Why Do So Many Want Men In Ladies Rooms? Bonus: Did You Know It’s Earth Awareness Day?

A planet of which some people are unaware.
A planet of which some people are unaware.

Street Pest: Excuse me, sir, do you have a minute to save the earth?

Intelligent Man: Huh? Oh. The earth? I’m not sure the earth would benefit from saving.

SP: Ha ha. No, seriously, sir, would you take just a minute to save the earth?

IM: Why, is Cthulhu finally returning?

SP: I’m sorry? No, we’re raising awareness about the earth.

IM: I’m already aware of the earth. I’ve been aware of the earth ever since I quit drinking back in ’96. In fact, I’ve become so aware of the earth, particularly its street life, that I’m considering going back on the bottle.

SP: No, I mean the organization I work for, Piece of Green, is conducting an awareness raising campaign about the earth.

IM: Are many people unaware of the earth’s existence? I knew there was a danger with people being absorbed by trivia on their cell phones, but has it degenerated into an epidemic of Earth Unawareness Syndrome so quickly?

SP: Ha ha. No, like, we’re trying to educate people about the earth. We at Piece of Green are raising money to raise awareness of environmental perils.

IM: And how long have you been doing this?

SP: Since the 1960s.

IM: And how much money have you raised since then?

SP: I don’t know, tens, maybe even hundreds, of millions.

IM: And people still aren’t aware of the earth?…


It isn’t only the social justice warriors at the ex-sports network ESPN (which nobody is obliged to watch, though you are obliged to pay for if you have cable), but the NBA, too. Entertainers are ever at the forefront of cultural degradation.

Weedy Mammonite and lawyer named Adam Silver runs the NBA. He “said Thursday that the league will move the all-star festivities to another state if North Carolina’s recently passed anti-LGBT legislation remains in place.”

I say call his bluff. I pray North Carolina shows Silver its backside and says, “Do your worst.” The worst, apparently, is removing a night’s forgettable entertainment.

The “anti-LGBT legislation” is the legal requirement that men stay out of the ladies rooms. That we’ve reached the point where we have to make a law out of something obvious is one point. The other is this. The men who go into the ladies rooms are either insane or perverts. The men are insane if they actually think they are women. They are perverts if they know they are not but just want to be where women pee.

Of course, there are not many genuinely insane people, though there are more perverts. There will not, at least now, be a flood of the touched and would-be touchers in amongst your women. One is too many, it’s true, but this will not be an enormous problem, especially in the south where many men still retain a notion of protecting the weaker sex.

No, the real phenomenon is why people like Silver, and ESPN and Target stores, think they have to spout off about a topic that is none of their business. Basketball, broadcasting sports, and selling cheap toilet paper are their businesses. That they forgot this can only mean Silver and the degraded at ESPN and so forth are interested in two things.

One, forcing their will on others, people Silver thinks are little better than brutes, people who do not belong to his culture. This really is Silver taking on an entire state, to remake that state’s culture into Silver’s culture. He thinks he can win. He might, too, because cowardice and greed among our elected leaders are too often our go-to emotions (thinking about how these leaders managed being elected helps understand this).

Silver’s second goal is to signal to his confreres his moral superiority. Even if Silver loses, and North Carolina decides its wives and daughters are more important than a few hours popcorn sales, Silver will have raised his esteem in his colleague’s eyes. It has to be moral signalling, because imagine this scenario.

Stick boy (see his picture) Silver sees a hesitant pervert outside a ladies room. Silver takes pity on the pervert and, like a white knight, struts to the doorway of the toilet and announces to passersby, “This man would like to go into the ladies room. I am here to see that he is allowed to go in for as long as he wants. Anybody who says different has to deal with me.”

Never, ever happen. Silver doesn’t give a damn about anybody but Silver and his in group.


  1. BrianH

    Abe Lincoln: “How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg? Four. Just because you call a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

    Ask some people this question, you will be surprised how many answer five. These are the same people who believe if you put makeup on a man and call him a woman, he is a woman.

  2. Gary

    Earth Awareness Day? No, it’s V.I. Lenin’s birthday.

  3. Yes, sadly, I knew it was Earth Day. Just proves if enough emoting, uncaring people get together, any practice can get it own day. I look forward to “Darkness Day”, celebrating those who don’t use electricity, “Dry Day” for those who have no water, “Frozen Day” for those who have no heat, etc.

    It’s just that we haven’t spent enough money yet or everyone would be aware of the earth. It’s the same for Breast Cancer, HIV and all those other things a four-year-old can tell you exist and what color ribbon goes with the cause while adults in business and running the country can’t remember these things exist.

    Dropped satellite years ago. Not worth it and it means I don’t have to pay for ESPN or anything else I don’t like.

    There will be hundreds of little girls in therapy for years due to rape or flashing by men pretending to be women. It’s interesting that “flashing” is illegal on the street but a-okay and encouraged by men in women’s restrooms. This is the absolute proof waited for that progressives actually do HATE women and are going to punish them everywhere they can.

    Of course, there will be women pretending to be men going into men’s room, using that cell phone camera and posting on the internet. I guess that evens out for the sexual assault on women and girls in their restrooms.

    The obvious solution is single stall restrooms. Women AND men can then stand in line for hours waiting to go, but it will be perfectly fair that way while still protecting your three-year-old niece from the nice “lady” in the women’s restroom.

    (NC will cave—you know they will. Politicians have less backbone than earthworms.)

  4. DAV

    Earth Awareness Day? Frankly, it never occurred to me that the Earth would have awareness. Gaia maybe but not Earth.

    Everybody, of course, should turn off their electric lights and fire up some candles to bring back the air pollution which has been largely AWOL the past couple of decades or so. Better yet, make a bonfire. Show the Earth your love.

  5. Ken

    Apparently, North Carolina’s law requires public school and university students to use public bathrooms ACCORDING TO THE GENDER STATED ON THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

    If N. Carolina has a means for one to have their birth certificate’s gender changed (e.g. in accord with LGBT) then the “problem” NBA’s Silver is in a snit over goes away…or doesn’t really even exist.

    Such a legal maneuver (birth cert changes) might also keep out the predators that might/would exploit the LGBT-friendly law (if it were to exist) by dissuading straight people from masquerading as something else only when it suits their other perverted self-interests thus, a means of having a birth cert gender change process could be presented as a “win” of sorts.

    Another unsettling facet of all this is that the Dept of Education has tied Title 9 rights to such values-enshrined-in-law, and with that Federal education funds worth $Bs for complying — illustrating part of the “Gordian Knot” of Federal legal incentives for states to go along with such things as N. Carolina has just rejected (i.e., this illustrates that the dystopian growth our Fed’l govt. has reached is also part of problems that might seem, without due diligence, to be much more local matters).

    Given that N. Carolina passed their “sensibility law” (I’ve pretty much rejected us of “Common Sense” given what’s considered ‘commonly sensible’ these days) in legislative warp speed, and with considerable majorities, I’m hopeful they stand firm (though the $1.5B-ish Fed’l education funds apparently at risk are a powerful carrot for caving in). If this legislative voting support is representative, actual public support for such Left-Wing initiatives & values is much much less than the press & other outspoken loudmouths would have us believe.

    Still, its amazing that such are du jour issues…that things have come to this from formerly “common sense” values of a very different sort of less than a generation ago….

  6. Steve E

    “If N. Carolina has a means for one to have their birth certificate’s gender changed (e.g. in accord with LGBT) then the “problem” NBA’s Silver is in a snit over goes away…or doesn’t really even exist.”

    Ken, North Carolina has a process for making this change: https://trans.uncc.edu/content/north-carolina-law-changing-gender-marker
    North Carolina requires proof of gender reassignment surgery, while several jurisdictions in North America no longer have this requirement in order to make the change to a birth certificate.

  7. Steve E: Are you saying I can go into some states and declare my self male, get a new birth certificate and that makes me “male” in the eyes of the law? Even if I still have female parts or a male has male parts? So gender is now meaningless.

  8. Steve E

    Sheri: I was careful to say “North American jurisdictions,” I haven’t looked at all the states (I’m Canadian) but New York and the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia do not require sex reassignment surgery in order to change a birth certificate. Each requires either a statement from the applicant or a doctors certification that the person’s gender identity does not conform to their current birth certificate.

  9. JH

    “Excuse me, I need to see your birth certificate before you enter this public restroom,” Cop. B questions Pat, looking askance at Pat. He has a facial expression clearly reflecting the pungent working environment.

    ““Sorry, Officer. I don’t have it on me,” Pat replies, with legs crossed.

    “Well, I will have to do a physical inspection then,” says Cop. B.

    One can only wonder why anyone would want to regulate bathroom facilities as if it can be enforced. To make Big Government bigger? To belittle or harass those who are transgender? To make sure that criminals follow the law? Who knows?!

    “Leave it the way it is. …There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go. They use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate,” Trump said.

    I agree with Trump, a closet liberal.

  10. Nate

    I’m happy to have moved to NC about 3 years ago. The legislators have actually *lowered* the state taxes! Many other northerners that have moved here are apoplectic that the state actually has people that generally agree with reality (though some of the evangelicals get pretty nutty too, especially with the ‘creation museum’ in nearby Kentucky).

  11. Ray

    Gender assignment to humans has always been meaningless. Gender is a property of declined languages. In German the nouns have gender. Gender is not a biological property of humans but a leftist social construction with no actual physical existence. In other words, gender assignments to humans is simply imaginary like unicorns.

  12. Nate

    Ken – the reason this was passed is that Charlotte tried to pass an city ordinance to let men use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. The spokesthing for the pro-any bathroom campaign is a convicted sex offender (but the news conveniently leaves that out).

    The real problem isn’t bathrooms – its shared public locker rooms & showers.

  13. JH

    I celebrate Earth Day by taking all the recyclable materials in our garage to a local recycling center this morning. I’d have taken today off to do some yard work if were not for an important ceremony that I have to attend. It’s so nice to have a clean living space… and a neat-freak spouse who also cleans!

  14. Steve E: I guess that means birth certificates are useless at this time. Chaos will ensue, as people change back and forth and back and forth. I would guess driver’s licenses will be next. Actually, I foresee everyone having two birth certificates and driver’s licenses, the one used depending on one’s mood.

    JH: Transgender means at this moment you are calling yourself female. In ten minutes, you can change that, then change it back. It has no resemblance to reality whatsoever—it’s actually a form of delusional thinking (or a great way to get into the girl’s locker room if you’re a 13 year old male). Transsexual involves some surgery, though many transsexuals actually maintain the original set of plumbing, resulting in pregnant males. That is NOT transsexual—it’s a hybrid of a sexual being. This is insanity. There is no other term.
    Agreed—Trump is a closet liberal, maybe not that closet even.

    Ray: Yes, I am familiar with gender in languages. English lacks this, but French, Spanish, German, etc all have it. For now. I’m thinking unicorns have a better chance at being real than transgendering does.

    Nate: Why am I not surprised the spokesthing is a convicted sex offender? Says it all, doesn’t it? I have read that schools and gyms have teen boys sitting in girl’s locker rooms claiming they identify with girls. They have cell phones with them—wonder how that works out……

    All: This NOT reality. Never was, never will be. No matter what laws anyone passes. This is equivalent to passing a law that says gravity will not apply in Alaska anymore. It will and you can’t change that. You can pretend all you want.

    For Earth Day, I did exactly the same things I always do. After all, I know the Earth exists, so why change anything I do?

  15. I am not a fan of “awareness” movements. You wanna put your money somewhere to work socially, start at your local elected level and go up from there. That’s what that’s for. And on controversial issues, “awareness” movements tend to only further divisions. Better still to work politically-direct, and if it flies it flies, and if not it doesn’t.


  16. Joy

    It would be good to see an official statistic on how many of these post op people there are in a given state with a given population.
    I’m guessing it’s vanishingly small. A damp squib in the grand scheme of things.

  17. Scotian

    Sheri, “English lacks this …” Of course English has gender (He, She, It) but is one of the few languages based on reality. Most of the case and conjugation endings have been dropped, but a few remnants remain such as referring to ships as she.

    Maybe we should adopt the Zaleucus (Locrian) law code:

    “Anyone who proposed a new law, or the alteration of one already existing, had to appear before the Citizen’s Council with a rope round his neck. If the Council voted against the proposal the proposer was immediately strangled.”

    This would certainly cut down on this constant social experimentation. If taverns can be held responsible for serving liquor to drunks why shouldn’t lawmakers be held responsible to the negative consequences of their laws. This is real social justice, right JH?

    I don’t understand this Orwellian rewriting of the birth certificate. Can you also change you birth place and date? Only bigots would deny me the option of becoming younger by moving my birthdate up and since reality must bow to desire I would then be younger. Even if you change your name I don’t think that changes your birth certificate, you are just issued a name change document.

  18. Scotian

    Don’t forget to put the rope around your neck. JMJ. 😉

  19. Steve E

    JH, agreed it all is extremely absurd. Trump is right. It happens now all the time and no one knows, so why change it? I think in general, people just want to keep perverts from using the facilities for fetishist purposes and they want to keep men out of women’s washrooms and locker rooms. It would seem that we already have laws to do that.

    Of course, they could create unisex facilities as Sheri suggested with all enclosed stalls. For everyone’s sake it would be prudent to provide a separate pissoir to help ensure the shared facilities stay as clean as possible. Anyone who pees sitting down can not be happy with the thought of sharing facilities with more people who pee standing up (ask my wife who has to live with me and two boys). 😉

  20. Ray

    According to the 4th circuit court decision in the bathroom case biological sex is imaginary and gender is real. Here is from the 6th page of the decision. The judge says that sex is assigned to you by somebody at your birth. Obviously if sex is assigned to you then you can just change the assignment if you don’t kike it.

    G.G. is a transgender boy now in his junior year at Gloucester High School. G.G.’s birth-assigned sex, or so-called “biological sex,” is female, but G.G.’s gender identity is male. G.G. has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a medical

  21. I wear it proudly, Scotian. No one’s tried to pull it yet. It helps if you stand up for the right things, of course. This toilet thing? I get it, but I wouldn’t go near that issue!


  22. Scotian: You knew what I meant but thank you for making a point that English has gender pronouns rather than noun genders.
    I like the idea of changing my birthdate, place of birth, etc. Maybe the equality people will pick this up.
    As for making laws, a noose is okay, but realistically, I think those who make the laws should be forced to live under them. Those who want transgender restrooms should be forced to send their 4 year daughter into the restroom with the nice, tall, funny talking woman. Their daughters should be forced to share their locker room with a male who has a camera on his cell phone. No private bathrooms whatsoever in any buildings (other than homes), including lawyers and Congress. No one should be able to hide. If Libs can hold it for over 9 hours, fine. Let’s hope their granddaughter can too. (That goes for Trump’s relatives, too.)

    Ray: That certainly proves the courts are manned by psychotic people, doesn’t it? Why are the inmates running the asylum? My guess is people have the Trump theory—it’s everywhere so how can we stop it? Funny, he wants to toss out millions of illegals but can’t take on psychotic individuals who ignore biology (science deniers, right?). Really?

    JMJ: You do have a sense of when to dive and when to walk it back!

  23. Doug M

    I gotta say I am with Trump on this one. I don’t need my government telling me where I can and cannot take a sh!t. Anybody who thinks otherwise is on the side of Big Government.

    As for Ted Cruz’s pervyness — Grown men sharing a bathroom with little girls is asking for trouble. I say, grown men sharing a bathroom with little boys carries an equally large risk!

    The obvious direction this is all heading is for all bathrooms to be declared unisex.

  24. Steve E

    “Only bigots would deny me the option of becoming younger by moving my birthdate up and since reality must bow to desire I would then be younger.”

    Scotian, well we have been saying that “age is a state of mind” a lot longer than we’ve been saying “sex is a state of mind.” 😉

  25. Scotian

    You make a good point Sheri, which I’ve seen somewhere before. It is basically that if every law was universally enforced, leaving aside how this would be accomplished, the vast majority would be repealed the next day. It just occurred to me that this is a major flaw in the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (the original not the awful remake). You couldn’t give power to the incorruptible robot police because no one could survive such a system. The novel “Venus on the Half Shell” by Phil Farmer features a society that passed so many laws that everyone ended up in prison. Maybe that’s what we have now, one large prison.

  26. Scotian

    Doug, you send your young son into a public restroom by himself? I’m shocked!

    Steve, as you get old sex is only a state of mind. 😉

  27. Bob

    I don’t get it. Why is gender suddenly an issue? If one gets a gender change operation then they can claim their new identity. If you are claiming an identity you need to have the requisite equipment with which you were endowed my Mother Nature.

    If restrooms and gender are a real concern, then get rid of one set of bathrooms. Let everybody use the same one. One additional law would be necessary. It should be a requirement for all seats to left in the down position.

    What’s so mysterious about going to the bathroom?

  28. Anon

    In West Texas I was in a single-sex bathroom at a gas station, and it really was memorable. Almost 20 years later, I can remember it if it were yesterday. The layers of grime looked as if they had been sprayed on by a specialist to give it that just-filthied look. (This is not to say that female-only johns are always pristine—some are less-than-satisfactory, but no facility [including a variety of outhouses—which back in the day were publicly maintained yet still designated by sex] in my experience approached the near-artistry of this sooty mess.) If we cannot judge man from woman, will we not be able to judge the clean from the unclean—-can we even say that something is dirty, filthy, and unhygienic?

  29. Nice, Doug M, come out in favor of further traumatizing raped women and adding newly raped women and girls to list. You’re a real humanitarian (/sarc, in case you’re as dumb as you are mean and bad). I would note that men love this—women do not. Men really are selfish twits in this case. Until those cell phone videos start popping up on the internet…….Watch for them soon. In neighborhoods everywhere. I see a rousing internet game of “Recognize these parts of your neighbor” becoming a phenomena. No more need to accuse someone with small hands of being small everywhere—photographic proof will be available.
    Next, you seemingly admit men are rapists and they will rape whatever is available. I’m nominating you for progressive hero of the year.

    Scotian: I only saw the original version of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, probably because I knew the remake would be awful.
    We appear to be in prison, without the bars, just nasty people demanding we behave the way they say, ignore reality, and agree that it is good. Just like all dictatorships do.

    Bob: That’s Western culture for you. Seems that persons not being fully clothed gets men and women excited and bad things happen. Actually, there would be no problem if the bathrooms had glass walls. There’d be plenty of witnesses to any bad behaviour and there’d be no mystery.

  30. JH

    Mr. Briggs,

    A few years ago, for a couple of nights, I stayed in a rural village in China where nearby people share a public gender-neutral squat toilets without stall doors. So, my dear Mr. Briggs, no worries, if I could survive under those toilet conditions, I would be OK if Daphne Shae happens to be using the same restroom. Public restroom is really not one of my favorite places. I usually just get the business done and leave. Chances are that I wouldn’t even notice who are in the restroom.

    Mr. JH once came out a stall and saw a woman in the restroom. He said to her, “I know, the women’s restroom is tucked away safely in this building, but if you take a right…” The woman took off her wig and said, “it’s me.” He is an old colleague from English department. Not a pervert. Not at all.

  31. It’s interesting that the justification for tolerating immoral and draconian actions in the US is often a communist country that is brutal in its treatment of women, going so far as to abort female babies or kill them at birth. Says something, doesn’t it?

  32. Smoking Frog

    BrianH – I answer five. If you call the tail a leg, a dog has five legs. To say that this is false you have to ignore the condition that the tail is being called a leg, but this would be illogical.

  33. Logic also says that changing the language to not reflect reality is illogical. So while technically if we change the name of a tail to a leg (and change all associated characteristics of what we call a leg), then one would call the tail a leg. However, the change of name is highly illogical and done as a way to deny reality. So calling the tail a leg is to follow and illogical, reality-denying change in language. I’d refuse.

  34. Scotian

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
    ? Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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