Uncertainty Gifs

Accept these silly GIFs in lieu of a post. I’d’ve had something meatier, but events overtook.

First, I spent two days fixing code that was, after all, giving me the right answer. I am two days behind. (J and M, if you are reading…)

Then, I decided it would be swell to upgrade to Kubuntu 16.04. This was a mistake. I liked 14.04 much better. But you can never go home again. I only just now restored sound. Because previews are lacking in the “improved” version, podcasts (which will resume shortly) will be more difficult.

Third, I got another assignment from The Stream and that took precedent (I have one in the queue there now already on freedom of religion; this next one is on Hillary’s belief in Science).

Fourth…there is no fourth. Enjoy the GIFs. If you’re inclined, which you should be, you can send them to Twitter, Facebook, or to your favorite scientist. Click here if you’d rather have a “meme”.

I’ll note the Joint Statistical Meetings will be starting tonight (but more so tomorrow) in Chicago. I’ll not be there (have you seen the fees?), but my editor at Springer says my book, Uncertainty: The Soul of Modeling, Probability & Statistics, will be featured.

So now’s the time to hit up any attendees you know (I’ll be spamming a few myself) and have them get a terrific discount at the Springer booth. Amazon’s discount is now 12%: the more the book sells, the bigger the discount—up to a point.

Remember our goal: eliminate all hypothesis tests and parameter-based methods, test all models (of any kind!) against reality. Restore probability!

When posting GIFs, post too the link to Uncertainty (for sale) or (explanation).




  1. Sheri

    Hillary’s WHAT?????? (I may laugh so hard I have to stop typing for while!)

  2. DAV

    I decided it would be swell to upgrade to Kubuntu 16.04. This was a mistake.

    Every time I upgrade Fedora it takes a week to recovery and get back to normal. There’s no such thing as gradual upgrade since many things are updated at the same time. The price of doing business in the QA-less Open Source world, I guess. I generally have to upgrade every other release as incremental fixes stop coming. Some of the packages change apparently for the sake of changing. A real pain.

    Migrating Perl to a new release is daunting (and has to be done with every new Fedora release). The core modules get updated but none of the packages. There is an app which automates the update of all packages but it stops with frequent question which must be answered — and the process takes 12 hours. So, at a minimum, an upgrade costs a one day delay.

  3. DAV

    I wonder if Hillary was the model for all bobblehead dolls.

  4. Ugh. I tried 16.04 in a VM and hated much about it (stuff in a vertical panel grow ginourmous, kate is a retard over sftp, desktop thingies are retarded), so I’m going to be stuck on 14.04 for a while longer.

  5. *nixes have always been too finicky or just not work for me. Interestingly enough, the *nixes that gave me the least trouble were Ubuntu 7, 8 and a Red Hat Fedora from that era. I put VirtualBox on my system. Yep, the *nix panicked. I probably could find a VirtualBox virtual hard drive appliance out there. That’s likely what I do the next time I want to dabble in the *nix world, and I’ll likely try one of the BSD distros.

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