Merry Federally Recognized Holiday Of December 25th That Shall Remain Nameless So As Not To Offend



My presents to you, dear readers, are these videos of the All Hockey Hair Teams of 2014 and 2015. Enjoy. First up, 2014. “I’m glad I’m wondering.” “Is that called the space-bar? It is now.”

The this year’s, 2015. Stick around for the end.

Bonus stocking stuffer! 2013 and 2012, too!


  1. Gary in Erko

    I’ve got no idea what the two video bits with hair and hockey are about. They probably mean something to some of you North Americans. But I wish you all a happy explicitly named Christmas, whether it’s a special religious occasion for you, or a seasonal technical solstice event with secular cultural associations

  2. Gary

    I like the positive, understated, and admiring tone of the sarcasm that seems to be a hallmark of Minnesotan humor. The author ought to expand his franchise eastward, though, and look into the New York and New England teams. Plenty of hairy guys in these parts.

  3. DAV

    I woke this morning to discover I must have been naughty because the ever progressive Santa left a piece of a wind farm in my stocking. I hear the coal-in-stocking program started being phased out in 2008-2009 for unfathomable reasons. To my further dismay, I learned I also must subject myself to 300 Hockey Hair indoctrination videos. Do these two count toward my sentence?

  4. Ganderson

    “We’ll call this guy “ arugula” cuz that is one spicy salad…

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