Question Of The Moment: What Can Trump Do To Shore Up The Right?


Today we ask Nick Land’s question, given above, which is (if you can’t see it), “So, how does America use this 5-10 year breathing space to build in some deep institutional immunity to the next leftist surge?”

The answer, I think, is that nothing can forestall the eventual leftist-led collapse. The USA morphing from a Republic to a Democracy guarantees this. Democracies never end well. Our Cult of Equality is too strong.

This much is obvious from the riots—the riots, I say, and not “protests”—that “spontaneously” broke out in leftist enclaves around the country. The scare quotes are necessary because it’s a wonder how quickly and how organized some of the riots and gatherings were. That some had apparent backing means the enemy still has life in him and is ready to fight.

There have been calls for violence, and there has been actual violence. All from the Tolerance crowd. There are many calls for Trump’s assassination, including from writers at major newspapers. Sniveling mollycoddled snot-nosed stuffed-diapered pathetic whiny unhinged college students have wept, drank hot chocolate, had their classes and exams canceled, and shuddered in fear because their desires were not met. What do you expect when everybody gets a trophy from birth for just showing up? If the students are the symptom, their professors are the disease.

Nevertheless, in spite of the current hot tempers of the easily deranged, we do have a respite, a pause. We certainly would not have had it under Hillary. So, as an open question, what can we do to build what fortresses we can from the coming storm?

Practical, realistic solutions only, please. We can say, as I have, that we should nuke universities form orbit, which is certainly a true solution, but until Peter Thiel (using his soon-to-be-new responsibilities) manufacturers low-cost rockets, it is not a practical solution.

Strengthening the communities in the Traditional Church can only help. There are many bishops (I use the word generically) who want nothing more than to lecture on social justice, about low wattage light bulbs, about heaven on earth. These people will not be going away, but they should be ignored, ran away from to the extent it is possible while still fulfilling obligations.

I don’t think Trump will build a wall along the Mexican border (I’d be thrilled to be proved wrong on this). The Left, most especially the state media, has been fomenting racial tensions, all the while exclaiming the opposite, and these tensions will only increase. Diversity is our weakness. Analog: In England, areas where “Asians” (the word is different there) have been moved in, whites have moved out. And this caused the government to release reports berating the whites. This will cause an increase in strife. Look for the same here.

We can hope the appointments to the Supreme Court will be as Trump promised before the election. This will restore some sort of balance, probably. With Hillary, it would have been a certainty that any new appointments would have made Anthony Kennedy look like Joseph de Maistre.

Tax cuts, if he can get them through, will help. Anything that moves power away from government and back to citizens. He’ll have to do a purge of the IRS, though. Despite their exposure, they still attack conservative groups. It’s difficult to purge any bureaucracy, especially with the government’s implicit no-fire policy of public employees.

But, come. It’s not that gloomy. Headline: Trump is already working to erase Obama’s legacy from history.

He’s pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act, pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, resume deporting immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, kill policies designed to help ease climate change as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a pending trade pact involving 12 Pacific Rim nations — and remove Obama’s executive actions.

Trump will be able to rescind Obama’s executive orders immediately if he wants.

Examples include those that bar companies that do work for the federal government from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and those that halted the deportation of some immigrant children who are here illegally.

Trump can revoke the requirement that nuns buy birth control, for instance. And he can stop the insane bathroom rules. And much more, all very quickly. Putting Myron Ebell in charge of EPA will go some length to restoring sanity in science.

Now Trump has indicated he would give less weight to the Department of Education, but a reform of the university system, and its utter reliance on federal money, seems impossible. Leftist ideology will still have a thick, armored tap root.

What are you concrete ideas? Not only for the Trump administration, but for you and yours? We saw that the Grubhub boss invited employees who voted for Trump to quit, so the famed Tolerance of the Left is still strong. Will Trump’s presence allow at least some true freedom (to do what is right) for ordinary folk?


Update Uncle Fred says much well.


  1. DAV

    There may not be any. The problem is that the Hippies eventually came to be in charge. There was a sort turnabout during the 80’s (with Reagan) when the Hippies began to experience the life of having actual money (as the song goes: “saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac”). Unfortunately, not all of them. Some of them ended up in professorships were they could spread the propaganda more easily. The same “educated” fools in the video. Those are going to be our leaders in the not too distant future.

    The Constitution has the seeds of its own destruction within it. These seeds are growing. We are domed.

  2. John B()

    It sounds like the proverbial Gordian Knot

    We all know how Alexander resolved that

    To quote DAV “We are doomed”

  3. Yawrate

    It was Russian Roulette with an semi-auto or a revolver. So we ended up with the revolver…so far so good.

    However, my natural pessimism about government makes me agree with DAV.

    We are domed.

  4. Fire, investigate, and generally get as many of these people out of D.C. as possible. I will be happy if a bunch of Republicans go down too, because I think the corruption is in both parties.

    I heard he wanted to get rid of estate taxes. This would help, but for a longer term and more uncertain project. It is simple to state, hard to figure out how to do. End bureaucratic rule and return to noble rule. The bureaucracies were born and began to gain power under absolute monarchs- they weakened the nobles to centralize power in their own hands, only to become signatories and figureheads for their so-called ‘experts’. We could view our ‘democracy’ as metastasized bureaucracy, for ‘the people’ cannot bring them to justice.

    So, I’d prefer to see successful families over the generations assuming particular duties/authorities. I’d also like to see families that become unsuccessful or dissolute, fall.

  5. Joy

    “Wur doomed”
    Doom, that’s terminal I won’t drink to it.
    Hearts and minds were captured by the media, essentially. That’s glossy mags, TV, Gossip, which includes Twitter and Facebook, bringing the whole system to a fit of peak. That’s how it happened and much of it was premeditated.

    The media never counts on the resolve of honest people of all types. It only counts what it wants and that’s why the polls went wrong, that’s why they’re so lost along with the people they influence. They’re also only showing The conservatives the same….and you lose heart?

    Trump is cleverer than you gentlemen give him credit. He’s not on his own and neither is America.
    This is what some in England are doing today:

  6. Johnny

    Glad you mentioned the Traditional Church…i.e. the polar opposite of the USCCB (or, as I like to call them, the Union of Soviet Socialist Bishops) but you forgot to mention the most important item of all: pray! Specifically, the “Prayer to Defeat Revolutionary Men,” one of the Holy Face prayers, which I’ve been praying for months for the defeat of Clinton. Guess what…

    Here is the prayer: “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Cross of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and all the instruments of His Holy passion, that Thou mayest put division in the camp of Thy enemies, for as Thy Beloved Son hath said, ‘a kingdom divided against itself shall fall.’”

    Specifically, pray for (1) the protection of President (-Elect) Trump against the evil forces aligned against him; (2) the destruction of the designs to destroy America; (3) that America be rebuilt under the Social Reign of Christ the King.

    For more information about this and the other Holy Face prayers:

  7. Gary

    How about prosecuting criminals instead of excusing them?

  8. DAV

    Much better to be a pessimist and be pleasantly surprised than suffer the optimist’s disappoints.

  9. Jim Fedako

    Trump is surrounding himself with teams Bush, Romney, and McCain — it is establishment 2.0. It’s nice to think there was some sort of revolution, but little will change, except for the rhetoric. So if you are good with Trump claiming to build a wall, when you know for certain he will not, then a new day dawned. If, on the other hand, if you believe leftist nonsense is ebbing and Classical Liberalism is flowing, well … it’s a warm delusion for four years, I suppose.

  10. Mac

    I reflect back four decades to when the Senior Executive Service (SES) was put into place in our government. The SES program unleashed into our Federal Executive a torrent of humans with a Master Degree or PHD to oversee the lesser educated but experienced Civil Service without having any type of experience in the work place. All they had and still have are theories that disregard history. It is here at this very site that we learned that “THE LOVE OF THEORY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”
    Once leaving the hallowed halls the SES did not discover work experience, their discovery was political power presented to them by the left in our leadership.
    I pose the same question to you as our president elect posed to HRC: Show me just ONE positive thing that the SES has done for the people of this once great country that help rather than stifle business within the vast amount of regulations.

  11. One of the pundits acknowledged that with this election’s results, Democrats control very few governing institutions across the US. With the federal congress and executive branch now in Republican hands, along with the majority of state houses and governorships, what Republicans now need to do is make it work for the people. No more obstruction and shut downs. Solve problems, fix the economy and the worn out infrastructure. It is now time to put up or shut up; being the party of No Way won’t cut it any more.

  12. D. Steven Fraser

    Two words:

    Constitutional Convention

  13. SteveK

    If a wall of some kind is not built – as promised, with extreme emphasis – there will be a civil war

  14. MattS

    Trump is not a conservative. He ran as a populist. What makes you think he is even interested in shoring up the right.

    “We can hope the appointments to the Supreme Court will be as Trump promised before the election.”

    While some on his team release a list of possible Supreme Court candidates, Trump himself was very careful to not promise anything in that regard.

  15. Frederic

    The truly amazing aspect of what we see unfolding is the
    derailment of the left into harebrained social justice issues rather
    than the very real Patriot Act and Total Awareness State
    apparatus that has been constructed around them. The domestic
    spying issue has been swept under the rug and the fact that any
    Constitutional rights we thought we had, with the NDAA
    in force, are now moot. This issue has disappeared down our collective
    memory holes through extremely effective propaganda channeling
    energy into social issues of microscopic significance that pits individual
    against individual rather than uniting against the very real threat
    of a State apparatus compiling data on everyone. The link provided
    is to an interview with William Binney a veteran NSA employee who
    was instrumental in the creation of this Digital Totalitarian Nightmare.
    He rebelled when he realized the unconstitutional and illegal manner
    in which it was to be used and he is in the truest sense of the word an American patriot.

    He out classes any Republican or Democrat who supported this legislation,
    and it will be interesting and telling whether or not this issue is addressed
    by a Trump administration. The absence of this issue on the campaign
    trails of both parties has been conspicuous, I wonder why….go back to sleep.

  16. John Watkins

    1. Issue a pardon for Hillary, in conjunction with announcement of opening an investigation into the IRS/Server/FBI/etc scandal. Purpose= to produce a 4 year stream of discoveries (and convictions if possible of underlings) that immunizes administration from charges of whatever…
    2. Hire generals hounded from service to rum DOJ, DOD, DOEd, DoEnergy, Sec.State, etc.
    3. Retire all current heads of Army/Navy/Air Force, replace with newly promoted men with combat experience (Colonels)
    4. Open a DOJ investigation into suppression of free speech and free association on campuses. Issue a flood of subpoenas for email chains of all administrators and professors.
    5. Note: cutting off the heads of everyone at once, instead of in succession, produces a situation where the entire Left Front is under siege and each element must defend itself without the aid of their cohort.
    6. Implement immediate federal hiring freeze, and Zero Based budgeting requirement. No exceptions, including White House staff. But not investigative efforts.
    7. Declare the DO Ed. an advisory agency, with all powers now devolved to the states, who are free to accept or reject any and all ‘treccomendations’ from Washington.
    8. Declare some (any) ruling of the Supremes to be ‘unconstitutional’, and refuse to implement/enforce it (see Andrew Jackson for this lesson)
    9. Utilize Article III, Section II, sub-section (2) limiting the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in the following areas (obne at a time, hget people used to this idea (First, education, devolve back to states. Next, marriage, next, abortion, etc)
    10 Begin to hold a continuing schedule of Town Meetings that take questions directly from citizens, not the press. Bypass the press, no press conferences. If a reporter questions why, reply (again and again and again) that the American public has, rightfully, lost confidence in their abuse of their power, and as long as they refuse to apologize to America, there can be no re-investment in their good faith, since they will not acknowledge their faults/errors etc.
    Introduce a Truth in Polling law that states that all polling (for electoral purposes) that are publicly reported by the press must include public access to the methodology, sampling and algorithms used, and the funding agency.
    11 Ask the FCC to open a Fairness Doctrine investigation of abuse of public trust of airwaves by broadcasters (only) in their reporting. Focus on PBS first
    12 Attack, attack, attack. Fire immediately anyone spending time/effort on defensive activity.
    13 Quit building/re-building fortresses. Leave the fortress and do search-and-destroy missions. Only offense works.
    14 Avoid the Iranian question (leave the treaty alone). This is a Tar Baby! Let Vlad take care of them. He’s the closest one ‘endangered’.
    15 Quit funding Israel. And stop all foreign aid. Make these governments beg funds from the UN. Quit funding the UN.
    16 Ask DOJ to open an investigation of ‘hate speech’ directed against Christians, or anyone who has criticized Islam (and been persecuted/prosecuted for doing so).
    17 Open hearings on the correlation (vs lack of) between school funding growth vs scholastic achievement. Refuse to implement any Supreme’s directives that interfere with parental control of local education
    18 Begin investigation of prosecution of David Daledin by Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood. Subpoena everything that moves. Pin them down into defending their past (all lefty groups) instead of plotting their future. Bleed their budgets with legal action.
    19 Begin asking the American Catholic Bishops why they are not supporting their flock. Put THEM on the defensive as well. Soon!
    20 Of course, cut ALL funding of Planned Parenthood. tell them to use their fundraising efforts to fund their own activities. In tandem with this, see item below (in other words, even-handed treatment of both sides)
    21 Ban all payments of government money to ANY church related group for purposes of welfare management, education, etc. In other words, wean the CHurch off of the goverment teat, which simply enslaves them. Or, conversely, declare that the government can not coerce recipients. But I don’t trust this way.
    22 Make all sex-education programs in public institutions be provided on an ‘opt-in’ basis versus the current ‘opt-out’. Additionally, make all teachers of all sex ed programs liable for any abuse charges leveled in the provision of these programs.
    23 Open a government clearing house of data reflecting abuse (sexual & otherwise) of all allegation and convictions in these areas. The NEA/AFT machine must be exposed as the protectors of these abuses.
    24 Make all union dues exempt from use in political discourse. Make unions establish separate PAC’s that are VOLUNTARILY funded by willing members. Anything less is coercive of the resisting teachers who are forced to fund speech contrary to their beliefs. Tie compliance in the states to receipt of further Federal funds. We MUST learn how to use this tool!
    25 Open hearings on the coercive and abusive nature of Climate research used for political ends. Look, it’s either offense or defense. What do you want to play?
    26 Open an offensive thrust on Every front. Hire every good lawyer possible. Put them to work within each agency and department. Make them ‘temporary’ as directed by Executive Order (so as to get around the hiring freeze).
    27. Rescind EVERY Executive Order issued by Obama, unless otherwise noted. Suspend all funding for anything begun by such Obama orders.
    28. Do not respond angrily to anything the left does. Instead, laugh at their screams and suggestions/demand, and ridicule them using logic and Constitutional rights, as originally intended. Be sure and laugh at their infantile behavior. Use ridicule at all times.
    29. I have plenty more, but I’m out of time today.
    PS Attack, attack, attack. Quit bitching and Attack!

  17. JerryM

    Hard for me to come up with any suggestions with the Yuge Schadenboner I have, but :

    1. Enforce existing Immigration Laws.
    2. Delete every Obama Executive Order.
    3. Tap into the Approved funding for the Wall.

  18. Frederic

    John…I like the way you think.

  19. I think we have to wait for Bannon to prepare the re-education camps before deciding what other steps might be taken.

  20. Otherwise, things are looking good. Why anticipate troubles if they aren’t immediately apparent?

  21. Joy

    Here’s a thought:
    Given that doom has been declared a prediction and a conviction of certainty, (and I don’t believe any of you really) then it follows that there is nothing you can do about it. It is a given.
    It does no good, therefore, to even comment upon it or dwell, or worry, as those won’t alter outcomes.
    It will affect your ability to deal with the outcome only because you will be ill equipped to cope having expended all that dreadful nervous energy.
    Stop predicting doom.
    Enjoy the moment, the present, the here and now and when the doom arrives there will be no surprises.

    Yes. but:
    I have tried this negative approach and it doesn’t work long term, it’s a bore. Unless you follow the above steps which is what I do when I’m acutely afraid or terrified or in imminent danger.

    Expectations regarding the world’s state are well managed on my side but what is imagined can happen, what I think will happen, what is likely are not all lumped together. I’m already so thrilled, anything else is a bonus. That’s how low my expectations have been…hopes high expectations low.

    Just hearing Trump’s speech and I didn’t hear much after, as I’m avoiding hearing the media moaning. I could write a long list as to why there’s reasons to be cheerful on this.

    This news is the greatest reason for Optimism, not complacency since Britain’s vote to leave the EU.
    Not just because America is larger but there’s an effect which no doubt has a proper name which hasn’t added to the virtuous circle but multiplied the potential speed of change and traction which will take hold. I’m quite certain of this.

    Just watch while the media come in harder and more treacherous than ever. They did and are doing this here. How could we have possibly done well in the Olympics? Weren’t we all supposed to be so downhearted? Don’t be ground down because there’s no need for it. That’s how ‘they’ want the public to be, so don’t be, do the other thing.

  22. Frederic


    I’m with you it’s all good and the one thing we’ve got going for
    us is the rank incompetence of our would be masters. Interesting
    how concerned we are about surveillance but look how it back-
    fired on Hillary. It’s a two edged sword that cuts both ways. One
    way to look at doom is the fact that the sun will burn out in about
    three billion years which gives us plenty of time to right this little
    ship. My son said, when he was about five years old, “don’t worry
    dad it’s all paid for,” and he’s right just the fact that we’re alive and
    well is the greatest gift.

  23. Milton Hathaway

    What can Trump do? My hope is not invested in what he can do, but what he can undo. Namely, get the federal government’s tentacles out of the zillions of things that it has no business fooling with. So my 401K goes back up to where it should be and I can retire.

    Longer term, there is really nothing wrong with the US that can’t be fixed with a large dose of accountability, and the return of our individual freedoms that have been slowly siphoned away over the decades.

    But how? The last 60 years have shown that our Constitution, as miraculous a document as it is, still lacks sufficient checks and balances to keep the federal government in check.

    I see a new constitutional convention as our only hope for the long term. Would Trump champion this? I don’t know. I voted for him to stop the bleeding, it would be a pleasant surprise if he’s also a visionary.

    As a side note, it gives me hope to see the precious snowflakes protesting Trump’s election win. Maybe it will finally start seeping into their thick skulls that a large all-powerful central government is not their friend. They are afraid of their government now? Good! Welcome to the club.

  24. Bob Mounger

    The word “fascist” has been thrown around a lot this year.

    Mussolini said that fascism meant:
    “Everything inside the government,
    nothing outside the government,
    nothing against the government.”

    That sounds more like donkeys that elephants to me. & given their own attempts to rig the election, (see donkey journalist here)
    pointing this out repeatedly (Mr. Buchanan & Mr Gingrich?) might change a few minds, or at least shut some people up.

    Beyond the wikileaks articles, the project veritas videos are a smoking gun of corruption in NYC. Appoint Mr. Guiliani to pick it apart from stem to stern with cutoff of all federal money to NY city & state if they don’t play ball. Ditto California & Illinois.

    Completely ignore the press. Go around them with YouTube/Vimeo etc. Answer every question with the question: “which democrat told you to ask me that?” The internet town hall is a good idea. The only thing people hate more that Congress is the bogus 4th estate.

  25. Joy

    Bob, Hmm, Yes, some understand irony better than others. Some are all there and half way back!
    The ones using it often don’t understand when someone deliberately overlooks it and plays a straight bat. That’s irony too!

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of whit. It is by nature unpleasant. I don’t think Cricket is unpleasant and so don’t call his humour sarcasm. If I’m wrong, that’s irony!
    Everybody does irony deliberately or accidentally at some point. There are many flavours of irony. only one relates to saying the opposite of what is meant. There will still be people who chose to think you insane, evil, stupid, mean rather than think a little deeper and kinder. Misunderstanding is irony.

    Sarcasm is best saved for the spoken word. It is by nature unpleasant.

    Here’s an ironic website:
    For a play on irony read King Lear.
    I hope we’ve seen the last of Hitler and nazi spotting but I doubt it.
    In place of hitler can be inserted any monster.

  26. obiwankenobi

    Trump’s election repudiated both ideologies as well as The Establishment’s. He has the power to do massive good. One of the good things he could do that would have immediate significantly positive nation-wide impact would be to remove the EPA entirely from the prosperity equation. Energy is life.

  27. Joy

    I don’t think I’ve done this post justice!
    I am watching remembrance now on the BBC.
    I will give this matter more practical thought and hope the rules of late posting aren’t broken.

  28. Dixon Duval

    As an old hippie I’d say there’s a lot to be done. There is much to be gained by fostering truth instead of fiction about multiculturalism. The liberal left built their voting platform on the back of this falsehood. The counseling and psychology professions chipped in and then the schools piled on top. The falsehood is that multiculturalism is some how a goal; and that diversity is superior to homogeneity. This is not true. A homogeneous society is not superior but neither is a diverse society. The old stinking thinking that minorities should rule and get free stuff came out at least in part because America had settlers from many different cultures and these have been compared to today’s illegal immigrants.

  29. Don

    I can only hope that DJT’s people read the list of actions prepared by John Watkins – it’s a start!

  30. Joy

    Yes, John Watkins’ list is excellent.
    His best asset, Trumps, is his business experience at high level which makes politics look like child’s play.

    The very trait that the pontificators pretend to hate is the thing that will save their bacon.
    Trump knows how to get things done and has shown this to be true over and over again but it will never be enough for the intellectual snobs.

  31. Shecky R

    So a bunch of anti-elitists vote for the most elitist, hedonistic, atheistic, materialistic person to run for President EVER— now how’s that workin’ for ya so far….

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