This Week In Doom. Vampires Fear Being Judged, Climate Lunatics Stick Heads In Sand—For Real

Look closely. These people actually have their actual heads in actual sand. Global warming actually caused this.
Look closely. These people actually have their actual heads in actual sand. Global warming actually caused this.

Been a while since we cataloged our latest trends in Doom. Let’s continue. Show of hands: how many are with me in saying the suicide of the West will be complete within the next fifty years? Second thought, belay that question. Hold it until the end.

Blood suckers

Scientific study: real vampires don’t want to be stereotyped

People who claim to be real vampires and must drink others’ blood for energy are hesitant to talk to psychological counselors and other helping professionals about their lives because they fear being “judged as being wicked or evil or viewed as being psychotic, delusional or having a psychological problem,” according to a new scientific study. Idaho State University social work professor DJ Williams and Emily Prior of Los Angeles’s Center for Positive Sexuality recently published their research on these self-identified vampires in a paper titled “Do We Always Practice What We Preach? Real Vampires’ Fears of Coming out of the Coffin to Social Workers and Helping Professionals“…

“This is a study with a specific alternative identity but it also relates to a larger issue that we are moving into as we are seeing more alternative identities and practices,” Williams said.

From the abstract of their paper:

This study applies qualitative measures, such as an open-ended questionnaire and creative analytic practice (CAP) strategy in the form of poetic representation, to provide insights into how people with a specific nontraditional identity, that of “real vampire,” feel about disclosing this salient identity to helping professionals within a clinical context.

The kicker is this: “This study focuses on ‘real vampires,’ in contrast to lifestyle vampires” and this “Results suggest that nearly all participants were distrustful of social workers and helping professionals and preferred to “stay in the coffin” for fear of being misunderstood…”

I remind parents who love their children to keep them far from most (undergraduate) universities.

Climate Ostriches

Climate change protesters bury their heads in the sand

More than 100 protesters have buried their heads in the sand at a Dublin beach to highlight “the lack of government action” on climate change.

Some 150 demonstrators of all ages gathered on Sandymount Strand on Saturday morning to carry out the unusual protest.

And so these brave souls buried their heads in the sand. For real. They did this. This is not a metaphor. These are actual skulls pushed down into actual holes. There is a picture above and at the link.

Beach Boys theology

The head buriers might have been anticipating Pope Francis who while in Boliva warned us about the environment. According to the AP:

Pope Francis has ended a powerful speech before a gathering of social movements with a fierce condemnation of the world’s governments for what he calls “cowardice” in defending the Earth.

Francis said such cowardice is “a grave sin.”

Echoing his environmental treatise of last month, the pope said the Earth is, in his words, “being pillaged, laid waste and harmed with impunity” while “one international summit after another takes place without any significant result.”…

He urged them to keep up their struggle. Then he asked them to pray for him — and to send “good vibrations.”

Concentrate and increase the power of secular anti-family anti-human-nature anti-Christian governments bent on enforcing by the sword community of property and “equality” and sexual decadence? What could go wrong?

Slope As Slippery As You Thought

Crazy Uncle Joe was at it again. Biden: Next Fight Is LGBT Discrimination

Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that anti-discrimination legislation for LGBT people is the next battle to fight after the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage. “There are 32 states where you can be married in the morning and fired in the afternoon,” he told a crowd at a New York event hosted by the Freedom to Marry group. “This next door is gonna be a hell of a lot easier to open.” In addition, he called the total fight for LGBT equality “the civil-rights issue of our generation.”

Which door is that, Joe, old boy? The Door to Banning Religious Freedom?

Hands Again

Same question. Let me count. One, two, three… A majority of us. Well, no surprise. But we are the remnant and realists. And it’s no wonder why we are, either. Even in the face of copious and repeated evidence that our position is the only sane one. Take just two, a Chesterton speech and a Solzhenitsyn speech.

The differences in content are minor, the predictions the same. Good predictions, too, as we can see by looking about us.


  1. Michael Dowd

    Climate scientists predict massive global cooling ahead do to low sun spot activity or something. Mini ice age to arrive by 2030. Global warmers puzzled but said they can work with hot or cold climates as it only confirms their theory that climate can change. University and government scientists express relief.

  2. Briggs


    From the Holy Father’s speech in Bolivia:

    Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy. It is a moral obligation. For Christians, the responsibility is even greater: it is a commandment. It is about giving to the poor and to peoples what is theirs by right. The universal destination of goods is not a figure of speech found in the Church’s social teaching. It is a reality prior to private property. Property, especially when it affects natural resources, must always serve the needs of peoples. And those needs are not restricted to consumption. It is not enough to let a few drops fall whenever the poor shake a cup which never runs over by itself. Welfare programs geared to certain emergencies can only be considered temporary responses. They will never be able to replace true inclusion, an inclusion which provides worthy, free, creative, participatory and solidary work.

    So the goal is good, but the means to bring it about cannot be justified if those means are intrinsically bad themselves, or are likely to lead to greater evil.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    Things that will happen after you are dead are not your problem. The death of the Sun, the Milky Way and even the Universe, who cares.

    Otherwise you end up as the Romans worrying whether there would be enough oak trees to make rafts from to ferry goods along the Rhine.

    The same for civilisation. If people, in paticular your children, not mine, don’t want it, it is their problem.

    Men are supposed to be rational animals here, and with this kind of stuff they prove that they are, or that it was Aristotle hoping his intelligence was the norm for people, instead of the exception.

  4. Michael Dowd

    Culture change not climate change is the problem as we can see it’s negative effects every day. Climate change is a side show and a mirage in comparison.

  5. Bruce

    “Climate change protesters bury their heads in the sand”

    Cracks are starting to show in the climate alarmists argument. 😉

  6. MattS

    “The kicker is this: “This study focuses on ‘real vampires,’ in contrast to lifestyle vampires” and this “Results suggest that nearly all participants were distrustful of social workers and helping professionals and preferred to “stay in the coffin” for fear of being misunderstood…””

    There are real people who actually drink human blood.

    Some who drink human blood, mostly from willing donors, as a sexual fetish or just because they think vampires are cool and like playing vampire as a lifestyle.

    There are also real people who suffer from the delusion that they are actual supernatural vampires and drink blood for this reason. It’s quite possible that such people might be afraid of coming forward and seeking psychiatric help, particularly if they have obtained human blood by illegal means.

    Another possibility for ‘real vampires’ is people who suffer from a genetic abnormality that makes it difficult for them to absorb enough iron from a normal diet. Some such people might turn to blood (the major use of iron in the body) as an iron supplement. Drinking blood would give such a person a real energy boost as they would tend to be anemic without some form of iron supplement.

  7. Ray

    ” we are moving into as we are seeing more alternative identities and practices,” Williams said.
    So when I claim to be Napoleon Bonaparte that’s just an alternate identity and I’m not really crazy? Will the supreme court rule that I have a constitutional right to an alternate identity and the states must recognize it?

  8. Sander van der Wal


    You are truly Bonaparte if you invade Russsia. Otherwise, forget it.

  9. Ray

    I had the opportunity. I worked in Berlin in the early 1980s for Army INSCOM and one Christmas a travel company was promoting trips to Moscow. I wonder what the SSO would say if I told him I wanted to vacation in Moscow. I did have a pass to go into East Berlin but I don’t think it would work for Moscow.

  10. I love “head in the sand”. It creates a perfect target…..

    50 years???? Try less than 10.

    Someone should definitely be praying for Francis and the Catholic Church.

    Maybe it’s time for Atlas to shrug. Christians group together in a state, build a huge fence (since Lefties won’t) and defend the territory. The Left can feed, cloth, and do whatever is needed to their precious little flock. I give them less than a decade before total chaos ensues. Bring plenty of food and ammunition to the colony–we’re going to need it when the Leftist philosophy reaches it’s only possible end.

    Can’t Ray just claim he invaded Russia and that would suffice? After all, we’re not talking about reality here. (On the same idea, though a bit off topic, why won’t phantom ibuprofen work on phantom pain? 🙂 )

  11. max

    In defense of the vampires, it is really annoying when someone keeps stealing one of you socks.

  12. Milton Hathaway

    Near as I can tell from the photo, the Climate Ostriches are fully clothed.


  13. We will need to expand civil rights laws with specificity to allow gay couples, and gay people in general, to be able to enjoy their liberty in the public sphere. There are plenty of bigoted people out there, after all, and they’re not going to want to do their jobs if it involves dealing with people who are different than them. Of course, they do have a choice, in this good ol’ Land of the Free, and so they are free to quit their jobs if not acting like a douche bag is too much for them. These are simple Golden Rule disputes that will for the near future have to be decided in the courts as current GOP legislative prevalence precludes getting anything mature, intelligent, and let alone ethical, done. That will change in the foreseeable future and so we’ll probably see a legislative expansion of civil rights law in a few years.


  14. JMJ, does your freedom to quite jobs include Catholic priests who will not be willing to officiate at same-sex marriages (I don’t use the word “gay” for homosexual–it’s a perversion of a once nice, useful word)?

  15. JMJ: We need to expand civil rights laws to pedophiles and polygamists and all sexual orientations. There are so many bigoted, mean people who think these sexual behaviours are wrong. No one should have to suffer for their sexual orientation. There is a simple golden rule–don’t ever judge anyone and approve of ALL behaviours, not just a sacred few that show you really are a bigot in the long run. I look forward to the expansion of civil rights to pedophiles and those practicing beastiality, necrophelia, etc., all brought about by you wonderful, tolerant and understanding liberals. Again, the Man/Boy Love Association thanks you for your support.

  16. Of course not, Bob. Why would that even come up?

    Sheri, what a horrible thing to say. I wonder if you’d say such a thing to a gay person, to their face, or if you actually know how despicable are the things you say.


  17. Sarah Jenkins

    Ray – “Will the supreme court rule that I have a constitutional right to an alternate identity and the states must recognize it?”
    If they don’t, you’ve got a good racial discrimination lawsuit if you’re not more than 50% African-American.

  18. So it’s ‘cowardice’ to supply the poor with cheap fuel? Earth does not equal poor.

  19. JMJ, it’s the inevitable extension of not letting people follow their religious beliefs.
    What’s the difference between being forced to participate in a ceremony that you think is wicked and sinful,if you’re a baker, and being forced to participate in a ceremony that you think is sinful, if you’re a priest?

  20. Sander van der Wal

    The USA has this incomprehensible need to show all kinds of weirdo’s (zombies, vampires, werewolfs, Jerry Springer) on TV, and then act surprised if a couple of nitwits actually think they are real vampires, werewolfs, or Jerry Springers.

    There are always some people believing that kind of rubbish, whether it is detergent A washing cleaner than detergent B, that basketball is worth watching at all, or that they are indeed vampires.

  21. JMJ: Of course I would say it to their face. I point out to gays that “The heart wants what the heart wants” is true for pedophiles too. So does my husband. Every single thing I said was 100% true, so I guess are you asking if I lie to people. No, I don’t. But as one of my favorite movie lines says “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.” That is not my problem, but rather yours, you bigot. (If anyone is interested, I have a write-up that substitute pedophile for homosexual that encompasses all the arguments the homosexuals made as this started. It’s quite enlightening.)

    Sander van der Wal: Excellent comment!

  22. Andy

    Wanna bet JMJ is a ChutneyFerret?

  23. I for one am fully in support of allowing a trans woman and trans man to marry one another. It’s time pretend men knew what it was like to have babies.

  24. Thos who think that they’re real vampires just have an image problem.


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