What Are Good Times For A Live Broadcast?


So? When’s the best time for a live broadcast? Recall that you can hear them by tuning in to this site or to my YouTube live streaming channel.

Keep in mind that the broadcasts are going to happen no matter what. Condition your answer on the complete sure solid knowledge that the broadcasts are going to air, and not on whether you want them to or not, and not on whether you will listen. Pretend you are going to listen and tell me the best time.

If you don’t want to listen, don’t. If you don’t want to listen live, listen to the archive, which will always be available about 30 minutes after the broadcast, and from then on. But do tell me what is the best time for the live airing.

I mean all the times in the poll to be EASTERN. Many regular readers are on the west coast and in other areas, so the earlier times are very early for them. I have done a lot of travel between coasts and starting a show earlier than 7 AM Eastern is too early out west, which is why I don’t have earlier options.

Yet a lot of regulars are grumpy old men, and grumpy old men rise early to prepare for the day’s grumpiness. The broadcasts will prepare listeners with grumpy material, so they will probably opt for earlier times, or times well before the Early Bird specials begin at, what, 3 PM? On the other hand, there are a good proportion of the young looking for advice on the best way to become old, and they might like later times.

This poll will be up all week. Right now, unless (as is unlikely) there is overwhelming response, I’m doing the next broadcast at 9 AM WEDNESDAY, 6 APRIL. Note that this is one hour earlier than last week. And, depending how this goes, it might even be 8 AM. I’ll announce a day before in the NEWS box on the upper right.

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Update You have to vote to see the results, so vote carefully.

Readers and listeners need not despair. The posts will continue and the material in the broadcasts will appear in print with the link to the live-cast. Of course, the broadcasts will have things that can’t be written. Anyway, the broadcasts will be in addition to the posts.

Right now it’s Wednesday, but I may consider other days. Or additional days. Weekdays only. Nothing on the weekend. I think. Sunday nights at 7 PM worked fine for Jack Benny, and just like he I can’t play the violin. Parallels.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the first broadcast.

I have a juicy bit lined up for next week’s broadcast. Fans of global warming and aficionados of science will be thrilled.

Update Lots of votes for late afternoon and early evening, which I didn’t anticipate. If you’re one of these people, suggest times in the comments. Thanks.

Why live? Two reasons. One, waiting for me to produce a show by electrical transcription doesn’t work; I can find too easily excuses to put it off. Two, the live voice sounds better than one taped, a fact on which I expound another time.


  1. Scotian

    “the broadcasts will have things that can’t be written”

    The mind boggles.

  2. Ron in Austin

    Is the information in the podcasts so timely that a live broadcast is important? I plan on listening from the archive, on my schedule.

  3. Gary in Erko

    7 to 8 am matches 10 pm to midnight east coast Australia.
    Early evening matches 9 to 11am east coast Australia.

  4. ARB

    Earlier is better for me. I’ll always forget to listen to it live, but if it’s processed in time for me to listen to the recording in the early morning with my breakfast and a cup of coffee then I’ll be happy.

  5. Lynn Clark

    No stereotyping! This grumpy old man usually arises around 11 am MT (1 pm ET). Accordingly, I voted “early evening” but only because “late evening” wasn’t an option. I’ll also note that the #1 show on cable news is on at 8 pm ET. Could be a clue there. Just saying… (hehehe)

  6. Hifast

    I, too, split my time between the coasts, and 5 – 6 pm Pacific translates to 8 – 9 pm Eastern. As Lynn Clark above commented, top cable news shows use that time slot. I would also note that Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football start around 830pm Eastern.

  7. JH

    If I remember correctly, you do use Google Analytics or other analytic suite. So you have information about your readers, e.g., their IP address, and behaviors including at what time and the length and frequency they view the site. So, Mr. Statistician to the Stars, those statistics probably could help you decide when might be the best time in terms of a certain criterion, say, the best time for the supervisor of your comment room (^_^).

  8. Joy

    What’s the best time to complain to the supervisor?
    I’ve realised that I voted wrong because although I prefer to listen in the evening so I voted for the (afternoon X 2) but Wednesdays is singing.
    I voted more than once because I thought the thing wouldn’t let me do it twice.
    So, the third time I was going to add one to each to level them up!
    Then I thought better of it.
    I voted twice for the afternoon and once for the first slot, a total of three.
    I am sorry I didn’t do it to be a pain.

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