Would A Secret Society Lie? The Freemasons Part III — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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What are we to make of this? Who’s the idiot here, my friend? Is it Coningsby? Or is it the reader of the novel who fails to grasp the message D’Israeli has published for the entire world to see? What is that message? It’s pretty simple, and it’s right in your face.

My opinion, after looking long and hard behind the scenes, totally agrees with what D’Israeli said—if you think the world operates as it appears to, on the surface, well then, you’re an idiot. Why? Because you don’t believe in the conspiracies of men. Or the gods. But Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln aren’t in your camp, my friend. I’m betting Jack Kennedy isn’t either. George Patton too. And a whole host of others.

What’s my point? You’re thinking I’m supposed to be talking about the FreeMasons, right? Well, I am. They’re part of this world, correct? And there is a surface impression of what they are and what they do, correct? Why would you presume that this appearance has anything to do with reality? Just look at that picture of the Masonic Steps (above). Notice the three bottom steps. Generally known as The Blue Lodge. The level of enticement. The level where the Big Lie is sold. Look at the three men to the lower left, and how they are ascending those first three steps. Notice too that they are dressed as ordinary men, wearing ordinary suits. Everyone else has some type of costumery. Masonic costumery. And notice too, that much of that garb worn by the masonic members above the Blue Lodge levels are rather Jewish or Catholic in look. Really great camouflage, I’d say.

So what? The first three steps are for the general public. For the projection of the image that the Lodge is simply made up of those good-hearted men who wish to help mankind find its way to the truth. The reality is that these are really a mask. A mask designed to project an image. An image at odds with the reality of what lies above those bottom three steps. Think about it. Think of all those Shriner ads that tout their hospital that helps kids. Now think about it again. One hospital? Just one? Yet there are thousands of religiously-founded hospitals world-wide who help millions every year for free. Hell, I’ll bet the Buddhists have built at least three. But you never see anything about them, do you? Why? Because they aren’t honking their own horn.

We’ve gotten off the central track. The lineage of the Mystery Religion. So, let’s finish that up, and it will lead us directly back to its modern version, the FreeMasons. Then we’ll wrap this thing up. Back to the story of the miracles.

Caesar and his Empire got hooked on the tax-farming services of the Levitical-Talmudic remnant that spread the Mystery Religion throughout the known world during the Diaspora. In return, each Caesar got a semblance of stability. And that’s important, you know. Seriously. Public order has a price.

Things continue to progress throughout the Empire for a thousand years until the Middle Ages, with few changes in operational tactics. Lend and reap, lend and reap, lend and rape. Fund the roils, gather the spoils. Not bad work, if you can get it. But over in the R&D department there was a lot of work going on. The guys in that department, the Alchemists like Sir Isaac Newton, were very busy. Busy trying to change lead into gold. All the while wearing their empiricist lab-coats. Yes, those white coats that tell us they are men of science. Men who won’t believe anything they can’t measure. Men we can believe in, because of what they wear. More camouflage.

Secretly they spend quite a while chasing their vision of how to dodge the curse of The Garden before they realize that this isn’t getting them anywhere, despite what those voices they hear keep telling them. That lump of lead doesn’t seem to listen to their commands. Matter, anti-matter, doesn’t matter. Lead remains lead. And then it dawns on these savants that the voices they’ve heard were speaking to them metaphorically. That they weren’t talking about actual physical substances. No, not lead, and not mercury and certainly not gold. No, the voices, the gods these men heard weren’t talking about the natural world. They were talking about the super-natural world!

It finally becomes clear to a few of them that the real answer is not the transmutation of matter. Rather, the transformation of spirit is the goal that must be pursued. At least, the spirit must be transformed first. Then the material world will follow! So, follow me here: if only we have pure hearts, then we will get pure gold. Get it? Well, maybe you don’t, but these guys sure got the message. And thus was born the Rosicrucian version of the faith in Mystery Babylon.

What was this new version of the faith? It was the syncretic mixture of Christianity, Kabala and the Mystery Religion of Babylon. Notice how the snowball grows as it rolls down Mt. Sinai? Notice too, as Eddie Bernays certainly would, that there was something for everybody here. Jew and Gentile alike. Pagans too.

What? Who is Eddie Bernays? Well, what a coincidence. Eddie was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Well, somebody’s got to drive this bus, right? By the way, when you’re on the bus, do you feel better if the bus driver is facing away from you, instead of looking at you? Think about that the next time you hear somebody criticize the Old Mass. Are you sure you took the right bus?

Anyway, the new (s)creed says mankind needs to listen to the Enlightened ones for the true meaning of Scripture, whether it was the Old Testament, the Oral Tradition or the New Testament. Or even the Koran. Yep, no matter what your background, you needed the wisdom of these brilliant men to tell you what your prophet really meant. Honest! I wouldn’t lie to you, Komrade. It’s so very simple, for a Rosicrucian. Pain is actually pleasurable. And therefore, conversely, pleasurable sensations must actually be painful, ultimately speaking. That’s right. Unless you can understand that we must perceive pain as pleasure, then you’ll never attain heaven. And Jesus, on that ignominious cross, was actually in ecstasy as He suffered and died. It didn’t really hurt. Honest.

It’s all been a big misunderstanding, Komrade. It just looks agonizing. But it’s not, not really. It’s all part of the purification process that will transform your eternal life. Here, want to try it out? Those nails are really cool. They feel so good sliding through your flesh. Honest! No? Well, so much for the way of The Rosie Cross. No wonder it never really caught on. Why? Because it was only meant (by the gods) to be a way station on the bus route to the next stop, the Illuminati.

We’re getting closer to the last mask. The Illuminati appeared in 1776. That’s 888 times 2 for all of you numerology freaks. You can parse it even further, if you’re interested. Or fixated. Anyway, that was a very good year. For revolutions, that is. Both here, in America, and in Bavaria, where Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati branch of the mystical syncretism of the Rosicrucian world. And there was a very specific target for this new and improved brand of the Mystery Religion. It was FreeMasonry itself.

I know, you’re thinking that I’m getting things out of order here. That there were Masonic lodges before Weishaupt formed the Illuminati. And you’re right. But the purpose of this piece is to explain the meaning of Masonry today. And truth be told, masonry today is not what it was back then. The masonry of the 1700’s was an outgrowth of the syncretism of the Druidic, Oriental and Mechanistic strains of occultism, with no world-wide central organization.

The purpose of my showing the Illuminati at this point is simply this: the Illuminati organization, with its secret cells and hidden higher levels of leadership, was a forerunner of the Communist movement of the mid to late 1800’s. And because of this structuring, it is apparent that the real purpose of the organization was to exercise total power over its membership. The purpose of this power was for the overthrow of all the aristocratic and/or autocratic rulers of Europe. Which means it was materialist in nature. Strictly materialist. All the supernatural stuff was thrown overboard. Only matter now mattered, regardless of what the idiots at the bottom of the Illuminated barrel believed. The FreeMasons weren’t the only ones who understood the utility of those three bottom steps. Now we’re getting towards the end.

Yes, the Mystery Religion had finally made its way from (supposedly) purely mystical/spiritual origins in Sumeria to what would become the purely materialistic basis that constitute the attraction of today’s FreeMasonry. Along the way, each new iteration of the Mystery religion added new ingredients to its recipe in order to appeal to the culture and tastes of the new target market. And each new and wider market segment, while tasting some variation of its own cultural past in this new stew, became addicted to the secret ingredient that would make it easy to jettison their past allegiance to the cultural spirit that had produced this unique flavor they vaguely remembered. Once they were hooked, the recipe could change. As long as the addictive element remained.

What is this addictive element? Power, my friend. Power. The power to become as the gods! What is the essence of this power? The power to decide for yourself what constitutes Good and Evil. To accomplish this task, you will need to sample both, correct? ‘Here, try this apple, honey. It’s really quite delicious. It’s gluten-free. And there’s no aftertaste!’ Well, at least, not yet. Welcome back to The Garden.

Let’s start to sum this up, shall we? The meaning for having all of these masks is to hide the original element that gave rise to the Mystery Religion of Babylon. Each layer of masking is intended to express the current understanding the Mystery Religion in that day and time. And finally, that the purpose of both the priesthood of the Mystery Religion, and the gods that designed it, was to gain power. The means of this power was the enslavement of other men. Ironically, this enslavement would ultimately ensnare the priesthood of Mystery Babylon.

The key here is to understand that this slavery must be willingly accepted. Bonded servitude, if you like. Selling yourself for a period of time. The only question is, for how long? Can you gain your freedom before you become eternally enslaved? How much time is left on that clock?

I know, this thing seems hopelessly muddled. Did you think that these masks weren’t needed? That there wouldn’t be the need to disguise what was actually happening? That this would be easy to follow? And was there ever the possibility of your believing any of what I am about to relate, until I had run through the chronology of continuity in the never-ending run of the Mystery Religion? No, confusion must come, before it can go. And so, here we go.

The whole point of the Mystery Religion is to distract men from the Real Religion. Yes, both seek slaves. But one seeks to free them. The other does not. Each iteration of the Mystery Religion is meant to entice men with a new variation of the old myth that man can become a god. After all, the gods never die, do they? They live forever. Even if they are not the Big God. The key to distracting men in this day and age is the same as in all previous ages. Offer them something they desire. Show them an apple. Then offer them MIRACLES.

Sumerians? Offer them predestination. Egyptians? Offer them glory. Levites? Offer them esoteric knowledge. Caesars? Offer them stability. Alchemists? Offer them gold. Rosicrucians? Offer them transformation. Illuminatis? Offer them power. Masons? Offer them peace. Offer anything, but be sure to make it enticing. Enticing enough that they will willingly embrace it. And then they are enslaved. In this life and the next. The only winners in this game are the gods.

Peace? Yes, that is what Masonry offers mankind today. Who doesn’t want that? After the last 150 years, who wouldn’t want that? At almost any price? The masonic answer, of course, is to make all men one, through syncretistic belief. The way to effect this is for Masons to join every Church, every educational institution, every national party, every media outlet, and then to agitate for peace, at any price. How? Merge all religions into one, by deleting dogma. How? Eliminate nationality, by working for multinational treaties that bind up the nations. How? Eradicate the difference of gender, by voting for anything that perverts reality. How? Eliminate racial cohesion, by demanding housing quotas. How? Eliminate freedom of association, by making every membership requirement a ‘source of discrimination’. How? Eliminate free speech, by using the media to shout down any voices that object. In short, eliminate all differences, while at the same time offering all men access to wealth (and health), but only on the terms related above. And be sure to offer it with a smile. Get the right guy out front and you can sell anything. Reagan knew this trick: smile when you bite.

You think I’m claiming that all the bad actors in this scenario above must be active masons, Brethren of The Lodge, correct? But you’ve already forgotten what I’ve already said. Remember? You don’t have to be a card-carrying mason to think like one. Or to act like one. And in fact, like the Illuminati and the Communists beforehand, it makes no sense to put all your men into uniformed columns, when a Fifth Column is the most effective tool of all. That fifth column doesn’t wear uniforms. But they will follow orders. Ask Odysseus if you don’t believe me.

Julius Felsenburgh finally comes back into the picture. Finally. Julius is coming, be assured. He’s coming to sell all of this to us. He’s coming to sell us every part of these desired Miracles of Modernism. He’ll do it with a smile. And he’ll do it with reason. With a rationality that makes perfect sense. Perfect sense that is, if you deny the initial proposition that man must first be obedient before he should be glorified. The obedience of a willing slave. There is the question, my fellow slave. Obedient to whom? Whose rationality is to be deferred to? Man’s rationality, or a higher one, wrapped in mystery?

Read the story of Julius Felsenburgh. Then tell me Julius doesn’t have a lot more Masonic troops than you thought. And why they believe him when he says there is no such thing as mystery. And why he says that mystery is really ignorance. Ignorance of man’s truly godlike reality. He says we must embrace ourselves. We must embrace our own rationality. A rationality stripped of all Mystery. And, why shouldn’t we? After all, if we offer the same solutions as the Real God, how can we be wrong? If both God and Man think wanton war is evil, how can we be said to be wrong? Unless, of course, we accept it because it was our idea, and not His? That, my fellow slaves, is what is at the root of Masonry. The rationality of Man. A rationality that says we don’t need to obey God, because we have already reached the same conclusion. Without Him.

There it is, my friend. The invisible face behind the bottom mask. The face of the gods. The face that has already substituted their judgment for His. They want us to do the same. But not to save us. No, to enslave us. Why? Because misery loves company. Thus, their camouflaged plan—keep all men distracted, until the clock runs out. Distracted, as they willingly accept slavery to all the wondrous things the gods offer. Wonderful things, all desirable and good things in themselves, to be sure. But all out of season. And for the wrong reason. The Reason of Man, and not that of God.



  1. Michael Dowd

    Makes perfect sense to me. What is described is what’s happening. One obvious character would appear to be Pope Francis and his One World Religion. Google and FB also play rolls in the roll-out. Obama , too. Maybe Zuckerberg. It’s all coming together very nicely. The devil must be proud—for a time.

  2. trigger warning

    “Think of all those Shriner ads that tout their hospital that helps kids. Now think about it again. One hospital? Just one?”

    Oh puhleeze… Just to set the record straight…


    And none of them have a billing office. Our local St Francis does, I can assure you.

  3. Ken

    That’s 22 distinct Shriner hospitals, all in the U.S. minus one in Montreal, Canada, one in Mexico and one in Hawaii. I.W. had to work to miss this…and that should be revealing to anyone inclined to give his rants credence.

    I.W’s style, flitting from one concept to another via tenuous or imagined conceptual links (while ignoring readily available facts, such as the Shriner hospital tally, to keep the delusion alive) is very reminiscent of Kate of Gaia’s approach of parsing words and then divining new meanings from the links between the word fragment (while ignoring that word meanings do not necessarily derive from meanings of fragmentary parts that are also words, also to keep a delusion alive); see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtvJRGYS684 Where this starts at about the 5 min mark (right after, like I.W., warning about being part of Babylon — Babylon, one observes, is a recurring favorite benchmark for certain classes of the tinfoil hat conspiracy-minded).

    Reference: Thought disorders including tangentiality, derailment, and illogicality (presumed relationships, which really do not exist, such as between “the Illuminati” and, here today, the completely different & independent Communist movement is such an example)

  4. John Watkins

    Well, let’s add to the perspective. According to Wikipedia’s entry ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_and_health_care ) and other web entries, there are 649 Catholic hospitals in the US, and 1614 long-term care facilities. One in six patients in the US is in a Catholic hospital.

    Additionally, there are over 5,500 hospitals, 18,000 clinics and 16,000 long term care facilities provided by the Catholic Church worldwide. That’s over 26% of all the world’s health care facilities.

    Now add in all the other Christian denominations who also operate such facilities. Then divide that aggregate number by 22 and see what kind of infinitesimal answer you get. Now tell me the real distinction between one and 22. It’s all about Masonic PR.

  5. trigger warning

    Mr Watkins, your analysis is flawed. There aare approximately 1,100,000 active US Masons (and fewer Shriners). There are 70 million registered US Catholics (wiki). That’s 1 hospital/50k Masons, and 107,000 Catholics per hospital (keeping apples to apples).

    My point still stands: Mr Watt’s claim is ludicrously wrong.

    And Shriner “PR” is no more heart-wrenching and overwrought than St Jude’s “PR”.

    This is not a defense of Masonry. I demitted from Masonry and carry no water for them. I am now a practicing Catholic. But St Augustine warned in the 5th Century (albeit about Biblical literalism) that making easily falsified claims involving the faith are damaging and invite scorn upon all Christians. YouTube-worthy paranoid rants about insidious plots by shadowy, scheming Masons seem, in my opinion, to fall into that category.

  6. John Watkins

    Ken, you still don’t get it. If, as Watt says, you don’t need to be a card-carrying Mason in order to live your life like a mason, then what is the point of quoting ‘official’ membership numbers? And Watt makes the same point about being Jewish. Everyone acts Jewish these days, even most Catholics. Have you read the statistics of actual belief in Church doctrines lately? Conversely, being a card-carrying member of some organization doesn’t mean you will live up to the group’s ideals. Where is Watt’s inconsistency?

    As for his ‘conspiracy rants’, you obviously are like the character ‘Coningsby’ that D’Israeli wrote about. What is the point of a ‘secret society’ (of any kind) if there is not something to be hidden? If something is hidden, why do you insist it doesn’t exist? And that anyone who takes that society at their hidden word is somehow insane? Watt says we should open our eyes, you say we should shut them. What is the purpose of having eyes if we simply keep them shut?

    By the way, your claim to be Catholic seems a little bit of a stretch, as you seem to pass rash judgment. Wouldn’t that tend to put the Church in a bad light, given your membership claim? Isn’t that exactly what you claim Watt has done? Yet the Church has condemned masonry many times. So then, who is being consistent with Church teaching? Watt or you?

  7. Joy

    Ken is right to point out good work that any charity does.

    If Watt doesn’t have any actual point he should as the lawyers say, put up or shut up.

    It does not matter if the source is christian or not. If the charity is run in accordance with the law that is good enough.

    John Watkins, also a lover of the old Russian boogieman concept as I recall.

    John, there is goodness in the world which is not Catholic.
    It is not a competition!

    You have fallen for Watt’s diatribe. Really though, you have just found someone who agrees with your view. Easy to do. Someone who is under the influence, so to speak, or over a barrel.
    Scientology style, inquisition style. High brow stuff!

    What you don’t know, or perhaps you do, is that Mr Watts has for months now been writing phrases from my emails. WATT a lovely coincidence!

    It’s time some people were informed. Mr Watkins, you and your staff, fully informed.

    Next he’ll be saying the Queen’s a lizard.

    I ask the same question of the inquisitors who think they have a right to other people’s private information,
    What have you got to hide? Why can people pretending to be so steeped in truth not show their faces and comment? What have they got to hide?

    It would be hilarious if it were not so sad that the mighty is reduced to kicking over the traces by creatively blaming illuminati for their sins!

    When the charlatans stop it will be a lovely day in paradise.

  8. Oldavid

    There is a great difference between the (usually) very large institutions set up by the magnanimity of Christ-followers to tend the sick and otherwise infirm and/or impoverished and the (usually) small institutions set up by perverse sects to keep their adherents from being “contaminated” by the Mystical Body.

    The Illuminati are motivated, not by a general benevolence toward their fellow Man, but by political convenience and the subjugation (with some maintenance) of their “commoners”.

    Don’t believe me? Just compare British Israel imperialism with the Talmud.

  9. Ends on a whimper with writer admitting even he doesn’t have a comprehensive and complete picture.

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