I was correcting my (many lazy and stupid and regrettable) mistakes, thankfully pointed out by YOS, in the soul posting and hit the wrong button. I seem to have lost everything (which is just as well), including the valuable corrections YOS made in comments (which is unfortunate).

Meanwhile, read this on souls.

Update Thanks to the readers who received the old post by email and who have gave me copies. When I get back, I’ll edit them. Thanks!


  1. Try using a wordprocessing program or text edit and then cut and paste into the blog. You can still lose the comments, but the text is safe in an outside program.

  2. DAV

    Sounds like you need the unarrgh executable contained in the DoWhatIMeantToCode package. Unfortunately, difficult to find. It probably doesn’t work on blog posts anyway. Nothing’s perfect. The NatSec agency tracks all the evil Climate Deniers. They might have a copy of your pre-post. E-mail them.

  3. Very nice, BB!

    (Comment is too short, so this is to make WordPress happy….)

  4. Briggs

    BB and John put up the post as a comment, which I’m going to shift to the main post later. Thanks, John, BB!

  5. Tim Onz

    Yes, I agree with Sherri (VERY used to it since I’m married to a Sherry!), Cut and Paste Means No Waste! And, as I tell ALL the online instructors whom I support in our college’s online class Learning Management System, keep your SOURCE FILES local so that, God Forbid!, should something go nasty wonky with the system, you still have all of your stuff.

  6. Joy

    The Ed F linked post about souls.
    “totally wrong…totally wrong” says Ed
    What a peculiar thing to say!
    Such passion.

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