This Week In Doom: Pew Research Proves Global Warming Propaganda Works


Before we start, you can and must combat propaganda by saying global warming. Do not say climate change. This admonition cannot be repeated enough. Please pass it on.

To say climate change is to concede a fallacy. A lie. To say climate change is to admit complete and utter defeat. We were promised global warming, not climate change. Make them stick to their promise.

Now if the globe warms, the climate has changed. But the climate also changes if the globe cools. The climate changes if it becomes wetter or again if it becomes drier. It changes if there are more storms or fewer. It changes if there are thicker or thinner clouds. It changes if the first day of frost is earlier or later. In short, the climate always changes. Absolutely always. No power on earth can stop it.

To say “climate change” is to concede the tacit argument that anything that happens does so because of mankind. This is preposterous and will lead to devilry on the part of our beneficent leaders. The new Pew study is proof of this.

Incidentally, if you’re quoting an author who has mistakenly said “climate change” when he meant “global warming”, use the literary device of swapping the error with brackets. Thus “Are you a climate change denier?” becomes “Are you a [global warming] denier?”

The answer is, incidentally, Reality Herself is a global warming denier.

Tom Richard from the Examiner emailed me yesterday for comments on the new Pew survey on [global warming] beliefs. I was out and by the time I had returned I missed his deadline, so I’m commenting now. Read Richard’s piece “Pew Research: Most Americans don’t think global warming a serious problem.” Note that Richard wisely says global warming.

The picture at the top is lifted from the survey and is proof global warming propaganda works. Just look! Some 77% of Latin Americans have been duped and agree that “[Global warming] is harming people now.” This is false. It is not true. It is absurd. Yet three-quarters of the folks down below believe it. And so do two out of every five norteamericanos.

Is it really 77% of all adult Latin Americans, given the immensity and diversity of that continent? I mean, can we rely on the precision of this number? No, probably not. And the same is true for the other areas surveyed. Pew reports a theoretical uncertainty bound, but it’s safe to at least double, perhaps even triple, this. So it might not be 77%, but anywhere from (I’m guessing) 60%-90%.

It doesn’t matter. The correct answer is 0%. Global warming is not harming people now. The temperature has bounced around these past two decades, but it hasn’t warmed in any real sense. Since global warming hasn’t happened, it can’t have harmed any person.

Real actual climate change can, it is true, cause harm. Earlier frosts mean smaller crops. But real actual climate change can, it is just as true, cause benefits. Later frosts mean larger crops. Notice that Pew never asked anybody if real actual climate change is helping people now.

The presumption is that any change in the weather (yes, weather) is caused, perhaps not wholly but surely predominately, by man. This is asinine and false—and dangerous. Politicians and activists who want to accumulate power and money want you to believe it, though. They lie, they insinuate, they hint, they cajole, they spew weasel words to get you to believe what is false.

And it works! Dammit, it works beautifully.

Their immoral actions are paying off. Half the globe has swallowed the lie. Want more proof? Look at the difference in answers between “[Global warming] is harming people now” and “Very concerned that [global warming] will harm me personally.” Fewer people think they personally will suffer if the temperature soars a fraction of a degree (Celsius) averaged globally. Stated another way, more people think they’ll be okay, but it’s the other guy who’s in danger.

But this can’t be so. It’s just one planet, right? The discrepancy is proof again that propaganda inculcates a vague indefinable fear and a strong desire that something need be done. You yourself might be okay, because after all a slight warming is harmless, but they other guy, well, he needs government intervention.

This harmful desire is proved later in the survey when scads and scads of otherwise sane adults agree that “Our country should limit greenhouse gas emissions as part of an international agreement.” This is translated as, “Since the climate always changes, please make this permanent and ineradicable crisis a priority with the government for all time.”

And that’s translated to, in its simplest form, “Please make slaves of us.”

Addendum We know we do not know how the atmosphere works to any important degree because climate models do not make skillful predictions, which they would if we did understand the atmosphere. Thus it is a lie, an outright whopper, to claim knowledge where we have proof of its absence.


  1. Ray

    Global warming is the modern Lysenkoism.

  2. Briggs: “Global warming” is what I use all the time. I’ve had people argue it’s wrong, mostly because it’s not warming everywhere so they think the term makes them look foolish, but the Theory says more heat says in than goes out–the energy budget. That would be “warming”. So unless these people will agree that the theory is wrong, I keep using warming. It’s their theory–sorry if it didn’t work out the way they had hoped.

    I notice that propaganda is most effective in countries run by dictators, where people live in poverty and probably are told global warming will get their country more money. No one mentions they have to continue to live in abject poverty even if more money comes in. Propaganda is funny that way.

    Are you implying that the Pew Center might be skewing the results? No!

    I have always doubted poll results that say peoplel believe more harm will come to others. This is most likely a subconcious way to avoid looking selfish. It shows concern for others, makes you look caring and hides the fact that you do think you’re in line for the certain harm. Also, people can then blame others for the disaster that occurs when following the propaganda ideas. “If hadn’t worried about ole Fred over there, I wouldn’t be living without electricity and heat because all the country’s money went to the the UN for climate change. I hate Fred.”

  3. Sav

    We were not promised .global warming, we were promised “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming”. The planet has been warming gradually since the end of the Little Ice Age without anthropogenic influence.
    Hold them to their ludicrous claims. They said it was anthropogenic and they predicted catastrophe. Don ‘t let them off with “global warming”.

  4. Excellent point, SAV. We were promised an apocalypse due to the burning of fossil fuels. Hansen said the oceans would boil. People need to understand what is actually being preached.

  5. Ray

    Dr. Hoyt, PhD atmospheric physics, used to maintain a score card on global warming predictions, but he hasn’t updated it in years. The results are so unfavorable to the AGW zealots, he probably believes he doesn’t need to.

  6. I don’t particularly care what we call it. I do care if people are playing fast and lose with language in order to deceive people.

    But — My parents’ and extended family’s wells went dry about 9 years ago, because of drought in their area. As a result, they did not have running water for years; they have had to transport water by truck to do things like cook dinner. But un-flushable toilets are really the least of it; the real problem is the lack of water for crops and livestock. Their crops died, the price of feed skyrocketed because everyone else in the area’s crops failed, and then the asking price for meet crashed as they and everyone else in the area had to sell off livestock they could no longer afford to feed.

    (During this time I contacted several well-drilling charities in the hopes that someone could drill a deeper well. Some of these charities were even based in the same state as my relatives, but none of them drilled wells in the US. Need a well in Ethiopia? Americans will pay for it. Need a well in America? Hahaha don’t be silly.)

    Thankfully, the drought broke; it rained and they have toilets that flush again. But dead grass is still dead. Their land is being sold off to cover expenses, but they will be okay.

    These folks are not strangers to drought–my grandparents lived through the Oklahoma Dust Bowl–and they blame this all on “Global Warming.” You say with quite a bit of certainty that Global Warming is not harming people now. How do you know? You may be correct that this is, in fact, just random climate fluctuation, but I understand why my relatives would blame it all on Global Warming. Or Climate Change. Or whatever.

    Ultimately, are we being careful with our language because:
    A. Long history of environmentalists claiming disaster is around the corner and then being wrong?
    B. The burden of environmental regulations too great given our lack of certainty / would not actually fix problems?
    C. Careful evaluation of the science?
    D. Love of well-articulated arguments and hatred of sloppy reasoning?
    E. Hatred of everything promoted by hippies?

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    My parents’ and extended family’s wells went dry about 9 years ago, because of drought in their area.

    The models predicted a wetter future, not a drier one.

    I understand why my relatives would blame it all on Global Warming.

    Better that, I suppose, than blaming the Jews. Or the witches.

  8. Evolutionist X: It’s sad your parents well went dry due to drought, but that’s a risk when you live wiht a well (yes, I live with a well and have since high school, so I am fully aware of what can happen). People in Wyoming blame fracking when their wells don’t work as they planned. No one seems to admit that wells have always gone dry, this is not new and trying to blame someone is very damaging.

    People here haul water all the time. There’s a water station at the end of our road. They haul 500 gallon tanks in the back of a truck or on a trailer. The water is then pumped into the house and works like any other water system. Hualing water is a way of life.

    Crops and livestock died before “global warming” happened. It’s not new and it’s not different. Another excuse because life didn’t work out well. There was a time farmers understood risks of farming. Not any more. They expect nature to be perfect and blame Exxon when it’s not. Don’t like risk, don’t farm.

    You may understand your relative blaming it on global warming, but that does not make the behaviour rational or beneficial. It’s damaging to society and immature to blame everyone else when life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.

    Answer to your last question: A, C, D

  9. I would add here that people who lived through the depression and Dust Bowl now blaming the government is quite common now. First, to some degree, the Dust Bowl was the government’s fault and so some degree the lack of recovery was the government’s fault. So assigning blame in hindsight, the idea has some merit. The blame is NOT based on etherical computer models serving as psychic predictors of the future, but rather careful consideration of the facts after the event was over.

    More importantly, in the past 30 years, as I worked in unemployment benefits, social work, financial counseling, etc. people are being trained to blame everyone but themselves. People from the 40’s are now grovelers, whining that their lack of retirement savings is the government’s fault. These are people who grew up in a generation that fought WW2 and proudly defended the American way of life. They are now pathetic, dependent whiners. Why? Because, as was pointed out to me by JMJ, humans are tribal people and want to be part of the tribe. The tribe is whiney and helpless. Thus goes the individuals. It’s a self-destructive behaviour in this case, but since there’s lots of company in pity parties, no one ever seems care until it’s too late. Tribalism can bring you down or pull you up. We’re not going up in this case.

  10. Scott Drysdale

    We now have solid evidence that the Obama administration, put in power by Warren Buffet, continues its obligation to Warren Buffet’s financial empire:

    We now have solid evidence from Naomi Klein that the Keystone XL Pipeline protest in Washington DC was made up to a very large degree by the remnants of the OWS – Occupy WallStreet crowd…. this means that the abandoned and embittered, and all too often poorly educated have jumped on the green agenda bandwagon for the wrong reasons. “If not for religion, the poor would murder the rich” – Napolean Bonaparte.

    Just read chapter 9 of “The Gulag Archipeligo” to see what happens when the least educated gain control over the intelligentia and the academia.

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