The End Of Class


Picture above was taken by one of my students near the end of the day, yesterday. Notice the “#1 New Release in Probability & Statistics.” This adds to the laurels of #1 in Epistemology and then in Logic. Book soared all the way to 16,000th overall.

Before falling back, of course. Now somewhere in the 20Ks.

There is no structured post today because we had a little soirée out back after class yesterday, and then moved on to The Nines, where we soiréed all over again. I am now unsoiréeing.

But this is it. Class ends tomorrow. Been a lot of probability and statistical “research” in the news to get to. Regular posts to resume soon. Ish.

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  1. @ Ted, my working definition of epistemology is the study of how we know what we know, with an implication added covering what we don’t know and possibly what we can’t know as long as we wear chemical bodies.

  2. D’you know, I read “The End of Class” as an announcement that the stratification of society would soon be at an end. Ah well.

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