Equality Motivates The Refugee Crisis


Nick Land, about whose views more in a moment, points us to Damon Linker about how Angela Merkel’s German airplane has imperiled Europe. A real Messerschmitt.

About the details you already know, and which anyway are well summarized in the top graph, a picture from Pew Center. Add those numbers to the knowledge from all history that rapid mixing of disparate cultures leads to violence and, well, Rotherham (which Linker forgot), and the Terror O’ The Day that daily reddens our headlines.

Motive is our interest here. Why. Why are Merkel & Co. doing this? According to Linker (and many others):

As French political philosopher Pierre Manent explains in an important interview translated in First Things, European elite culture is committed to a view of the world that abstracts from particular attachments — national attachments, ethnic attachments, religious attachments — and treats individuals as perfectly equal and interchangeable exemplars of capital-H Humanity. A Catholic Frenchman is just a human being. A secular German is just a human being. A devout Muslim refugee from the Syrian civil war is just a human being. Place of origin is politically irrelevant. So is religious affiliation. And age. And gender. The only form of belonging that matters is to the placeless human species.

To this Land adds:

Assuming — as seems fair — that [Merkel] doesn’t positively want to usher in Hitler 2.0, her catastrophic policy decisions have to be misguided…One can only infer that she genuinely believed a vast flood of predominantly young, male, Islamic, tribalistic, and historically-traumatized incomers, with a hallucinatory sense of (unrealizable) cultural and material entitlement, would immediately transmute into fungible production units and contribute to European pensions financing. The Economist pretends to believe the same thing. I’m forced to accept it’s possible to believe it, despite finding the flying spaghetti monster significantly more plausible. If this depth of delusion really has a grip on the minds of Western elites, any outcome other than utter disaster is most probably unobtainable. A cynical lie would be far less dangerous.

If we don’t accept Merkel & Co. believe—really believe—in Equality, the theory that all humans, and even some animals, are interchangeable infinitely programmable pliable automatons, the only thing left for us is conspiracy.

It’s tempting! If you had set out to devise a secret nefarious plan to destabilize and destroy, a collusive stratagem which pushed and pushed and pushed to the limit, but which managed to just keep the populace in check, but whose goal was to dismantle civilization and undermine souls, it’s hard to see how you could’ve done better than Merkel & Co.’s machinations.

Yet, as Shakespeare probably said, conspiracy will out. We haven’t proof (in the form of minutes from their last meeting, say) Merkel & Co. have aligned with the Masons, Illuminati, or whomever, intent on creating a New World Order, even though the effects are the same as if she did. Evidence of no, you can bet that the real-life cabals out there are not letting the crisis go to waste, and are exacerbating the chaos. Hello, Mr Soros!

Conspiracy isn’t needed to explain the data. Equality is a sufficient cause: a corrosive poisonous cancerous remorseless immoral beguilingly false philosophy that preaches there are no men and no women, only people; there are no old and no young, only people; there are no blacks and no whites, only people; there are no Jews and no Gentiles, there are only people.

That last corruption could explain why Pope Francis, God bless him, has signed the Vatican on as a Merkel & Co. affiliate. Has the Pope mistaken the true equality of eligibility of salvation for the false Equality that all people are the same? That all religions are the same? That all sin is the same? The Pope hasn’t been exactly consistent in his pronouncements. Yet in the end it doesn’t matter, because the impression is that the Pope, like the vast majority of Western leaders, supports Equality.

Detractors of the heresy are rooted out, punished, silenced. Equality and bust!

Actual earthly examples of Equality don’t exist, of course, and never have. The only evidence for Equality, a seductive conclusion, has always been desire. Desire, being spiritual and not material, is therefore more powerful than any physical hold. Desire for Equality was the first sin for angels and men—“ye shall be as gods”—so it is fitting it be the last and most destructive.


  1. Ross

    Equality…uniformity, entropy, heat death. Call it what you will, it’s undifferentiated chaos.

  2. Ray

    Years ago I read a book on the psychological origins of political correctness and the author pointed out that when you become PC you have to deny reality and live in fantasy land. It’s like feminists claiming there is no difference between men and women and then they continually complain about men’s behavior and how the male patriarchy oppresses them.

  3. Ken

    Some politician does something, someone else cannot understand why and/or disagrees with … so the obvious conclusion to the ego-centric is that that decision must inevitably be bad and certain to bring dire results.

    That’s one way (e.g. Briggs’ way) of looking at it.

    The first German publication I happened upon notes this, slightly different & cautiously optimistic, and factually correct on a key point, perspective:

    “Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.” (an interpretation by Reverend Rainer Eppelmann, who was quoting Czech president and writer Vaclav Havel).

    As Spiegel Online International ultimately notes: “It is completely unclear how the experiment will end that the German chancellor has forced upon the European Continent, upon her fellow citizens and, not least, upon her party.”

    That last point is factually correct — nobody knows what will happen and if the aggregate outcome is mostly good or bad, and for who … and over what time spans — e.g. if near-term assimilation might be traumatic but yield disproportionately better benefits, etc.

    The ‘glass half empty’ negative outlook presented in this essay omits any consideration whatsoever of the ‘half full’ opportunities also known to arise from such immigration.
    …another unbalanced outlook & weighing of evidence, in other words.

  4. Ken

    Reuters reports that:

    A) Support for one of Merkel’s fiercest critics, Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer, who has called for restrictions on immigration to increase security, jumped 11 points to 44 percent.

    B) Merkely is persisting in her ‘open border’ policy.

    For most readers of this blog, Merkel’s debated decision on immigration (a view much-shared by Hillary, etc.) could be a good thing for the outcome of the U.S. presidential election if the predicted/feared effects (violence) do manifest (this would undermine Hillary/Democrats)…and thus, overall, a good thing.

    It all depends on how one looks at it, and, sometimes, from where one is looking…

  5. Sheri

    Ken: Sometimes the glass has been knocked over and is spilling its contents everywhere.

  6. Ye Olde Statistician

    The engineer concludes that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

  7. DAV

    The politician concludes that if the glass had twice the volume it would then have twice as much, hence the Bigger Glass Act.

  8. Milton Hathaway

    YOS – A 2-to-1 safety margin is cutting it too close for most engineering endeavors. Any glass more than one-quarter full may not safely contain the optimism.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    I like the ‘lets suppress workers wages by importing lots of them’-theory better, because it is a ‘follow the money’- kind of theory.

  10. Khichdo

    One wonders if the writer of this essay would have the same issue if the refugees were Caucasian

  11. Ye Olde Statistician

    Like Jewish refugees going to the Middle East after WW2. Or Chinese immigrants in Indonesia. Or Albanians into Kosovo. Or Gothic foederati into the Roman Empire. History is full of examples of one people entering the territory of another people. Sometimes as conquerors, as the Japanese into China or the Arabs into Syria and Egypt. Other times as refugees, as the Persians into India after the Arab conquest. When the Greeks were forced out of Anatolia by the Turks in the 1920s they at least had Greece to go to. (And ditto for the Turks forced out of Greece by the revolution.) The same was true of the ethnic cleansing of Germans from the East after Poland was “shifted” to the west by Stalin.

    Even relatively benign situations generate problems. Belgium was formed in 1820 from the Catholic territories of the old Hapsburg Netherlands; but that included Dutch-speakers (Flemings) and French-speakers (Walloons), and that led to all sorts of troubles between them during the Age of Nationalism. (The European Union was based on the proposition that what has not worked in 200 years in one tiny corner of the continent would work within 50 years across the entire range of countries.) The language riots were even worse in India until the State boundaries were redrawn around linguistic nations. Tamils were not always happy to see Telugus moving into their lands.

    The old USSR famously shifted whole peoples around, in consequence of which there are big pockets of ethnic Russians in places like Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

    Countries like the US have fewer problems incorporating outlanders because a) the country is based on a creed and not a nationality; b) it has a formal process for generating an ‘unum’ out of a ‘pluribus’; and c) most refugees crossing the ocean were looking to become Americans, not to bring the Old Country with them. But fewer does not mean none. Irish immigration included Fenians who managed to pull off a free enterprise invasion of British Canada! The Italians brought the Mafia, etc., etc. And most waves of immigrants have encountered resistance from previous waves. E.g., the Know Nothings against Irish and German Catholic immigrants in the 1850s. Or for that matter, against English refugees from the resident Amerindians. Not that refugee Choctaws and Cherokees were embraced by the Plains tribes either when they showed up in Oklahoma.

  12. Sheri

    Khichdo: Refugees cannot be Caucasian, pretty much by definition. Like racism can not be aimed at Caucasians either.

    Years back, there were actual refugees brought in from Vietnam. I remember people being very upset by this. However, over time, the refugees learned English, started businesses, attended schools and became part of the community. They carved out a place for themselves in America and did not seem to have the sense of entitlement that current so-called refugees have. People fleeing actual persecution rather than flooding into a country that is foolish enough to bring in a bunch of political slaves and pay out cash to them constantly in order to keep them enslaved have a very different effect on society.

  13. MattCzu

    Ross: Right!
    YOS: To add to the history perspective one can find ample resources as to related events as well as human behavior. Recent example is “The Silk Roads” from P. Frankopan. Not so recent one are the books of Sima Quian – a must to read. At least book 110 is accessible in many languages. Former is especially actual as we see re-emerging of the Silk Road’s empires and states …
    As to Merkel’s evaluation those who are versate in German may want to consult http://www.nzz.ch/meinung/kommentare/helmut-kohl-und-angela-merkel-der-unterschied-ld.109534#kommentare. Author of the latter is H-H Tiedje, former press referent of Chancellor Kohl.
    Merkel, as well as the majority of the EU- bureaucracy is motivated, inspired and delimited by the “Pan-Europe” views and thoughts of the late Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, whose “Praktischer Idealismus” and “Pan-Europe” books admittedly heavily influenced – and it still does – the way European “elite” is trying to do thinking. A very outdated and non – historical way of thinking, to say the least. Curious, but P.I. appeared in print in 1925. A history telling date, in an awkward way paralleling the “Mein Kampf” in many aspects. Not all, of course.

  14. Salwin

    “One wonders if the writer of this essay would have the same issue if the refugees were Caucasian”

    Tell us more on how Europe needs hordes of lower IQ, crime ridden, dindus from Africa and the Middle East.

  15. “One wonders if the writer of this essay would have the same issue if the refugees were Caucasian”

    They are. Arabs are white people with suntans. The Saudi royal family is almost as pasty-faced as I am.

  16. Unmasked: The Master Plan Behind the Invasion…at euro.med.uk has the goods. http://new.euro-med.dk/20151106-unmasked-the-mastermind-and-his-plan-behind-the-mass-invasion-of-europe-in-8-steps.php. Also http://newworldorderuniversity.com/?p=7864, Anti-white genocide comes from the UN and the EU. Also http://newworldorderuniversity.com/?p=8036. NWO News April 20. MattCzu has it, Coudhouve-Kalergi, you can trace his support to the Rothschilds. The Jews wanted to genocide the Germans since before WWI.

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