Tyranny Of Liberalism Update

Freedom of Association
Freedom of Association

Item: LGBT Groups Seek to Entrench Agenda at the UN.

The current session of the Human Rights Council opened this month, amid rumors that a group of South American countries, at the behest of LGBT organizations, would put forward a resolution to create a new Independent Expert or Special Rapporteur position for the promotion of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues…

As it is, the Free and Equal Campaign has undertaken a variety of high profile projects, including slickly produced videos, reports, and aggressive PR campaigns, such as the creation of LGBT themed postage stamps.

Perversity must not only not be ridiculed, shunned, or discouraged, it must be embraced, celebrated, and, in the end, engaged in.

Item: Anti-Free Speech Laws Force Right-wing Activists Into Hiding Abroad.

Le Monde reports that a number of right wingers have been pressured to flee France to avoid arrest for “hate” speech…

…French icon Brigitte Bardot has been on trial five times for insulting Muslims and “inciting hatred”. On one of these occasions she was convicted just for “decrying the loss of French identity and tradition due to the ‘multiplication of mosques while our church bells fall silent for want of priests'”.

Ne dis rien! Or, if you do, you go to jail. Submit—or else.

Item: Dating Website ChristianMingle Must Include Gays, Judge Rules

Two gay men in California brought a lawsuit against ChristianMingle’s parent company Spark Network, which also administers CatholicMingle.com, AdventistSinglesConnection.com, BlackSingles.com, and a mobile application CROSSPATHS. They alleged the site’s failure to accommodate gay users violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a state anti-discrimination law.

ChristianMingle only includes “man seeking woman” and “woman seeking man” options for users, but does not include alternatives for users seeking members of the same sex.

The ruling gives the website two years to ensure that the gateway options on the homepage for new users ask only whether a user is a “man” or “woman.” The order also allows the website to maintain the current options if an alternative for individuals seeking members of the same sex is included…

Freedom of Association by definition means the right to discriminate. Freedom of Religion means by definition means the right to and the necessity of discriminating.

Freedom of Association is long dead; its corpse ages ago having crumbled into the dust. You are now forced by the point of the sword to associate with whom the State dictates. The State does this under the banner of “Equality” and, perversely, “Freedom”.

Item: Interior Secretary: More Diversity Needed In National Monuments – ‘Bronze White Guy’ Too Prevalent

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said on Tuesday at an event focused on Hispanic-American Entrepreneurship that the national monuments in the nation’s capital need to be more diverse.

“If you drive around Washington, D.C., in every circle and every square you generally see a bronze white guy — sometimes on a horse, sometimes not…

Item: Christian Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation Over Biblical Stance on Homosexuality, Ontario Court Rules

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that a Christian University can be denied accreditation because of its opposition to homosexuality…

“TWU wants to establish a law school. Although members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (‘LGBTQ’) community may apply to the proposed law school, they will not be admitted unless they are willing to sign and adhere to TWU’s community covenant,” read the ruling.

“The consequence is that LGBTQ students are discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU.”

Of course “LGBTQ students are discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU”. “LGBTQ students” must be “discriminated against in terms of admission to, and life at, TWU” is TWU is to maintain its Christian identity!

This must be plain even to a Canadian judge. Thus the only (as in only) way to explain the ruling is either invincible ignorance of the ruling body or its implacable hatred of Christianity.

Of course, logic demands we accept both explanations might be partially true.


  1. Might want to be sure that you realize the precursor to modern “anti-Free Speech” policies and laws.

    France, and all of Europe are aggressive in applying the special case of anti-Free-Speech actions, ex:

    1. That brave beacon of pure Free Speech, Charlie Hebdo, quickly fired a cartoonist for “anti-semitism” and threw him to the courts for quick retribution, for one comment:

    2. French comedian arrested for “anti-semitism:”
    ““Racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and apology for terrorism are not opinions, these are offences.””


    There’s tyranny from many different angles.

    Free speech is free speech……or is it?

    The squealing you hear is proportionate to whose ox is being gored.

  2. Gary in Erko

    Sport discriminates. Are hockey teams still permitted to discriminate against swimmers by not holding swimming competitions? The UN should appoint a Special Racketeer for promotion of non-discriminative sport. And when will our governments realise that Enlightenment thinking should be applied to the separation of state and sport?

  3. Anon

    Many statues (including the Statue of Liberty and the Vietnam Memorial) were raised by what is now known as crowdfunding. If the crowd isn’t interested in funding, then it’s not going to go up. Americans are welcome to create their own crowds and fund their own statues.

  4. Sheri

    “Of course, logic demands we accept both explanations might be partially true.” I would say that’s actually probably true that both explanations apply.

    Anon: No, Americans are not free to fund whatever they wish. No confederate flags or memorials are allowed, it’s questionable whether or not any statue celebrating “British colonists’s” conquest of “Native Americans” could be put up, no statues of anyone who can EVER be shown to have made any statement whatsoever that might, maybe could have been racist, unless they are a Liberal Democrat (as in the case of former KKK member Senator Byrd, etc.). Buildings cannot be named after anyone the ruling elite determines is wrong. Remember the “Redskins”—who are no more. That was a private sports team, but who cares? Everyone WILL do what the oppressors want or be punished. Yes, you can theoretically go against the oppressors, if you want to live under a bridge in cardboard box where Nanny Bloomberg will be sure you don’t get any free food with too much sugar, salt or fat.

  5. Just thinking it might be time for the “Pride Parade” in “Pride Week” to be renamed the “Gloat Parade” in “Gloat Week”.

  6. Oh the tyranny of those poor, poor, wimpy, whiny, little conservatives.

    Meanwhile, your war on poor people (the drug war), millions and millions of lives ruined and counting, continues without notice of you poor, poor, wimpy, whiny, little conservatives.

    You have no moral standing here whatsoever. You are hypocrites. Anti-Christian hypocrites. And for your peddling of immorality (war, pollution, the imprisonment of the poor) for profit of any kind while pronouncing your Christianity, Jesus would personally kick over your laptops.


  7. Sheri

    JMJ: My bad. They haven’t been pressured out of the name yet. The pressure remains but no one has capitulated yet. Thanks for point that out.
    (Off topic, but interesting, “shows how few ordinary Indians have been persuaded” shows up in a Washington Post article from 5/18/2016. Most references are to “Native Americans”, but someone missed out on this one.)

    acricketchirps: Good idea.

  8. Sheri

    Should have been “pointing that out”, not “point that out”. Dang—I can’t type or keep up with football team names…… 🙂

  9. I don’t understand of what JMJ’s last rant is apropos. One thing: He sure seems to know what Jesus would do in any given situation! (Q: Is He really that hippy marxist of Shecky’s imagination, JMJ?)

  10. Richard A

    So, the lying anti-immigrant American press reported the Cologne gang-rapes, eventually, but not the gangs of young German men who went rampaging through Muslim enclaves burning mosques and raping their women?

    Or, what exactly was the backlash she feared, like after the Cologne incidents?

  11. Sheri

    JMJ: Wow, greatest irony I’ve seen in a long time—you accusing people of lacking morality. You don’t believe in Jesus, so how could you possibly know what a person you don’t believe in would do (or are you a closet theist?) Luckily, Jesus is not here to address the sins of the progressive movement. FYI—it’s progressives that imprison the poor and promote racism. You really shouldn’t talk about what Jesus would do and spit out lies and class envy in the next. It’s not that Jesus would do anything to you, it’s just that it makes you look so very foolish.

  12. Nate

    @Pouncer – MRI studies are bunkum, and always were. They “average” (for wont of a better term) brain pictures together. But they never stopped to look at individual brains, and didn’t realize that an individual’s patterns never seemed to look anything like the ‘average’ pattern.

  13. JH

    Why would a Christian university discriminate against LGBT students? Isn’t taking those students under its wings the best way to cure them?

    HA HA HA HA HA HA. (I can never tell what’s hiding behind these of HAs. I feel agreeable today, so I decide to copy-paste Briggs’ HAs.)

    Judging indiscriminately results in discrimination. Judging indiscriminately also results in discrimination. “Freedom of Association by definition means the right to discriminate.” The right to discriminate infringes an individual’s freedom of association with a group or organization. This word game is fun.

  14. Sheri

    JH: Shame on you. We are not allowed to “cure” people with unconventional sexual preferences. You know that.

  15. JH

    Freedom of Association is long dead; its corpse ages ago having crumbled into the dust. You are now forced by the point of the sword to associate with whom the State dictates. The State does this under the banner of “Equality” and, perversely, “Freedom”.

    FOA is not dead in the world I live. I just renewed my membership to ASA and a local Chinese association. I see no swords or guns, or banners stamped with the ownership declaring words “government property.” I’ll say that membership fees are a minor obstacle to my right to freedom of association.

    Ooooh, I forgot, making a general claim using one or two news reports is Briggs’ way of ridiculing and standing up against his enemies.

    “The greatest height of heroism to which an individual, like a people, can attain is to know how to face ridicule. Those darn brainy quotes sure can make everyone, including ISIS suicide killers, a hero.

  16. JH

    Sheri, gee, navieme, I thought all along that some of the Christian leaders knew the truth.

  17. Sheri, I try to be a good person. A Golden Rule kind of guy. When I see the sorts of things you conservatives decry as transgressions on rights, and then contrast that with what you perpetrate, I, as a good person, see a horrible, seemingly malevolent, hypocritical position.


  18. Joy

    There’s no justification for hate speech or PC laws. This is what has made so many unhappy and turned everybody against their neighbour. It has the reverse effect to that which is said to be intended.
    In a debate at the central synagogue the feeling was that hate speech laws which started to punish antisemites are counterproductive and unnecessary for all the reasons well discussed.
    (“Central Synagogue Meeting 19th Feb 2015”).

    There’s hope yet that with the correct people in charge the laws will be repealed. EVENTUALLY.

    As for Charlie Hebdo they were always in the courts with someone. It is/was the nature of that satirical magazine to inflame and agitate. Hate speech laws make their style no longer workable. That can’t be fair either. All internet comments will be next. Maybe that’s why people on here like to be in disguise.

    I’ll tell you what it’s like in prison. What will happen is, just as with poll tax it will be so impossible to litigate all the cases. It will be unworkable but for a few unfortunates who are made examples of.

    Anyone who says they don’t support Trump and yet moans about Pc and hate laws need their head examined. It looks as though Hillary will have her wicked way now though.
    No thanks to the grand old party. he was your best hope.

  19. Do unto others as you would have them unto you, the Golden Rule, becomes a source of strife when one would have them leave him alone to enjoy his happy trip to Hell or oblivion, while another might just as fervently have them strive to save him from same fate.

  20. swordfishtrombone

    Your stand against liberalism / authoritarian leftism / progressivism would make more sense if you weren’t advocating a religion which is itself authoritarian, poking its nose into every detail of people’s lives, telling everyone what to do, how to have sex and even what to think, then condemning those who fail to eternal torture.

  21. sft’bone, to whom are you referring by the word “Your” in that comment? Also which religion are you talking about? I don’t recognize it from your description.

  22. swordfishtrombone

    @ acricketchirps:

    ‘Your’ = Mr. Briggs.

    Religion = Catholic.

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