What Is Communism? Part II– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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So much for Communism. What about Bolshevism? Now I won’t belabor the point, as I know a number of you are weak (as you refuse the Port and tobacco that would fortify you). Your demand for immediate knowledge shall be met, forthwith! The true meaning of the word Bolshevik, from the actual operating perspective, is this: Atheism. And its primary liturgical practice is this: terror.

Now you can object all you want, and cite any number of writers who will say otherwise. Fine, have your writers. But remember, I never listen. I only watch. Because actions tell the truth, whereas writers generally do not. Not that they are trying to lie. No, most of the time they are speaking idealistically. Which is fine, if we lived in magic-land. You know, where everyone does as they should. But we don’t. And the reason is, we can’t agree anymore on what ‘as they should’ actually means. So, until someone can counter Solzhenitsyn’s Godlessness: the First Step to the Gulag and Whittaker Chambers’s Witness, I’m not listening. But I am watching, always.

Why these two writers? Simple. Because they wrote what they lived. They wrote what they lived, not what they dreamed. Each had lived under the lie of Bolshevism, each as the warden, then as victim. And both emphatically say that the root of Bolshevism, the core principle that motivates its believers, is unadulterated atheism. And this anti-belief system can only enforce itself through the exercise of terror. Up to and including human sacrifice. On a large scale. The exercise of raw human power over those who do not see the would-be Emperor as being the true God. The one who would re-fashion the world in his own image. For everyone’s benefit, of course, Komrade. Please don’t disagree, or I will have to kill you.

Now you can argue that atheism doesn’t automatically cause a man to become a Stalin or a Trotsky or a Mao. In fact, you may say that there are many altruistically motivated atheists who eschew power and control. And my answer to that is, they don’t really believe their beliefs. Because if they did, they would be as aflame as Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the Gang. But let’s assume they are sincere in their dis-belief, and aren’t driven to lord over their fellow man. Well, Komrade atheist, we seem to have a problem. Because, if there is no God, then everything is allowed, eh? Even terror. Especially terror, actually. Just ask that famous atheist philosopher Ivan Karamazov.

Even if you aren’t driven to terroristic excess, you can’t condemn your neighbor who is. Why? You’ve already said there can be no universal law imposed from above. Just the various human attempts to impose it from below. And now we’re back to Uncle Joe. Why in Heaven’s name would you oppose him? He’s only doing it for your own good. And don’t think staying silent will work. Neutrality is as treasonous as open opposition. Both sides believe in that principle, by the way. Your Swiss Army knife won’t save you.

Now the reason for this affection for terror on the part of atheists is very simple. It’s their Liturgy. It’s how they enforce their call for Equality. And here’s the root of this equality: everyone is fearful. First you purge the Bourgeoisie. Then the Army. Then the Party. And now everyone is equally afraid. So much for Bolshevik-Equality.

Let’s not leave it at this, my friend. For there is a place for equality. But that place is not here. No, there is only one place for true equality, and that is in the eyes of God. The Big God. Forget those idiot gods. They all have green eyes. Or red. And neither is pretty. No, the only place for equality is in the recognition of the inherent value of each human life. Let’s call it Christian-Equality. Because it’s based on the premise that we are all made in the image of the Maker. Each iteration of the image of this infinite Maker must therefore be infinitely valuable.

Yes, I know. You want to know what all of this has to do with anything. So do I. And as usual, I want to know what this has to do with Russia. Because I am convinced, like every Russian is, that mankind will either live or die based on what Russia was, and what she becomes. We’ve already seen that Bolshevik-Communism which afflicted Russia for 74 years no longer seems to be the ruling paradigm of the East. But the question now is, will the Christian-Communism of the past take its place, and bring peace to them, and us?

In the West, will the remains of Christian-Equality be able to overcome the Bolshevik-Equality that is supposedly rooted in Justice? No, no, forget about that damnable word Justice. Have you ever seen that silly bumper sticker? It’s one of those idiot SJW Catholic-Lite blurbs. It says ‘If you want peace, work for justice’. Can you believe it? I say, if you want justice, then go to Hell. Me, I’m looking for mercy. Have all the damned justice you want. Idiots. Bless me Father, for I have sinned…

Don’t get it? You will. Believe me, we all will. It’s just a matter of time. And timing. Don’t believe Jimmy Page. There won’t always be time to change the road you’re on. By the way, do you know what a bustle in the hedge row refers to? Well, do you know who the May Queen is? May is coming soon. May 13th, to be specific. And what is the real meaning of Paradise? A hedged garden? Where? Hey, you look a little woozy there, pal. Here, have another drink. Need a light?

I’m sorry. Let’s slow it down. Let’s get back to work. And the work is this: what is going on in Russia? After all, if Bolshevik-Communism no longer rules Russia, what does rule it? It’s certainly not Christian-Communism. Unless you’re buying the Orthodoxy-will-save-us routine. I’m not. Why is that? Because I know the Tsars did the same thing as Henry when he snatched all the monasteries and their lands. About the same time as Henry, actually. And it had the same result, as they bound the serfs to the now-royal lands, making them slaves instead of sons. And they did the same thing Henry did to the Church. You know the old saying? If you want to change the world, change the liturgy. That’s what these so-and-sos did, and their effect remains with us today. The result was a fractured family. And we know what that produces, eh?

What am I talking about? Well, it’s simple. It comes from the saying, ‘As above, so below‘. What’s that mean? It means that our life here on earth, at the bottom of the Atmospheric Heavens, should, ideally, mirror what is going on in the Empyrian Heavens. That is to say, the form of worship here should mirror the face-to-face worship of The God in Heaven. And if this is done correctly, then all will be well on earth. But if not, then all Hell will break loose. Literally.

And so, when the Henrys and Ivans decided to become gods in their own right, they did it by becoming gods in their own rite. Yes, here we go again. Semantics. Time for a lesson. Time to look at the magic. So, ask yourself, when you think of magic, what do you think of? That’s right, you think of a ‘spell’. Words. Spoken words. Words that ‘spell’ out what you are desiring. And in the mystical world, there are two kinds of words. The first is bene-diction. Good speech. The second is male-diction. Bad speech. Blessings or curses. And so, the battle of all time is reduced to this: words.

Now the question is this: which Word will we believe in? The old Word? The good word, of love and life? The word of Christian Communism? Or will we believe in the new word? The bad word. The word of terror. The word of Bolshevik Communism. The word of hate and death.

Let’s look at how this Word is used. Every man has the power to utter a word, or at least a thought. Will he utter a benediction or a malediction? A blessing or a curse? And where is this Word most important? In the liturgy, of course. And what is the liturgy? Well, it’s your public duty, before your superior. So, in the largest sense, it’s your ritual of worship. And the way you do it becomes your Rite.

If you have no public duty before God, He has no duty towards you. No rites? No rights! What, you say you’ve got Human Rights? As in, the Declaration of Man? Okay, Bucko, let’s see you enforce them. You and what army? And there you have it. This claim to the amorphous Rights of Man can only lead to Bolshevism, or one of its less-competent cousins.

So then, you have no liturgy? You poor atheist. Good luck, fella. How can you hope to have any say in your own fate if you won’t say anything at all? Are you being deliberately stupid? You’ve got to have a prayer if you want to have a prayer of a chance! But if you do have a formal prayer, then if that prayer is in the right form, to the right Being, then you can claim His mercy. Assuming you’re sufficiently repentant. No? Well, do not pass ‘Go’. Do not collect $200.

But let’s say you are repentant. And that you want to effectively petition the real God. Where then do you find this prayer? Well, it’s in the Canon. The official prayer. It’s in the liturgy of the Mass. It’s where the proper intention of your repentance is found. And what is this intention? Simply this: first, that you forgive (and not curse) your enemies. Then, that you bless all your friends. Especially your dead friends. You know, all the saints. They are your friends, right? And who else do you need to bless? Well, how about that guy over there wearing that triple-tiara? Oh wait, that’s so un-fashionable these days. OK, then that fisherman over there, that guy named Peter. And all his successors. I know, some of them are kinda sketchy. Just like me. And you. You really want to get picky about this? You really want justice? Really? It works both ways, you know.

Yes, here’s the root of the modern world. The ancient world prayed for the Pope (whether he was good or bad, just like me, he needs your prayers). But the modern world, given to us by Photius the Khazar-faced liar, and Henry the Woman-Killer, have taken the Pope’s name out of the Canon, and replaced it, in vain, with their own. East or West, take your pick, it makes no difference. Constantinople or Canterbury, it makes no never-mind. Because now, if you follow the lead of Anglican Henry or Orthodox Ivan, you are now praying for Imperial Rome, and not Holy Rome. And you have spoken an omissive curse. Blessed be those that bless you, and cursed be those that curse you.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of room in the Canon for the King’s name, and the Patriarch too. And Holy Rome has no objection to this. But there’s no need to toss any names. And no need to crowd towards the front either. So let’s ask a silly question. WWAD? Huh? You know, What would Andrew do? You know, Andrew, the Evangelist of Constantinople and Kiev, the twin hearts of Greco-Russian Orthodoxy. Andrew, the favorite of all those Anglish kings who stole all the Churches in Angland and put those damned red doors on them? Why is that, anyway? I thought the Pearly Gates were white. I thought red doors were meant for someplace else. Anyway, do you think the Apostle Andrew would drop his brother Peter from the Canon? Because that’s what all these nationalistic leaders have done to The Church.

The result, of course, is political, and not ecclesial. And now they are all praying for a nationalistic version of the universe, instead of the universal version of the nations. Praying exclusively for the head of a nationalistic church, my friend, is an oxymoron. Because the universe is universal. And so, the real, one and true Church must also be universal. Or else it isn’t the Church. It’s a worldly kingdom. And the result is always the same—terror. Why? Because the people won’t accept it, willingly. They must be terrorized into accepting it. And any who resist must be liquidated. Just read your history. Preferably ones not written by the winners.

What is the meaning of all of this insanity? Simply this, my brother: words count, and every word is counted. The CIA and the KGB aren’t the only ones listening, you know.

Let’s finish this up. Let’s look at the unveiling. You know, the Apocalypse. That’s what that word means, you know. More semantics. In the end, the last book of those words that claim to matter most, says this: that the end won’t see a clash between believers and un-believers. No, it won’t be between the Bolsheviks and the Christians. It will be between believers and believers. One group believes in a Universal (that is, all nations, equally) approach to the offer of salvation. The other believes in an Imperialistic (which is always lead by one nationality) approach.

No, in the end, there will be those who believe that God and Caesar can be reconciled, and those who do not. But wait, haven’t I already said the end will pit the two forces who both claim to be both God and Caesar? Yes, I have. But I’m not an Arian. And the Caesar I’m talking about now is purely human. I’m not talking about the true Emperor of all men. I’m talking about the other guy. The guy who thinks he will become God, when he subdues all other men. And Caesar has to come from somewhere, right? Some nation or another, correct? How about Iceland? Peru? Zimbabwe? No? Then why not Russia? And as the Imperial head of mankind, their ‘duty’ is to lead everyone, whether they like it or not. And this Imperial-Ecclesial alliance at the end, at the Apocalypse, will unveil the final offer to man. Here it is: do you want a job, or not?

Yes, you’re over 80 and you should be retired by now. But you’re not. You’re working as a greeter at Wal-Mart. Why? Because the Commons have been destroyed. Stolen by Caesar, who has been blessed by the prayers of the Patriarchs of Constantinople and Canterbury. Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Orthodoxy alike. And because of this theft, your children have no right to the patrimony of their father, Benedict. Bene-Dict. Good-speak. He’s gone, and so are the Commons he lovingly built. And so now, you are no longer seen as a son, because the Emperor has no sons. Neither does the Patriarch. All they have is servants. So then, do you want the job or not? No work, no eat.

Don’t believe me? OK. Fine. But wait, I forgot to tell you something. Something important. Remember the Canon? You know, the official list of those we need to pray for (besides our sorry selves)? Well, there’s been a late addition to The List. It happened one hundred years ago. This lady, this most Beautiful Lady, told some kids that we all needed to pray for the conversion of somebody. Specifically, she said it was the nation of Russia. She said it was important. Very important. And the way things are going today, it looks like she was privy to something big. And she said something else. She said if we don’t, then all Hell would break loose. Why? Because if Russia wasn’t converted, she would remain Holy Mother Russia, instead of becoming Holy Daughter Russia. And the result would be that this mad woman would spread her errors throughout the earth. And that these Errors would lead to our destruction. Now do I have your attention?

Here is the semantic question of the day and year, Komrade: what are the true Errors of Russia? Here’s a hint: they are plural. Don’t tell me it’s Bolshevik-Communism. That horse is dead. Want me to beat that dead horse again? Really? Look at it, it’s dead! I’ve already beaten the crap out of it. And don’t tell me it’s Bolshevik-Equality. Nobody is buying that horse manure anymore, except in Berkeley. As usual.

No, in the end, these Errors will be revealed in the battle between believers. Believers in a human Caesar working as God, versus those who believe it will pit a human Caesar against God. And the division between these two camps centers entirely upon our understanding of the Errors of Russia. What then are these (plural) Errors? Think fast, my friend. Vlad is waiting. The clock is ticking.

But in the meantime, do you want that job or not, buddy?


  1. DAV

    Now you can argue that atheism doesn’t automatically cause a man to become a Stalin or a Trotsky or a Mao. In fact, you may say that there are many altruistically motivated atheists who eschew power and control. And my answer to that is, they don’t really believe their beliefs. Because if they did, they would be as aflame as Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the Gang.

    What a silly claim. Back it up.

  2. “The true meaning of the word Bolshevik, from the actual operating perspective, is this: Atheism.”

    What??? No! It’s “majority.” That’s what it means – and in every sense! The reason state-atheism crept into the mix in Russia was a reaction to a crooked church that was in bed with a long-standing, outdated, disastrous social order. In China, it was simply a reaffirmation of the fact that the Chinese were always atheists. Their “religions” were more spiritualism and philosophy, and there was no God-Head at the top. Atheism was a form of ethno-nationalistic identification for them (and somewhat for the Russians too, as the popular nationalism of the day involved reinventing ethic “histories,” and the Russians were among the last peoples to Christianize). “Godlessness” does not cause communism. Heck, religious people invented the idea. Communism, as a general concept, came well before “atheism” anyway. Communism in the 19th and 20th centuries was a reactionary movement that rose up during the very turbulent era of the industrial age as the old aristocratic orders fell, new money bourgeoisie were rising to power and misbehaving, and the new nation-states as we know them today came to be. Today, “communism” barely resembles anything Lenin or Marx ever imagined, in function, form, and evolution. And outside China, it is not widely practiced at all anymore.

    I’m an atheist, pretty well educated, on the “left” of the political spectrum, but I am most certainly not a communist! I know it’s anecdotal, but I have been around, and most atheists I know are all over the place, politically, from conservative to libertarian to liberal. I don’t know any who are avowed communists!

    This Watt guy is a nut!


  3. Ken

    Quoting a portion of a line from Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ besides not really contributing anything to the narrative [other than providing another example of Schizo thinking, pointless topical meandering based on the flimsiest topical similarities & sweeping generalizations] also omits an interesting human behavioral trait — we humans perceive what we expect, not what is:

    The portion of the ‘Stairway” song mentioned, when played backwards, sounds just like the sort of random sounds one expects. That is, until one reads nonsensical lyrics contrived & force-fit to align with the backwards sounds … then … its nearly, or totally, impossible not to hear the gibberish as actual words.

    Try it — listen to the backwards sounds (starting at about 1:00 at the YouTube link, below) without reading the script that is presented in parallel on-screen. Do that a couple of times. You’ll hear nonsense sounds–because that’s all they are. Then, read the words & listen again. Typically it only takes once. After that, you cannot not hear the imaginary words that aren’t really there.


    So much of human perception is like that…not to mention Watt’s contrived associations between topics of which he clearly knows little.

  4. You all may scoff at Mr. Watt. I say he’s got it right.

  5. DG

    Hi there Ianto Watt! Nice to see that you were able to get your second post in! Yep communism is one out many examples of how big government, oligarchy and autocracy doesn’t work. Communism is just another instance of useless utopia promising drivel that creates a hell on earth.

  6. Rasputin

    I also think Mr. Watt has a reasonable perspective (operating system!) but I do dislike the Stream-of-conscious delivery style.

  7. Russophobe

    IW may know a few facts about history, but he has an obvious Roman Catholic bias and misunderstanding of Christian history. Much like today’s media obsession with Russia as the bad guys, his vilification of Eastern (Russian) Orthodox Christianity is wrong-headed and based on ‘fake news.’ It is ironic that many of the sentiments presented positively on this site such as conventional families, Christian faith and values etc., are supported in today’s (Orthodox) Russia. You may may also want to consider another perspective on Christian history:

  8. Andrew Brew

    Marx himself wrote that a prerequisite for accepting his teachings was to have been “baptised in the Feuerbach”, so he (who ought to know) thought atheism was fundamental to Marxism, at any rate. Its relationship with Bolshevism I leave to one side, except to note that simple-minded reliance on the ostensible meaning of “majority” is setting yourself up for a fall, for that was never true. Why would you insist on the only possible meaning of the word being something that is known to be false?

  9. oldavid

    Good one, Lanto.
    You certainly seem to have disturbed the bats in some atheist belfrys.

    It seems that we are reading from the same page but in a different sequence and interpretation.

    I demand equality! If you can do semantics then so can I.

    To equate Benedictinism with Communism you need to (as you have) redefine the commonly accepted definition of “Communism” to suit your purpose. In Communism no ONE owns anything… everything is “owned” by the State (claimed to represent “the community”). In a restricted sense that could be said to apply in cloistered religious communities; but even there the monks and nuns effectively “own” their underclothes, at least, in as much as they’re not “free” to be owned by anyone else (at least not at the same time).

    In a “State” imposed Communism (sold as “from each according to his ability (as prescribed by the ruling elite) and to each according to to his need” (as prescribed by the ruling elite according to his “usefulness” to the State) is indistinguishable from end product Capitalism where a man’s “worth” is only what the “company” can extract from him. It’s just a profit/loss statement. Yair! Big Brother might throw a few morsels to the aged and infirm but only to purloin the acquiesence of silly ideologues.

    Check your history, Lanto. The Marxist evolutionary “inevitability” (absurdity) is nought but the satanically narcissistic plutocrats being impatient. Don’t wait for the plebs and nations to capitulate in a debt burden… spend some money, buy some thugs and wreck the nation. Yep! It worked first in Russia because Eastern Orthodoxy is a limping pretension of Christianity. That, perhaps wilful, incomprehension has given us a whole generation of Jerseys who confuse “education” with indoctrination. That is, the ability to know and understand is confused with specious rationalisations of daydreams not connected to reality.

    Now it’s working in IStopia because most supposed Christians don’t even know what Christianity is; thanks, in no small measure, to the Jews who invented Evangelical Protestantism to be confused with Christianity.

  10. JMJ, have you done any study of Russia, her history and language? Ever study what Russians say about themselves?

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