Stream: Eugenics Will Cure Global Warming


Today’s—part one? see below—post is at the Stream: “Academic Calls for a Return to Eugenics (to Battle Global Warming)“.

The Big Push on global warming has begun. At the recent opening of the UN General Assembly many world leaders, including Pope Francis, signaled their commitment to that body’s “Agenda for Sustainable Development” and stressed the necessity to reach planetary-wide agreement at December’s Paris Sustainable Innovation Form (also known as COP21).

Academics who depend on government funding have heard these calls and responded with gusto. For instance, Vatican advisor and quantum physicist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is pushing for a One-World Government led by, well, folks like quantum physicists. A group of prestigious climatologists pleaded with President Obama to prosecute global warming skeptics under the RICO Act.

But the most innovative idea came from philosopher S. Matthew Liao (NYU) and pals. They propose re-engineering humanity…

Regular readers will recognize this article, which originally appeared here in modified form a year or so ago. Liao’s work was in the news again, so it was time to reintroduce the critique. Go there to read the rest (or again).

Did I say part one? Yep. I also wrote a review of that new “global cooling” paper which is causing a sensation. The may go up today or tomorrow at the Stream.

What paper? You can read about it here, sort of. More later!


  1. Wait a minute. I thought environmentalists opposed GMOs. There’s movement to outlaw GMO foods. Now we want to monkey with humans (pun intended). Actually, I think this would be devolving since humans have gotten larger and smarter and we want to go back to smaller and dumber. Anyway, I guess we could do this if we labelled the genetically modified humans so everyone would know.
    (In Brave New World, there were not uteruses, were there? Not ones used for human production, anyway. That was all in a lab. Perhaps I am remembering it wrong.)

  2. Steve E

    Sheri, you remember it correctly. In the “advanced” society of Brave New World human production occurred in bottles. Large segments of society were sterilized during the production process. Those who weren’t sterilized were harvested to support the process. Natural child production, pregnancy, birth, mothers and fathers were viewed as repugnant and immoral. The entire production process was engineered and designed to create a specific caste of human who were pre-designed to fulfill a specific role in society. It’s interesting to note that despite all this engineering individuals could not function without the drug soma regardless of what caste they belonged to.

    Strictly speaking, there were uteruses used for human production, but they belonged to the “savages” who lived outside on the fringes of the developed world. John Savage had a mother and father and was born.

  3. acricketchirps: We wish. Not made up at all. This is not the first time Liao suggested this. See:
    Current article:

    With Paris coming up, I guess Liao managed to revive media interest in his insanity. Al Gore is on the same track with new propaganda for school kids. Nothing like a highly carbon intensive, huge waste of resources conference to discuss why capitalism is evil to bring all nuts out of the woodwork.

  4. Gary in Erko

    Shorter people with improved night vision is a silly solution. To reduce the drain on the world’s resources we should employ genetic engineering to make us sleep 20 hours each day.

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