Would A Secret Society Lie? The Freemasons Part II – Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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Back to the big story. The story of the layered masks. The first mask, of course, was crafted by the Sumerians, and their Mystery Religion. Notice that the Jews had no part in this religion. Why? Because there were no Jews yet, silly! There was only Abraham. Or Abram, as he was known then. Anyway, his God, the God of Adam, said to him ‘Pack it up, Abe, and get outta town. Pronto’!

So Abraham went North-by-Northwest to Caanan, while Babylon heeded Go West, young man. To Egypt. And what do you know, guess who ended up in Egypt? Yep. Abraham. But only for a short time. Long enough to teach Pharaoh a lesson. A lesson Pharaoh’s sons soon forgot. The lesson? That the God of Abraham was the True God. And being a smart Pharaoh (unlike his arrogant descendant Rameses), he told Abraham to beat it. ‘Get out. Take your wife and this gold with you. And don’t come back!’ We don’t need you to be glorious.

But Pharaoh made a big mistake. He didn’t kill or drive out the High Priests of Egypt. He let them stay, even though they hadn’t seemed to be aware, in advance, of Abraham and his God. Talk about clueless. What kind of Priesthood is that?

Anyway, soon enough the descendants of Abraham were back. First Joseph, and then his idiot brethren. And their father Jacob, too. Though things were good for a while, soon enough the good Pharaohs died, and Rameses gained the throne. And by that time, the Mystery Religion of the Sumerians had taken complete hold in Egypt. The High Priests of Egypt were now the real rulers, just like the High Priests of today who rule our world. At the temple of today. At the Fed. Where money is created out of nothing. And since money is god to most men, we have this crazy situation where God made men, and now men make themselves gods. And the gods make slaves. That’s their magic.

Let’s speed this thing up, eh? Moses, of course, was raised in Pharaoh’s house. A veritable son of Pharaoh. Would he not know of this Mystery Religion? Of course, he would. But he wasn’t the problem. No, his Levite brother Aaron would be the problem. Aaron, the first High Priest of Israel would craft (that favorite Masonic term) the Golden Calf in the desert of Midian while Moses the Prophet was upon Mt. Sinai. Moses stayed a little too long for the impatient Israelites, and so they rebelled against God. The first High Priest of the Israelites caved in to peer pressure. He surely would not be the last. Guess what would occur again (and again) throughout the history of Israel? Once chosen, always ungrateful.

Don’t laugh. Just look at New Israel today. Who says Catholics aren’t the authentic descendants of Israel? What proof do you want? Check this: look at today’s High Priest, Pope Francis. See what I mean? Now look at the majority of Catholic members. Ask Ted Kennedy. Or Joe Biden. Or Nancy Pelosi. Now do you understand why Pope Francis says proselytizing the Jews is a grave sin against ecumenism? Why? Because we all act like Jews now! Same thing with the Orthodox. After all, at the top of each hierarchy, they are all wedded to the same belief system, it would seem. Cardinal Burke notwithstanding, of course.

We’ve briefly seen how mankind, in rebellion against God, had developed its own religion, one that worshiped Man. Or, at least, certain men. Men like Nimrod. Opposed to these men we see the God of Adam, who was also the God of Abraham. Just like before the Flood, when all men but Noah had apostasized, God wanted Abraham to be set apart from mankind, for his own safety. But everywhere Abraham or his descendants turned, whether it was in Ur or Haran or Canaan or Egypt, the Mystery Religion was awaiting them. So, God sent the Hebrews back to Canaan. He told them to either kick the Canaanites out or kill them. Their choice. Unfortunately, among the Israelites, there were members of The Resistance (and probably some lady Senators), even back then. They called for amnesty. Plurality. Diversity. Co-existence. We know the rest of the story. Ask Samson if you’re not sure.

Now the story goes global, because the Hebrew priesthood had become infected with the Mystery Religion. The Sanhedrin had dumped the Torah and become thoroughly modern with the development of the OT. Huh? You know, the Oral Tradition. Versus the OT (Old Testament) of Moses. So it became the OT vs. the OT. Old versus older.

This new OT did what all great counterfeiters do: it copied the surface look of the real thing. Take the name, OT. But the Talmud, which would grow out of the Oral Tradition, was not the Torah. The Talmud would now correct the Torah, and not the reverse. Moses and manna were now out and the new magic was now in. Magic? You know, Kabbala. Jewish practical magic. And, truth be told, this Jewish version of the Mystery Religion was far superior to the Gentile version. The Jews were only too happy to take their version around the world in the Diaspora that came with the coming of Caesar. I know, this is a lot of ground to cover in one short piece. I spell it out in detail in my book if you want the fine details.

Anyway, Caesar, being the insatiable guy he was, was only too willing to accommodate the Jews in the Empire. It has been estimated by Shlomo Sand, I believe, in his book The Invention of the Jewish People that fully one-tenth to one-sixth of the Roman Empire was Jewish at the time of the fall of Jerusalem. Yes, you read that right. How could that be so, considering the Jewish Revolt and the Diaspora? And that the Jews didn’t really seem to want to proselytize?

Well, it was only the Jews in Judea that revolted, remember? The rest were firmly ensconced throughout the Empire, enjoying their exemption from the head tax. Why were they exempt?? Because they had been such a pain in the neck to Caesar he granted them this privilege. Plus the fact that they were the premier tax-farmers (collectors) for the Empire. And that made them the favorite sons at the Palatine palace. And why not? If you’re the guys that fund the Empire, and bring her some stability, who wouldn’t want to curry your favor? Who cares how you do it! And what heads-up pagan Roman would miss the implication of this at census-time? ‘Hell yes, I’m a Jew too! Mark it down Mr. Census Man’! Who says the Jews didn’t know how to proselytize?

That brings us to the newly refined Sumerian magic. The new and improved Jewish version, the power of finance. Who held this power? The Jews, primarily. And there are two ways to exercise it. The first, the traditional way, by brute force. Human force. That’s easy to understand. Since money was denominated in metal back then, it was hard to produce that ex nihilo. Really hard. Sure, you could de-base the coinage. But word gets around, you know. So, the next best way is to simply show up at each door (along with a squadron of Legionnaires) and take it. Which the tax-farmers did. And if they happened to unjustly take a little too much, well, that was their means of gaining a profit. A guy has to be paid for his work, right? If the people hated anyone, it was the tax-farmer, and not Caesar, right? So, let the people hate them. Who cares. Peons! And thus, the Caesars became enslaved. Willingly enslaved to their desire for money.

Soon enough, there would be a second, superior way to debase the coinage (and then collect taxes). One that relied on the force of magic. The Super-human force. And now we are getting somewhere. Somewhere masonic.

Let’s back up for a moment, and recall the image of masks layered one upon another that I mentioned last time. Each of these masks represents a different period of time, each representing the prevailing magical expression of the day. That is, the further magical expression of the Mystery Religion of Babylon. The religion that created wealth for its practitioners by creating slaves of other men. This religion relies on the seeming creation of wealth out of nothing. Ex nihilo, as it were. But not really out of nothing.

No, in the Mystery Religion, there would need to be a prime matter that was acted upon that transformed base matter into wealth. Why? Because the Mystery Religion could not actually act upon nothing, as the God of Adam and Abraham had. Most men never contemplate this difference. Why? Because most men are busy thinking about something else. Like, how to gain wealth without work. Without submitting to the curse in the Garden. The curse of eating by the sweat of their brow. Because of this desire to avoid this curse, most men are willingly misled by those that would teach that this can be achieved. At least, by those in the know. The illuminated ones. Today, we call them FreeMasons. And no, you don’t have to belong to the Lodge to be a FreeMason. All you have to do is operate by their principles. And to believe in their mask. The last of the masks that our time has revealed.

Now most men of today who are ensnared by this seemingly endless series of ‘masonic’ masks are oblivious to the reality of the gods. They never understand that the same hands have crafted each of those masks that overlay each period of history. And that history is not a series of disconnected happenings. Therefore, most men make the fatal mistake of believing the crafty offers that this enticing movement displays on its surface. Most men think that the surface explanation is all there is. They can’t imagine that there could be a simultaneous yet invisible agenda running parallel (and yet often in seeming contradiction) to the visible agenda. They are so taken with the particular mask of their time that they fall in thrall to the supposed ‘distinct’ meaning of that particular mask. To the point that they can’t believe it isn’t the real face of the movement that animates them all. Let alone the real face behind the last mask, which isn’t visible at all. What am I talking about? Conspiracies, of course. Multiple ones. Supernatural and otherwise. And why not? That’s what life is, you know. Most of them are known as ‘plans’. But what the Hell’s the difference?

Before we get too far along with this trip down the rabbit hole, I want to offer you a lesson. At first it will seem totally unconnected to the topic. But stay with me. It will all come together. It starts with a man named Benjamin D’Israeli. An Anglishman, of course. You may have heard of him. He was the Prime Minister of the British Empire, twice. Starting around 1868. Which would make him the leader of the most powerful iteration of the Roman Empire the world had seen till that time. It encompassed almost one third of the world at that time. Not bad, eh? Cut out the Antarctic and Greenland and it’s almost half. Penguins don’t count.

Now D’Israeli was, of course, an Israeli, by descent. That is, he was by birth an Israelite-British. No, not a British-Israelite. What the heck are those two things? They’re important, but I’m not stopping to explain that now, except to say that the Israelite-British is the converse of the other. Anyway, D’Israeli was a descendant of the Conversos whose family may actually have been Marranos. It seems so, from his book. Conversos were fake converts to Christianity. Anyway, these Jews flocked to Angland after the Spanish had expelled them in 1492 for their part in aiding the raiding Mohammedans in their conquest of the Iberian peninsula after the death of Mohammed. This invasion and occupation led to the world’s longest war, known as the Reconquista. It lasted for 770 years, until 1492. Yes, the same year Columbus discovered Disney World.

The purpose of this story is not to belabor the question of the Jews. Rather, it’s to give you an insight on the mind of D’Israeli, this one man who headed this most powerful Empire known to man (before it shifted from Old York to New York). How do I know what this Emperor was thinking? Simple, my friend. He told me. He told everyone. Everyone, that is, who has bothered to read his book. What book? Well, he wrote a series of novels before he became Prime Minister. Which is to say, before he became The Emperor. Forget the King of Angland, he’s just a hood ornament on the Imperial Bentley.

D’Israeli wrote these novels, the most famous of which is Coningsby. Here’s the plot. We meet a most interesting individual. His name is Sidonia. Coningsby, the grandson of Old Money (the landed Lords, Tories all) falls in love with the daughter of New Money (the Industrialists, Whigs of course). And in the course of this love story, Coningsby and Sidonia both take refuge in a country inn during a torrential downpour. And when Sidonia introduces himself (but not by name) to Coningsby, the young lad is awestruck by the personality, penetrating knowledge and wisdom of Sidonia, the man sought by all the heads of every royal house on the Continent. Why? Because Sidonia, of course, (as D’Israeli has later said) actually represents the personage of Mssr. Rothschild. The lender to Kings. The ultimate tax-farmer. The ultimate financier of kings. In other words, the King of Kings. At least, in the eyes of most men who wore crowns.

You may still be laboring under the impression that Kings live like Kings. And they do, provided Sidonia will lend them, in advance, this year’s coming tax-harvest. On favourable terms, naturally. Harvest? Sure. You know, the tax-farmer harvest. What? What’s that? Well, I can’t explain everything now. Look it up. Anyway, Sidonia has a little conversation with Coningsby, who of course is part of the nobility, and who is in line to become the next Earl when his grandfather dies. So he, Coningsby, is quite familiar with the reputation (but not necessarily the function) of Sidonia.

Sidonia listens patiently while Coningsby babbles on at length about what a mysterious reputation Sidonia has amongst all the royalty. Finally, Sidonia cuts him short, and informs him that (and I’ll paraphrase this) ‘If you think that the world actually operates the way that it appears to (that is, if you think the royalty of Europe is actually in charge of things), then you’re an idiot’.

Better yet, here’s the quote; “‘The world’, he intones. ‘is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes'”.

Who are they, who are not privy to what lies behind the scenes? All those who refuse to look.


  1. Joy

    “Don’t laugh. Just look at New Israel today. Who says Catholics aren’t the authentic descendants of Israel?”

    If if were true why do you care?
    As for “Masons,”
    I used to swim at the Royal Masonic on a Wednesday evening, imagine how cold the pool was! Beautiful carvings and corridors/arches which would put Hogwarts to shame…Not as idyllic as the Georgian Cedar mansion…it was often macaroni chess for supper on Wednesdays which was even more frightening…more worms, until you learn to love it.

    My grandfather was a freemason, my father did not want to join, nor a couple of others who were ‘required’. My Dad’s his own man and my grandfather was very kind and generous too. I’m sure they found him useful.

    Now then, Mr Watt, I know who the head of the Masons is!
    and could with two phone calls get him by phone.
    You worry about the wrong things.
    It’s a good thing the anaesthetic from yesterday has worn off but appears to have done me a world of good, all that fentanyl and morphine and msierycicolfisl.. Whatever she said after that. What remarkable kindness from everybody.

  2. I would like to comment on this latest excellent episode of the “Idiot’s Guide to the Great Conspiracy” but am unable to do so since I am vacationing on a remote island in the Arctic Sea, with no internet connection, lying alone on a chaise longue by an icy beach while sipping frosty drinks and deciphering obscure conspiracy tracts. Please carry on without me.

  3. Joy

    Ah poor Dean,
    I’m on an atoll in the Indian Ocean, warm white sandy beach set in a glittering turquoise sea and just enough people to not be too ‘in your face.’ The smell in the air is of frangipani de chant ecaille.
    Any moment there will be Tea served.
    There’s only one chapel on the Island and a convenient boat or helicopter flown by a tall handsome stranger with a winning smile and the only glasses are the ones carrying a refreshing juicy drink.
    Shame Deany I went to the arctic once, not a lot there, but it’s worth the visit. Very beautiful. Sounds like you need a blanket!

  4. Ken

    From Sumerian mystery religion to Jewish corruption to set the stage for the grand finale: “The purpose of this story is…to give you an insight on the mind of D’Israeli,…” and that insight revealed in Disraeli’s novel(s) (kind of like finding the secret to Dianetics in L. Ron Hubbard’s novels one might suppose).

    I’m waiting for the conspiracy expose to get closer to home — the machinations at Bohemian Grove, for example. And how that relates to, it might seem, the Knights Templar. Or whatever.

    On a serious note, there is a valid point made at the very end: “The world’, he intones. ‘is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes’”. Who are they, who are not privy to what lies behind the scenes? All those who refuse to look.”

    But as presented it,s kind of upside down and inside out – quite a feat for such a small concept. There’s an old book out there still available, The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know,” by R. Ritti, etc., which is somewhat practical, and, succinct about organizational culture & how large organizations really work.

  5. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()


    OT – Operating Thetan

    I was actually waiting for something regarding Joseph Smith

  6. DG

    Ok Watt, so you want to say that free-masonry has its roots in ancient mystery religions or that the society took elements from mystery religions.

  7. Oldavid

    Ah! Mr Watt!
    How I’d like to argue with you. Presently, though, I can’t see what the argument would be about. However, I suspect that, given enough drink and enough time we’d come to some disagreement.

    I suggest that the “Mystery Religion” was mainly popularised in Europe in the early XX century by the likes of Rene Guenon and Helena Blavatsky… that is, the religion of total Relativism, of Gnosticism/Pantheism masquerading as “primordial wisdom”. Anyhow, it was the ‘Masons that sold all this stuff and censored any criticism.

  8. Nate

    Mr. Watt, are you planning on writing another book? Perhaps a counter-point to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code?

  9. Comments on Masonic history are interesting but a bit irrelevant today. Bottom line is that Masons are no longer trying to remove Catholic monarchs and the Church no longer burns heretics. While the Masons may be regarded as a little quirky as compared to the Knights of Columbus or the Moose Lodge, they are not a danger to either civil or religious society. Time to call a truce and get on with life.

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