Riots Are Not Protests



A few disconnected observations to wrap up the election. Starting tomorrow, unless events intrude, we return to regular, more rewarding and interesting material.

All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. –Benito Mussolini

We’ll give the founder of fascism defining rights. The State is Mother, the State is Father. That’s fascism. The State as the source and definer of the good. That is fascism. That’s progressivism. That is the Left.

Elections have consequences. –Barry Obama

Ideas have consequences, too

With those as our palate cleansers, here are some ideas, in no particular order, about how to make the Left’s worst fears become reality.

  • Let police use the time-tested, old-fashioned methods to quell riots.
  • Prosecute and jail those calling for the President-elect’s assassination.
  • Toss vandals in the hoosegow. Give them the maximum sentence.
  • Arrest those who illegally block traffic and disturb the peace. Truncheon those who resist arrest. Insist on large monetary penalties.
  • Prosecute for conspiracy and racketeering those who funded illegal riots and disturbances of the peace.
  • Institute martial law (when necessary). Restore order.
  • Spank and shame the snot-nosed bratty pathetic whiny spoiled brats who attend campus “cry-ins” and weep bitter tears into coloring books. Put their names on lists to made available to employers.
  • Fire their professors for gross negligence of duties.
  • Revoke federal funding for universities who forgot their teaching and civic duties.
  • Purge the bureaucracy of those who abused sick leave to suck their thumbs and quiver in the dark.
  • Give blanket parties to scum actors who compare Trump’s election to 9/11. The murder of thousands in my backyard equivalent to an election! I personally will punch Robert De Niro in the nose if I ever see that weasel, that filth lower than the dog shit I scraped off my shoe on the street. (Regular readers may wish to start a bail fund for me.)
  • Dig a giant pit in the remote Utah desert and in it bury any who worked for the state media.

Fine ideas, all. Maybe the pit is a bit much, if only because one deep enough to hold all bottom feeders who work in the media would be prohibitively expensive to construct. And anyway in this bunch are many worms. The rest of the recommendations should be adopted forthwith.

The extreme Left’s first reaction is—have you ever noticed?—violence, uncivil disobedience and emotional over-reaction. It must be stopped. What’s the line from the movie? They bring a knife, we bring a gun.

State media

The State media’s goal is not truth, but an end. They will do anything in service of that end. The end is greater than the truth. They will manufacture, they will slight, they will shade, they will blind themselves, they will blind you. Their biggest and continuous sin is the sin of omission. If they pretend not to have seen it, it didn’t happen.

A steady stream of propaganda is produced by abuse of language. The Sabine women suffered less than the English language at the hands of our state media. Criminals roaming the streets vandalizing property, beating the innocent, and causing mayhem and injury they call “protests.”


ABC Headline: Video shows people smashing the windows of cars and businesses during anti-Donald Trump protest in Portland, Oregon

NBC Headline: Anti-Trump Protests: 1 Shot After ‘Confrontation’ in Portland; Marchers Hit NYC, L.A..

Never mind the bug-wits who don’t understand how elections work or who cry and kick their feet and screech and are proud of their tantrums, the foolish children who bawl “Not My President”, the bloodthirsty Tolerants who resort first to violence, who vandalize and destroy, and call for assassination. These are mobs, the rabble. Forget, for a moment, all that.

Riots are not protests!

Call an action a protest and you award it a certain legitimacy; you say the people participating have a point; you announce that detractors should be ashamed since protesters are merely exercising their “rights.”

There is no right to riot.

Turn off the state media. Refuse to read, listen, or watch them. We have the absurd spectacle of those who are willing to lie, who told us Trump would never win, now telling us why he won and what his victory means. They stoke the flames of riots. They celebrate violence. Protests forsooth! Make them pay. Turn them off.

(Note: if you don’t cancel your cable, the Clinton News Network etc. still get a portion of your check, regardless of whether you watch them.)

Diapers for all

More proof Captain Kirk is superior to Picard.
More proof Captain Kirk is superior to Picard.

Worst for last. “Literally shaking” hollow-brained safe-spacers are advocating wearing diaper pins for no reason that is consonant with sanity.

I emphasize they are doing this voluntarily. Let’s make this mandatory.


  1. Joy

    I couldn’t agree more. The problem is the media and the others have adopted the new voters coming through and if they’re not managed carefully they and their brothers and sisters when they are old enough will be voting against Trump or the right next time around.

    Policies adopted by universities and even by police and other authorities needs looking at and in the case of the case of the former I’m sure there can be criminal convictions of staff for misconduct with respect to influencing elections.
    That would be a warning to others.

    After the London riots, which were called riots, the CPS broke records in conveying cases through the courts in a way that was remarkable. Probing that the law as a machine can be made to work more efficiently when needs must.

    It’s an insult to ordinary people to call violence, calls for it, and criminal damage protests.
    It is uncivilised. Nothing brave or new about it. Cowards all of them in my view.

  2. Joy

    proving! not probing.

    I don’t think our students have gone so far but might be wrong.

    Two family members have just completed degrees at an East London university.
    My brother being one, prior to our elections I asked him what would happen with the EU vote.
    I was concerned that all the students were brainwashed.
    He said they’re not even thinking about the vote! It’s not on their radar.
    Britain’s going to vote out. Since my Brother is prescient I knew this was true.

    So what the media tells us about what students are doing and saying as a whole isn’t even necessarily the same as what a certain proportion are up to. I mean
    that again we often only have the media to go by.
    This is another reason for much of my doubt over some of the really extreme reports from America. Not that the individual examples aren’t true but it’s hard to believe that everyone’s gone mad. The elections prove that they haven’t.
    Truth prevailed the other day.

    I prescribe talking to students on media.
    Nigel Farage did some very effective question and answer sessions with groups of fired up students who hated him to start with. He was wonderful to watch as he dispelled all the myths about himself and about what he was all about.

    Something of this sort could be organised by Fox news or Briggs podcasts inc.
    Order in a group of really angry (but not violent) studes and have them ask questions. It is revealed that not all of them are actually insane. They’re just young.

  3. Trigger Warnings

    Deep-blue “protesters” tearing down deep-blue urban centers…

    Personally, I find snowflakes smashing Nike, Starbucks, and Citibank windows amusing. It’s a shame Costco warehouses locate outside urban centers.

    I’m reminded of Kissinger’s pithy response to a 1980s question about the Iran-Iraq War:

    “It’s a pity both sides can’t lose.”

  4. Matt Czu

    A nice idea, Joy. Whether workable or not I cannot judge from this distant corner of the EU.
    What is more nasty in this whole is the “media” -role, who are obviously trying to gain back their visibly lost influence and power over … well, just everything they hoped for being in their possession.
    A minor extra to that these fabricated news will serve then as eternal references and “standards”, cited and recited in many places all over the world. Disgusting.

  5. DAV

    The diaper pin is appropriate. Clearly the Left is all about talk without substance.

    The Snowflakes are accumulating. Winter is coming in out future. Bundle up while it’s Indian Summer. You won’t be able to after being buried in Snowflakes.

  6. Ken

    The Atlantic pretty much nailed the mental health issues being coddled & nurtured on campus, which underlie the emotional thinking observed the protests/riots:

    Its just a matter of time before some critical mass of such gets hired into any one or number of large “progressive” companies…and start demanding things from their childish perspective. That’s when it will get really interesting.

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    Many years ago, some people marched across a bridge in Selma to protest injustice. The injustices were real and objective: people were deprived of their civil liberties; e.g., ability to vote, etc. The violence was real, and it was not the protestors who were doing it. It was the cops and the Klan attacking the protestors, jailing them, and in some cases killing them.

    Now suppose that when the cries of “Kill! Kill! Kill!” and “Go back to Africa!” arose from all sides, the marchers had, instead of soldiering on, had broken down in tears and run trembling for their safe spaces.

  8. Frederic

    My God what’s next clubbing baby seals? I’d stick to mace,
    taser and tight handcuffs, rubber bullets and truncheons
    reserved for those assaulting police or destroying property.
    Where are the water canons?

  9. “Dig a giant pit in the remote Utah desert and in it bury any who worked for the state media.”

    Why not use an abandoned quarry? You could put there at least ten thousand corpses.

  10. John B()



    One should (safety) pin a sign that asks:


    (or Time For (a) Change?)

  11. Ken

    YOS: “Many years ago, … in Selma to protest injustice. … Now suppose that … instead of soldiering on, [the protesters] had broken down in tears and run trembling for their safe spaces.”

    There’s a point there trying to get out — can you explain?

    The cryptic presentation can be interpreted to suggest that, like back in Selma, the protesters against Trump are similarly fighting a good fight … and that because those protesters of a generation ago didn’t back down (and good resulted)…that the protesters against Trump should also persist to effect a similarly positive change [and if so, what would that be?].


  12. #all across the nation
    There’s a new vibration
    People in motion
    People in motion

    If you’re giong
    To San Francisco
    You’ll gonna meet
    Sone gentle people there #

    /sarc off

  13. Ye Olde Statistician

    When people were going up against genuine threats to liberty, they did not have time for diaper pins. It’s all “stolen valor.” Like those folks who pretend to service they never rendered or medals they never earned, our postmodern left pretends that they too are speaking truth to power, when all they are doing is whining. If Trump winning an election causes this sort of tantrum, imagine what they would have done back then, when it really mattered, and the oppressors were all Democrats.

  14. DAV

    John B(),
    LOL! Unfortunately with this crowd there is never a time “when time for a change” isn’t needed. They obviously have vast quantities to expel.

    I just watched most of Obama’s press conference today. He was very careful to avoid saying anything negative about Trump even though he received a number of questions inviting him to do so. The closest he came was “we have our differences”. Now all that’s needed is for the rest of the Dems to follow suit. Hopefully, they too will soon realize that the street rants only confirm that Trump’s election was the right (*ahem*) way to go.

  15. M E

    I think they look like the rent -a -mob “students” who marched for Castro
    many years ago. They are probably fewer than appear in photographs in the news images. The editors want you to click on the page and react. that way advertisers will pay them Don’t react if you can help it and tell the newspapers and online sites that you are not reading them. If really annoyed tell the advertisers ,too.

  16. JH

    Briggs, why would you want to make other people’s fear come true? Wouldn’t you do the opposite instead? Say, let them know they worry for no reason? Unless this is the way you want to be treated. Do you want your fear to come true? If yes, just let me know. My grandma gave me some secret pills that she told me to take when I don’t have courage to be mean.

  17. Uncle Mike

    Hahahaha. Great points except for involving Utah.

    Check out the county by county election results map. Please note that “criminals roaming the streets vandalizing property” is occurring only in the tiny blue spots, not in the vast red zone where I live. The “snot-nosed bratty pathetic whiny spoiled brats” are a left-of-the-left urban phenomenon. They don’t kick in windows around here. Not twice anyway.

    The paid-by-Soros wackies should go ahead and burn down the cities. Or not, it really doesn’t matter to me. The people in places where the food, water, clothing and shelter are grown, made and produced will be fine with it either way. We don’t need you.

  18. Oldavid

    Of course, all you troglodytes who voted for the “Trumpal solution” are a regression to a by-gone, superseded past, and are an impediment to the “brave, new world” inexorably unfolding according to the tenets of every kind of Modernism. And every kind of Modernism will cry and call for “Jihad” like riots and subversion and sabotage to establish their version of “Sharia”.

    Heh! heh! The cake is the sum of its ingredients… you can’t make a good cake out of rotten ingredients no matter how the preparation and cooking is fiddled.

    Unless the “Trumpal solution” can detach himself from his Masonic and Judaic masters he will represent only a tactical consolidation “step backwards” in the relentless march toward an astonishingly perverse “New World Order” owned and operated by the quintessential racist plutocracy in which T’Googlio Monster is delighted to be a front row puppet.

    Unless the disease is attacked at its roots you’re all nothing more than smug make-up artists covering up symptoms.

  19. The right wing can only impose so much of their nastiness on the public before they lash out. Wait until you see RvW overturned, or millions thrown off their health coverage, or “right to work” shoved up the nations bottom. It’s going to become the “Incessant Riot Period” of American history. Let’s hope Trump ignores the “Dig a giant pit in the remote Utah desert and in it bury any who worked for the state media” (the what? Don’t your mean “commercial media?”) crowd. They are the reason these kids are frightened and rioting.


  20. Ye Olde Statistician

    The reason they are frightened is that they have believed their own propaganda. This is always a foolish thing to do.

  21. Oldavid

    Good ole Jerksey Mc… always reliable to parrot the Alinskyite pre-adolescent slogans.

    It does not occur to you that its only the “left” imposing their nastiness on the long suffering ordinary people just trying to go about their ordinary business in spite of being deceived and robbed blind by an utterly perverse and corrupt system and “establishment”.

    I hear that the Soros Machine has upped the rate for riot instigators from $10/hr to $35/hr.

    It would be a good trick to round up the rioters and their handlers and donate them to ISIS in northern Iraq so that the civilisation destroyers can have a first hand taste of the “liberty” that anti-civilisation provides.

    The pit in Utah would be best used to bury all the arms traffickers who supply all these “insurgents” under a pile of their munitions.

  22. John B()


    Thanks for that Scott Mackenzie (John Phillips) flashback

    Then there’s:

    Someone left the cake out in the rain
    I don’t think that I can take it
    Cause it took so long to bake it
    and I’ll never have that recipe again … OH NO

    (it even ties in with Oldavid’s post – two for one)

  23. acricketchirps

    OH NO
    (sung falsetto)

    Best comment here.

  24. JH


    ” The reason they are frightened is that they have believed their own propaganda. This is always a foolish thing to do.”

    I think it is true that everyone is a victim/result of believing their own propaganda.

    IMO, the reasons for the protests are not much different from the ones for Briggs’ doom and gloom and reactions to many progressive policies expressed on his blog “in essence,” whatever it means, just to be in fashion. Why act as if we are so superior that we are not under the influence of the media?

    This post is basically Mr. Five Inch laughs at Mr. Five-Point-One Inch. (My perfect translation of a Chinese idiom that bloodlessly kills the beauty of Chinese language.)

    BTW, I, a star trek fan, like Cap. Kirk better because I can always expect to see “Cap. Kirk” at a star-trek convention. “One world without borders” is my dream too.

  25. Ken

    “The reason they are frightened is that they have believed their own propaganda. This is always a foolish thing to do.”

    Scott Adams explains the delusion (cognitive dissonance) in some detail, and how Trump will almost certainly perform in a way they have to come to accept their biased viewpoint was wrong all along:

    As for it being a ‘foolish thing to do’ — every one of us is susceptible to this sort of thing in some area or other. We’d like to believe we can & are being objective, but being human such objectivity is routinely (usually? almost always? …always?) a self-delusion.

  26. John B()

    acricket : The comments keep getting better

    JH : spot on! I worry all the time about believing my own propaganda and I worry about my own confirmation bias as well (love the Chinese Idiom) That knowledge has allowed me to not get too judgmental on my social media outlets. I let some wring their hands and have posted mostly excerpts from Alexander Solzhenitsyn. (I took one post’s “letter to a son” and added a “letter to a dad”.) Interestingly, the person who originally posted it wound up removing another “highly offensive” post without any comment from me. I grew up with “Capt. Kirk” and the bad acting was part of the fun. (They took themselves way too seriously after.)

    Ken: good comment except I went to Douglas Adams and the Somebody Else’s Problem (SEP) Invisibility Field. Something that renders me blind sometimes when I think EVERYTHING is Somebody Else’s Problem.

  27. Ye Olde Statistician

    Let’s not assume they were paid by George Soros. When people make Caesar their savior and invest Caesar with their own feelings of self-worth, you can understand why tantrums (and tears) can be spontaneous (and sincerely felt) when Caesar doesn’t come through. They don’t need, contrary to their own ideology, central planning and direction.

    When discussing lawn signs prior to the election and I remarked on the paucity of Clinton signs, a friend of mine declared that Clinton supporters were a-feared that their properties would be vandalized by the (presumably) nasty, brutish, and short Trumpkins. The idea that it might be because Clinton supporters were thin on the ground was almost literally unthinkable.

    Brandon Watson, a philosopher, posted (with links):

    The Democratic Party deliberately nominated a candidate who was undergoing federal investigation for matters under national security law, and who was associated with a charity, the Clinton Foundation, that was also under federal investigation. The Clinton campaign actively worked to make sure that Donald Trump would get the Republican nomination and be on the ballot. Clinton then ran a campaign heavily governed by an algorithm. In the meantime, both the campaign and the party failed to make any serious attempt to re-integrate Sanders supporters, despite their vehement complaints about her tactics during the primary campaign. The campaign repeatedly assumed that it could turn out blacks and Latinos in the neighborhood of Obama’s turnout while doing almost nothing specific to help local groups make it happen; and she passed over several Latinos to pick as her running mate the weak and barely helpful Tim Kaine. They did next to nothing shoring up the Democratic Party in Wisconsin despite the fact that it was known that the state party there was in disarray, and despite warnings that the entire Rust Belt was in imminent danger of being captured. One could make the list much, much longer. If one wishes to find something to blame for the rise of Donald Trump, one need not look beyond a campaign whose chief characteristic was the arrogance of complacent incompetence.

    Another comment from Scott Adams, the cartoonist:

    The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them.

    1. They believe they are smart and well-informed.
    2. Their good judgement told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad.
    3. Half of the voters of the United States – including a lot of smart people – voted Trump into office anyway.

    Those “facts” can’t be reconciled in the minds of the anti-Trumpers. Mentally, something has to give. That’s where cognitive dissonance comes in.

    There are two ways for an anti-Trumper to interpret that reality. One option is to accept that if half the public doesn’t see Trump as a dangerous monster, perhaps he isn’t. But that would conflict with a person’s self-image as being smart and well-informed in the first place. When you violate a person’s self-image, it triggers cognitive dissonance to explain-away the discrepancy.

    So how do you explain-away Trump’s election if you think you are smart and you think you are well-informed and you think Trump is OBVIOUSLY a monster?

    You solve for that incongruity by hallucinating – literally – that Trump supporters KNOW Trump is a monster and they PREFER the monster. In this hallucination, the KKK is not a nutty fringe group but rather a symbol of how all Trump supporters must feel.

  28. Frederic

    All you need to know about the last eight years is how
    they’re ending, no calls from Obo or Hillary for calm
    in the streets. I guess that’s all part of being a community
    organizer as opposed to a Statesman. These riots are Obo’s
    real accomplishments while in office and will be among his
    fondest memories pitiful as they are.

  29. Joy

    You’re right that there are plenty who have gone way over the top about the left wing media’s propaganda in thinking that the effect is truly ubiquitous regarding sex changes, marrying broomsticks and so on but there’s plenty of reason to be afraid when the truth looks like a revolution.

    …but ha I think you’ll find Mr five point one has point one over Mr five inch.
    That’s maths for you. These things matter, evidently.

  30. DAV

    Let’s not assume they were paid by George Soros.

    Maybe not paid but the rapidity in which these protests sprung up along with what appear to be ready-made signs suggests they were organized and preplanned if only as contingencies.

  31. John B()


    Thanks for that from Scott Adams.

    That precisely explains my Social Media friend.

    The “offensive” post was that of a sign defaced with swastikas and the message: To all those who voted for Trump – this is on you – FIXIT FIXIT FIXIT (paraphrased)

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