Why Are Elites Making Us Say Men Are Women?

I do not joke nor jest. In New York City, “You can be fined for not calling people ‘ze’ or ‘hir,’ if that’s the pronoun they demand that you use.

Examples of Violations

a. Intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title. For example, repeatedly calling a transgender woman “him” or “Mr.” after she has made clear which pronouns and title she uses …

So that if a man pretends, as I do, to be First Sovereign Emperor of Earth, and thus demand that you use the pronouns “your” or “his Majesty”, you must use them. Or pay. If you cannot pay, the money will be confiscated from you. You bigot.

Even milquetoast conservatives are being chased by rabid mobs of social justice warriors demanding through barely veiled threats of violence that men who pretend to be women should be addressed as women. Which is fine. Let them come.

But what happens when the mighty and very well armed government decides you must lie? Will you? Most will.

This is the Path of Suicide.

Another example. The majority now buys the lie that two men may marry each other. And we have already seen the rabble chase after the truth-tellers on this subject. But you can’t help wondering how many lie to save themselves the grief. It is, surely, not an insignificant fraction.

Well, so what, says the utilitarian. Tell the lie, let them have their fantasy, and move on.

Yeah, sure. Move on. What most don’t grasp is that the elites, most of whom are not men pretending to be married to one another, want you to lie. They do this to show who is in charge. Once everybody accepts the lie about gmarriage, the elites will push on to new territory, as they are doing with men pretending to be women. And after that fiction is commonplace, some new outrage against Truth will take its place, and so on, until the populace it pliant and cowed.

For Heaven’s sake, did anybody not read 1984? What the purpose of torturing Winston to say 2 + 2 = 5? That the Party really believed that mathematical fiction? No! It was to subjugate and for no other reason.

Sure, there are always handfuls of lunatics bounding about who do say what is unequal is equal, but these unfortunates (like the poor) are always with us. They are always so small a minority as to be powerless—unless they are granted status by self-serving elites. Too, the variability of preposterosities believed is enormous. The elite is free to pick from any of them. So why doesn’t the government make us swear Bigfoot is real?

Why not, indeed? Probably because most people wouldn’t care one way or the other if it were true. It is only a trivial affront to sanity to say “Bigfoot exists”. But officially mandating that one say that a man is a woman is so removed from Reality that none can accept it unless (a) they have lost their bearings, or (b) they are suitably threatened.

Any combination guarantees cultural suicide.

Experimentation on accepting the False is on-going. Here is one thrust. Write a letter to terrorists! Children told to ‘respect’ killers in new teaching aid

It tells primary age children that terrorists kill people because they believe they are being treated “unfairly and not shown respect”.

It gives examples of “terrorists” whose ideas then turn out to be right: “The Suffragettes used violence and were called terrorists…” it stated. [ellipsis original]

Well, no. The Suffragettes turned out to be wrong. And, anyway, they were granted power by the elites of the time, who were free, if they so enjoyed, to ignore them. Elites could have even restricted the voting franchise further, if they were inclined.

Anyway, having people swear their murderers are motivated by hurt feelings is a whopper of a lie. And so it is pushed, only because some still protest against the lie.

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  1. “Satan’s final attack will be against the family.” – Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

  2. “Power don’t come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big, and gettin’ the whole d**n world to play along with you. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain’t true, you’ve got ’em by the b**ls.”
    – Senator Roark, Sin City

  3. The Marxist Left-Wing wanna-be commies would probably be fine with a gender-neutral term. “Comrade,” for example.

  4. “And so it is pushed, only because some still protest against the lie.”

    So if we stop protesting, the lies will stop? Trying to see the silver lining.

  5. Who are these ‘elites’? Can we put names to them? Their sort thrive in shadows. Maybe we should disperse the shadows.

  6. If I claimed to be Napoleon I would just be a crazy old man, but if I claim to be Josephine I must be believed and addressed as empress.

  7. I’ve heard of a guy who self identifys as a yak. Is that a male yak, or female?

  8. Sounds like an easy way to make money.

    1) Look for some title from a language English speakers have great difficulty in learning.
    2). Everybody will prononce it the wrong way
    3) sue them
    4) profit.

    Should be a nice doem of extra income for all those illegal immigrants NY will be home to, being a sanctuary city.

    Regarding the elite and their 1984 agenda, these people are not that smart.

  9. The west has given up on democracy in favor of aristocracy. The people have their bread and circuses, which is all they ever wanted in the first place.

    All that remains is to determine which aristocrats will rule us. This is the true meaning of the Culture War: the battle between the wealthy and the cultural elite for control. The cultural elite want to remake the culture in their own image, and if you have to break a few eggs to make that omelette, so be it. The wealthy don’t care about society at all, but worry that the cultural elite’s grand plans will make their lives harder. Thus the wealthy support cultural dissidents (i.e. cultural conservatives), not because they agree with them, but because they will fight the elite.

    In the last election, the cultural elite overplayed their hand by assuming their agenda was far more popular than it was. You don’t call voters “deplorables” if you are worried about them forming a majority against you. What we are seeing now from the cultural elite is the rage of a scorned narcissist.

    The wealthy, rather shocked to find their party in power, naturally assume the people like them as opposed to simply loathing their opposition. Thus the decision for a popular party to pursue suicidally unpopular policies.

  10. Star Trek: The Next Generation had the 2-part episode “Chain of Command”, in which Picard was captured by Cardassians and tortured by Gul Madred. All the tortures were intended to disorient Picard and sever his connection to reality. Eventually, Madred tells Picard that he no longer has need of information from Picard, but that Picard can have freedom and a happy life on Cardassia if he says 4 bright lights are actually 5 lights, whereas if he continues to insist there are 4 lights the tortures will continue indefinitely. Of course Madred knew there were 4 lights, and of course he did not care: his goal was to BREAK Picard, to reduce Picard to the point where he would accept any “reality” Madred wished to construct for him.

    That is what is being done here.

    However, this is a more dangerous game than is recognized by those who play it. You can find on YouTube an episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theater called “The Chinaman Button” that does a good job of illustrating the unintended consequences of successfully breaking a man’s morality and ethics.

  11. Even when I know the pronouns of the people who are obvious who they are – women who are women, men who are men – I can still mess up the damn pronoun.

    I have two male children who are male. I have on occasion without meaning to, said “she”.

    How many different pronouns are there now? 15, 39?

    I can barely keep the two I mastered straight. Idiots want me to keep 52 of them straight? Imagine the inverted lawsuits. “I heard him say Sze, I identify as zi, so obviously he must have been thinking of someone else!” Wait, how did a ‘he’ get into the statement.

    I am not here to make fun of anyone. Except I sort of want to make fun of people who get offended if they hear me say ‘szi’ instead of zei. It means that the missed the part where people who smell cheddar cheese and are told it is cheddar cheese, think it smells good and the people who smell cheddar cheese and are told it is stinky feet think it smells bad.

    If we want to be offended, we will always find a way.

  12. I don’t see what the big deal is. No one is forcing anyone to marry anyone of the same gender, no one is forcing anyone to identify one way or the other. If someone believes his or her gender differs from his or her biological birth sex, whether you think it is right or not, common Christian courtesy would be to respect their wishes as they respect your wishes as you assert them. That’s what it is to live peacefully in a pluralistic society.

  13. ML, you have it backwards. We MUST discriminate against “trans” youth until this evil is wiped out. All “trans” youths MUST be incarcerated and treated until they are converted back into what they were created for. The so-called parents of these perverts must be arrested and charged with child abuse. “Trans” adults need to be arrested for self-mutilation and placed in treatment centers. “Doctors” who do the “trans” treatments and surgeries need to be jailed and punished severely.
    The entire “tranny” movement of the mutilation of self and others is a sick and demonic attack upon human sexuality with the aim of the destruction of the human race.
    We can look to our first “tranny” president, B Hussein Obama, as the initiator of this wave of demonic nonsense.

  14. When one considers the activities of the Mayor of NYC, this comes as no surprise. By any standards of just a few years ago, Mayor D’Blasio would be considered to be at least borderline pathological. Today he passes for normal. Not sure if that says more about him or those who support him.

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