Insanity & Doom Update II

Item AAG Statement on Charlottesville Tragedy and White Supremacy (from an email)

The American Association of Geographers is deeply saddened and disturbed by the recent deadly and violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Rallies supported by white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members led to the killing of one counter-protester, the wounding of at least 19 other protesters, and the deaths of two law enforcement officers doing surveillance of the rallies by air. On behalf of its almost 12,000 members, the AAG expresses heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the Charlottesville tragedy and their loved ones.

The AAG also wishes to use this statement to offer the strongest possible condemnation of white supremacy and the perpetrators of this recent violence. The AAG calls upon US federal, state, and local government officials to be unequivocally anti-racist in their denouncement and investigation of white supremacy—not only in Charlottesville but also in the many US communities long harmed by racism in both highly publicized and everyday ways.

Enhancing diversity, promoting inclusion, and advocating for historically marginalized social groups are central to the AAG and its mission. Recent events in Virginia strike at the heart of these values.

Moreover, geographers are making important contributions to studying the social and spatial foundations and consequences of racism, violence, and inequality. Yet more can and should be done in the discipline of geography and by academicians and professionals in other fields to address these critical issues.

If geography was ever a science, it is no longer, at least in the high offices of the American Associate of Geographers. The statement is a combination of cowardice, grandstanding, virtue signaling, and opportunism. These vices are ever with us, but when they are seen as virtues, we know the end is nigh.

Item Cardinal Raymond Burke: Developing Lives of Peace after the Heart of Mary

Recently, I participated in a three-day conference on the Sacred Liturgy in which many good young priests also participated. There were several occasions to visit with them about their priestly ministry. As is my experience in most places that I visit, the priests expressed a great concern about the situation in which the world and the Church find themselves. It is a situation which can most simply be described as confusion, division and error. Toward the end of the conference, one young pastor approached me and asked: “Cardinal, do you think that we are in the end times?” The expression on his face made clear the sincerity of his question and the profound concern which prompted it. I did not hesitate to respond: “It may be so.”

Secularization…attack on innocent and defenseless human life…virulent gender ideology…nuff out completely, any public discourse about God…atheistic materialism and relativism leads to the unscrupulous pursuit of wealth…Clearly, the present situation of the world cannot continue without leading to total annihilation.

Cardinal Burke is not a man given to flights of fancy, nor is he easily panicked.

Item Sex robot prostitute BETTER than humans sparks rush in brothels buying dolls (from the UK’s Daily Star)

Kontakthof, which rents out sex doll Fanny for 80 EUR (72.9 GBP) per hour, is now considering buying a second sex doll due to the huge demand as Fanny is often completely booked for several days in a row.

This is only one of dozens of such articles, all proving the inward turning (is that a German word?) is accelerating. As is the disregard for cleanliness. Yuck.

Item Teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack.

Anissa Weier, 15, pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree homicide as a party to a crime, with use of a deadly weapon. She initially faced a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the 2014 attack on Payton Leutner in park in Waukesha, a city west of Milwaukee.

Weier spoke at length during the hearing, telling Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael O. Bohren that she understood her plea and its ramifications. She also explained her motivation for participating in her classmate’s stabbing.

“I believed that if I didn’t go through with it, Slender Man would come and attack and kill myself, my friends and my family. Those I cared about the most,” she said.

(We talked about Slender Man before, but I can’t seem to locate where.) Demon worship is nothing new, of course, and there isn’t much to recommend this story except for its existence. It’s perhaps easier now to conjure them.


  1. Sheri

    Science is dead. It has been for years. Time to move on to a PC world of mysticism, floating reality and no morality. Only a reality injection can fix this and it will not be pleasant. God intended it to be that way. Natural consequences (reality injections) are the correction for running away from the truth.

    While it would have been good if humans had gotten their act together using their minds rather than worshipping their genitals and fantasy, attempting frantically to “prove” humans can do whatever they want without a bad outcome, this is actually historically how things go. We had a couple of hundreds years run of sanity. That’s probably an historical record. Now we go through a messy, brutal reset and the survivors start over. Fail to use your intellect and this is the result.

  2. It isn’t geographers per se who should be condemned, nor physicists, nor scientists, but the writers and hired administrators (who couldn’t make the grade as practicing scientists) who come out with statements such as the one you condemn. It’s the Hidden State of science that endorses AGW, trans-gender and sexual identity politics.

  3. Joy

    “There’s no darkness but ignorance.”

    If the Good News isn’t in your heart or mind you will live by fear and all things bad. It’s not just for Christmas.

    I have asked myself why the need to conjure demons and speak of doom so frequently.
    Why paint, with ‘varnish’, the world to be in spiritual darkness? Even when it isn’t except in the darkest of shallow minds.

    It takes one candle to eliminate darkness.

    Listen and read the latin, hear the beauty in the sounds and what the music without words so clearly and plainly conveys.
    Headphones or speakers are a help. Let the music shout!
    Te lucis ante terminum…”

    Or just sing,

    The largest choir in the world:
    You’ll never walk alone.

  4. Sander van der Wal

    Alternatively, the robot pimp is trying to drum up business by using the oldest trick in the book.

  5. Sander van der Wal


    The pimp has no takers for his robot sex doll, so he pretends he has lots of them, in the hope that people believe him and come investigating.

  6. DAV

    It’s the Hidden State of science that endorses AGW, trans-gender and sexual identity politics.

    The fact that they are injecting politics at all is the problem. Geography though covers the inhabitants and their politics as well. Not exactly a science. The statement was preening nonetheless.

    Maybe closer to doom than previously thought:

    Interview with the video maker starting around 2:00

    He reports about 20 people on one side holding signs reading “Say no to GMOs” and “Black lives really matter” while the other side with 40,000 (? likely exaggerate somewhat) protesting the No-GMO and BLM 20 as “white supremacists” (starts about 2:55). Leftist sharks are now attacking Leftists? It was mentioned that the said 40,000 were misinformed by the media. Nothing new about that.

  7. Ken

    Anyone else observe the patterns in the Cardinal’s paper?

    “Having had the privilege to know Cardinal Meisner somewhat well …, I know how much he suffered from the ever-increasing confusion about the Church’s teaching within the Church herself.”
    [‘confusion’ – Satan’s tool … what’s so much of that doing inside the Church? Why is such ‘confusion’ “ever-increasing” within the Church??]

    “For the architects of a secular and politicized Church, those who present what the Church has always taught and practiced are now the enemies of the Pope.”
    [Secular “architect’s” that concur with the Pope and find those who present longstanding Church teachings as a threat … doesn’t that place the Pope on the side same secular influences the Cardinal identifies as undermining social morality (e.g. as in the portion Briggs’ quoted)?]

    “Regarding the frequent statements of Pope Francis, … when one places his remarks within the proper context of the teaching and practice of the Church, he may be accused of speaking against the Holy Father.”
    [The Pope, via his speaking style, is contributing confusion about fundamental doctrine!]

    “I recall one of the eminent Fathers of the Extraordinary Session of the Synod of Bishops, … approaching me during a break to say: “What is going on? Those of us who are upholding what the Church has always taught and practiced are now called enemies of the Pope?” As a result, one is tempted to remain silent or to try to explain doctrinally a language which confuses or even contradicts doctrine” [Another statement, attributed to another source, that the Pope is on the other side — as upholding historical Church doctrine makes one the Pope’s enemy!]

    “Pope Francis has chosen to speak often in his first body, the body of the man who is Pope. In fact, even in documents … he states clearly that he is not offering magisterial teaching but his own thinking.”
    [Doesn’t that seem to suggest the Pope’s own thinking may be contrary to formal Church doctrine/magisterial teaching? Why is the Pope espousing personal views rather than the doctrine of the institution he leads? That is sowing confusion, which the Cardinal seems to be trying to address here]

    “…we cannot fall into an idolatry of the papacy which would make every word spoken by the Pope to be doctrine, even if it is construed to be contrary to the very word of Christ,…”
    [So…the Pope’s words ARE –at least– “construed” to be contrary to Christ’s teachings…are they, perhaps, actually contrary? Again, why is the Pope sowing confusion rather than clarity??]

    “… any declaration of the Roman Pontiff must be understood within the context of the constant teaching and practice of the Church, lest confusion and division about the teaching and practice of the Church enter into her body to the great harm of souls and to the great harm of the evangelization of the world.”
    [If the Pope’s statements have to be repackaged into some approved context, like climate alarmists “adjusting” temperature data within the context of assumed runaway warming, maybe the issue isn’t in how and how much one must adjust the Pope’s statements to perceive them in the right context, maybe the issue is the Pope’s statements themselves, perhaps even the Pope himself?]

    By page 11 the Cardinal is tap dancing about “schism” within the Church (he does explicitly state “schism” relative to the Church itself and, “The Church in our time has great need of the purification of any kind of worldly thinking.”

    “Surely, Christ the Good Shepherd demands that those ordained to act in His person on behalf of the whole flock go in search of the lost sheep. But when the good shepherd finds the lost sheep, he does not leave it in its lost condition but takes it upon his shoulders to bring it back to the fold..

    “In a particular way, we should pray for the Cardinals of the Church, who are the principal counselors of the Roman Pontiff, that they be of true assistance to the Holy Father in exercising his office as “the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful.”…
    [Observe the Cardinal described the Pontiff, repeatedly prior to this point, as anything but “a source and foundation of unity”]

    …”In such times, the service of the Cardinals requires of them a particular clarity and courage, and a willingness to accept whatever suffering is required in order to be faithful to Christ and His Church, “even to the outpouring of their blood” (“usque ad effusionem sanguinis”).”
    [Doesn’t that look like a call to arms, to be willing to stand up to the Pope even if that comes at some kind of personal/professional expense?]

    –> Doesn’t that look like the Cardinal sees some particular issues internal to the Church, including the Pope himself?

    Seems to me there’s some serious need for some housekeeping before

  8. M E Emberson

    Just a thought.
    We are all sure we are thinking clearly.

    I even have a book from the Public Library called ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’
    by Rolf Dobelli.
    a Swiss business adviser I think.
    He thinks he is thinking clearly and talks among other things about Confirmation Bias yet I notice his bias against religion and especially Christian thought, so is it possible that his views on Investment and Business are similarly biased , after all these are the main subjects of his work.?

    Maybe even he he can be imperfect !

    It is apparently a book which is popular in Germany and the Far East and it made a lot of money for him!
    So am I thinking clearly when I think he is not what he claims or am I biased?

    Oh dear!

  9. Shooter

    I wonder: do any of the AAG members actually live in diverse areas? Or, is it a classic case of: ‘the lesser man will get enriched, while I’ll tell him to get enriched from my gated community’?

    Gotta have that virtue signalling.

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