Pajamas Media—Good: Nuclear Doomsday Clock Turned Back; Bad: Board Didn’t Factor In Iran

Today’s post is at Pajamas Media: Good: Nuclear Doomsday Clock Turned Back; Bad: Board Didn’t Factor In Iran


As always, thanks to the editors, particularly David Steinberg and Aaron Hanscom, for coming up with a title and a tagline. Which is “Stupid: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists thinks we are now further from annihilation because of … progress on “climate stabilization.”

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, a group once concerned with matters atomic, have switched their focus to “climate change.”

They haven’t neglected their old milieu, but they evidently didn’t want to risk upsetting Iran, so that country is not mentioned in their latest pronouncement.

Also, the related piece Actually, Weather Is Climate is still up.

Update In a NYT article today about a physics conference:

Lawrence Krauss, a cosmologist from Arizona State, said that most theories were wrong.

“We get the notions they are right because we keep talking about them,” he said. Not only are most theories wrong, he said, but most data are also wrong — at first — subject to glaring uncertainties. The recent history of physics, he said, is full of promising discoveries that disappeared because they could not be repeated.

I, of course, agree with him.


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