Alexander Dugin & The Pivot Of History: Part II — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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Now we are at the heart of the problem I have detected in trying to discern the real role Dugin (and by implication, Mackinder) plays in relation to their perceived position of influence on Vlad Putin. Something’s fishy here. Something stinks. And being a Barbarian, things have to add up, or else I get suspicious. And when I get suspicious, I start counting. And this doesn’t add up. Unless we look at all of this from a different angle. The Golitsyn angle.

So here it is. Golitsyn, a KGB Major, defected in 1961, and told a fantastic story to his CIA handlers. Here was the story, in a nutshell: that the entire Communist world had bought into an incredible strategy of deception drawn up by Golitsyn and his fellow KGB operatives in the late 1950’s. This strategy, drawn directly from Odysseus, the Master Liar, was adopted by the worldwide Communist movement at the All Party Congress of 1959. This extraordinary session was held for the purpose of re-uniting the worldwide movement following the hijacking of the Commie-cause by Stalin. Uncle Joe had, according to his many Communistic critics, turned aside from espousing True Communism in order to establish his own Cult of Personality. That’s why Trotsky (and Rakovsky) claimed he was a Bonapartist. Which got both of them killed of course.

Anyway, the other national Communist parties, particularly throughout Europe, east to west, had grown disenchanted with Stalinism throughout the period from around 1935 to Stalin’s death in 1953. Stalin’s brand of Communism had placed the fortunes of national Russia (and Stalin, in particular) ahead of the well being of the Internationale movement.

The man who would try to heal this wound to the Communist body politic was Nikolai Khrushchev. Little Nicky. The most brilliant Russian of all time, in my estimation. He was the Sinon of his age. He was willing to sacrifice his own public persona for the good of the unity of the Party. He willingly gave up power in the first peaceful transition of power in the Communist world. What greater proof need we that he, Little Nicky, was a true Internationalist to the core, right Komrade? All aboard, Komrades, the train is ready to depart! But all these non-Russian Commie-idiots forgot something important—Khrushchev was a Slav. A Ukrainian-Russian Slav. Which means he was already infected with a greater, stronger disease than Communistic Idealism. He was a Russian, first, last and always.

If we are to believe in the finality of Dugin’s geopolitical thesis, we must therefore believe that Nicky would eventually double-cross all those idiot European Commies and their Leftist Front brethren. But we don’t have to fall for this modern Mackinder-Dugin thesis to reach this conclusion. All we have to do is to look at every Russian writer and philosopher from the time of Gogol onward to know this is the truth of the chauvinistic Orthodox Russian heart. Every one of them (except Chaadayev, Solovyev, Berdyaev and Solzhenitsyn) is a dyed-in-the-wool believer in the divine destiny of Orthodox-Russian Messianism. And those four exceptions still believe in the Russian messianic part. They just discount the Orthodox part. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here was the brilliant KGB-copyrighted plan Little Nicky sold to the other parties, world-wide, that would seal the fate of the West. And the fate of the Euro-Commie dupes. And everyone else, including the Penguins. It was a simple plan. It was based on Quintus of Smyrna’s incredible tome, The War at Troy and Sun-Tzu’s seminal work, The Art of War. The heart of this plan was this: where we are weak, we will appear to be strong. And where we are strong, we will appear to be weak. To which they added a final technique: we will be as the Cheshire Cat. We will appear to disappear. Just like the Western Greeks, as they sailed from still-standing Troy.

What in the hell does all of this mean? It’s simple, my friend. Deception. The New Testament of the Pagan World. It works, you know. Just ask Madison Avenue. People love to be fooled. They think the bill will never come. Just think of the Peace Dividend, and how we can spend it!

So here is what Golitsyn predicted, and what the CIA geniuses decided to ignore. Anatoly Golitsyn told the story of how the Communist behemoth would one day appear to become fractured, divided and weak. Here was the part about ‘where we are strong, we shall appear weak’. Think of the purported ‘Sino-Soviet Split‘. Bogus, my friend. Totally bogus. Have you noticed who Vlad’s best friend is these days? Same thing with Yugoslavia. And Roumania. And Albania. Each and every one of these supposed disputes about the true path Socialism should follow was pure charade. All for the purpose of making the West think that there was internal division (and thus, weakness) within the world-wide Commie movement. All the West had to do, according to the idiots in charge of the West, was to entice these Commie-Mavericks further away from the orbit of Moscovian influence, right? Hey, let’s give Yugoslavia some trade credits, right? Let’s prop up these dissident regimes with western money and then watch International Communism dissolve into Nationalistic bickering. Sounds great, right? So much cheaper than war, eh?

What was the other side of this coin? The part about ‘where we are weak, we shall appear to be strong’? Well, where were the Russians weak? How about the economy? How many years did we in the West suffer under the CIA delusions that the Soviet economy was three times larger than it actually was? And that the ‘citizens’ of Communist lands were actually so much better off in so many ways than the people of the West? Think of health care. Think of education. Think of welfare. Think HEW. Think HUD. Think DOE. In the Soviet world, these things were guaranteed rights, and they were delivered, on time. Or so the story went, the story sung by the idiot Western press. Which, by the way, was riddled with socialist moles and their useful-idiot cousins, the progressive liberals. All of whom still exist today, by the way, if you haven’t noticed. Ever watch the evening news? Isn’t this a grand plan, Komrade? We can get these idiots in the West to sing our song, and we don’t even have to pay most of them.

Anyway, this brilliant plan was to have a climax. Let’s call it Glasnost (Act I) and Perestroika (Act II). Let’s appear to disappear, Komrades. Here’s Act III, The Cheshire Cat! And let’s watch these fools take the bait. Watch them gloat at the fall of the Berlin Wall. Watch them dance with joy at the withdrawal of the Soviet legions from East Europe. Watch them giggle as the Politburo falls apart, and Yeltsin the Drunk is replaced by Gorbachev the Tool! Can it get any better than this? Oh yes, my friend, it does. From the Russian point of view.

What is this viewpoint, Komrade? Well, as the West watched this orchestrated collapse, the East watched the perfectly predictable Western response. Why was it predictable? Because it was simple human nature. The West was tired. Tired of being strong and disciplined. Tired of being vigilant. Tired of paying for unrequited European security. But it was more than that. This tiredness was felt only by the older ones of the West. And that was natural. They had done their duty. And by rights, their sons should have taken up the burden. But their Baby-Boomer sons were wimps. Why? Because they were pampered. Pampered by their elders, who had suffered two historic horrors (WW I & II), and who had seen the prospects of a third one coming (Korea and Vietnam). These elders were tired of this game called ‘Let’s Be Policemen’. Guess who knew they were tired? The geniuses in the East. Know thine enemy. They had our number. And let’s be honest. By Vietnam, we in the West had begun to secretly suspect our leader’s intentions. Or at least their judgment. And we were tired of this game that had no payoff.

So what came next? Simple, my friend, and totally predictable, if you know anything about human nature. The West bought the lie. The lie that said the East had collapsed, without a fight. And that we no longer had to stand, armed and vigilant. Why did we buy this lie? Because we wanted to. Because it was enticing. Because it seemed just. Because it seemed logical. After all, just look at the Fulda Gap: all the Russian tanks were gone, right? Right. Just like all the ships of the Western Greeks were gone from the shores of the Dardanelles. Hallelujah, Troy has won! Yahoo, break out the juice, brothers! It’s Miller Time!!!

And so we sat back and celebrated. And gave our wives the credit card to spend the Peace Dividend on whatever they wanted. Want some new shoes? Nice! Want some lady Senators? Sure! Want more welfare? Why not? More education? You bet! More health care? Amen! Just be sure dinner’s ready soon, honey. And let’s get some of that fancy beer too, OK? Thanks. I love you too, baby. Huh? Ships on the horizon? Ah, don’t worry about it. It’s all good. I’ll be home right after the Victory Games.

Sound familiar? You didn’t know you were Trojan, did you? So where the hell is Aeneas when you need him? Whoa. He’s gone. He left. To found Rome. No, not Imperial Rome. That’s toast. The capital has moved. To Moscow. The Third Rome. So where’s that leave us? High and dry, that’s where. Sitting on a pile of debt. And social spending obligations that can’t be rescinded without provoking the howls of the entitled. Which is about half the populace, and growing. Don’t think the new Faux Emperor Donald can stop this spending train. He may slow it down, but even if he locks up the brakes, the train will slide for at least another mile or two. And the crossing gates are dead ahead. There’s three seconds left. We’re behind by six. It’s fourth down and 99 yards to go. Better buckle up, Komrade. Time for a Hail Mary. You do believe, right?

And so, my friend, this is the grand Russian strategy, vintage 1959: to drive the Atlanticists (the Sea People) out of continental (Land People) Europe by making them think they have won. And now that the wimpy Americans are in hock to the future, and too effeminate to care about what that future looks like, all the Russkies have to do is to overcome the historic antipathy of the Western Slavs (Poles and Lithuanians) and the Teuton/Huns (Germany, Austria and Hungary) to the idea of Russian domination. And to do this, all they have to do is to put a geographic mask over the historic Communistic and Eastern Orthodox past of Russia. Why?

Well, in order to appeal to the supposed ‘common continental comradeship’ of these nations that lie outside Russia’s immediate grasp. Given the emergent Islamic threat to all the members of this Pan-European group (both East and West), what else is needed to drive home this idea of their common interests? If the memory of the Communist and Tsarist ‘past’ has become clouded and begun to fade from the mind of the west because of this newly proposed theory of Dugin’s (and Mackinder), who can blame the befuddled West if they fail to remember the lessons of Troy?

What better disguise can you think of than Dugin and Mackinder’s geopolitical theory to accomplish such a task? Why resort to outright war when you can snooker these rubes for free? And what better plan than to invoke the spirit of Odysseus, wrapped in the sanitized lingo of geopolitics? Thank you, Komrade Dugin. Vladimir the Greatest salutes you. Here is your Order of Lenin medal. You have served the Tsar well. Your new dacha is waiting. It’s in New York. Enjoy!


  1. You should become acquainted with Occam’s razor. Or maybe Robert Burns’ “The best laid plans of mice and men….”

    The fantastic multi-decade-long master plan that the paranoiac James Angleton bought from Golitsyn feeds into the uncomprehending disbelief of the western non-PC intelligentsia. Their feelings of powerlessness, in spite of their clearly superior brainpower, are explained by this massive unstoppable master plan of the demonic Russkies!

    While the Bolsheviks did believe that their Marxism would sweep the planet in months after October 1917, they quickly awoke to reality.

    They became adept at brutal and murderous dictatorship. Their plan for global domination, the seeds planted by their genius of covert influence, Willi Muenzenberg, quickly lost support. Muenzenberg’s influence ops, front organizations, and a belief system of loathing for Normal-America lived on, though, eventually toppling Normal-American culture.

    Putin’s current machinations are simply the response of a proud country to foreign interventions.

    In your wild-eyed scheme, did Putin (or Khruschev?) plan for American and NATO bases to encircle Russia? Hmmmm…? They are wily, aren’t they?

    Of course, a proud country will prickle at the atagonists who are poking the bear in its cage. Occam’s razor, man.

    See this map of NATO/US bases surrounding Russia. Put yourself in their shoes. Then switch to decaf.

  2. Per

    Yeltsin replaced Gorbachev, not the other way around.

  3. Ye Olde Scribe

    I believe Sir Ianto is forgetting, among other things, innumerable Catholic prophecies which speak of war with Russia, a war that takes place in Europe…the appearance of a “Great King”….a “good Pope” (which we haven’t had since 1958)….not to mention Fatima and the Consecration of Russia….

  4. Ye Olde Scribe – fear not, for Sir Ianto has not forgotten Fatima; in his book, The Barbarian Bible, he takes it quite seriously.

  5. gareth

    So many words, yet I was unable to capture the punch line and wasn’t keen on the style either.
    Definitely prefer Briggs 🙂

  6. The Mule

    Ianto, I am not nor ever will be your ‘friend’.

  7. M E

    You can check on the Russian Orthodox Church at www dot pravmir dot com.

    Type it in if you are hyper vigilant on the internet especially if you are from California 😉

    I’m sure you can find conspiracies galore there… if you are looking for them (sarc)

  8. Toddy Cat

    With all due respect to Dr. Briggs (and I mean that) , what is this Neocon word salad?

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