This Week In Doom: A Mighty, Doom-Laden Seven Days


Thank You Sir, I’ll Have Another

Homosexual Activists Tell Kim Davis: ‘We Will Kidnap Your Husband, Tie Him Up And Force Him To Watch Us Raping You. We Will Burn You Alive.’

Before they went to bed, the townsmen of Sodom, both young and old—all the people to the last man—surrounded the house. They called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to your house tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have sexual relations with them.”

Oops. Wait. Wrong story. This is right one:

Kim Davis said in an interview: “They told my husband they were going to burn us down while we slept in our home…He’s been told that he would be beaten up and tied up and made to watch them rape me. I have been told that gays should kill me.”

Video at the link.

Cue The Mob!

Office Depot has refused to print a flyer “Quick Facts about Planned Parenthood” because, said the timorous spokeshuman, it made “employees feel uncomfortable”.

Naturally, the same “outraged” mob who screeched and screamed and dribbled and gibbered about bakers and pizzerias not baking gmarriage cakes and pies will soon descend upon Office Depot to show them a thing or two. An F-5 Twitter storm! Judges are sure to send Office Depot management to reeducation camps, just like before!

Either that, or a pathetic silence.

My dear fellow Christians, it’s time for some boycotts—while there are still enough of us to have a monetary influence. Office Depot is free to print or not as they wish, just as we are free not to shop there. (Of course, we’re not free not to buy health insurance, so who knows if the government will eventually mandate we print our fliers at Office Depot.)

A Smug Host

You’ll pardon me for being gleeful. I like it when I make accurate predictions. I’ll be smiling like duck on the day they walk me to the guillotine as long I predict the date right.

My sisters have lived together for 30 years. Now they should be allowed to tie the knot.

Seems England has punishingly stupid death taxes, and once the elder sister dies the younger will have to sell the house she shares to pay the taxes. So this Utley fellow makes a plea that the sisters should be allowed to gwed. Hey, why not? What exact argument do you have against this idea? As Utley makes clear, if you accept gmarriage, you must accept that two sisters can gmarry. It’s wuv!

This sort of thing—ahem—was predicted.

Forget College

I have one of the best jobs in academia. Here’s why I’m walking away.

You know it’s bad when even lefty academics notice how rotten the foundations have become. “Our federally backed approach to subsidizing higher education through low-interest loans has created perverse incentives with disastrous consequences…When I started out, I believed that government regulation could solve every problem with relatively simple intervention.” The poor dear.

My solution? Universities: Nuke ’em From Orbit. It’s The Only Way To Be Sure.

Scientifically Speaking

American adults get a D in science; 22% confuse astronomy and astrology

Men outscored women, 8.6 to 7.3, on average. Even when the report authors accounted for the fact that the men who took the survey had more years of education than the women, the gender gap remained, according to the report.

Wait a second. This item doesn’t belong filed under Doom. It’s good news. It proves what some of us scientists have known for a long time: that science is not that important to the daily lives of most people. Do the mating habits or the Chilean water snipe or the mass of quarks shed any light on which grocery store to patronize? No, sir, they do not.

Democracies have the conceit that everybody can learn everything.

This Is Killings Me

George Will—and not for the first time—outs himself as a progressive. He’s all for the execution of civilians who ask to be killed. Wesley Smith, in the pages of the same journal, schools poor Will. Not that it will take. Will, I think, still longs to be seen as relevant to the Powers That Be.

Smith also wrote “Quebec Government Sends ‘Euthanasia Kits’ to Doctors to Kill Their Patients”. They’ll soon, I am guessing, be offering door-to-door service. It’s for your own good.

California Assembly approves right-to-die legislation, but that’s be expected in a state in which the main sport is narcissism. On the other hand, “UK Parliament massively defeats bill to legalize assisted suicide”, which surprised many who thought the UK had all but bled to death from self-inflicted wounds.

Light In The Wallet, Light In The Shoes?

Science asks Could Wealth Inequality Lead to Homosexuality? Their answer, because of wee p-values, is yes. The real answer is of no interest, because no journal would ever publish the answer.

How long until people realize there is no such thing as a “homosexual” person, as a kind of creature not quite human, but something else? See the first item for a big hint.

It’s For Your Own Good

The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint For A New World Order With The Help Of The Pope.

Did you know that the UN is planning to launch a “new universal agenda” for humanity in September 2015? That phrase does not come from me — it is actually right in the very first paragraph of the official document that every UN member nation will formally approve at a conference later this month. The entire planet is going to be committing to work toward 17 sustainable development goals and 169 specific sustainable development targets, and yet there has been almost a total media blackout about this here in the United States.

And also this: “Holy See expresses cautious support for UN development goals”.

If the World wants it, it must be a good thing, right?


  1. Thanks, Matt. As usual, informed ponderings on the descent into the abyss.

    Your piece on the twit professor, while relevant and spot on, avoided a deeper look at the twit’s self-important musings about his decision to leave academia.

    The pitiful refugee first preened and fluffed his feathers with a quick overview of his greatness, before he provides his list of reasons academia must change.

    “I was a cultural historian, in command of critical theory and immersed in the latest and best work on gender and sexuality. Activism informed my teaching; I exhorted my students to transcend and transform the status quo….I launched several digital humanities initiatives and curated a museum exhibit about professional wrestling…I’ve got many shortcomings as an academic, but lecturing isn’t one of them. I’ve been on TV, radio, podcasts — you name it. By professor standards, which admittedly aren’t that high, I could rock the mic.”

    So, he was a Politically Correct Progressive entertainer/clown, performing stand-up in his classes on “cultural history,” to earn high student ratings.

    In his “departing thoughts,” the PC “cultural historian” has the temerity to attack for-profit universities. He whines that these usurpers only provide ” questionable services!”

    This clown was handsomely paid and provided fantastic fringe benefits by the state of Texas–for “social activism” (his academic minors included “African-American studies” and his research interests include “Critical Theory, and Masculinity Studies”–to do a couple of entertaining talks each week, 32 weeks of the year, criticizes for-profit schools for “questionable services?”

    And, by the way, he apparently has not actually quit–it appears that he still works in the U. Texas system.

    And, he didn’t use his real name in his brave, I quit story:

  2. Robbie

    As to income inequality causing faggotry, an important puzzle remains: Is queerness caused by too much money or too little money?

    See, I’m told I must hate rich people, but what about rich people who are queer? Does faggotry provide adequate cultural dispensation for wealth?

    OTOH, if poverty makes homos, then my cultural vision is safe: queers are good because of queerness and poverty.

  3. k. kilty

    That men score somewhat better than women on questions of science also means that Republicans know more science than Democrats do. Science Magazine concluded the same back in the early 1990s, when the editors wrote, and it must have pained them no end to do so, that Republicans on the “Baltimore” investigation committed had a better understanding of science process than did the Democrats.

  4. k. kilty

    I hate posting on my Samsung android because the spell checker changes words after I move forward, committed should actually be committee in my post about the “Baltimore affair”; and I suppose that I should have said that the survey “suggests” that Republicans have a better understanding of science because a sample contains some amount of uncertainty, and my assertion rests upon the results of several surveys. Nonetheless, this evidence runs counter to conventional “wisdom.”

  5. Yes, indeed, it was predicted that siblings would be allowed to marry. Of course, this was a custom in the past–Cleopatra married her brother for the same reason. Nothing new here. Note, too that the brother was around 10 or 11 years old at the time and this was not exactly consensual.

    Wait, the mating habits of Chilean water snips can be very interesting and the mass of quarks is fascinating, though useless in real life. Science doesn’t actually have to be relevant, does it? Can’t it just be fun?!

    Is there any reason the Pope can’t be the Anti-Christ? Seems to me that would be an ideal position. Not saying that he is, but the current Pope does nothing to aid the argument that he cannot be the Anti-Christ.

  6. Sylvain

    “Kim Davis said in an interview: “They told my husband they were going to burn us down while we slept in our home…He’s been told that he would be beaten up and tied up and made to watch them rape me. I have been told that gays should kill me.”

    1) and we should believe that because… She is so honest yeah right.

    2) and of course the rambling of a few idiot represent everyone.

    “Naturally, the same “outraged” mob who screeched and screamed and dribbled and gibbered about bakers and pizzerias not baking gmarriage cakes and pies ”

    And where was your outrage when hands on T-shirt didn’t have to print pro gay message on it, rightly so because you print a message. Business depot is exactly the same situation.

    A cake is not a message.

  7. Milton Hathaway

    Professor Lee appears to be suffering the affects of PTSD (pre-traumatic stress disorder).

  8. My former parish asked everyone to write letters to Congress every year about hunger. Once I asked the people in charge of the project why, if they wanted people to write these letters, they gave them specific goals (which included the UN Millennium Development goals) to promote, rather than just asking people to write about hunger? After all, as Catholic we have or ought t have some pretty big problems with some of those goals. The person in charge told me that while we may not support all the goals (and I got the impression that she DID support them all), if “the whole world” was doing something, we ought to do it as well. I said that if the whole world was wrong, then that was all the more reason for us NOT to do it. That ended that discussion… and any further ones as well.

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