GOP Baseball Shooting Open Thread

Golly, we seem to be doing a lot of this we-interrupt-this broadcast type of posts lately. Perhaps that ‘climate of violence’ business we’ve been hearing from the media is real after all.

Again, since I’d hate to be accused of being mean to people who think differently than I do, and the maniac Hodgkinson sure does think differently than I do, so I’ll let you talk about it.

One word of advice, and a couple of links to other people’s thoughts. Beware the So’s Yer Old Man Fallacy. It would be particularly embarrassing to commit today.

WP: “As people offered prayers for the victims, a profile began to emerge of Hodgkinson, a onetime home inspector. A Facebook page believed to be his includes pictures of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and rhetoric against President Trump, including a post that reads: ‘Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.'”

From 26 April (ahem): Leftists Ramping Up the Violence: How Long Until They Kill Somebody?

Twitter celebrates maniac.

GOP rep. received threatening email with subject line ‘One down, 216 to go…’ after lawmaker shooting

There’s nothing special about this last one, except that it’s typical.

Question o’ the day. Can a nation have a civil war when it is not (wholly) divided by geography? And the answer is: España.


  1. Nick

    This is what 8 years of Obama’s leadership has done to our country. He singlehandedly divided and destroyed the US.

  2. “Question o’ the day. Can a nation have a civil war when it is not (wholly) divided by geography? And the answer is: España.”

    Happens all the time:

    1. South Sudan–the world’s “newest nation,” 100% Christian, created by Bush/Netanyahu/UN/Obama is ripped apart by genocidal civil war. Ethnic/religious/racial/economic/power motivations drive monstrous massacres and humanitarian slaughter and starvation.

    2. Syria–intra-religious, intra-regional millenia-old clashes in belief systems, supported by Obama/McCain-Graham/Trump/Israeli cries of “ISIS” to drive an on-going civil war not based on geography.

    1. Rwanda–tribal/religious rivalries not based on geography stoked massive intra-Christian genocide.

    2. England–Civil War was based on King vs. Parliament.

    3. China–Revolution against the Nationalists by the Comintern-powered, Mao-led Communists was a civel war that pitted freedom vs. totalitarian slavery, not geography-based.

    4. Russia–Bolshevik Revolution was a civil war, not based on geography, but rather belief systmes pitting totalitarian globalist utopians against legacy-nationalists.

    5. France–Revolution was a civil war that presaged the Russian civil war–pitting totalitarian utopians against legacy-nationalists.

    And more…..

    Our slow-motion civil war pits the Politically Correct Progressives, whose belief system naturally leads to violence against Normal-Americans, against Normals.

    The PC-Prog attempt to slaughter Normals playing baseball was totally predictable. And predicted. See my book:

  3. BrianH

    When will the SPLC add the Democrats to it’s list of known hate groups?

  4. Mike in KC, MO

    As someone who is really interested in lethal force law and shooting instances, the reporting on this has been maddening for me. Personally, I don’t really care if he was a ‘Bernie Bro’ or particular motivations.

    I’m waiting for the specifics of the encounter and the lead up: His exact positioning when he began to fire. His initial target. Response time until the security put him under fire. Movements of shooter in the encounter. Weapon types of all involved. Round types and use. Training level and implementation. Wounds received and affects on combatants.

    Going back further: He seems to have cased the place days before. Was this his entire plan? Or was it a true cosmic coincidence he was there? (unlikely).

    In short, I really want to see a breakdown of events matching what the FBI did for the Dade County shootout years before. Real lessons could be learned from that. Yes, I know I’ll have to be patient.

    In the meantime, coverage is horrible. He used a ‘high power rifle’. Power level was high in comparison to…. what? Pistols? In that comparison EVERYTHING is high power. Cartridge size? Color? You notice there is never a description used other than ‘high power rifle’ in anything. The term has lost any meaning it had.

  5. Mike in KC, MO, I am anxious to hear the same. Worried that it took 10 minutes before they took him down, when he was essentially in the open all the time. The two Capital Police aka Security Detail were caught off guard, and thus ran *into* the field when shooting started, getting themselves trapped along with the victims. Two Alexandra officers reportedly arrived on scene within 3 minutes and engaged – but I’ve seen no reports at all about where they were or what they were doing for the next 7 minutes.

    I’m appalled that, in today’s world, the US Secret Service has been allowing large gatherings of Congress – either party – to go unprotected for months, with an apparently untrained “security detail” of two Capitol Police officers. Most Sunday morning church services in small churches have more security than that! Gateway Pundit reports the NYT published this in April: “When members of Congress practice in the early mornings in an Alexandrea, Va., public park for their Congressional Baseball Game, plainclothes United States Capital Police are sitting there in a blac S.U.V.”

  6. Ray

    The governor of Virginia blamed guns and stated that we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence. You have to admire democrat statistics.

  7. I’m beginning to wonder if the New Testament admonishment, “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, …”
    will work or whether we do it for ourselves only.

  8. Sander van der Wal

    OTOH, mrs Pelosi apparently said that they were now just senators, so maybe not all is lost.

    Because the world won’t survive a new US civil war, I am afraid.

  9. DAV


    It’s a belief of their religion. It’s an automatic talking point. It doesn’t have to be supported by fact nor make any sense. 93 or 93 Million, whatever. Who cares? Not a single one of them can say what law would have prevented the Scalise shooting. See the non-response here

    France has restrictive gun laws. Gun ownership is not a protected right. A hunting or shooting sport license, is required for purchase. The license requires a psychological evaluation and regular renewal. Semi-automatic rifles that can hold more than three rounds, as well as rifles and handguns with military-grade calibers, require special permits. Fully automatic weapons are completely illegal for civilians. Yet these laws didn’t stop the use of illegal Kalashnikovs in the Charlie Hebdo attack. Nor did they stop the Friday the 13th attack.

    Laws don’t stop criminals.

  10. Briggs


    What happened to all our leftie commenters?

  11. “What happened to all our leftie commenters?”

    They realized that they really need to brush up on hitting moving targets? And are at the range? /sarc

  12. Shecky R

    Republicans are reaping what THEY have sown, plain & simple.

  13. DAV

    Yeah! How dare they win Congress and the Presidency!

  14. Sure, chum the waters to bring out right wing commenters to use the shooting to characterize “lefties,” and then say “Beware the So’s Yer Old Man Fallacy. It would be particularly embarrassing to commit today” for a preemptive attack against those who would point out that other incidents of violence from the right (see the many MANY assassinations of abortion providers for a start) could equally be used to characterize the right. Hypocritical and oh so typical…

  15. DAV

    So the Left justifies their current violence streak with “all the other kids did it too”?

  16. You missed my point completely. Must I explain more simply?

  17. bat8

    In other websites, lefties seem mainly to be changing the subject by heavily sharing memes about other topics. They probably don’t have much specifically to say about this, except their usual gun control stuff, though I think even that is weakened by the fact that “it would have been a massacre” if guns were forbidden.

  18. DAV

    bring out right wing commenters to use the shooting to characterize “lefties,” … attack against those who would point out that other incidents of violence from the right (see the many MANY assassinations of abortion providers for a start) could equally be used to characterize the right.

    No. It is you who missed the point. Not “use to characterize” but “Leftist who use” the shooting for political gain. Don’t recall anyone on the right encouraging abortion assassinations then using them for political gain. Or using them even without the encouragement.

    In Alexandria the Republicans were targeted BECAUSE they were Republicans. Do you support what HuffPo’s Jesse Benn had to say? You’re one sick puppy if you do.

    At least Bernie got it right.

  19. Sylvain Allard


    They are working. They actually have jobs and not waiting on social security payement:).


    “The governor of Virginia blamed guns and stated that we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence. You have to admire democrat statistics.”

    He actually corrected to 93 a day afterwards. Mispeak like these are frequent with everyone, including you. Except no one cares listening to you.



    A Democrat candidate Karen Weaver was force to cancel her campaign in Iowa, opposing Steve King, because of the death threats from right wing nuts.

    Kim Weaver

    “One consideration has been raised again by recent events at my home. Beginning during my 2016 campaign, I have received very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats. ”

    And of course, right wing extremists had nothing to do with Gabby Gifford Shooting a few years back.

  20. bat8

    See? the first lefty who comes by changes the subject.

  21. DAV

    I [Karen Weaver] have received very alarming acts of intimidation

    And how many on the right gloated about it?

    right wing extremists had nothing to do with Gabby Gifford Shooting a few years back.

    Correct. The claim that the shooter was a right wing extremist was debunked within three days of the shooting. However, the NYT and MSNBC are still repeating it which shows how far they are behind the news curve. Or maybe it’s simply worth repeating for dramatic effect despite the facts.

    This is interesting:

    He actually corrected to 93 a day afterwards. Mispeak like these are frequent

    Uh, yeah, he misspoke three times and was only off by a factor of 10^6 each time. Easy mistake. And this is someone in a policy position.

  22. DAV

    See? the first lefty who comes by changes the subject.

    That’s our Sylly.

    He uses filibustering in place of reason. Says anything to get a rise. After a while people get tired of correcting him so he often gets the last word. Probably thinks he’s won his “point” whatever he thinks it was.

    Tucker seems to have the knack of inviting guests with similar philosophy (easy to find on the Left) who can’t seem to answer direct questions. Entertaining but only for a short time.

    Here’s an example:

    Hilarious if it weren’t such a sad viewpoint.
    I apologize if the image being shown while it loads is something you wish could be unseen.

  23. DAV

    The GOP shooting is not an isolated incident in attacks on conservatives. Today the Daily Caller has a long list of attacks on conservatives over the past year.

    More than one someone above said something to the effect of the right wing started it and are getting just due. The left has taken this supposed right wing stuff to a whole new level. The lovers of Diversity continue showing they are anything but.

    The NYT printed a correction to its GOP shooting editorial — at least the Sarah Palin part. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for them yet. They still have a long way to go.

    The DC also pointed to an editing of the Rachael Maddow A-block of its repeat airing that removed reference to the GOP shooting. Its replacement was from a month ago. They are claiming “technical error”. Maybe, but then, it is MSNBC.

  24. Sylvain


    In all your lack of wisdom you are still too ignorant to understand that action like these have nothing to do with the Right, the Left, Islam or Christianity.

    It has to do with people of poor mental health, in which the US provide really poor support, having easy access to firearm. The rest is just cosmetic.

    There has been more than 150 mass shooting in the USA for the first 6 month of 2017. Over 400/year for the last few years.

    Of those 1200 mass shooting of the last 3 years less than 10 were done in the name of islam. The vast majority were done by older white male.

    It seems that we should be a lot more afraid of the old white male than islam.

  25. DAV

    You obviously condone what happened in Alexandria or you wouldn’t be scrambling after excuses for it. How strange. But then, since it’s you, maybe not.

  26. Sylvain Allard


    You realize that it is because of people like you that the USA are the laughing stock of the planet.

    Our village idiot is a genius compare to the Us rural normal person.

    My guess is that you did not finish high school.

  27. DAV

    Your village idiot is smarter than a normal person? Now that’s just bragging.
    I know Quebec is rather small but I wouldn’t call it a village. Do get a sense of proportion. Please!

    Since you’ve resorted to Lefty name calling debate strategy, I guess you’ve run out of cogent points — oh, wait! — that implies you actually had some.

  28. Looking at sylvain’s comment (10:23 pm), I think he should be barred from further comments for insulting, rude, and generally uncivilized discourse.

  29. Geezer

    You realize that it is because of people like you that the USA are the laughing stock of the planet.

    Then I guess they won’t mind that we don’t let them in. (When they want to move here.)

  30. Sylvain Allard

    ROTFLOL The guy who voted for dares calling others uncivilized.

  31. Sylvain, you don’t know for whom I voted. I don’t what you personally are like, but your comments are those of one uncivilized and a boor; your arguments drive people away from what you would like them to believe. So I suggest, if you would like to convince people to believe what you believe, use logic, facts and the rules of gentlemanly discourse.

  32. Sylvain Allard

    “if you would like to convince people to believe what you believe”

    Who ever said that I want to convince anyone to my belief. At least on this blog.

    I make this blog a must read to my students so they can understand the depth of idiocy that elected Trump.

    It takes me 15min to dissuade anyone to go to the for anything other than a short period of time like vacation.

    People want to go to the USA because of movies and tv shows. They don’t see how far they from reality.

    This blog shows them the real ugly America.

  33. You have students? God help and preserve them from error and false teaching.

  34. Jim Fedako

    Bob —

    Not to engage purposely on two posts, but …

    There is now a debate on how to react to leftists like Sylvain. On one side, the old fighting fire with fire. On the other side, the moral high ground, so to speak.

    If you take offence to Sylvain and seek to ban him, you are acting in the former. This appears to be your argumentation style (at least in this post).

    Some argue that returning outrage with outrage justifies outrage as a valid form of discourse or argumentation, just as returning censorship with censorship justifies censorship.

    If, instead, you simply ignore Sylvain and stay on point why he discharges his bile, you tend to lose the public debate (similar to the Fedako Rule that says the last person to comment win the Internet debate in the eyes of future readers).

    I tend to fall in the middle. So I wouldn’t seek to silence Sylvain as he most assuredly wants to silence you, and me, and …

  35. Jim Fedako

    “why he discharges” should be “while he discharges”
    “win” should be “wins”

  36. Sylvain Allard


    I surely don’t want to censor people like you since I want people to understand who the American really are.

    Extremist like this site must be confronted not ignored or silenced. To go forward people have to learn how some retarded other people are.

  37. Jim Fedako

    Sylvain —

    But you are only seeking to influence those who you already know … and they likely already have a sense of your IQ.

    Ironically, your inflammatory name-calling is hate speech. It really is. And, that makes you a HATER. The irony simply drips from that realization.

  38. Sylvain Allard


    You realize that it is the USA that teaches intelligent design in science class and interdict the teaching of evolution.

    Recently, John Cristy vetoed a bill that brought the legal age of marriage to 17, to keep it at 13 year old. This is the disgusting Republican Party for you.

    In his veto message, Christie wrote that “protecting the well-being, dignity, and freedom of minors is vital, but the severe bar this bill creates is not necessary to address the concerns voiced by the bill’s proponents and does not comport with the sensibilities and, in some cases, the religious customs, of the people of this state.”

    Yes Republicans are a beacon of morality.

  39. Sylvain Allard


    You should brush up your understanding of the law.

    It takes a lot more than what is written on this blog to reach the level of hate speech. Other than calling you a bunch of idiot, I don’t pretend you have no right. I don’t believe in hell or the devil or satan so I can’t threaten you to it.

  40. DAV


    You have students? God help and preserve them from error and false teaching.

    Syvlvain may be exaggerating his situation.
    He has said here ( ) that he owns a driving school. About 10 paragraphs down: I own a business (driving school).

    God help them indeed if they are only taught Left turns.
    Imagine going to a driving school and getting harangued as part of the price.

  41. Jim Fedako

    Sylvain —

    When you use hateful language you are a hater. You are proof that today’s left is as hateful as its ideological forebears from the 20th century.

  42. Sylvain


    And the right is not???

    definition of hatred:
    intense dislike or ill will.

    Definition of idiot

    ?a stupid person or someone who is behaving in a stupid way

    To hate you I would have to wish you ill. I don’t think you should die or that something bad happens to you.

    When I call people on this blog idiot, retarded, stupid, moron or bigot, it is based on objective fact.

    No one from the left put a target on on GOP members, If so, than the right is responsible for Gabby Gifford shooting and the Plan Parenthood shooting last year.

    Katy Griffin stunt was distasteful and she is now paying the price with having all or most of her contract cancelled. But the Right painting Obama as Hitler or as a Muslim, or not born in the USA is just as bad or worst.

    The USA use to be a leader of morality. It started to lag leadership following WW2 when they were complaining how other countries were treating their minorities while they were abusing their own.

    The Civil Right Act of 1964-68 were the apogee of US leadership around the world. Since then the US has been on a constant decline with very few uptick in leadership, mostly it fails to follow the betterment of society in other developed countries.

    The USA are still the only develop countries that offer no universal healthcare coverage, no universal paid vacation for workers ( 2 to 4 weeks in Canada), no parental leave for child berth etc.

    The USA is declining real fast and this is because of people like you.

  43. Jim Fedako

    Sylvain —

    You are a hater by your choice of hateful and harmful words — see your comments above.

    By the way, you should know by now — and I mean you really should know by now — that the definition of hatred does not cover “hater” and “hate speech.” Those terms have their own meanings, both of which cover who you are — a hater using hate speech (and a liar as well, based on your previous posts).

    Try your hate speech on a more ardent leftist and see where it goes. The left loves to eat its own.

  44. Sylvain Allard


    I guess I learned something from you guys.

    I still have a lot to learn to be become a master hater and liar like you are.

  45. Sylvain, I will pray for you that the Holy Spirit will give you peace and good will toward all men.

  46. Sylvain Allard


    One thing I do not have to learn from you is how to be a decent human being.

    I do not need prayers from false prophets. There is not a single good decent Christian on this blog.

  47. Joy

    They are not listening and neither are you. It’s a bashing fest.

    When someone says they will pray for you one here, it is meaningless snark.
    Just as pretence to charity from someone with nothing charitable to give. It is intended to irritate! A sin against charity!
    Don’t rise to it unless you want to draw out the pirates.

    Sylvain as far as I can tell you have lost your sense of humour. This is what modern fashionable philosophy if `I can call it that, does. Take any ideal to it’s extreme and you will lose your smile.
    That puts you in the same camp as some of your perceived enemies. So you have much in common with the Republican Tump haters, lovers and zealots.
    You should stand together you could be persecuted, as a minority.

    As to no decent Christian on the blog, That’s a matter of opinion. I think calling everybody a rapist might have something to do with the dynamic. Please tell me you don’t hold with this view? It bothers me. Then again it’s said for effect so how is that any different from the shot across the bow from the other side?

    As to my claim of insincerity about prayer? How can one conclude any different given the content of the comments wherein those claiming piety stand by and tolerate the most appalling outrage without a word? Answer? Just prejudice and bias. It’s only human.

  48. Joy, you don’t know my thoughts. I did indeed pray for Sylvain. and I will pray for you also. I admit, I have shown a lack of charity on this blog. but I try to do better. I hope that effort will be one that others follows. the nature of internet communication has to change if this world is not going to go down to the pits.

  49. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    Thanks for being the singular person to rise above the mess. Only you have the piety to remain unbiased while pointing out the errs of everyone else. That truly is an admirable quality,

  50. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    You really need to read your comment in light of what you wrote. You called Bob insincere, all the while claiming the moral high ground. I suspect you understand that is a very hypocritical position.

    I assume Bob is 100% sincere. You, on the other hand, commit the same evil you levy against everyone else. Hmmm.

  51. Joy

    Bob K,
    You know your own thoughts and I know mine. I wrote a lot here and deleted it as I know instinctively that it is a waste of time. You have stated previously your opinions.

    I am fully aware and will elaborate for you:

    What a shame that you can’t even see why Sylvain might respond in this way when Bob says he will pray for him. It isn’t about ‘Bob’!

    I do not see any reason why (although Bob assures us differently) anybody reading the commentary on line should take someone saying ‘I’ll pray for you” as in any way sincere. I said, in so many words to Sylvain that this is understandable. It’s just to be expected.

    Just like when you use the word True and ‘Truly’. You are being snarky. Yet you invoke God to carry out the snark and still have no apparent grasp of Truth, True, God, Love.

    Who said I was not a hypocrite? You assumed I said I wasn’t!
    You insist or presuppose that hypocrites are not the norm let alone amongst christians in particular.

    Look back and find me saying and demonstrating, without effect, that to be a Christian IS to be a hypocrite. This is not to say that it is an excuse for any given action or word. It’s just a fact of life. However, if you say nothing you haven’t sinned but you haven’t achieved anything.

    The problem is that many Christians don’t acknowledge this and it is key. They trot out, ‘everyone’s a sinner’ without a jot of sincerity and yet forget what this means. “love the sinner not the sin’.

    Worse, when they pretend they have no bias and have no prejudice they become even more biased, prejudiced and therefore hamstrung.

  52. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    I invoked “Bob,” not “God.” Read for clarity.

    And, again, your comment about Bob is worse than any fault you levy on others.

    “When someone says they will pray for you one here, it is meaningless snark.”

    No length of words will overturn that you intended no love (as you used above) in your comment.

  53. Joy

    No Jim, what I said to Bob is very clear. I meant it! I have seen snark around the issue of personal revelation. Bob knows.

    That you act outraged is strange given what is written on this site let alone the internet.

    As to your invoking God, I refer to a previous confrontation with you, one of many, wherein you make a habit of pointing out your own disbelief of, suspicion of, suggestion without clarity and deliberate invective towards others, particularly me, yet you pretend now to find it such a big deal. I say again. Why would someone think differently? Someone like Sylvain, who is indignant at the thought of being prayed for?

    Bob is magnanimous in admitting to me that his comments have lacked charity. It is a help.

    In fact until I read it the second time I thought said ‘clarity’ but that would not be the case. Bob knows.

  54. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    Then indict Sylvain for his hate speech (as defined by the left — his left) and yourself for committing the crimes you so quickly call out with regard to others.

    My outrage is based on your claim to a moral high ground while easily and comfortably wallowing in the muck you claim to detest.

  55. Joy

    You are clueless.
    Are you upset now that I didn’t tell Sylvain off? I don’t want to say why I don’t tell Sylvain off.
    Read again what I said about hypocrisy and understand once and for all.

    As to moral high ground, you know nothing of my morals or clearly, my character.
    You only think you do. Thinking, imagining and believing aren’t the same but you can mess yourself up if the latter is wrong because it upsets the others.

  56. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    Looks like I ended up down your rabbit hole — again. Though I missed Churchill on the way down. Got to go and get out. It turns out “I am late, I am late, got a very important date ….”

  57. Joy

    Don’t get your watch smashed up, It’s exactly two days slow.

  58. Sylvain


    I have great sense of humor and I make sure that I laugh a lot everyday.

    Jim and Bob like the US president are very thin skinned. They have no problem dissing out hateful comment but can hardly take a punch. This is normal with bullies.

    I lost 2 friends growing up to bullies. Now when I see bullies I stand up to them. It turns out that they don’t like having their feelings hurt.

    Why is it that in the USA it is the Billionaire who won the election that is always whining about the press being unfair.

    Why is it that in the USA it is always the guy with the gun that is afraid, never the unarmed black guy.

  59. DAV

    I have great sense of humor and I make sure that I laugh a lot everyday.

    Easily amused, eh? Could explain a lot.

  60. Joy

    Sylvain, Nobody likes having their feelings hurt do they?
    That makes everybody the same. You are the same as Trump who perhaps identifies that the ‘bullies’ (MSM and friends) have been for far too long use an emotional argument to curry favour with the voters by engendering false guilt and with detrimental effect to those who offer most in real terms to society’s wealth and actual progress. People who work, for example. White men…Black men, who voted for Trump.

    “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”.

    1 There is a difference between taking offence at someone’s opinion or something they say inadvertently than the kind of offence taken when there is deliberate intent.

    The first happens when there is normal interaction, debate, conversation, commentary.
    The second occurs for all number of reasons when debate and reason is not in play.

    2 The loss of your friends was a good reason to think.
    Nobody likes a bully. Nobody. Perhaps this gives you some insight to be more sensitive but having read your post about the gun and rape, it seems you just want bullying rights of your own.

    3 It is Trump’s world views at which you take offence, evidently, those aren’t about to change because you or anybody find them hurtful.

    Trump’s success will be tested in reality in the fullness of time.

    4 Stop obsessing about race, sexuality, disability, creed…
    and difference, it is what children do in the playground.
    If idealists like you don’t accept difference as a given, a true reality, you will never be able to recognise excellence or acceptation of any kind when it comes along. It will never be allowed to flourish.

  61. Joy

    “able to recognise excellence or acceptation? of any kind when it comes along. It will “”
    for goodness sake,

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