Stream: Threat Of Global Warming Causes Terrorism

A citizen's patrol out to find the missing global warming.
A citizen’s patrol out to find the missing global warming.

Today’s post is at The Stream: Our Leaders Have Spoken: Global Warming Causes Terrorism.

So global warming caused ISIS to dispatch a team of bloodthirsty satanic malevolent maniacs to Paris to slaughter as many non-Muslims, and to gain as much publicity, as possible. Bernie Sanders said so.

Who remembers when members of ISIS placed a man in the path of a tank, ran the tank over the man popping him like a balloon, and then ISIS posted videos bragging of it? Global warming made them do it. Hillary Clinton says so.

Hey: how about when ISIS corralled a group of Christian women living in Syria and then raped a goodly proportion of them to death and shot a few others for fun? Global warming again. And don’t let’s forget the many times orange-clad men were led to a beach to have their heads shaved off by ISIS. Allahu Akbar? No! Global Warming!

This isn’t me saying it. It’s Barack Obama. He said global warming is biggest threat we face. But Mr Obama was only echoing his betters who will gather in two weeks in Paris to decide the pre-determined conclusion that global warming is a security threat of such magnitude that we are forced to sign over control of significant portions of our economies to the United Nations.

What a sight it will be! Angela Merkel, Barrack Obama, David Cameron, even Francois Hollande himself, will march somberly through blood-stained streets, file past the many coffins from the Paris attack, proceed to the UN’s padded conference room, and there from on high they will announce to the world that the horrors they have witnessed were caused by global warming. And that if we don’t act now, global warming will cause more men to suddenly wake of a morning and say to themselves, “I will kill in the name of Allah.”

Go there to read the rest. Especially about how it’s not global warming itself that causes havoc, since there hasn’t been any global warming, but the mere thought of it’s possibility is what kills.


  1. Tim O

    Obama arrived late at the G20 meeting, just in time to (deliberately) miss the opening moment of silence for the victims of murder in Paris. This petty defiant act is ALL that you need to understand Obama and, where, exactly, he stands…it’s not with Western civilization, let alone the United States of America.

  2. Anon

    Then in necessarily follows that global warming must have had a hand in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

  3. John B()

    Too bad Leonard Nimoy is no longer with us:

    He could’ve done an In Search of … Global Warming segment

    It could bookend the 1977 In Search of … the Coming Ice Age

    (the delicate balance of climate … walking the razor’s edge)

  4. More terrifying is the utter gullibility of the population of this planet. We really have not progressed past witchdoctors, Stonehenge and animal sacrifice. The fact that we landed on the moon is just a fluke. We cannot possibly maintain this level of technology and existence with the worldwide increase in belief in boogeymen and the worship of science. Yes, global warming is going to do extreme harm to the planet, but not by actually warming it. Even an mini ice age will probably not awaken people to reality. It is truly frightening.

    Considering a bunch of guys with a computer managed to get women to run around bleeding down their legs monthly proudly proclaiming this “liberating” and a magazine to run a cover article on it, I hold little hope for the recovery from such wonton ignorance. A hoax saying cricket chirps are responsible for ISIS could probably be sold with the right wording. Chirps could be expanded to causing everything. The crickets could stop chirping and the true believer would still hear them. Mind boggling.

  5. Ray

    In 1984 Edith Efron published the book “The Apocalyptics” that showed how environmentalism had become a doomsday cult. Today environmentalism is science fiction masquerading as science fact.

  6. John B()


    “a cricket chirps” may resent that …

  7. DAV

    In the Democratic debate this weekend and just after the attack in Paris, Bernie Sanders was asked point blank about whether Global Warming was a bigger threat than ISIS. Bernie said Global Warming was the underlying cause. Neither Hillary or O’Malley objected. One can only assume it’s fundamental to the Democrats’ platform.

  8. DAV

    “a cricket chirps” may resent that …

    A microaggression if there ever was one. What with it appropriating cricket culture and all that.

  9. “a cricket chirps” will get over it! 😉

  10. Dean Ericson

    Liberalism causes terrorism. Absent the liberal premise of non-discrimination the West never would have allowed millions of Mohammadans across our borders. Islam is an ancient and dangerous enemy, by doctrine and deed. No sane infidel would ever invite such a bloodthirsty foe into their midst. But because our liberals are insane they not only invite them in but pay millions to import and support them. Liberals caused 9-11. Did the 19 Islamic jihad hijackers swim their camels across the sea to attack us? No, liberals opened the gate for them. Liberals caused the massacre in Paris. Every Islamic jihad attack in the West is actually a liberal jihad attack. To end Islamic jihad in the West it is first necessary to end liberal jihad in the West.

  11. Gary in Erko

    Global warming causes women to wear thinner clothing and men to greet each other with comments about the weather instead of praises for divinity – both are indications of western depravity.

  12. Having read a considerable amount of media, the general gist of it is:

    Conservatives: We told you so.

    Progressives: It’s not a big deal, there are more serious things to worry about (Sanders, Krugman, etc.), and it’s really the Conservative’s fault anyway.

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