The Violent Rule America’s Campuses: Middlebury College, Berkeley Update

The original story begins below, which ran on 14 February 2017. Events since then have confirmed the original conclusions.

Middlebury Update

Violent students at Middlebury College attacked and badly wounded Professor Allison Stanger who was escorting “neo-con” author Charles Murray on campus, where a scheduled speech of his was disrupted by a violent mob. As of this writing, Stanger injury caused by violent students requires her to wear a neck brace.

If you missed the allusion, it was violent students. They are also illiterate, vulgar, and ignorant students, judging by the posters they held as they attacked (see the link above). Students are, of course, ignorant by definition: that is why they are students: their goal is to dispel their ignorance. But these students are willfully ignorant, and their education calculated to enforce this ignorance.

It is past time for the police—I could not find any report of arrests, again—-to do as they do to other violent criminals. Which is to say, when students will not obey legal commands and when the students are violently attacking people, the police should use all available force to stop them, including lethal force. If not, it is only a matter of time before violent students kill someone. Over politics.

It is worth noting—and I say God bless him here—Jerry Coyne, with whom I have lightly sparred, is on the side of angels in this incident. “Those who consider words to be violence might ponder the actual violence that their mob behavior inspired: violence that was immediate, deliberate, and intended. Middlebury College and its students should be ashamed of themselves.”

It is also worth nothing the Washington Post is on the side of demons. Writing as minimally as they could about the violence caused by the violent students, forgetting to mention the extent of the injury caused, the Post quickly introduced a note that said the disgraceful Southern Poverty Law Center “considers Murray a white nationalist who uses ‘racist pseudoscience…'” The obvious intent was to excuse the violence as legitimate.

That wink-and-a-nod attitude will lead to an increase in student violence.

Charles Murray writes of the attacks (note the plural) himself. “But many looked like they had come straight out of casting for a film of brownshirt rallies. In some cases, I can only describe their eyes as crazed and their expressions as snarls. Melodramatic, I know. But that’s what they looked like.”

Also relevant.

Berkeley Update

At least there were some arrests, though as the video above proves, police were reticent to do their duty. It appears as if they were not performing their duty based on orders from above. The image atop the post was found in a link to the video. Somebody wrote “Based Stick Man is not the hero we want, he is the hero we deserve.” Apt, that.

More details. 10 Arrested in Berkeley, Elderly Man Assaulted Following Violent Anti-Trump Protest. “Police reported items confiscated among the combatants were: ‘metal pipes, bats, 2x4s and pieces of wood. A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated.'”

UFC veteran and professional MMA fighter Jake Shields was even forced to rescue a man who was being assaulted by left-wing rioters after police allegedly refused to help…

“More chaos started happening, so I went up to the police and tried bringing them back, but they were just like ‘we’re not really going over there. You should just stay away.'” he continued. “I don’t know if they were taking orders from someone or if they were just being lazy. I don’t know what the situation was, but it was pathetic to watch. Our police, who are supposed to defend the citizens of Berkeley. It’s a sad scene that they would allow that.”

Original article

Stream: The Violent Rule America’s Campuses.

Time for our News Quiz! How many were arrested and punished in Berkeley among those who rioted, vandalized, and violently beat a man with shovels, almost killing him, when the right-wing comedian Milo was to visit that campus?

Hint: the total was the same as the number of student militants menacingly brandishing automatic weapons who violently occupied Cornell’s Willard Straight Hall in 1969 in protest of Cornell’s “racist attitudes” and “irrelevant curriculum”.

Still not sure? Then here, at the risk of being too generous, is another hint. The number of violent actors arrested at Berkeley is the same as the number punished for their violent storming of the stage at the University of Wisconsin, Madison to prevent mild-mannered Ben Shapiro from speaking on the subject of decency, an event at which “Campus police watched but did nothing to stop the interruptions.” Violent students also blocked Shapiro from UCLA.

If you still don’t have it, the number you’re looking for is the usual count of those arrested, expelled, or otherwise punished for their use of violence to further political causes at colleges and universities all across this fair country. It is a number fewer than the fingers on your right hand to the left of your thumb.

No more clues. Unless you find the answer too distasteful to admit, you have at least an inkling of this circular figure.

Now that we have finished the first question, it is time for our—

—Political Science Quiz! Ready? What do we call those people in a society who are licensed or allowed to use violence?

No hints this time. We call these the people in charge.

Since the violent are in charge, and since folks regularly use violence on college campuses as a means of politics, and that this violence just as regularly goes unpunished or is countenanced, we can therefore say that there is an officially approved climate of violence on the majority of campuses in the United States.

It really is this simple. Violent students (and professors) are in charge, have been in charge, and will continue to be in charge as long as they are allowed to use violence.

Violence in and around universities is so commonplace that its presence is thought natural and necessary. Pepper sprayings, calls for muscle, assaults of speakers calling for free speech (another Berkeley incident), a brawl and students rushing the stage, students occupying by force various campus offices…

Go there to read the rest. Look over your shoulder first if you are on campus.

Editor’s edition: Berkeley activist: No, “fascists”” don’t have a right to speak in public


  1. DAV

    The mistake is to label violent, fit-throwing students as they crowd into “safe spaces,” fill their diapers and demand to be changed, with being “snowflakes.”

    But that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Ask anyone buried by an avalanche how dangerous snowflakes can be.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Here’s a thought. How about if President Trump were to give a speech at, say, Berkeley on ‘Violence and Restriction of Free Speech on College Campuses’ with full media coverage. He would be there to deliver the message that any college or university that did not control and punish and eliminate student violence would no longer receive Federal funds.

  3. Sheri

    Return to the 60’s (except with fewer arrests right now). Colleges always were the violent, spoiled areas in virtually every country across the globe. In China, the college students were the ones that tried for freer thinking—and were squashed. Idealism in most countries may not work out well. Reality smacks you down eventually. Or kills you. Reality doesn’t care.

    I think it has to do with huge percentages of colege occupants not having to earn a living. Too much free time and too much free money to throw around. Affluence breeds stupidity. Always has. Since the students are not paying for the degree, the students just don’t care if they get one or not. It’s party time—or riot time, depending on the day.

    The bigger problem seems to be parents have always been willing pay to have their children turned into violent spoiled brats. I don’t understand it, but that’s the way it is. Pay $100,000 so the child you hopefully tried to teach manners can burn down the student center. Oh, wait, these are the people who were in college in the 60’s. Now it all makes sense…….

  4. Gary

    All we are saying,
    is give peace a chance.


  5. Steve E

    Little do they know that, even if they are successful with their “revolution”, they will be among the first to be sent to the camps for “re-education.”

    Sheri, in China, students were also at the core of Mao’s Red Guards during the cultural revolution. It is the temperament of youth to be all-in for the cause-du-jour. Ideology was tailor made for the young.

  6. Ray

    I started college in 1960 and remember the student demonstrations. The administration always talked a good game and then caved like a wet paper sack. We joked that there was nothing more craven, cowardly and hypocritical than a college president.

  7. Mark

    Seems we have come full-circle to the late-60s and early-70s turmoil and gnashing of teeth. I was fortunate to have attended a university in the deep south during that era and did not suffer too much grief being enrolled in the ROTC program. The big differences: the Vietnam war and Civil Rights are supplanted by one’s political ideology or earning leftist-rancor if expressing support of Trump; and, the deep south has lost Virginia and North Carolina. Unfortunately, I presently live in Virginia.

  8. Frederic

    A hundred years of creeping MSM Marxism go back and
    listen to them praise the Soviets and Chi-coms, never a discouraging
    word for Uncle Joe, Lenin, Mao, or their cohorts. Proof of the
    pudding is in the eating, traitors FDR and Truman threw
    Poland and half of Europe under the bus sparking a 70 year
    cold war that left existence itself in the hands of madmen. Now
    we’re bankrupt and they’re desperately trying to spark Cold War 2.0
    to sustain endless war, tension, and the anxiety of nuclear
    annihilation. American racism and misogyny are made up issues
    to divide the country down the middle, an amazing and pernicious
    apparatus this so called free press which functions solely to serve
    the interests of it’s owners and benefactors never the people,
    they are viewed as mere chattel to be manipulated and fleeced.

  9. Ken

    Revolution in their minds the CHILDREN start to march
    Against the world in which they have to live
    They’re tired of being pushed around
    And told just what to do
    They’ll FIGHT the world until they’ve won

    Above lyrics are excerpted from Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” — in 1971, when the album (Master of Reality) came out, the context was rebellion against the U.S. – Soviet arms race.

    It made no logical sense then, and it applies equally well and just as logically now to current events.

    Some things never really change…

    …well, maybe not quite:

    In doing some ad hoc “research” the following turned up:

    “”I wanted to write a song called ‘Walpurgis’ – you know, the Satanic version of Christmas – write it about that Satan isn’t a spiritual thing, it’s warmongers. That’s who the real Satanists are, all these people who are running the banks and the world and trying to get the working class to fight the wars for them. We sent it off to the record company and they said, ‘No, we’re not going to call it that. Too Satanic!’ So I changed it to ‘War Pigs’.”
    – Geezer Butler, lead guitarist, Black Sabbath reminiscing, among other things, about how he came up with album ideas and the mega hit, War Pigs, including mention of a topic — bankers & other corporate leaders — being evil … the very same targets modern youth continue to hate…
    …going on:

    In his autobiography, I Am Ozzy, Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne recalls, “It was originally going to be called ‘Walpurgis’ … which was a term for a black magic wedding or something. Then we changed it to ‘War Pigs’, and Geezer came up with these heavy duty lyrics about death and destruction. No wonder we never got any chicks at our gigs.”

    And there we see the difference — now, the “chicks” ARE turning out for such….

  10. berserker

    Yes; the students are the ones rioting. But the cancer starts with the adults: the faculty, the administrators and the parents.
    – Every bloody person sees himself (or herself) an activist these days. Thanks, Obamarama.

  11. Gary

    In case you were wondering…

    Middlebury’s Mission Statement

    The following statement was adopted by the Middlebury College Board of Trustees through the action of its Prudential Committee on March 2, 2006.

    At Middlebury College we challenge students to participate fully in a vibrant and diverse academic community. The College’s Vermont location offers an inspirational setting for learning and reflection, reinforcing our commitment to integrating environmental stewardship into both our curriculum and our practices on campus. Yet the College also reaches far beyond the Green Mountains, offering a rich array of undergraduate and graduate programs that connect our community to other places, countries, and cultures. We strive to engage students’ capacity for rigorous analysis and independent thought within a wide range of disciplines and endeavors, and to cultivate the intellectual, creative, physical, ethical, and social qualities essential for leadership in a rapidly changing global community. Through the pursuit of knowledge unconstrained by national or disciplinary boundaries, students who come to Middlebury learn to engage the world.

  12. Joy

    “Allison Stanger who was escorting “neo-con” author Charles Murray on campus, where a scheduled speech of his was disrupted by a violent mob. As of this writing, Stanger injury caused by violent students requires her to wear a neck brace.”

    Arrest them and throw the book at them.
    Not just the ones who did actual bodily harm and criminal damage but those with intent who accompanied them. After the London riots the police trawled through CCTV and the CPS made a record number of convictions in a given time, very encouraging given their reputation for being lumberingly slow. When things really get difficult as in times of war authorities can do things in a fraction of the time and more efficiently than thought possible. Everybody wakes up.

    Thank goodness for Trump.
    Berkley as a university should be on some kind of watch or be punitively fined.

    Universities are not supposed to be political nurseries. They are supposed to be places where people go to deepen and broaden their knowledge, not narrow their mind. That process is supposed to happen naturally and not in a contrived way, through exposure to good and bad ideas and to the type of material or books which are best prized by the wisest in history and with the reasoning which attends that material.

    The problem of rioting students is a police matter, easy to fix if the will is there but this is a sign that the pre-trump guard is still in place and it looks like a display by those locally in charge of policing. The police were probably outnumbered as well. I have every confidence that this insanity won’t prevail. It is self defeating.

    As to the Professor with the neck collar, she is now under pressure to display the collar. For medico-legal, personal and political reasons. If I could talk to her I’d tell to to leave it off as soon as she can, preferably right now. Her injury “requires her to wear a neck brace”. says it all. Outside of a fracture which would ave been mentioned in the write up, a neck brace is there for comfort. She needs pain relief, peace and quiet and normal movement. Not to relive the events each time she’s interviewed or written about.

  13. Frederic

    Soon medical supply company stocks will be off the charts.
    Invest now.

  14. Richard A

    Speaking of ignorant, though, when did “reticent” become a synonym for “reluctant”?

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