This Week In Doom: Justice Kennedy Says Bureaucrats Should Act Like Nazis?

Haaaah, umm, ahh, hmmm.
Haaaah, umm, ahh, hmmm.

Kennedy to Faithful: Drop Dead

The appalling Anthony Kennedy, supreme justice, invoked Hitler to insist that Christians and Muslims who want to stay faithful should resign from government. Yes. Speaking in the secular cathedral of Harvard, Kennedy said to the faithful: Get out. Life Site News reports:

The Ronald Reagan appointee said on Wednesday that if a public official has a moral objection to homosexuality, he must either follow the law or quit public service.

The judge’s comment came in answer to a question a student asked about government officials who disagree with the Supreme Court’s decisions on gay marriage, or abortion, and if those citizens have the constitutional right to act according to their sincerely held moral beliefs.

Kennedy replied that no, they do not have the right to refuse to comply with the law.

Curiously, Kennedy cited as buttressing his point the fact that few judges resigned under the Third Reich. “How many judges, do you think, resigned in the Third Reich?” Kennedy asked, to the response of silence in the great hall. He answered his own question by raising three fingers.

To this reasoning we need raise only one finger. Is this differently abled thinker suggesting those Nazis who remained on the job were just following orders and were therefore morally inculpable? Go get ’em, Tony.

Since this is Halloween and I’m obliged to provide a fright, I remind the reader that Supreme Court justices are appointed for life and must meet no test of competence.

WHO causes cancer?

So the WHO, the UN’s medical bureaucracy, trumpeted a press release claiming processed meats cause cancer. “News” organizations dutifully repeated what they were told and said a paper with the proof of these extraordinary claims was in the Lancet. There was no paper in that journal. Instead, there was an abstract which repeated the assertion and claimed that proof was on its way from the International Agency for Research on Cancer. And did that august group have the evidence? No, sir, they did not. Instead, they have a promise that it will be forthcoming. Any day now. Probably.

This is brilliant, doom fans. Tell the world it is in need of regulation and assure it that Top Men have called upon Science and Science is on their side. What effect does this have on honest, suspicious critics? Can the critics call “BS!”? No, sir, they cannot. Because why? Because the critics cannot examine the evidence. The critics must wait, else they will sound petulant. By the time the evidence surfaces, and even if it is entirely typical, which is to say flawed, overblown, and misleading, because it is based on classical statistical analyses time will have passed and few will care to listen to what the critics have to say.

“News” cycles are short, which makes it easy to manipulate the populace. This is why most news is designed to rile, to force the public into moods. Moods are terrific and beat the hell out of thinking. You don’t want people thinking, you want them reacting. Already I have seen calls by environmental groups to ban hot dogs from school lunches because they might cause cancer. What about the children. Hurry. Enact a regulaw!

Incidentally, a regulaw is a regulation created from a law. Regulaws are not laws and cannot be appealed to like laws can, but they have all the force of laws. They are laws once removed, which makes them difficult to eliminate. The EPA, for instance, makes its living on regulaws.

Lavender Mafia

Remember Father Krzystof Charamsa? Polish priest we met who at the start of the Synod announced his proclivities and issued a set of demands. He was fired from his position, which he didn’t take too well. He was lately quoted saying the Catholic Church is “making life ‘hell’ for millions of homosexuals” etc. etc.

According to the paper “In a scathing letter to Pope Francis, he accused the Vatican of hypocrisy because he said the clergy was ‘full of homosexuals’…He called on ‘all gay cardinals, gay bishops and gay priests to have the courage to abandon this insensitive, unfair and brutal Church.'”

After this direct claim that the same-sex attracted constituted a large faction in a Church that apparently shuns them, he went to say there was no “‘gay lobby’ trying to influence the church.” But wasn’t he part of a “gay” lobby trying to influence the Church? Skip it. The paper got it right when it wrote Pope Francis quipped “‘Who am I to judge?’ when asked about homosexuals in the Church and the rumoured network of gay Vatican leaders.”

The Church so hates “gays” that it’s positively filthy with them? Sure, makes sense. The interesting thing is this, the last line of the story: “Charamsa says he has stayed faithful to his vow of celibacy because he has ‘never touched a woman’.”

Now isn’t that fascinating? Charamsa acknowledges the presence of sexual sin, or at least of the sin of breaking promises, but he simultaneously elevates same-sex acts. These acts are, in his eyes, better than actual sex.

I long ago predicted exactly this. If you want to reach the upper echelons of society, you won’t be allowed to keep quiet about same-sex acts, ignoring them. And you won’t get away with saying there’s “nothing wrong” with them. You’ll have to announce that they are superior, or that you are yourself eager to “experiment”.

Disagree? Well, let’s wait and see.


And this picture via email from YOS. It’s only the latter distributions that have any chance of being a cause (many missed this main point from the Data Do Not Have Means post).



  1. Scotian

    You need a mirthful Monday to balance out all the depressing doom laden articles. Otherwise the next epidemiological study will examine the reduced life span of your readers.

  2. CorkyAgain

    So if you’re a government employee, you must accept its rules or get out. But if you’re a Catholic, the Church’s rules must be changed to accommodate you?

  3. Funny, until this year, Kennedy would have told people who believed in gay marriage to “get out” because the law was marriage was between a man and a woman. There must of been some magical event in there that made everything that was black white and white black. Otherwise, Kennedy is behaving irrationally and should be checked out by a qualified neurosurgeon (Ben Carson comes to mind). Of course, belief in magic may also be grounds for an examination concerning Kennedy’s mental state. One can just add a competency clause to the requirements, by the way. No need to change the Constitution–just ignore it like the current group of rulers do.

    It’s really no surprise that liberal judges (being appointed by Reagan does not make one conservative and even if he was at the time, times change) judges love the Third Reich. Control is everything. And who was more controlling than Hitler? I’m sure the poor victims convicted of “war crimes” would love to have had Kennedy on their case. No one would have been convicted.

    I really think telling people bacon is as bad as cigarettes (which the news media did) is going to backfire. People are going to either take up smoking again or eat bacon while laughing at the WHO, or both. It’s gotten ridiculous. They must digitally alter news broadcasts to hide the hysterical laughter of the broadcaster reading the story.

    I think I can design a study that proves kale and tofu cause cancer at at least the rate of cigarettes and asbestos (which was also compared to bacon and hot dogs). Don’t even need a huge grant. Just the internet and my Mac computer and I can produce significant results!

    Kids already throw away their lunches at high rate. Isn’t enough that we waste more food than it takes to feed some small starving countries without adding more and more to the pile? I thought environmentalists didn’t like waste. It appears they love it.

    Charamsa is using semantics and illogic to justfy his sinning. He just said that homosexual marriage is not real marriage and does not seem to realize that. Or he knows and hopes we won’t notice. I’m all in for gay bishops leaving the church. If you don’t believe what the Church preaches, get out.

    The pumpkin carving looks like Darth Vader. I like the paranormal distribution!

    Scotian: I’m not sure one can balance out the doom with mirth. Also, readers here will live longer because they are not eating kale (bacon and hot dogs make for happier people) and fretting about the effect of global warming. I suppose one could list places where bacon is on sale or other useful tips to help wash out the sound of the WHO and their food advice. Maybe have “Bacon Mondays”.

  4. CI

    But if you’re a Catholic, the Church’s rules must be changed to accommodate you?

    Any changes to the church should come only from within. Pressure from without must be forcefully withstood. That said, Charamsa is within his rights to petition for change….but he might find greener pastures elsewhere.

  5. Ray: Apparently many more times. People just do not want to accept that we do not know what causes cancers. We can identify risk factors, which may or may be present in all cases, but even risk factors are questionable. Where we really shine now is in detection and treatment.

    There seems to be some backlash to all of this cancer “awareness”:
    The campaigns talk about cures and early detection and “beating breast cancer” but the truth is early detection may give one’s treatment better outcomes, but it does not prevent cancer. It beats nothing—it just gives early detection.

  6. Larry Geiger

    On Saturdays I often have a baloney, cheese and potato chip sandwich. As a matter of fact, I just finished this weeks sandwich in honor of WHO. I like it that eating baloney every once in a while brings to mind the word that I think of when I think of those WHO people (and all the other food police type folks). Very satisfying. The potato chips are for the potassium, which my cardiologist says I need more of 🙂

  7. PEHarvey

    My understanding is that a vow of chastity means you may have any inclination but no action.

  8. Gary in Erko

    Are we there yet ??? What’s sneaking up on us, just around the next corner.

  9. Larry: I like your style! It’s very good way to honor WHO.

    “Charamsa says he has stayed faithful to his vow of celibacy because he has ‘never touched a woman’.” This would seem to imply, at least, that he has touched a man and therefore acted upon his sexual inclinations.

  10. PEHarvey

    “This would seem to imply, at least, that he has touched a man and therefore acted upon his sexual inclinations.”
    Right. He needs to stop it and confess, or get out of there. I believe a large percentage of clerics (male and female) would be homosexual if they indulged. It would have been a good way to escape judgement when homosexuality was a crime.
    I know a Catholic priest who defrocked and married. I also know a couple, former catholic friar and nun who got out and married. These two couples rejoined the Church afterwards and seem happy; they did well. I never heard anybody say anything bad about their choice. They did not blame anybody else either.

  11. Fr. John Rickert

    United States Constitution, Art. 6:
    “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

  12. MattS

    @Gary in Erko ,

    “Are we there yet ???”

    Of course not. Where we are is here. We are always here because here is where we are now. It is there fore by definition impossible to be there.

  13. Sylvain

    Fr. John Ricket,

    There is no religious test in what Kennedy said. Christian can work for the state as long as they apply the law. If you refuse to apply the law for your religious conviction you cannot do the job.

    The state is secular and should not favor any religious beliefs above others. If a Christian refuses to issue any marriage licenses or marriage licenses for gay marriage, then, the state through its agent/clerks is stating that religious belief of some citizen are more important than others.

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