Insanity & Doom Update III

From the crucifix to this.

Item Canada Introduces ‘X’ as a Third Sex Category for Passport Holders

Starting on Aug. 31, Canadians will have a new way to identify their sex on passports and other government documents: “X” will join the options of male and female.

The decision to allow the third category, indicating an “unspecified” sex, is intended to protect the rights of Canadian citizens to identify by the gender of their choice, the country’s immigration department said in announcing the change.

“By introducing an ‘X’ gender designation in our government-issued documents, we are taking an important step towards advancing equality for all Canadians regardless of gender identity or expression,” Ahmed Hussen, the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, said in a statement on Thursday.

Western countries are leading the way in making insanity not only legal but mandatory. We hear elsewhere from the land of fruits and nuts that citizens might be jailed for speaking the truth. They also might incorporate insanity on driver’s licenses. Refusing to call somebody by their “preferred” pronoun is punishable now in New York City by a fine, in certain circumstances.

As I said many years ago, those who refuse in calling me “your” or “his majesty” will be among the first to feel my wrath upon my official elevation. You lunatics.

Item Catholic School Removes Statues of Jesus and Mary Lest They Offend

An independent Catholic school in San Anselmo, California, has sparked the ire of some parents after officials removed and relocated a large number of religious statues, reportedly including those of Jesus and Mary, in order not to alienate children of other faiths.

The sin of ecumenism might be our last great heresy before the parousia. The secret or open sympathy that “all religions are the same” is what causes nitwittery such as cries of “Islamophobia”. Well, that and the simpletonian belief that Muslims are a race. But skip that.

The iconoclastic school in question is not, if you can believe it, Jesuit. It is Dominican, which is a frightening in and of itself.

There aren’t many strongholds left—we even saw recent rumors that some local head of Opus Dei supports adoption by those favoring sodomy—which makes one wonder if a new order of priests will arise. One which does not fall prey to papolatry or in wanting to be loved by the world. Or perhaps something in the laity, which is far less likely.

Item Two thirds of Catholics plan to vote for marriage insanity in Australian plebiscite

Two thirds of Australian Catholics say gay marriage should be legal, despite church leaders demanding they vote no.

Catholics were the most likely people of faith to indicate they would vote yes in the upcoming postal vote, along with non-Christian religions, a new poll found.

The poll commissioned by the Equity Campaign found 66 per cent of the 1,000 respondents planned to vote yes, including 58 per cent of religious people.

Well, polls are polls. And, please, no cries of No True Catholic Fallacy. That two-thirds number doesn’t feel wrong. The only surprise is that it is low as that.

I questioned a knowledgable Aussie on this matter.

Don’t be too pessimistic. The more the public debate rolls on the more people are thinking about the likely ramifications on religious freedom, etc. The most recent poll shows a fall in majority support for SS’M’. I think the current majority involves a very soft center that can be convinced that SS’M’ is not just more [fake] weddings, but has ramifications re sex education, religious freedom, gender ideology, and the like and they are gradual moving to the No column. This ‘soft centers’ current position is really the consequence of a prolonged campaign of propaganda in the media. The problem is that the two major parties are either flying low on this or taking a positive stand for the Yes case. But there are individual members making the No case in the media. My thought is that the longer this goes the tighter the race will become, and the more complicated the issue becomes, the more likely that center votes prefers the status quo and votes No.

The complication is that the plebiscite will take the form of a postal vote undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is because a formal plebiscite is being opposed by the opposition and minor parties in the Senate. A close No vote might be ignored. The more likely scenario would be to punt any parliamentary vote until after the next election. I’m not sure what they’d do with a close Yes.

In favor of pessimism comes this headline: Same-sex marriage: Several conservatives urge for ‘yes’ vote.

‘Conservative’ is a dead as Marley. Be a reactionary.

Bonus item Floorgasm: Queer(s), solidarity and resilience in punk

This article explores queer(ed) punk scenes, primarily in Australia…We map some queer collective resilience in punk to authorise the expression of counter-hegemonic gender identities. The gig outcome was pleasurable queer solidarity enmeshed with music, a kind of metaphysical ‘floorgasm’.

This is from the peer-reviewed journal Emotion, Space and Society for which Elsevier charges money. It was written by professors, people who will teach your children.



  1. Plantagenet

    Yes things are becoming quite strange up here in The People’s Republic of Quebec ( still officially part of the Great White North…for now ). Our current very photogenic PM is going to run out of causes if he’s not careful. The extension of health care and the mandate to wolves, bears, and the more intelligent sort of moose can only be months away. You read it here first.

  2. Michael Dowd

    I say, the more madness the better. Get it all out there–loud and clear. Let’s have lots of fear and loathing. Maybe folks will begin to recognize political correctness for what it is; the utter corruption of our culture leading to spiritual and economic death followed by a totalitarian dictatorship and mass murder.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    Of course Elsevier charges money for that journal. People are willing to pay through the nose for it. After all, if a reputable scientific publisher publishes it, it must be science.

  4. Sheri

    Canada enables thousands of Jihadis to get into Canada under a fake sex designation. Crime to increase exponentially. Identification of perps now impossible. Apprehension is meaningless anyway—if one person accidently uses the wrong pronoun, the perp walks. Enjoy your new found terrorism and crime waves. Like you did all the refugees Canada invited in—then took it back.

    Thank you False Prophet Francis. Catholicism is on its way out, replaced by a social club worth millions. Money corrupts. It had to happen to a “religion” worth millions and millions of dollars. Voting in the man next to God was a disaster waiting to happen. It has happened.

    Only utter fools send their children to public schools or universities. Unless they believe fully in the insanity of the Left.

  5. Joy

    Calm down Sheri and take a sherry.

    Christian church denominations are different in small ways and most strikingly in style of worship.
    No one church owns Christianity. The word of Jesus in the bible does not need supplementary material to make it more valid or water down it’s meaning where it might be considered inconvenient for those who do not behave as he commanded.

    Jesus giving only two commandments…and couple with that the example of his life.

    From the crucifix:
    “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.

    Anything else is politics and power obsession. One might say culture over faith.

    Here are some more bright lights;

    And again,
    “You can’t reason with a mad don’t try,” It’s not your job.

  6. Dan Diego

    That’s fine as long as they don’t travel outside of cannuckistan.

    Wanna know what will happen to these sheeple in a 3rd world Latin or African country? I can guess they’ll be taken aside for some “gender verification.”

    Not pretty….

  7. Kip Hansen

    Re; “Floorgasm” — are we really sure that this isn’t a joke? I read the first two pages of the “paper” and it seems written by one of those spoof generating algorithms using words and phrases that have no real English meaning.

    “At the intersection of space and subjectivity, queer punx access silos of resilience and solidarity as legitimate punk praxis.”

    “Thompson (2004: 4) notes punks ‘cannot fully imagine what the better world would look like, but they refuse to accept the one that they know as final’. In this way, punks mobilise DIY production under an unimaginable progression
    towards anti-establishment revolution, which transgresses genre,
    sonic, style and geography.”

    Someone is kidding someone.

  8. AM

    “No true Catholic” is not a fallacy; it is Church teaching. “No true Scotsman” is a fallacy because it deals with qualities not intrinsic to being a Scot. But holding and professing the True Faith is integral to being a Catholic. It would not be a fallacy to say “no true Scotsman is a Pygmy born and raised in Madagascar,” & neither is it a fallacy to say “no true Catholic rejects Natural, Divine and Canon Law, or the Tradition of the Apostles and teachings of Scripture.” Ludwig Ott even states how the Magisterium had settled on the certain teaching that even material heretics erring in good faith are out of the Church. Canon Law and Divine Law effect this loss of Church membership automatically, before and even without a canonical declaration. Moreover, Canon Law and the authoritative commentators on it, point out that in the case of gross departures from sound doctrine in a public manner, the pertinacity required for the delict of heresy is presumed, without any canonical warnings beforehand. The great crisis in the Church at present, is the result of those Catholics who try to cleave to Tradition, but who are ignoring the ancient precept, that those who do not profess the Faith integrally must be regarded as having been severed from their membership. Admittedly, this is complicated by the fact that the great apostastasy has apparently occurred, and the men ocupying the positions that would have normally seen to good canonical order in this matter apostatized along with the rest. But it is still our duty not to recognize obvious and public heretics as “Catholics.”

  9. Joy

    Kip H, glad you read it for us.

    Floorganism is what you do on dry land when there’s no hydro therapy pool.
    ‘Organism’ is what a patient actually claimed, no announced she’d had, didn’t know what she was saying because she wasn’t the full ticket….It made me laugh!
    and the rest of the department, including the one with the bumble bee who had been in the water that day.

    Organisms must be a trigger word these days.
    Oh the joy of people and their silliness.

  10. Well, this is all quite different from what 1984 predicted, but it’s a lot closer to Robert Hugh Benson’s “Lord of the World”…. Should we be expecting Armageddon in another few years? If so, I have a bucket list (all mental–87 is too old for physical) to work on.

  11. Gary

    I’ve always felt the statuary in Catholic churches and schools was way too close to pagan idols, so removal is not a bad thing, IMO. Maybe not so much a problem for the spiritually mature, but what does the Book say about impediments to weaker brothers?

  12. Ye Olde Statistician

    In Jordan, I am told by a former Jordanian, muslim parents vie with one another to get their kids into Catholic schools. (Yes, there are Catholic schools in Jordan.) This was because they were the best schools. Don’t the crucifixes and statues bother them, I asked? Of course not, he replied. It’s not like they didn’t know what schools they were trying to get their kids into.

    Actions like the one reported are deeply offensive to muslims. They imply none too subtly that muslims are hair-trigger maniacs who could be set off like special snowflakes encountering a trigger word.

  13. ME Emberson

    I believe that Muslims can ignore statues in the same way as others do.
    Some religious statues could be rejected on aesthetic grounds,though. Orthodoxy is not comfortable with statues and even ikons were destroyed for religious reasons for more than a century. One of the few earlier ikonsremaining is the Christ of Sinai encaustic painting.

  14. John Q Public

    Von Balthasar quipped that with the Jesuits you get Marxism and with the Dominicans you get atheism.

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