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Today’s post is at The Stream: President Obama Once Again Imagines He Will Saves The World.

On his inauguration—perhaps apotheosis is a better word—President Obama said that the world would forever remember that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Seven years later, adjusting or forgetting his earlier prophecy, Mr Obama declared that his signing of the Paris Agreement on global warming would be known throughout history as “the moment we finally decided to save our planet”.

Either way, if he is right then President Obama will have done what no man has ever done before; he will have accomplished a feat thought possible only of God Himself. Mr Obama will stop the earth’s climate from changing!

Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still. Something very like that will and must occur to stop the climate from changing, because it is the sun’s variability, and the ever-shifting of earth’s position in relation to the sun, which cause the vast bulk of changes in the atmosphere. Though mankind surely influences the climate, just as every species from aardvarks to zebra muscles also influence the climate, our contributions pale next to the powers of the sun.

Will the President’s Agreement command the sun?

Epictetus said, “Crows pick out the eyes of the dead, when the dead have no longer need of them; but flatterers mar the soul of the living, and her eyes they blind.” No man has been as saturated in flattery as President Obama, so it is easy to understand how the poor man could be fail to see to his limitations.

His blindness might also explain why Mr Obama…

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  1. Anon

    The things that fall out of the mouth of Obama would result in endless mirth of the journalistic class had they fallen from the mouth of a Republican. Imagine if McCain or Romney suggested that they could heal the earth. Republicans can’t get out from under things that they didn’t say.

  2. Funny, even the Chinese appear to understand that Obama did nothing and that the US is not bound by this action. Yet Obama continues to pretend he did something worthy of note. WattsUpwithThat has a great cartoon by Josh on this subject.

    Anon: Can’t imagine Republicans saying such things—they lack the delusions of grandeur that Democrats have (with a few exceptions). It’s interesting that America buys into the Delusion when the Democrats say it, yet scream and ridicule when the Republicans do. There’s probably a name for such psychotic behaviour somewhere out there. (Besides the usual “marks” term used by con artists in general.)

  3. Gary

    Briggs, is the headline writer at The Stream a mole for your enemies?

  4. Correction: Notalotofpeopleknowthat has the Josh cartoon.

  5. Jim Fedako

    Sheri —

    Delusions of grandeur run rampant on both sides of the aisle.

    Bush and the Republicans (along with Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Republican-Democratic progressive movement) declared that ALL children would be proficient by 2013. All, as in everyone of them.

    Since date has past, we must be in the era of the New Soviet (er, Progressive) Man thanks to a singular edict from king Bush.

    Didn’t Bush also claim that HE would make the US an Ownership Society, where everyone owned a home as part of the American Dream? But then 2008 and reality got in the way — a true King Canute moment.

    Note: Didn’t Cheney initially say HE would eradicate terrorism with just $80 billion, some $3 trillion off the mark — a billion here, a trillion there, and we are talking real money.

  6. Steve E

    I’m not sure how an agreement that allows Chinese CO2 output to rise for the next 14 years is saving the planet. Logic is not a progressive long suit.

  7. Jim: (with a few exceptions) I don’t see the same level of delusions on the Republican side, thought lately the entire government seems to be run by crazy people out to save the planet whether anyone wants it saved or not. There is a certain level of narcissism and self-agrandizing necessary to survive in politics. Some just take it to nearly (or actual) psychotic levels. However, as I have read elsewhere, apparently the American people want this because they keep electing the inmates to run the asylum.

    Agreed that “No Child Left Behind” was delusional to the max.

    Seve E: Logic is actually never allowed. One can be kicked out of the club for even suggesting anything logical.

  8. Milton Hathaway

    I often wonder why the progressives have hung their hat on this CAGW issue. It seems doomed to failure, from their point of view. Human Nature demands that atmospheric CO2 will continue to rise unabated, and can it can be measured. Sea levels can be measured. Early adopters have been the big losers. There is a huge self-interest correction mechanism to be overcome. Are they just delusional?

    Odd, the url to the Stream article works with either “save” or “saves”. Some sort of auto-correct happening behind the scenes? Well, no, apparently, since removing the “s” from “imagines” gives the expected “404 Error: Page not found”.

    Trigger warning! The rest of this paragraph just might stick with you, like it has with me, and not in a good way, like the theme song to Gilligan’s Island. Still here? Here it comes. I had a teacher tell me once “Bad spelling is like bad breath – people won’t remember what you say, only that you stink while saying it.” You younger folks who went to school after spelling was deemphasized will dismiss this, of course, but those of us who were graded harshly on spelling have been conditioned to view poor spelling as a sign of low intelligence.

    Re “President Trump”, I’m still predicting a landslide win for him. The polls won’t hint at this until a week or two before the election, when his totally unexpected “dramatic movement” in the polls will amaze a flabbergasted press. Just another instance of the old saying “figures don’t line, but liars figure”. (Mark Twain?)

  9. Milton Hathaway

    Shari – Would you believe that I did that on purpose to emphasize my point? Ok, how about I was humming the theme song to Gilligan’s island and had a brain freeze? Would you believe …

  10. Joy

    ” a true King Canute moment.”
    Would be more like Obama ordering th planet to show that it wouldn’t happen.
    King Canute was demonstrating his his limitations not his limitless power.
    Many people still believe the latter was true.
    Obama? who gives a dam?

  11. Joy: The mainstream media cares deeply.

  12. Fr. John Rickert

    Cicero said that Fortune is blind and blinds those who have it…

  13. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    So it truly was a delusion and Bush was not proving his limitations.

  14. JMJ: While you back the liar with coughing fits?

  15. brad tittle

    In order to be a good programmer, you don’t have to be able to spell well, all you have to do is spell the same way all the time.

    No Child Left Behind has always meant from the minute I first heard it “All children will be mediocre”. Averages were involved. Averages are your friend. Averages will bite you in the ass faster than an agitated rattlesnake defending its eggs. There are the children who just barely need a teacher to make it through school who are unaffected. There are the children who greatly need a teacher to navigate the waters of curricula. Then there are the children who need a great deal of attention to even have a hint of a chance. The first group of kids will survive no matter what. The second and third set get mashed together into a not so appetizing chunk of almosts… If you separate out the third set and focus special attention, then you single them out and stigmatize them. If you merge them together, then the second group gets penalized. Life sucks.

    In the US we stab ourselves repeatedly because we redirect funds to help the first group succeed to the bottom. We can lean on the first group because they will survive without too much help.

    Do not get me started about the irrational nature of STEM initiatives.

  16. brad tittle: So true with the not having to be able to spell correctly to program, just be consistent. I used to use no capital letters so I didn’t have to remember if I had capitalized a word or not.

    I promise not to get you started on STEM! 🙂

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