Trump’s Tranny Ban: Discrimination Is Good

Surrender, Vladimir!

Apple’s Tim Cook signaled his virtue in a tweet: “We are indebted to all who serve. Discrimination against anyone holds everyone back. #LetThemServe”.

The debt is real, but the rest if false. Discrimination does not hold “everyone back.” It only holds back the person discriminated against. Indeed, “holding back” is a definition of discrimination.

Discrimination is a good. People used to know this. They have been made to forget it.

When I served in the early 1980s, men who could not pass the fitness test were discriminated against and not allowed to join. Marginal men who made it later washed out for various reasons, some physical, some mental. These too were discriminated against. And thank God for that.

Even back then, the mandatory “Diversity” quotas driven by Equality were coming into being. The military cheated for the women. And then lied about the cheating. Persons entering the service had to do so many push-ups. I can’t recall the number; it wasn’t large. Unless you were fat, sick, or grossly out of shape, you could do them.

The men had to do push-ups the normal way. The women were allowed to do them from their knees. These non-push-ups were called push-ups because, as is obvious, otherwise the number of women passing would be too small to meet the quotas.

This cheating happened. It happened routinely. It never stopped happening. It happens today. Women are nowhere near as physically capable as men. The performance margin is not small. It requires no sophisticated statistical tools to see. It is common knowledge, and used to be encapsulated in the homey phrase “the weaker sex.”

Because they are the weaker sex, and because quotas must be met, standards must be weakened. Thus, standards are weakened. And when they are weakened, those deluded by Equality but still retaining some notion of Reality, people who are thus at least vaguely aware that a non-push-up is not a push-up, say the standards were not needed or were too harsh. Or they lie. And require others to lie, too.

To meet modern-day quotas, recruiters lie to women about “disproportionate health risks“.

(This happens everywhere Equality insinuates itself, not just in matters physical and not just in the military.)

Well, that’s women. What about trannies? These are largely men who pretend or who actually believe they are women, and to a lesser extent it is women who pretend or who actually believe they are men. Psychiatrists say these folks suffer from “gender dysphoria”, which is only a label, after all, for a certain mental illness. And another name for mental illness is insanity.

So trannies are insane. Perhaps it is a mild insanity, or perhaps it is more devastating, but it is not sanity. You do not want to arm the insane. You do not want to be in a fight next to a man who is trying to fix his lipstick and who calls himself Sue.

Johnny Cash’s Boy Named Sue knew he was a man, and the men who fought Sue knew Sue was a man. “This world is rough, and if a man’s gonna make it he’s gotta be tough.” A man who thinks he really is a Sue is not going to be tough.

Cash’s Sue knew the label did not make a woman. He never slipped on a skirt and begged some quack with a knife, “Cut me!” And Sue never insisted the United States Army give him a lifetime supply of expensive drugs to alter his mental state and weaken his body.

The insane ought to and must be discriminated against. They must also be helped. And help does not mean encouraging them to indulge in their insane fantasies. If we would have allowed trannies to serve, the same weakening of standards as happened with women would have occurred, only more so, because trannies are unsound in body and in mind.

Would-be Presidential candidate Mark Zuckerberg signaled his virtue “Everyone should be able to serve their country — no matter who they are.”

An idiotic statement. Are we to have brigades of infants armed with explosive pacifiers? Or should we discriminate against babies? Or should we give the keys of the M1 Abrams tank to a group of men who think they are infants and who wear diapers? These men exist.

By Zuckerberg’s logic, we shouldn’t discriminate against them. Jack Dorsey of Twitter agrees. He signaled his virtue, “Discrimination in any form is wrong for all of us #LetThemServe”. This was from a man (who as far as I know isn’t yet pretending to be a woman) who on his platform routinely discriminates by banning and shadow banning non-leftists.

What this culture needs is more discrimination, not less.

Addendum After writing the main article, I saw Drudge, which linked to “Transgender Navy SEAL slams Trump for banning servicemembers: ‘Let’s meet face to face and you tell me I’m not worthy’“.

Trump is probably busy, so I’ll tell him. Brother Beck, you’re not up to the job.

Beck is a retired Navy SEAL who won various medals, and God bless him for it, during which “[he] kept [his] gender identity a secret”. Meaning, he was a man acting and fighting as a man.

After retiring, he became insane, or at least became outwardly insane. Now I have no information on the status of his pertinents or what drugs he may be taking, but even assuming the only manifestations of his insanity are long hair and lipstick (as per the newspaper photo), and thus allowing he still may be in terrific physical shape, his mind has clearly blown a gasket.

He is not worthy to fight under these conditions. We don’t need men who think they are women engaging in hand-to-hand combat worrying if they have a tear in their nylons. Even stronger, we don’t need the men fighting beside the insane worrying if the insane are worried about tears in their nylons.

Beck, who became a voice for transgender servicemembers to several media outlets Wednesday, added that [he] does not approve of the flippant way that Trump announced his decision on social media.

“There are a hundred different ways to make an announcement that are better than a tweet. It blindsided millions of people. It’s disrespectful,” [he] told CNN.

I don’t know the status of his “transition”, but at least he has sounding like a (social justice) woman down pat.


  1. Juan

    Why can’t we have them in their own battalion. We can call them Special Special Forces.

    It would be fabulous!

  2. Discrimination is good and discrimination is God. (Last Judgement, “…come to bring a sword…”, sheep, goats, ect.)

  3. John B()

    Oh, Tranny boy, the pipes they are all wrong now
    From Glen to Glenda, and that’s the Ed Wood guide.
    The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling,
    It’s you must go and I must not decide.

  4. And God Bless Trump for this salutary act of sanity. It’s positively remoralizing.

  5. trigger warning

    As it happens, discrimination is one of the most basic neural functions enabling survival. All organisms discriminate. Even a flatworm discriminates between light and dark. Discrimination enables the Progressive cognoscienti to discriminate between corked and good wine, between feces and a Tootsie Roll. It usually happens without conscious effort (although it can be trained, to a limited degree)

    Things are going to get very interesting when it’s outlawed.

  6. Sheri

    Let’s see. People fought and fought to end the draft and now they are fighting to put people back in the military no matter how crazy said individual is. Easy solution—reinstitute the draft, send everyone, male and female, through basic training and a year’s enlistment. That should make everyone happy—no discrimination in MANDATORY military training. This would apply to everyone over 18 and under 40. Those over 40 will be drafted to community service for the same length of time others serve in the military. To be completely fair, we probably should draft kids over 12 into pre-military training so they are not left out. They can do community service in school.

    Of course, there will still be shouts of discrimination as far as going up the ranks, so moving up the ranks will be accomplished by surviving in actual combat. The more battles you survive, the further up the ranks you advance. Losing fellow members in combat will count as 1/2 a point off per deceased individual, to discourage sacrificing fellow soldiers as a method to advance through the ranks. Pensions will be determined by how many battles you survive. Once you are no longer fit for active combat, the only way to advance in rank is via hours of community service. Anyone, male, female, neither, both or alien life form, will all be treated equally—drafted and sent to combat.

    That’s the only fair way devoid of discrimination. (Zuck at that point can be drafted and personally verify there is no discrimination in the military. If he survives to advance through the ranks or just make that mandatory year, great.)

  7. Gary

    worrying if they have a tear in their nylons.

    Reductio ad absurdum argument. The important questions are: will they follow orders, understand and commit to the military objective, be completely devoted to their unit, require no special treatment or compensation, be as capable in all respects as other soldiers, diminish the capabilities of their unit, etc.?

  8. See how far they have fallen. They used to pretend they’d at least put competent people in. But it has been, for longer than I’ve been a live, discrimination against straight white men.

    And they’ve gone beyond merely discriminating as most people wanted it. I remember hearing a black lady talking about the oil fields with a Mexican; she said they didn’t hire enough black. The Mexican joked that, hey he was at least brown, but she was having none of that, not even as a joke. Now, she’d break the oil fields with her opinion, but it make more sense than what we have now, which is the exaltation of new deviancy for the sake of diversity.

    If we were stuck with 1950s tech, we’d look really bad right now. We’d be much less productive than the businesses in the 50s; it is only computers and automation that make it appear we are doing okay.

  9. Ray

    I live in Fairfax, VA, and the school board came out with a new transgender policy which didn’t even define gender or transgender even though the policy paper was 6 pages long. They did define sex assigned at birth as what was written on your birth certificate. I always thought that sex was assigned at conception by chromosomes. Way back when I was an undergrad we used to joke about the education majors being the dumbest kids on campus. Nothing has changed, they’re still dumb.

  10. brian (bulaoren)

    I have absolutely no idea if the following scenario has any basis in fact but what the heck, hypothetical questions aren’t banned here, are they?
    Anyway, the poster person for this transgenders in the military bussiness is an ex-Navy seal named Beck, that and the fact that Beck was wounded in the line of duty is about all I know.
    I don’t know the nature of the wound, and I think you can see where I’m going with this… What if there was nothing to lose ?
    What if Beck felt that rather than singing “Ruby, don’t take your love to town”, he’d look into the Tyresias option?
    Is this the case here? I have no way of knowing, but such maimings certainly happen to soldiers in wars. What if, from time to time, the sex-change decision is promoted by such circumstances? Would we look at the question differently ?
    I admit this is a bit of an odd post but please believe that I’m not smirking as I post it.

  11. Ray

    That would be a great idea for a movie. Instead of “The Sun Also Rises” they could call it “The Sun Also sets”.

  12. brian (bulaoren)

    … Or “The son also sets”…

  13. Gary in Erko

    Ray – “I always thought that sex was assigned at conception by chromosomes.”

    Nope, it wasn’t done in a lab. It was by sighting the dangly bits. We now know there are rare aberrations. There’s also rare aberrations of having five fingers at birth but we don’t argue in public about whether to legislated a change in the decimal system.

  14. Jennifer Wolff

    Wow. this guy is stupid

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