You’re A Racist

Item Police investigate Cambridge University student who claimed ‘all white people are racist’ in massive Twitter rant

The Cambridge student wrote: ‘ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children’

Police are investigating the student head of Cambridge’s equality group after he claimed that ‘all white people are racist’ and praised rioters in Dalston who lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at police.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, who runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the elite institution, posted the shocking tweets amid violent protests in east London last night over the death of Rashan Charles.

He said that white people had ‘colonised’ Dalston and ordered them to ‘go back’ to areas such as Exeter and ‘Solihurst’ (sic).

Whites “colonised” Dalston?

Item Evergreen State College professor Naima Lowe: all whites are racist (video).

Quote: “…the white supremacy that lives and breathes within every single white person standing here right now….If what I’m say right now pisses you off or makes you feel targeted and defensive, good.”

It goes on. I’m not certain, but it seems this professor is angriest at white “gays”. But it may be that she was just incoherent, a not unusual state for professors at Evergreen.

Item Head of UW-Madison student gov. leaves in a huff; blames racism, oppression.

“She added ‘all white people are racist’ and that her chairmanship of the Associated Students of Madison made her ‘a token for white supremacists.'”

The female who said that would, I think we can all agree, receive high marks in her college courses. She has assimilated the lessons taught to an admirable degree, so much so that she doesn’t have to think: she can just spout.

Item Last one: Of course all white people are racist.

When the head of the crown prosecution service said he believed almost all British people were racist, he was roundly condemned. It was a moment of political correctness gone mad, commentators said. But one thing no one seems to have paused to consider was the possibility that he was right. In fact, what about: all white people are racist.

I don’t mean they are all wilful bigots, of course. But racism is a combination of prejudice and power. And sadly prejudice is a deeply ingrained human trait.

I include that one because it isn’t as recent (2002).

Well, and there it is. All whites are racist, because all whites have “power” and “privilege”. And how do we know all whites have power and privilege? Because they are white. Hard to refute or talk somebody out of an argument as ironclad as that.

Now this attitude wouldn’t be so bad, because we expect people of like races to band together and say disparaging things about outgroups, except that it appears—and I say “appears” because I have not done a comprehensive survey—a great number of folks who hold that all whites are racist are themselves white. Unlike Original Sin, which can be washed away with some (blessed) water, racism is a permanent and ineradicable stain.

True, a large number of non-whites also hold all whites are racist. See Twitter, for example, whenever some new demographic report comes out forecasting the precise moment whites will not longer be a majority in the once United States. Unkind would be the politest way to put the responses from non-whites. Though gleeful bloodlust is often more accurate.

When this transformation from majority to just-another-minority happens, I can’t see non-whites and white progressives giving up casting “Racist!” spells. It’s been too useful to them. Whites will still have power and privilege, they will say, even in those places where whites are strict minorities or even non-existent. White fumes will linger, somehow. It will be at that point that non-whites will be made honorary whites because of their past association with whites. East Asians will make the list first.

What I have found works, is that when confronted by “You’re a racist!”, answer “I’m also a sexist” or something similar. The effect on your opponent is like sticking a pin in an inner tube: a small pop! followed by a hissing withering deflation, leaving only a formless, flaccid pile of rubber.

Racist! is supposed to be devastating, a miniature thermonuclear psychic grenade. The unfortunate hit with it is meant to freeze, consider deeply his crime, and then issue a stream of protestations and apologies.

Start apologizing for imaginary crimes and you’ll never stop.

Special Update “White people are born into not being human,” said the lady who appears to be sheltering a small army under her clothing.


  1. Sheri

    Interesting that the woman says “Whites are born into being nonhuman.” She’s from a race that now screams and whines and moans that once whites considered them “nonhuman” or only half a human. Idiocy is so sad and there’s no cure for it.

    This is designed to start a civil war. I don’t think even if Hillary had been elected, it would have mattered. Hillary was in definate favor of the idea and would have generated hatred of whites perhaps even faster. It appears to be the idea that war will break out and the progressives will clean up on both sides, supplying weapons and hatred to create as much damage as possible. Whatever is left, they think they can own it and rule it, or at least they will make a fortune off the chaos. In any event, there’s little doubt where this is going. It’s unlikely it can be stopped—when people are educated that war in your own country is the answer, hatred is the only way to live, and destroying everything you have in protest of others having more, the outcome is certain. With Zuckerberg and others set to benefit, social media pushes the idea of hatred (imagine how many cheap foreign employees Zuck will need after he comes out of hiding after the war). The rich clean up and everyone else is screwed. In the end, those left end up worshipping the rich for “saving” them. Human stupidity is limitless.

  2. It’s part of the Maoism that has hit Anerica.
    Tear down your culture.
    Confess your sins.
    Let the peoples councils determine your fate.
    Re-education camps.

  3. Alan McIntire

    I always feel self righteous when “progressives” start throwing around the
    “race “card. My wife and I are BOTH conservatives despite the fact that our natural born children are of mixed race.

    Come to think of it, MOST people are of mixed race. I read that about 90+ precent of American blacks have some fairly recent, since 1776, white ancestry, and about 30% of American whites have some equally recent black ancestry.

  4. Dave

    30% of whites do NOT have recent admixture with blacks. You made that up to rationalize your own choices.
    Genetic research on American “whites” shows a vanishingly small percentage of folks with black ancestry.
    A quick Google search will clear things up for you.
    As far as the video is concerned… the film IDIOCRACY was not fiction. Seriously.
    And the only reason she gets away with this foolishness is because most whites are completely passive, if not self loathing, at this point in the game.
    It’s not looking good for the U.S. of A.

  5. Ray

    Since you must have power to be a racist that must mean Hitler wasn’t racist until he attained power.

  6. Days of Broken Arrows

    If all whites, including children, are racist, that means we were “born that way.” When it comes to being gay, being “born that way” is OK. Therefore, it stands to reason that being racist should be OK as well.

    What will happen soon with the “racism” tag is what happened with the “sin” tag after the 1960s. At some point, people began to think “If everyone is a sinner, then I guess sin doesn’t matter, so I’ll be hedonistic.” Pretty soon white people will begin to think “Since everything I do and say is racist, I don’t care anymore.” As with the religious folks, the racial-religion folks are overplaying their hand. You can only tell people they’re bad for so long before they stop caring.

  7. Sander van der Wal

    If one is not human, one cannot be a racist. One would then be a speciest, according to Terry Pratchett.

  8. Sylvain

    And how is it different than all Muslim are terrorist, which you have no problem to profess.

  9. Sylvain, but an “almost” before all and what you said would indeed be true. Just read the Koran and history from Muhammed’s slaughter of the Jews in Medina (620 AD? 630 AD?) on. Let’s hope for a battle of Lepanto soon, and devotion to our Lady of the Rosary to achieve it.

  10. Joy

    This debate was a long time ago now. Things have really just gone the way that was predicted or rather promised.

    First time I ever heard of the “Islamic state” was from a. sixteen year old lad at the table at school in Worcester.
    He said in his welsh accent,
    “We won’t stop until we have an islamic state of the world”.
    I couldn’t believe what he was saying and thought it rather arrogant and unlikely.
    “It will never happen because we won’t let it happen.” Was my rely.
    His name was Aslan, what irony.

    It’s a shame because otherwise he was such a quiet and polite lad.
    Which is why it stuck in y memory. He had a broad welsh accent.

    The first time I heard of the black flag was in 2012 from a soldier who said there was one flying on the mosque in Isleworth which he had to limp past every day on his way.

    Sylvain I don’t know where you’re looking or why you are so scared to see the truth.

    Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A black female muslim. Perhaps you’ll find her more acceptable in your current condition.

  11. ME Emberson

    There isn,t a black race . Africans are from many groups. West South and East Africans differ. Europeans from East Europe have ancestors from Central Asia. French may be of Germanic origin. Scandinavians are also of mixed racial types. The peoples of the Baltic are different again
    All these types were sistematized in the 19thCentury along with a belief in the diffuson of Civilisation from Egypt and a civilising race. That belief in Diffusionim does hold water now. Neither does the classification of Race among ethnologists.

  12. ME Emberson

    Diffusionism Predictive text is the bane of email

  13. JohnK

    I note with interest that ME Emberson states that the consensus scientific argument has shifted from “We are all one” to “We are all none”. And therefore, we are all one.

  14. DAV

    And how is it different than all Muslim are terrorist

    A Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam. A follower of ideas. Being Muslim is not a racial characteristic. Being white is.

    Racial characteristics are immutable. Religious ones are not. No one is born a Muslim just like no one is born a Christian. One cannot change one’s race. There are Christians who became Muslim and Muslims who became Christian.

    See the difference?

  15. Sylvain

    ”See the difference?”

    Not all white are white supremacist, just like not all Muslim are terrorist. But all extremist are violent. White supremacist are extremist. Isis members are extremist. In the end, race, religion, ideologies, etc. are just excuses to do violence on other.

    There is no anti-fascist if there is no fascist or white supremacist or neo-nazi. The only way there are no white supremacist is either if they are all dead (or very weak) or if everyone else is dead or enslaved.

  16. DAV

    See the difference?

    You don’t see the difference or you wouldn’t have asked the question. And you still don’t when you say not all whites are white supremacists. You are conflating race (an accident of birth) with an idea or way of thinking.

    Not all Arabs are Muslim but all nearly all (if nor all) Arab terrorists are Muslim. Wanting to temporarily ban travel from certain predominately Muslim countries until the travelers can be vetted better isn’t racist. It can’t be because being a Muslim isn’t being the member of a race. Claiming doing so IS racist is over-the-top foolishness that marks one as a shallow thinker. The Left has many shallow thinkers apparently.

  17. acricketchirps

    Days Of broken arrows ,right except for the timing. I already don’t care.

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