Stream: There’s Big Money in Global Warming Alarmism

The government is ready to hand out more global warming grants.
The government is ready to hand out more global warming grants.

Cop21 is upon us. Dread it. The Pope yesterday spoke of the corrupting influence of “special interest” groups. Amen to that. Although these groups aren’t who the Pope thinks they are. More on that tomorrow.

Today: go to The Stream to see There’s Big Money in Global Warming Alarmism

A sociologist with no training in the physical sciences is puzzled why most Americans think the world is not doomed by global warming. So flummoxed is Yale’s Justin Farrell that he decided to study the question in the most scientific way possible. And he managed to publish his results, “Corporate funding and ideological polarization about climate change,” in the once prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

What do you think his conclusions were? Perhaps that thirty years of failed temperature predictions boosted Americans’ skepticism? Or that the obvious eagerness of politicians to leverage exaggerated fears have left many skittish? Or maybe it’s the dearth of severe storms, despite the many promises that floods and droughts would drown and parch us all?

No, none of that. Farrell discovered that private groups spent their own money to say that things were not as bad as alarmists claimed. He told The Washington Post that these “contrarian efforts have been so effective for the fact that they have made it difficult for ordinary Americans to even know who to trust.” Indeed, I, myself a climate scientist, no longer trust anything non-scientists like Farrell tell me about global warming (which he incorrectly calls “climate change”).

Farrell is right about one thing: Global warming alarmism is big business. On one side you have Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, The Climate Project and dozens upon dozens of other non-governmental organizations who solicit hundreds of millions from private donors and from government, and who in turn award lucrative grants to further their agenda…

Go there to read the rest.

I have a nice little list of the groups. Tomorrow we talk about the Holy Father’s other errors. Yes, errors.


  1. John B()

    contrarian efforts have been so effective for the fact that they have made it difficult for ordinary Americans to even know who to trust.

    My neighbor and I read with great interest all of the articles about Global Cooling. Articles in Newsweek, Time and USNews.

    Then suddenly we were facing “Global Warming” and unprecedented warming in the 20th century. I asked (no one was listening): “What about the MWP?”!

    Apparently, either someone WAS listening, or I wasn’t the only one asking (or somebody REALLY important in the CLIMATE business was asking). Sure enough, the MWP was eliminated. Everybody said: “WHA-A-A-T?” Now there were new questions. Those were quickly dealt with. It’s funny how every question had a ready answer. THAT would take some SERIOUS cash.

    (Like the old saying goes “Questions are free, answers are gonna cost you”)

    I loved when the “Tipping Point” came out about the “Arctic Methane” problem – this after they explained that MWP was a “regional effect” – ah, what was the region? Oh! Yea! The region of the Arctic – bam either there goes the “Tipping Point” or the MWP wasn’t regional.

    It’s like a reverse Gordian Knot – they’re trying to tie it and the damn thing unties itself WITHOUT any corporate interest putting a blade to it.

    Like the professor asked Peter and Susan “Who do you trust?”

  2. Anon

    Is there a word for falsely accusing people of the crimes or misdeeds that you are actually guilty of?

  3. “Bait and switch” would be the expression, anon. The Right employs this tactic regularly. “Affirmative action” twisted around to “reverse racism.” Taxes on inherited estate windfalls became “death taxes,” as if the dead could pay taxes, or that somehow death itself was taxed. And all the national investments in transportation, education, health and welfare and all just “government hand-outs,” all but for the military, then it’s “the price of freedom,” though “freedom” is rarely in any way involved. Minorities in the inner city get sick of the heavy handed police state and the Right changes the subject to “black on black crime.” The investment sector runs amok, wrecks the real estate market, and somehow government, the CRA and “Freddie and Fanny,” forced them to write bad paper. America’s wealth is expatriated for cheap labor and hidden profits, and it is our fault for having too many regulations and too much taxes, as if our real problem, according to the Right, is we are not enough like a Third World country. And every blunder by the Right, every poor decision come to poor outcome, is blamed on “political correctness,” in other words, according to the Right, if we simply allow ourselves to commit atrocities, or just act like sociopaths in general, the world would be a better place.

    It’s the bait and switch, anon, and it’s been around as long as there have been people who want what they want and don’t care at all about the consequences.


  4. Gary

    Briggs, Frodo lives.

    JMJ, Isn’t it nice having a convenient boogeyman so you don’t really have to think things all the way through?

  5. Gary

    So as not to insult your intelligence, I’m going to assume you are just playing around. If not, this being Black Friday, there’s a 50% off sale on self-awareness at the local Big Box story.

  6. LOL! You’re not going to insult my intelligence. So, please, tell me what the bogeyman is.


  7. Sylvain

    This blog is at least partly responsible for the Colorado shooting. My money is on DAV as the killer.

  8. ECM

    It’s a religion for the adherents and a money laundering op for the priesthood:

    “In the name of the dollar, and the yen, and the holy euro. Amen.”

  9. Briggs

    Say, Sylvain, all the words in those sentences were spelled correctly. You’re improving!

  10. Sylvain

    About as much as you are when you try to write in French.

  11. JMJ: Of course the dead can pay taxes. They can also pay credit card balances, funeral expenses and vote in Chicago.

    Minorities are whiney because some progressive told them there was a police state and being lazy and rather stupid, they follow like sheep. Humans and sheep have a lot in common, including the ability to stupidly stand in the middle of their upcoming demise and do nothing to stop it. You’d be familiar with that one.

    Class envy is just so juvenile. Adults get jobs, earn money and become wealthy because they aren’t lazy, whiney children. Children just whine because no one handed them everything on a platter and it’s so UNFAIR. Grow up and shut up. You are annoying with the whining.

    Political correctness is killing us—and you, Mr. Sheep, are standing right there watching the end coming and pretending nothing is wrong.

    Bait and switch and projection are tools of the LEFT. I do have sympathy for your mistake—I have a hard time telling my right hand from my left, so your complete ignorance of the political leanings in this country is understandable, though completely inexcusable.

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