Death To Those Who Call For Death For Climate Change Denial!

Stream: Death To Those Who Call For Death For Climate Change Denial!

Sharp readers will notice differences between the version here and at the Stream. The intro here is mine.

Death to those who call for the death of those who question the failed theory of devastating man-made global warming!

Punish those who call for punishment of those who support climate realism!

Jail the people who call for incarceration of scientists who demonstrate the uncertainty in global temperature forecasts!

Penalize the folks who demand non-conforming scientists be penalized for giving their professional opinion!

Hey—if our betters are allowed to call for torches and pitchforks against their enemies, then by golly, so am I. Fair’s fair.

Hang ’em high

First to the scaffold should be the angry prune and one-time funnyman Eric Idle, who tweeted “I think that denying climate change is a crime against humanity. And they should be held accountable in a World Court.” When summarily found guilty, the perpetrators he said should be “Put down gently”. As should anybody who tells such lousy jokes.

Mounting their last steps with Idle will be the editors of The Nation, who allowed to be published the article “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us: The victims of Hurricane Harvey have a murderer—and it’s not the storm.?” The author claims refusing to act to his satisfaction against “climate change” is equivalent to “premeditated murder” and should be punished as such. Murder is a capital crime. As should be the rape of logic committed by the author.


We’re near to over-straining our nooses, which must be saved for the evilest wrongdoers. This is why it is best that Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce meet his Maker by firing squad. Pierce said “Climate denial already is a synonym for mass murder.” And we know the fate of mass murderers. That same end should be meted out to writers at celebrity tittle-tattle magazines who pretend to understand physics.

Prison blues

Even though it may seem a good idea, not all sins against Truth are punishable by death. Incarceration and punitive fines have their place. Thus it’s off to the hoosegow for Brian Merchant, a writer at The Outline responsible for the negligent piece, “Climate Change Denial Should Be A Crime: In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence–and hold those who do the denying accountable.

Merchant said hurricane Harvey is “what climate change looks like.” No, it is what a rare hurricane looks like. If anything, “climate change”, which can’t itself cause anything, is causing a decrease in hurricanes and tropical storms, as hurricane scientist Ryan Maue showed us. [EDITORIAL NOTE; USE THIS PIC IF WE CAN!] For Merchant’s gross criminal ignorance of easily verifiable truths, he should be put away for five to eight years, with no time off for good behavior…

It’s war!

The case of the sovereign nation of Canada is the most difficult…


  1. “That same end should be meted out to writers at celebrity tittle-tattle magazines who pretend to understand physics.”

    The Stream may be lots of things, but I don’t think it’s quite a “celebrity tittle-tattle magazine”.

  2. brian (bulaoren)

    Poor Eric Idle; He, of all people, should know better than to buy a dead parrot.

  3. Sheri

    Actually, exile to an island (in the path of hurricanes or not……) where they can “chicken little” and “extreme hyperbole” themselves to death between food gathering and hut building seems more like justice.

  4. Gary

    Please liberate Steve McIntyre from Toronto before you turn Canada into a wasteland. Well, the populated parts, anyway.

    Brian, it’s not dead… it’s resting.

  5. John B()

    No honorable mention for Pope Francis equating denialism to a moral malaise?
    Any suggestion about (ahem) what “punishment” he should face?

  6. Ken

    Brian Merchant, at his blog (link in Briggs’ blog above), makes the following childish emotional appeal, worth evaluating:

    “’s high time to start taking this pointed refusal to prepare, this refusal to observe the basic tenets of science seriously — and call it what it is: Negligence. Criminal negligence, even.

    “According to the Texas penal code, “A person acts with criminal negligence, or is criminally negligent… when he ought to be aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of such a nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that an ordinary person would exercise….”

    “The list of ways in which Talbott [was head of Houston’s flood control district for 35 years ending in 2016] and his office should have been aware of the substantial risk of ignoring a robust body of scientific evidence, at the tragic expense of the people of Houston, is stunning.”

    Just how much truth is there? About none if one cares to confront Merchant on his terms. The Houston Chronicle has reported:

    “the district [under Talbott] revamped its modeling of the drainage system, using high tech airborne radar to precisely survey the region, which in turn, was used to draw up a master plan that could push Houston to its next generation of flood control. Unfortunately, the price tag on a total upgrade came out to $25 billion, which means it is unlikely to happen soon.” [further reporting cites projects in the 100s of Ms being years behind schedule]


    “One thing Mike doesn’t get credit for is (the notion that) flood control is underfunded,” (i.e., Talbott has been sounding the alarm around Houston that regional flood control needs more attention/action — in other words, he’s been, in a sense, on the very same page as Merchant, if not for the same reasons).

    SENSIBLE analysts will find it hard to attribute blame to authorities that DO raise alarms about the need for more/better/revamped flood control when municipal and other financing is woefully inadequate to do much of anything. Sensible people understand the issues between what one would like to do, or even needs to do, versus what can be done — and when it cannot be done there is no personal culpability.

    BUT climate change alarmists react like children with an emotional intellectual horizon that’s limited to the immediate with little or no regard to constraints imposed by reality. We understand that children have undeveloped emotional and intellectual capacities … and when we read such tripe from the likes of Merchant we are reminded that some people never grow up.

    (Merchant displays ‘magical thinking’ – that one denying a facet of nature is all needed for nature to wreak havoc on some occasion…that it is such intellectual denial that accounts for why a place is overwhelmed and not lack of fiscal & other resources needed to implement precautions. This is indicative of, at best, stunted emotional development or even mental impairment — trying to debate such people on rational grounds is futile)

    Houston Chronicle article link:

  7. Steve E

    This is why free speech is so important. It allows us to see that authoritarians are alive and well; and reveals that the Gulag, the Terror, the Cultural Revolution, etc. are only a set of ordinary circumstances away.

  8. Plantagenet

    No please don’t nuke Ottawa it’s a lovely town, and I have friends there. If you want to take out Toronto and their stupid hockey team go ahead…one more story about Austin Mathews and I might do it myself!

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