Stream: Global Warming Update: Obama Seeks to Still the Glaciers of Alaska


Today’s post is at The Stream: “Global Warming Update: Obama Seeks to Still the Glaciers of Alaska.”

Have you heard the story of King Canute? Lord and Master of the Northmen a thousand years ago, a wise and humble ruler, a man who had that rarest of qualities in a leader: he did not let the adulation of his subjects go to his head.

His swooning soupy sycophantic courtiers worshiped the man, and thought no deed beyond his powers. An absurd and sickening state, because why? Because functionaries who believe their leader is a god are not going to understand the true cause of things and thus they will not make good decisions.

So the King, disgusted by these attitudes, had himself conveyed to seaside at low tide. Posing majestically, he bade the ocean to remain where it was, for the tide to be still. He was King! His word was law! The oceans must not rise!…

The real question is why people increasingly believe that all change is bad. I have an answer. Go there to read the rest. What a good time you’ll have!


  1. James

    For the worshipers of the state:

    “Truly I tell you, if you have socialism as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this glacier, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you”

  2. Gary in Erko

    He’s trying to do something more silly than the Iran deal, so that doesn’t become the primary memory of his two term folly.

  3. John B()


    That was Matt 17:20 from the NEBV : the New Era Bible Version

    Oprah Winfrey will be presenting one to Pope Francis when he consults her about bringing the Catholic Church into the 21st Century

  4. Gary

    In a way, this is cheering. It contains within it the kernel of knowledge that man is in a fallen state.

    So perhaps the modern self-loathing is an unwitting acknowledgement of the first sin, deeply embedded in the human psyche, yearning to be confessed and absolved? And the belief that “change is bad” derives from an unrecognized longing for the Eternally Unchanged?

  5. I don’t have editorial contacts in book publishing, but if you want someone to go through the thing carefully looking for typos etc, I’d be happy to volunteer.

  6. Gary in Erko: More silly? You consider the Iran deal silly? I thought it was scary.

    Briggs: Must there be a picture of Enlightened Man at the top of the post? I have to scroll up and get rid of the picture in order to read the article. I will say that “Enlightened Man” fits Obama. Enlightenment is highly overrated and dangerous.

    All of this seems too anti-Darwin. How can people believe in AGW and evolution both? Things change. Humans may or may not destroy the earth, but there was nothing about change being bad or even about whether or not humans should be on earth. Things just were the way they were and change was how we arrived here in the first place. In a sense, AGW argues against evolution because things should not change.

  7. Adrienne S

    Hey Paul,

    I also volunteered to proofread the book. Good help is hard to find!
    I have helped with only one small book, published by Alethos Press.

  8. I didn’t see it in the picture of the glacier in the linked post, but I’ve read elsewhere (an article in National Review Online) that there are tree-trunks exposed, which would mean there was no glacier there during the Medieval Warming Period (pace warmists!) . Has anybody pointed this out to his nobleness?

  9. MattS

    “which would mean there was no glacier there during the Medieval Warming Period (pace warmists!) .”

    Lies and blasphemy! There was no Medieval Warming Period.


  10. MattS: If there was no Midieval Warming period because it was “local”, then why would we care about “local” Alaska? It only matters if it’s global. Everyone ignore Obama—he’s speaking like a science denier here.

  11. Ken

    Hubris & ad-hominem (aka ‘recreational whining’ regardless of how creative) generally only reflect on the person doing the critique, not on the subject of the critique.

    Consider, on the broader topic, the objective evisceration done by a sci-fi author:

    That’s the kind of analysis & critique others can work with, and build upon.

  12. Sylvain


    So the only changes that are bad are those that you say are bad like gay marriage.

  13. Sylvain


    Two authors supporting my claim that Sephardic people lived in Arab countries following their expulsion of Spain:

    R. Neher-Bernheim

    Jean Delumeau

    And Yakov Rabkin

    There were very few Jewish people in Europe from the late 1400s to late 1700s when some were able to return.

  14. I’m sorry to say but you have the dumbest president in US history. Jimmy Carter was naive but he quickly learnt from his mistakes. Sadly, we are entering a new age of stupid. I read a comment on a home building forum, of all places, where the poster insisted that the Soviet Union was a workers paradise and that the population now regrets its collapse. No matter that the Russian Communist Party wins a fringe number of votes at each election. When I pointed this out, I was told I shouldn’t believe everything I see on YouTube. (I guess my Eastern German relatives who lived under Communist rule watched too much YouTube back in the 80’s as well.) That person represents Obama’s voting base. Focus on non solutions to non problems while your economy continues to stagnate.

  15. Let’s face it. The poster on Mulder’s wall in the X-Files “I want to believe” applied to a lot more than UFO’s. Human beings have been falling for the “It’s real and it’s utopia” line since Adam and Eve decided a serpent knew more than God. It worked out so well for them and it’s worked out just as well for all those that follow. People never see wolf in with the sheep until they’re the last of the sheep and the wolf comes for them. Human’s have an incredible ability to believe the unbelievable if it suits their needs and wants.

  16. Sylvain


    You realize that the U.S. President has very little power over the economy. It’s only power is in making discourse. Even the bailout of 2008-2009 was an act of congress. Obamacare is also an act of congress. The only legislative power the President has is his veto, and executive order, but he can’t write any law.

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