Teaching: No Post, No Podcast, But One Book

Tried to do it, but ran out of time. Not only is there the teaching, and the radio shows, and the eating, and the talking too much, but there is also the book. That is the good-bad news. I finally have the page proofs, received on the very morning class started—and they’re due the very day class ends.

Book looks terrific, though. And the publisher’s staff, so far as I have been able to tell, which isn’t yet far, has been diligent removing the typos placed in the text by my enemies.

Incidentally, as a hot tip for fellow Linux users, xournal is a wonderful PDF editor. I hadn’t heard of it before (I live such a sheltered life). Fast and simple.

Ithaca update: Chapter House now a hole in the ground. The Commons finally repaired, more or less. College Town emptier than a lawyer’s soul. Cornell itself has buildings sprouting everywhere like bureaucrats in new technology, most of which are sinfully ugly and filled with small cafeterias with dull food priced at levels higher than New York City. Today we do the manly thing, which is tripping to the Dairy Bar and eating their delicious ice cream.

Actual posts by guest authors coming tomorrow and Friday. Which is as far as I’ve planned ahead.


  1. manny

    “Incidentally, as a hot tip for fellow Linux users, xournal is a wonderful PDF editor.”

    Thank you! I thought I knew all the good pdf editing tools.

  2. Mark Stoval


    I have always been a big fan, so please don’t take this the wrong way. But, finish the G.D. book! I have been waiting forever and I am not that young. I am beginning to think The Wife will have to toss the book into my coffin.

    On the other hand, all delays may be due to your many enemies.

  3. Briggs


    It wasn’t I but the publisher who sent me the page proofs so late. I’m taking your advice, though, and pushing everything else to the side to finish editing the edits.

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