Oh Tranny Boy

So this mustachioed and muscled boy who calls himself a girl is breaking all the girls sporting records at Cromwell High School in Connecticut.

His feats are portrayed in the news as being genuine accomplishments. The boy’s name is Yearwood, and he “won the girls 100- and 200-meter dashes”. His aide allowed the girls “4×100-meter relay team [to] take second place.” And he “ran 11.99 seconds in the 100 and 26.34 in the 200.” Fast.

This brings to mind an old question put to feminists.

If you feminists were so serious about equality between the sexes, the poser went, then you should argue for the elimination of sex separation in sports.

A moment’s (or more) thought reveals that if this logical conclusion were implemented, then no woman would ever again bow her head to receive a medal.

Sport would be dominated by men, for the obvious reason that men are superior to women in athletic ability, especially at the top. Even feminists could see this (or used to be able to see this), which is why some discrimination by sex was seen by them as a good thing; or at least a thing not to be mentioned. (Except for calls for “equal” funding.)

Those were the old days. Discrimination by sex is no longer seen necessary or a good, and who gets to be a male or female is now a matter of choice.

Yearwood pretends, or may even believe, he is a girl, and is so allowed to compete against the other girls. Not only that, other people also pretend, and again some might even believe, Yearwood is a girl and write of him as if he were a girl.

Now most folks, like you, have not yet departed from reality and know Yearwood is a boy. The authorities at the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), “which governs sanctioned high school sports in the state”, know Yearwood is a boy, but they are allowing him to compete as if he were a girl.

“The school district, which had supported [Yearwood’s] transition in middle school, determined that she was eligible to participate on the girls’ team.”

There was, of course, no physical transition. Yearwood started life as a boy, entered middle school as a boy, and will grow into manhood and remain a man throughout the rest of his life. No drugs, surgery, clothing choice or application of makeup can ever change this.

The transition, then, was a mental one, in Yearwood and in those surrounding him. There is the possibility of genuine gender dysphoria in poor Yearwood, a horrifying mental illness. This malady is analogous to the lost souls who think they are Napoleon. Delusions-of-grandeur or megalomania, they call it. Believing yourself to be somebody who it is impossible for you to be.

Very well, a departure from sanity of that sort might describe poor Yearwood; but, of course, only a psychiatrist or psychologist could tell us for certain.

How then do we explain the welter of people “supporting” Yearwood? What causes an otherwise sane person to call a boy “she”, or to pretend that a boy beating a girl in a race is as if a girl was beating a girl? What causes otherwise sensible authorities to say something like the following:

According the CIAC handbook, it is fundamentally unjust and contrary to applicable state and federal law to preclude a student from participation on a gender specific sports team that is consistent with the public gender identity of that student.

Before Yearwood competed, the other schools “were notified…and didn’t raise any issues.”

Why not?

Can it be insanity, genuine insanity, that describes what has happened to the people surrounding Yearwood? Is this entire corner of Connecticut suffering gender-dysphoria-once-removed? This seems unlikely, because genuine insanity is rare, and it would be difficult to explain how this malady struck so many so quickly in such a small place. (Fluoride in the water?)

Ignorance is a ready explanation. People might really think Yearwood is a girl because he says he is. But that doesn’t wash, not in general, because the commonsense knowledge of daily life teaches everybody the difference between the sexes. People will know, but might be reluctant to admit, Yearwood is a boy.

There are only two live possibilities: fundamental error, and lying.

Fundamental error sees Yearwood not as a girl, but as a new kind of creature, a “transgender”. This new not-quite-human creature holds the power to be a boy yet be a girl, a magical transformation which occurs by incanting “I am a girl”. This just is to believe in magic.

Yet I think lying accounts for a most people’s reactions. They will say or act as if Yearwood is a girl, if only to shut up the errorists, who are a vocal, strident crowd.


  1. John B()

    (Fluoride in the water?)

    The International Communist Conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids … General Jack Ripper

    What if the examination of precious bodily fluids were the benchmark for gender?

    Drink rain water and pure grain alcohol

    Somebody will have to answer to the Coca Cola Company

  2. Ted

    Most guys would not do as well in ice dancing and the various gymnastic floor routines; genetic women will still get some medals.

  3. brian (bulaoren)

    For what it’s worth, Cromwell Ct. is in Middlesex county (not too far from New London). Maybe this song can also be called; “The New London Derriere”

  4. Joy

    “Sport would be dominated by men, for the obvious reason that men are superior to women in athletic ability”
    Outside of media forcing It on the screens, sport is dominated by men because that’s what people want to watch with little exception.

    At eight minute forty seconds the mic is sorted out and a non destructive interview takes place.

    …The right, sane, rational thinking right needs to learn this kind of dialogue.

    It seems to me that this Dr is talking sense and asking important questions of his interviewee . (Who hasn’t had any surgery or taken any hormones but that’s not the focus of the debate particularly.). If a tantrum is likely on spec? well, don’t break anything.


    There’s the second commenter mentioning hate speech and I didn’t read the rest and there will be people who think that linking this means “supporting sodomy”
    And neither position is anything but reactionary.

    Very interesting comment about welcoming strangers and the contract between the stranger and the housekeeper. Only in the Hotel California perhaps those rules don’t apply.

    It is refreshing to hear someone speak about this without blaming or invoking God at any point.

  5. Sheri

    There was time when a boy would have been shamed into not competing with the girls. This is a sad, pathetic LOSER who is milking the stupidity of the Left and progressives for all it’s worth. I’m not sure we can make America great again with morons out there like this guy and his idiot supporters. Tatoo an “L” on his head and be done with it. Get back to reality. (Wait until in the future his kids find out Dad won all those trophies by pretending he was a girl. Again, just tatoo the “L” now and be done with it.)

    Oh, kind of off-topic, but last night on the Steve Harvey show Little Big Shots, Forever Young, there was a woman who was 80 years old and doing men’s style pushups. It was quite amazing. She is a WINNER.

  6. Plantagenet

    I opened a discussion in Constitutional Law re decisions on abortion and homosexuality by showing the scene from Life of Brian where Reg wants to be addressed as Loretta, and have babies. It’s an interesting little snippet dealing with questions of rights vs reality. Well I suppose I should not have been surprised by the blank stares it received. Finally one of my usually more gregarious students sheepishly asked;
    “Sir, is this meant to be funny”
    Perhaps I should be relieved. I still have a job and I wasn’t arrested. Satire, as Mordechai Richler observed ,becomes increasingly difficult when things that were absurd become orthodox five minutes later.

  7. Plantagenet

    Whoops sorry Stan wants to have babies, Reg invokes reality.

  8. brian (bulaoren)

    Quoting Mordecai Richler is very un-pc among the Francophones of Montreal. It’s sad; Montreal used to be such a cosmopolitan, polyglot city.

  9. Ray

    I gave up claiming I am Napoleon because nobody believed me and they called me a crazy old man. Now I claim I am Josephine and people believe me.

  10. acricketchirps

    I’ve taken back ‘gay’ (my wife and I continually strive to have a gay marriage). I’m taking back ‘gender’ (there are three–m, f, n: it’s a grammatical term , idiots). And I’m going to take back ‘tranny’ (Joe: “yeah, Crick, looks like your ’82 chevette’s gonna need a new tranny. Want me to drop one in there for ya?” acricketchirps: “um, I’ll have to ask my wife.” Joe (sotto voce) “p***y.”)

  11. acricketchirps

    Maybe next I’ll take back ‘p***y’ next (
    acricketchirps: “here p***y, p***y, p***y!”
    Mr. Frisky: “mee friggin’ ow! What’s with all the f***in’ asterisks, idiot?!”

  12. Sander van der Wal

    People are jealous because they did not have the guts to pull of this stunt. And as jealousy is a bad character trait, they act as if this is perfectly normal, so as to show they are not jealous.

    In a few years, American women competitions will all be filled by those men who cannot compete against the best of men.

    Next step, make the international sports community as daft as the American one’s, so that American men can win all the medals in the Olympics and World Series.

  13. Our host is joshing about fluoride, since it doesn’t act that way, when exposed to the usual doses. There’s something in the air, though, and it isn’t material that is doing this. You do know that fluoride is a variable component of ‘natural’ water, don’t you? /rhetorical

  14. Plantagenet

    Tell me abou it. I still work in Montreal half the year. Pierre Trudeau and Levesque on the left. Duplessis and Lionel Groulx on the right. Writers like Leacock,Richler, and Saul Bellow. Musicians like Oscar Peterson. The Habs. Deli’s and bars open all night. Proper snowstorms, and hating the Bruins. Anyway I digress. Richler would hate our current pc world. If he were alive he’d die.

  15. Bulldust

    I was going to mention Dr Jorden Peterson, but I see I was beaten to it. I think you would enjoy his presentations Mr Briggs, as he is someone who refuses to use the made-up gender pronouns the leftoids are pushing in Canadia. I wonder if it will end up with him being trotted out infront of teh HRC in Toronto … time will tell. He has many presentations well worth watching.

    As for female superiority in sports, some of the ultra-marathon events (ultra-long distance swimming, for example) also have strong female proponents. Personally I know which form of beach volleyball I pefer to watch… damn my cis-gendered maleness.

    Keep the red pills handy folks… the madness is spreading.

  16. brian (bulaoren)

    Plantagenrt, et al…
    I finished my drgree at McGill in ’76. I haven’t even visited Montreal since ’87. Still, the model followed by the “pure wool” Quebecois, to wit “victom to bully”, should be a lesson for us all. By the way, I used to frequent a bar, on Peel st. (?) called “The Rainbow”. Did that mean then what it does now? Sheesh… who’d ‘a thunk it?

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