Reader Challenge: Find College WITHOUT Diversity Program


Are there any (nonprofit) colleges or universities without programs, offices, or administrators for Diversity? In the United States, I mean, or, secondarily, anywhere in the West.

Type “Diversity” in Harvard’s site and you get the picture above. There is the Office of the Assistant to the President, Institutional Diversity and Equity, the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion, The Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership at the Medical School, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the School of Public Health, the Multicultural Diversity program, the Diversity and Explorations Program at the Harvard Divinity School, the Diversity program at the Department of Biostatistics, the list of Diversity and Inclusion Resources, and all that is only on the first page of results. There are ten pages.

“So what,” you say. “Harvard’s soul was lost when they allowed unitarians into the Theology Department.”

True. But who knew the rot had spread to the Biostatistics Department? How about let’s try a decent State school. Ohio State?

They have an official Diversity statement for the main school and the Medical school, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, an official Diversity Action Plan, statement of Diversity & Inclusion at the Fisher College of Business, Recruitment and Diversity Services at the College of Arts and Sciences, a Diversity statement at the College of Engineering, and many, many, many more.

And I learned University of Michigan’s Chief Diversity Officer, a “long-time activist”, will make $385,000 a year. That’s over $1,000 a day. Each and every day. To be fair (that was a hard word to write), the school will spend $85 million on Diversity, so nearly half a million is nothing.

“Well, you can’t go by that. State schools have long succumbed to politics. How about some small liberal arts place in some tucked away, obscure place like Alabama? How’s Calhoun Community College?”

Nah, Diversity galore. It’s a “learning outcome” in programs of all kinds. Even in computer graphics.

“This is getting tricky. Perhaps a Catholic College? After all, their focus should be on Our Lord and not on current political fads. Give Sacred Heart University a go. ”

Another strike. They have the EPP Diversity Initiative, all kinds of courses on Diversity and “social justice”. Plus, the school’s Mission statement blathers on about Diversity.

“All right. Why not try that Hillsdale College. They’re always advertising on conservative sites.”

Bingo! No programs whatsoever. In fact, the only mention of Diversity (unrelated to biological diversity) comes in the school’s Mission Statement:

The College values the merit of each unique individual, rather than succumbing to the dehumanizing, discriminatory trend of so-called “social justice” and “multicultural diversity,” which judges individuals not as individuals, but as members of a group and which pits one group against other competing groups in divisive power struggles.

That’s one. And, so far, the only one I know about. Surely there must be others, or at least another. Your task, Dear Reader, is to discover these others (or the other).

Ways to check. Go to the school’s site and type “Diversity” in their search box. But also try typing “ diversity” directly into Google (or your browser’s search bar). The latter search will often turn up mentions the first misses.

Why do we need this list? Primarily as a service to mankind. Diversity is our weakness. Parents need to have a source to know where to send their kids to school where they can, to the best extent possible, avoid indoctrination.

You have to look hard, too. Traditionally, the sciences, since they had to produce actual results aligned to reality, were bastions against political correctness. This is no longer the case, as Harvard’s Diversity in Biostatistics and Medicine prove. Well, the fanatical devotion to global warming has also mired science in politics. Science is no longer safe.

Some individual classes and programs, even at Diversity-laden institutes, hold out. My class, for instance. But they cannot last. Equality is the greatest leveling force known to man. Any appearance of inequality must and will be crushed. As I wrote before, what’s needed is a moat around the school to keep the Chaos outside the gates.

There you have it. Let’s get a list. In the comments, put your successes, but also let us know of your failures, so people don’t have to double check. The Future thanks you.


  1. Jobless college graduate, thanks Obama

    Christendom College is another. The only mention I can find of the word in its grotesque modern context is in an article about a professor attending an external seminar in 2009 to provide a traditional Catholic perspective among the other varieties of “religious diversity”.

    There are still pockets of hope here and there, if you know where to look.

  2. Charles Sommer

    As far as I can tell, University of St. Thomas (Houston) is also free of this. There is some mention of diversity within programs (the Center for Faith and Culture), but nothing like this in terms of offices and programs.

  3. McG

    Thomas Aquinas College in California is another. Two mentions of diversity are to (1) simple statistics of the sex and race breakdown of the enrolled students, and (2) a quote by a student highlighting “real diversity of opinion” on its mission and history page.

  4. Bachy

    Tried Monash University here in Australia. Managed to get 49,900 results. With 10 items per page in the search results, that’s 4990 pages of diversity. Other universities were almost as bad. So, sad to say, Australia seems to be far worse than the US.

  5. Tricky, since I am not certain the standard for inclusion in the list. However, Cedarville University, Grove City College, and Liberty University seem to qualify.

  6. Johnny

    St. Thomas Aquinas College in NY: infected, but no official program
    Christendom College: not infected (oops, someone already noted that)

    If you haven’t already done so, Mr. Briggs, how about a column on the misuse of the word “phobia”? As in: if you affirm and defend traditional morality, you’re “homophobic.” If you reject a tidal wave of Muslim immigrants because (a) their backgrounds cannot be vetted, and (b) Muslim-majority areas will result in Sharia Law, then you’re “Islamophobic.”

  7. Robert Doyle

    The cost of these “reeducation tsars doubly bad.

    Professors, adjunct professors, graduate student teaching assistants have seen their salaries squeezed while students have to deal with tuitions rise.

    Second, and in my opinion, the so called diversity has in fact, ushered in a totalitarian process on speech. Race, Gender, Climate and more can only have one, single point of view. At best, a faculty member or student will
    be shunned. The harsher option is dismissal.
    Thank you for the post.

  8. Fred

    Hillsdale was my only guess and you stole it. That’s not very diverse of you.

  9. Well, in a country like ours, it makes sense. We are a nation of immigrants and continue to be so, and we are a global superpower who trades around the world with almost everyone.

    Do you know why I fell into a career in the container line business? Not because I had a business degree, not because I served in the Navy or Merchant Marines, not because I am multi-lingual or multi-racial or anything like that. I fell into it because of my history major in college. Even in the NYC area, it is hard to find Americans with a decent understanding of the world, and it’s diversity, around them. And the trouble with college grads is most of them come from pretty sheltered backgrounds.

    I remember, years ago in my twenties, I was working on the floor of a an auto-parts factory in NJ. I was an inspector and I supervised production. We just got this new MBA from Buffalo, white as Wonder bread and just as soft, big guy, but soft on the inside. So, on his first day, this guy decides to come out on the production floor and have a look around and assert himself. He comes to me to show him around since I’m the only native English speaker in charge on the floor. As we’re speaking he sees this very little, old Dominican guy holding a large piece of flat glass in a rather awkward way as his stature would only allow. So, this MBA, big guy, big voice, starts yelling at this little, old Dominican guy, “Hey! Don’t you know that’s not the right way to hold the glass?! You can’t do it like that! Do it right! Don’t let me come in here and see you holding it like that!,” he demanded, loud and red-faced, throwing his weight at this little guy, who, meanwhile, just stood there, blank-faced, looking at him. Now, people coming from that part if the world in those days had it really tough. Their country’s were in bad shape. Many had been through horrible, bloody revolutions, or crushing poverty, or wipe-out natural disasters. And people are shaped by such things. So, anyway, this little, old guy had no idea what this new MBA had just told him, so all he heard was “BLA BLA BLA BLA!!!,” yelled in his face. So, he asked me what the MBA said, and I translated for him. He told me, as I already knew, it was the only way he could hold the glass, he’d been doing it for years, and then he said to me, “You tell him, if he ever talks to me like that again, I will slit his throat,” just as calmly as if he’d said “You tell him I will get him a glass of milk.” He wasn’t kidding. So, the MBA looks at me and asks what this old guy said. I didn’t want to rattle him too much, scare the new guy away, but he needed to understand something, so I got up close to his ear, so just he could hear, and I told him, “Look man, I know you just got out of college, and you learned all this business stuff, and you know all about glass and the SAE and all that, but you have to understand, if you talk to these people like that, you will not make it out of the parking lot tonight to go home to your family alive.” Had I not been there to assuage things, that guy probably would not have made it home that night. He never spoke to any of them like that again.

    In a big old empire like America, you really do need to understand diversity. You have to be exposed to it. You have to understand the world around you and where people come from and what they are like and why. You have to have at least some grasp of that, especially if you are seeking to be an important player in it all, a graduate, a professional, a worldly person. That’s just reality.


  10. Anon

    A little off topic, but I was visiting a bookstore in one of the Great Western States and in fiction there was a little sign that noted that books by Jeannette Winterson had been moved from mainstream literature to the queer section. For some reason I found this a little disturbing, and somehow diminished her work as a novelist.

    “Diversity” is about picking people apart and putting them into pre-ordained little boxes and setting limitations so they aren’t able to achieve what they could outside of the box. Equality is giving the same box to everyone–perhaps the outside appearance of each box is different, but it’s a box all the same, and leads to the same dismal end.

  11. 1. Thomas Aquinas in Santa Paula, CA. Catholic. Diversity in the sunset of the West sense only appears in a list referencing regulatory docs.
    2. St. John’s College in Annapolis & Santa Fe (my old school). Actively secular. No search bar I could find, but Diversity doesn’t rate a front-page trumpet blast, at least. It might be lurking yet…
    3. Wyoming Catholic, Catholic.
    4. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Merrimack, NH.

    These are all tiny schools, with St. John’s the largest with fewer than 800 undergrads across 2 campuses. I would also imagine other Newman List schools don’t do a lot of diversity in the intellectually and spiritually suicidal sense.

    5. Benedictine College in Atchison. Catholic. Since we’re grading pass/fail here, I’d give them a pass – diversity gets mentioned in some places, especially in education class descriptions, but no diversity officers that I could find.

  12. John B()

    What would really be telling is how many Fortune 500 companies do not have allusions to “diversity” in their employee handbooks or human resources documents.

  13. Gary

    JMJ, good comment and absolutely right. We do need to understand more. Sadly, the diversity programs on campus only provide a view of others that’s been filtered through the Progressive ideology. One need not look farther than the fawning over the late Fidel Castro. No mention of his brutality, but heaps of misplaced praise for his strangled economy. One cannot understand Cuba without a full picture of what has happened there under his regime as well as those that proceeded him.

  14. Gary in Erko

    Do they all have the same diversity?

  15. Richard Lorenzen

    My old alma pater (only eight female students and one female teacher then), the Colorado School of Mines: 17 pages of results. Sheesh! Maybe this is why tuition has gone up by a factor of over twenty (in nominal dollars) since then.

  16. Well, Gary, I know there are a lot of these silly “diversity” anecdotes out there, but I’m saying let’s not throw the baby out with the albeit sometimes very corny bathwater. And certainly, let’s not make “diversity” another conservative dirty word. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, let’s not dumb the Right down any more.


  17. Frederic

    Well JMJ

    You’ve done it again trivialized the working capital of our
    Masters of Reality. “a lot of these silly “diversity anecdotes”
    you say, when there has been no effort spared in the giant
    repetition/brainwashing monolith known as mass media
    to firmly fix not only the term diversity but, multiculturalism,
    sustainability etc in the collective subconscious mind of humanity.
    These represent millions of dollars in air time… money well spent.
    And of course anyone who would point out the numbing
    repetition of these phrases Ad Naseaum and their pernicious goal is
    nothing more than a dumb ed down right wingers fantasy.
    Lets not forget the granddaddy of them all ( going on 25 Years now)
    Global Warming by now a multi billion dollar term. There are many others wet wired, drilled into the brains of the masses. You’re
    a real water carrier JMJ.

  18. Well now I wanna hear some anecdotes in support of diversity programs.

    Jersey’s anecdote was a good one but it doesn’t support any of the academic or corporate programs and mission statements which revel in diversity; rather it supports the right person (one with a lick of sense) always being in the right place at the right time (let’s have a bureau to make sure that always happens) to defuse the inevitable problems caused by diversity.

    Where’s the baby here? Unlike the left, I would never advocate throwing ’em out.

  19. Ha! I just complimented Jersey McJones. We’ll have to make sure that never happens again.

  20. Frederic

    Ha! I just complimented Jersey McJones. We’ll have to make sure that never happens again.

    If you believe that made for television piece of fiction he’s spun.
    Of course he’s a real hero of our times just needs a larger budget
    to educate the great unwashed.

  21. I’m compelled by my Faith to believe him. Trust but–if it comes down to a question of whether it will cost me anything–verify.

  22. I know that my old alma mater didn’t have such a thing when I was there, but there seems to be one now and relatively recently added, too. I suspect this is something required now-a-days by funders.

  23. Patrick Henry College, Poolesville, VA.
    They don’t take any government money. At all. Nice, small campus; rather expensive.

  24. Hun

    Antifa dummies like CRUSADES 2 are spamming this website.

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