I’m constantly surprised people expect a complete disquisition on life, the universe, and everything in every 800 word post. The Stream is a popular news site and articles are tailored for a popular audience.

  13. Briggs


    My Gaia article will show tomorrow morning. Let’s save discussion of that failed concept for then. Here, let’s chat about Herr Schellnhuber’s fantasy government.

  14. M E

    “At the other extreme are those who view men and women and all their interventions as no more than a threat, jeopardizing the global ecosystem, and consequently the presence of human beings on the planet should be reduced and all forms of intervention prohibited. Viable future scenarios will have to be generated between these extremes, ”

    The Pope said it in Laudato Si (60 )and in

    (188) “There are certain environmental issues where it is not easy to achieve a broad consensus. Here I would state once more that the Church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics. But I am concerned to encourage an honest and open debate so that particular interests or ideologies will not prejudice the common good.”

    He is a skilled diplomat as one who has survived life in Argentina would need to be. –I’m not a Roman Catholic and that is how it strikes me.

    Meanwhile his ‘advisor’ Herr Schellnhuber is very like many ‘great experts’
    As Lewis Carroll might have said about the many similar experts of his own time

    Up above the world he flies
    Like a tea tray in the sky

  15. ME. I’ve read the whole Encyclical, and that particular paragraph is, I believe, no more than a token, an ambiguous statement to deflect criticism. It does not reflect accurately the rest of the Encyclical.

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