Stream: Climate Circus, Climate Clowns at #COP21


Update Tell me: are we getting sick of discussing this topic, or what? It seems that, as is sane and rational, most of us would rather move on to something else. But the Green Horde moves ever forward. Its main tactic (used by all on the Left) is to wear you down. It works.

Today’s post is at The Stream: Climate Circus, Climate Clowns at #COP21. It was inevitable that this would turn into a circus. There is no science at COP21, just fantasy.

It’s clear that the Paris global warming—excuse, me: climate change—conference is a circus in the best tradition of circuses. There are parades, concessions, a Big Top, even boat shows, and a general spirit of fun.

And, of course, every circus has its clowns. Clowns lift our spirits and make us laugh. They are silly and antic. They say preposterous things. They keep the show going when attention begins the flag. Let’s hear it for the clowns! Clowns like this:

Bernie “The Government Should Control Everything” Sanders, erstwhile presidential candidate, slapped on the paint and did his level best to make the world giggle by revealing his Master Plan to “bring climate deniers to justice.” I agree, Bern, old son; we should be brought to justice—and be rewarded for our prescience, perspicacity, and perseverance in the face of nonsense like calls to “Stop climate change!” A more pseudo-scientific statement you’d be hard pressed to discover. Saying that you can stop the climate from changing is like saying you can stop socialists from spending other people’s money.

Dictator and brutalist Robert Mugabe, an accomplished thief with impressive credentials in fingering “aid” money shipped to Zimbabwe, went the traditional route and painted exaggerated white tears on his cheeks. Mugabe leads the African Bloc and has accused the West of being “miserly” with its promised largess of $100 billion per year. He wants that money to “eradicate poverty”. It surely would. It’s a sure thing, Bobby, that if you got that money, you won’t be going broke.

Go there to read the rest. If you can stomach it.


  1. John B()

    I might order from the concessions myself

    You say “treehugger” like it was a bad thing … to which I’d ink in … I DO!

    Then there’s the ambiguous statements (or did the “deniers” slip this in) :

    Climate Change Happens … yeah … that’s what we’re trying to tell you!

    Equally ambiguous (or have the “deniers” infiltrated) :

    WHEN, exactly, in Earth’s history, did the climate NOT “change”

    Oh! These clowns really are just a bunch of merchandizers

    saying climate change is man-made is like saying the oceans are salty because fish swear!!!

    It truly is about the money

  2. LOOK! It’s Bill Nye!!

    Wasn’t it hard to tell if Mugabe was participating in climate rhetoric or wearing traditional African face paint? Be careful what you assume. You may be racially and culturally insensitive.

    Global warming advocates better be careful. The Psychics Guild of America will sue them for encroaching on their territory, what with all the doomsday scenarios and vacuous predictions. I also have it on good authority that several doomsday cults are considering lawsuits against the government for funding one specific, huge cult and excluding theirs. They are claiming it’s not “inclusive”.

    The Catholic Church certainly added credence to their claim the Pope is next to God with this Pope. Also added to the belief that they will never admit they were wrong and correct the mistake. Both bad practices for religious organizations.

  3. Gary

    Yeah real tired, but just because you have coulrophobia doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

  4. Katie

    The ones who demand change and progress and action wear down the opposition. It’s a tactic—they are very aware of what they’re doing and you can’t give in.

  5. Elostirion

    Did Pennywise make an appearance perchance? I hear he likes kids. Should go well with the underlying Malthusian attitudes this sort of thing usually brings out.

  6. Joy

    Fed up with global climate warming change?

    Don’t lose heart, turn to drink, or give up.
    This seems like an international game of chicken. Who can stay just long enough and leave their opponents weaker, hoping they actually believe it…like European politics. Those of us who would be called climate deniers are watching a game of chicken in which they are forced to take a stake.
    So, Briggers, you have a horse in the race as we all do . It’s as though the world’s fighting the cupboard monster! What are you going to do about the cupboard monster? Don’t you care? It’s worse than that, actually.

    Let’s turn to animals instead, like Doby
    Perhaps the British should have given the US one of these instead of a statue. Churchill might have sent a ginger cat.

  7. John B()

    ReReading Joy’s message:

    the cupboard monster – turns out the cupboard monster is Barbie(TM) – see above Barbie video

    British should have given the US one of these instead of a statue. :
    Joy, are you talking about the Statue of Liberty from France???

    Maybe the US is afraid they’ll take lady liberty back if we don’t sign

  8. JohnB(), Joy is talking about the bust of Churchill that Obama returned…
    What a wonderful gesture that was!

  9. Joy

    Bless Sophia. Such sincerity! I’m almost convinced.
    John BO, Barbie? the minx!
    I was referring to the Churchill bust rejected by Obama, the diplomat.

  10. John B()

    Bust of Churchill returned by Obama?

    I THINK I heard something about that now you mention it!

    What a horse’s patootie we have for a president!!!

  11. John B()

    To be on topic

    What a clown we have for a president!!!

  12. John B()


    Yeah! That video IS almost disturbing

  13. Propaganda 101 is to accuse your enemies of exactly what you are doing. That’s why Orwell coined phrases such as Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace… The “Climate Denialists” are those who throw such labels at their critics.

  14. I just want to see cleaner and more efficient energy development. Burning dirty old organic matter forever doesn’t sound very smart to me. We can do better than that.


  15. I want ice cream for orphans and flying cars, and a pill you take so you live forever. Not having these things doesn’t sound very smart to me. We can do better than that.

  16. JMJ: We are all for more clean and efficient energy development. Your key word being “development”. It does not exist right now. There are options being explored, but until a truly clean and efficient source of energy is found, fossil fuels are what we have. When such a source is discovered or developed, fossil fuels will fall by the wayside no matter what any oil or gas company wants. No government intervention required.

    Will: I agree. They promised me flying cars. Where are my flying cars??

  17. Joy

    Humans have been “decarbonising” since the stone age.
    That process was never driven by forced pseudoscience, taxes and lies before. Why should the natural progression towards efficiency have to change?

    Price and convenience are the primary reasons people chose one product over another. If price isn’t an issue then you can bet on convenience every time.
    So it is the price which determines whether people indulge the other secondary emotions: Guilt, fear, desire for purity and piety, desire for social acceptability.

    The peddlers of humans causing a climate crisis know this. Why do you think they resort to the secondary emotions? In a normal marketplace they are a luxury and will be nothing more than an indulgence of a fad.

    Whether on the giving or receiving end of the Lie, It’s bad for everybody.
    The poorest people suffer and there’s not enough said about that.
    The dishonest get richer and more powerful as these go together.
    Conscientious Scientists and others who toe the line lose self respect,
    conscientious scientists and others who don’t toe the line face restrictions on where they can work, dismissal, shunning, ridicule or death threats.
    Customers pay more,
    SCIENCE loses credibility for at least a generation.

    It’s not enough just to “imagine”. It’s just not enough.

  18. Fossil fuels are fine. Scrubber and other technologies to make fossil fuels acceptably clean, have been around since the 60’s and 70’s. The main causes of concern are extraction and transport risks. But compared to the benefits, they are small. On the list of the world’s actual problems that need to be addressed, clean energy is at the bottom. But societies go through fads and obsessions. These problems will be addressed in time. Throwing money at difficult scientific or technological problems rarely works. Society could not have phased out the horse in the 19th century no matter how desirable cleaner transport systems may have been back then. Nixon’s War On Cancer produced no results, because the basic the basic research was missing, regardless of the money thrown at the problem at the time.

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